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  • Summary: Mario is super in a whole new way! Combining the finest 3-D graphics ever developed for a video game and an explosive sound track, Super Mario 64 becomes a new standard for video games. It's packed with bruising battles, daunting obstacle courses and underwater adventures. Retrieve the Power Stars from their hidden locations and confront your arch nemesis - Bowser, King of the Koopas! Expand
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  1. It has quickly grown to become the standard by which almost all other games are measured.
  2. As the first true 3D platform game, the game does everything right. Super Mario 64 is a masterpiece in the truest sense of the word.
  3. This is definitely a game no game collection should be without...Seriously!
  4. A game that rewards the curious, the original, and in some cases the bludgeoningly stubborn and tenacious.
  5. The sheer scale of the achievement, in originality, variety and technological muscle earns it a 'Best Game Ever' acclamation through sheer muscle, almost regardless of its undoubted and typically Nintendo artistry.
  6. It was the first game on the system, and regretfully, it was also the only great game for the system that could stand the test of time.
  7. The distribution of power stars in the levels is horrendous. I think 7 stars in one level is more than enough, don't you think? I understand that there are memory constraints, but there either could have been less stars overall, or 1 (maybe 2) more level(s). Definately a problem.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 7 out of 128
  1. RolandJ.
    Feb 5, 2006
    If you want to play the very best 3D platform game that has been made, play Mario 64. This is the flagship title for the console at the peak of console gaming. It is not just a superb game; it's a piece of history. If you want to know about videogames, you must play this game. Console gaming grew up around platformers and this is the only thing resembling a blueprint for platforming in the 3D era. You don't know where videogames have got to unless you play this. Expand
  2. Mar 9, 2014
    I love this game, solid controls, camera, and it looks great. While it is not as good as Banjo Kazooie, the creativity and effort is there, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to play a platformer. You could say the game is just an inspiration to others and that's why it's praised, but it's that way for a reason, picking what stars to get when, and creative design show this. It's only short coming is that some stars are a bit tedious to get. Expand
  3. Dec 1, 2010
    This is probably my favorite game followed closley by super Mario galaxy 2. It is mostly because I grew up with it but after I I beet it, all 120 stars, by myself, it's really still fun. It's also fun to replay through over and over again. Expand
  4. joes
    Sep 26, 2009
    definitely THE best Mario game, followed closely by galaxy.
  5. May 29, 2012
    Pretty interesting game, the first 3D platform and probably the best. Beautiful and hard game, it helped to transform Mario into a legend. Sometimes can be very frustrating, but that's part of its charm as long as you have enough patience. Expand
  6. Sep 12, 2013
    This is one of the best Mario games I ever played. This is why I still prefer the N64 out of any video game console out there, better luck next time Playstation 1. Score: 4/5. Expand
  7. Jun 26, 2012
    I'm sure we've all heard about Super Mario 64, one of the world's first 3D Platformers. The story is the usual unoriginal Mario storyline. Bowser has kidnapped Peach so go rescue her. The gameplay involves collecting items called Power Stars across 15 levels by completing different tasks. However, it is brought down by bad controls and a terrible camera which make the game more difficult than it should be. The graphics are smooth and there is a decent amount of variety in level design. The music is mostly your generic happy platforming music although Bowser's Road and Dire Dire Docks are exceptions to this. Super Mario 64 suffers from some of the worst voice acting I have ever heard in my life. The worst part? The worst voice acting in the whole game is the first thing you hear when starting the game.

    Overall, while Super Mario 64 was innovative and mindblowing when it was released in May 1996, it aged very quickly and time has not been kind to it at all, making what was once amazing back then, a bad game now.

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