Paper Mario Nintendo 64
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Summary: Mario pals around in an all-new action adventure! Mario's back in his first adventure since Super Mario 64, and this time, Bowser's bent on preventing a storybook ending. When Princess Peach is kidnapped, Mario plots to rescue the seven Star Spirits and rid the Mushroom Kingdom of Koopa's cruel cohorts. As he travels from the tropical jungles of Lavalava Island to the frosty heights of Shiver Mountain, he'll meet up with seven all-new companions... and he'll need help from each one or there'll be no happily ever after.
Rating: E
Developer: Intelligent Systems
Genre(s): Role-Playing
ESRB Descriptors:Comic Mischief
Cast Credit
George Sinfield Lead Writer
Shigeru Miyamoto Producer
Koji Kondo Mario And Yoshi Original Music Composer
Yoichi Kotabe Illustration Support
Jun Takamura Graphic Designer
Hiroshi Yamauchi Executive Producer
Kiyoshi Mizuki Graphic Designer
Kenji Matsumoto Programmer
Alan Averill Writers
Makoto Katayama Programmer
Chie Kawabe Graphic Designer
Toshiyuki Nakamura Project Manager
Kenji Nakajima Chief Programmer
Ryota Kawade Chief Director / Game Design
Kaoru Kita Main Programmer
Kenji Miki Producer
Osamu Yamauchi Programmer
Toshitaka Muramatsu Director
Takahiro Ohgi Director
Hironobu Suzuki Director
Naohiko Aoyama Art Director / Character Design
Yuka Tujiyoko Music Composer
Taishi Senda Sound Support
Kumiko Takeda Script Writer
Kaori Aoki Script Writer
Mitsuru Matsumoto Programmer
Motomu Chikaraishi Programmer
Misa Nagai Graphic Designer
Minoru Arakawa Publisher
Scott Pelland Editor In Chief
Jason Leung Writers
Jennifer Villarreal Writers
Jessica Joffe Stein Editor/Producer
U-Craft Strategic Layout
Jumpin' Jack Yushi Strategic Layout
Tatsuya Hoshi Strategic Layout
V-Design Inc. Yoshi Orimo Strategic Layout
Sonja Morris Strategic Layout
Kim Logan Art Director
Jimmy Catechi Senior Designer
Tim Garret Designers
Rebekah Lane Designers
David Waterworth Designers
Ryota Kowade Chief Director / Game Design
Hitomi Nakano Graphic Designer
Tokuko Hirose Graphic Designer
Takeshi Ando Graphic Designer
Shigeyuki Asa Graphic Designer
Sachio Kurita Graphic Designer
Shinko Konishi Graphic Designer
Michiko Ishida Graphic Designer
Rumiko Matsumoto Graphic Designer
Guo Matsuda Graphic Designer
Takahiko Shimada Graphic Designer
Hiroko Watanade Graphic Designer
Junya Kadono Programmer
Tadao Nakayama Programmer
Masato Furukawa Programmer
Kazuhiro Tamura Programmer
Kenichi Nishimaki Sound Effects / Sound Programmer
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