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  1. In summary, I'd say the biggest weakness with 1914 Shells of Fury is the feeling that you have little control over what happens.
  2. Shells of Tedium would be a more appropriate title.
  3. A tentative little game without much depth.
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  1. StuartD.
    Dec 11, 2007
    Awful. Simply awful. Graphics that would have been dated 10 years ago (the original DOS Silent Hunter looked better than this). Awful AI. Stupid interface. Too bad. I wanted to like this game, simply because of the unique time period (WWI subsim). Perhaps someday UbiSoft will make a Silent Hunter V and cover the period. In any case, this game isn't it. If you want to try a subsim for $20, consider hunting down a copy of Silent Hunter III, or waiting for a price drop for Silent Hunter IV. Both will be far more entertaining than this piece of garbage. Full Review »