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  • Summary: Your passport to racing! Develop a racing career as you compete for job offers with each of the 15 World Driver Teams. Ten tracks located throughout the world. 20 challenging events spread across two different levels of competition. Over 30 highly detailed, exotic cars with realistic physics and handling! Race head-to-head in two-player split-screen mode. Save replay on the Contoller Pak to analyze your driving skills from multiple camera angles. Expand
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  1. If you're looking to hop into an intense racing experience without the hinderances of setting the vehicle up or dealing with super accurate damage than this game is for you.
  2. This is something that shouldn't be passed up by anyone. If you are impatient with videogames or don't like GT style racing games, I suggest you at least give it a rent. Play a few hours and unlock a few cars, you'll be hooked and will love every second of it.
  3. The system has its fair share of racing titles to be sure, but most of those games feature balloon-headed cartoon drivers or vehicles that jump over city buildings. What a breath of fresh air then, to be able to play a game on the Nintendo 64 that is at once stunning to behold and completely satisfying in its realism.
  4. With the two Ps, patience and practice, World Driver Championship becomes an engrossing gameplay experience unlike any other on the system. Realistic driving simulations are a world unto their own. You'll start to see white lines in your sleep.
  5. 80
    If you can forgive World Driver Championship's speed problems, you'll find a deep, addictive racing experience. It's not nearly as polished as the PlayStation's racing gem, Gran Turismo, but it's as close as N64 owners can get without buying a PlayStation.
  6. Although World Driver Championship is technically superb and looks gorgeous, it''s arcadey where it should be realistic and vice versa. The end result is that it's just not thrilling enough.
  7. World Driver Championship is an average racing game with exceptional graphics. The game's incredible visuals give you a sense of realism for a little while, but the second your car starts to do an excessive slide around a turn, it kind of falls apart.

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Score distribution:
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  1. Dec 13, 2013
    This is a challenging game. One of the best from N64. The graphics are very good, with good cars and courses, extremely detailed. If you looking for a good racing game with a good career mode and hard championshing, you will love WDC. Collapse
  2. PeterB.
    Mar 10, 2004
    Reading the review from IGN made me realise what a sad little organisation they are to rate this game so lowly. We must realise that there is much more to games than graphics and this game delivers exeptional gameplay. This game has absolutely the best fun and genuinely close racing (with no real obvious catchup) and the one lap qualifying rocks. Better than the playstations gran turismo? Short to medium term definately however it doesn't have all of the options to construct and tweak your car. And really, a driver doesn't build their car, they race it and a racing game should have good racing which is where WDC delivers. Expand
  3. BenjaminB.
    Apr 2, 2007
    Best racing game for the N64, but you have to come along with the car handling.
  4. May 27, 2014
    Graphics: 9.5 Sound: 7.8 Gameplay: 8.6 Fun/Story: 8.2

    N64 lack of decent racing games was the only negative aspect of this system. With
    good and solid graphics and a semi-realism gameplay, WDC was a great release for N64 fans. Apart the sound the game is very good. Expand