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  • Summary: Only evil this dark could bring him back. Only a game this big can do him justice. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil! Pick off distant enemies with deadly sniper weapons, and enjoy ferocious multi-player deathmatches!
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 14
  2. Negative: 1 out of 14
  1. Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil has -- as a one-player game -- turned out to be good, but not the world-shaker everyone was expecting. It's Doom, basically -- a glorious-looking update of Doom, but Doom nevertheless. What saves Turok 2 is the multiplayer game, which is faster and smoother than Goldeneye.
  2. All in all, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is a great game and a worthy sequel. Those of you who loved "Turok: Dinosaur Hunter" will absolutely love this beauty. Turok 2 has managed to impress me just as much as its predecessor.
  3. Seeds of Evil is an adrenaline thrill ride from start to finish. I strongly suggest a purchase as the multiplayer alone warrants a buy.
  4. 90
    It lacks pizzazz and will quickly become wearisome to shooting fans. Still, first-timers and action addicts won't want to miss out on its tight combat and horrific fun.
  5. Perhaps the most impressive mode of the game is the multi-players, in which Acclaim put more thought into. With special design deathmatch stages, Turok 2 has the same if not, better multi player funfactor of "Goldeneye 007."
  6. The Nintendo 64 has been slain by the power of the mighty Turok 2. As enjoyable as the game is, it is impossible to overlook the fact that the Nintendo 64's cartridge and memory limitations have been bested by this sensationally designed adventure.
  7. After the very enjoyable Turok Dinosaur Hunter the first outing in the series, Turok 2 has officially killed what could have been a great series. It's hard to have fun playing a game where you have to sit still to have any remote chance of hitting your target.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 15
  2. Negative: 0 out of 15
  1. LisaB.
    Jul 19, 2006
    I love the game so much I could never get sick of it for people that want to cheat the master code is BEWAREOBLIVIONISATHAND it get you every thing you want rock on Turok. Expand
  2. Jun 23, 2012
    Turok 2 looks like an early PS2 title, plays like a refined Doom and has the arsenal of a whole army. Casual gamers beware, this quest is "Nintendo-Hard". It takes time to stack up from the starting bow and claw, to learn how to platform and to use the map properly in the vast, enormous labyrinths. The game will push you to the limits of your skills, patience and serenity. You WILL pray to get an extra life, specially after level 3, where you´ll die time after time, both cheap and honest, difficult demises. What I mean is that this game is punishing, so much that many cannot beat it without cheats even today. Fans of Metroid Prime should definitely play it though, as T2 has a lot of basework for the "action adventure" that would develop later on the gamecube. It will also push the n64 to it´s limits, so be warned that IF your console is not in top shape, the jumper/expansion pack may overheat and Reset the game (for real, look it up. It´s a common problem). In the end, this game is proof of why oldschool gamers look at "Halo-generation" gamers with disdain. While overlooked by many in favour of the popular Goldeneye, the cognossieurs know it! It´s long, it´s though, it´s manly!!! It´s "Turok 2: Seeds of evil". Expand
  3. Uter
    Sep 5, 2003
    Some people don't like Turok 2 because it's difficult. I say those people are wimps! Turok 2 has graphics that are better than Goldeneye, and Perfect Dark. But it's not just the graphics that make this outstanding. The 1 player story mode is insanely long and with divese and exciting environments and enemies. There's also 4 player split screen which has a variety of modes. One of the more exciting multiplayer games is where 1 player is a monkey and all the other people have to hunt him down. It's tough because the monkey is small and elusive. It's one of those A+ titles that doesn't quite get the recognition it should. Expand
  4. GrantH.
    Feb 12, 2006
    Great! Just a fun game to play! It may be 2006 in which I'm posting this, however I have to say it's a fun classic just to kill some time on...and I do mean -kill-. There's a lot of that. The only let-down is the terribly close Fog; it really decreases your view in somewhat open areas, and it's bad that some weapons can't fire beyond that fog; which means if you're chasing an enemy which is faster than you, it might run into the fog and your shots won't reach it. Still, great game. Expand
  5. Sep 18, 2012
    Ultra Turok experience..!Enough said...also best fps of its era,period.The extra memory made this game UNBELIEVABLY beautiful..the music was ahead of its time seriously..atmospheric to the bone..a GEM for the true hardcore N64gamers!!! Expand
  6. May 22, 2012
    Classic FPS game for N64. Huge arsenal for you to kill all the enemies (and there are a lot, certainly). Levels are huge and enemies are very dangerous. There are lots of secrets too. The music is good. On the other side, the game is very hard. Is easy to get lost and killed. Some maps can be tricky because you need to search for keys or hidden paths. Collapse
  7. GustavoH.R.
    Jul 4, 2005
    The main problem is the horrible gameplay. The character you're supposed to control seems to weight a ton, and the levels are way too dark, repetitive and uninteresting. Great sound, music and graphics. The weapons are cool. But that is not enough. The multiplayer mode is also a letdown. Expand

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