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Summary: 1954: Alcatraz takes place in San Francisco during the 50s and tells the story of Joe, who's serving a sentence of 40 years for armed assault. Of course, he's eager to escape 'The Rock'; but he needs the help of his wife, Christine, to have even the slightest chance. She, however, has her own heap of problems: The couple's partner in crime, Mickey, threatens to kill her, if she doesn't bring him the heist's hidden loot. But where is the cash? Only Joe knows, while all crooks of North Beach take their chance at the great opportunity. Who will win the race for the dough? No convict ever escaped the prison island of Alcatraz; and is it really that much better in the vice-ridden city, where drug deals, blackmailing, suicide and murder are daily business?
Developer: Daedalic Entertainment
Genre(s): General, Puzzle, Miscellaneous, Adventure, Puzzle, Point-and-Click, General
Cast Credit
Julian Kwasneski Voice: The Lizard / C.O. Broderick (English)
Julian Kwasneski Voice: The Lizard / C.O. Broderick (English)
Peter Connelly Sound Effects
Brian Davis Voice: C.O. Mason / Bouncer (English)
Jason Courtney Background Artist
Jeremiah Grant Character Rigging
Pedro Macedo Camacho Music And Sound Design Production / Composing And Live Instrumen
Pedro Macedo Camacho Sound Effects
Pedro Macedo Camacho Sound Effects
Chuck Kourouklis Voice: Stutter / Thug / Frank (English)
Joscha Fischer-Antze Voice: Detective Grassi
Jory Prum Dialogue Engineering (English)
Gene Mocsy Additional 3d Asset
Gene Mocsy Creator / Game And Narrative Design / Character Creation
Linda Wang Voice: Bernadette The Painter (English)
Luke Graves Character Creation
Jean-Louis Sirois Character Design
Matt Kempke German Translation
Matt Kempke German Translation
Benjamin Kuhn Assistant Director (German)
Benjamin Kuhn German Translation
Simone Kesterton Background Artist
Manuel Vormwald Background Artist
Martin Kailuweit Compositing/Animation Intro
Gunnar Bergmann Voice: Doctor / Frank
Matthias Mangelsdorf Localization Director
Stephanie Komure Voice: Vivian Wong (English)
Kevin Mentz German Translation
Carsten Fichtelmann Executive Producer
Alexander Kraus Scripting
Tobias Trebeljahr Background Artist
Sam Joan Voice Talent (English)
Sandra Schwarz Background Artist / Additional 2d Art And Animations
Uliana Erofeeva Russian Translation
Filipe Teixeira Music: Bass Klarinette
Tim Galida Dialogue Engineering (English)
Connor Stock Dialog Editing (English)
Wylie Herman Voice: Dale The Car Thief (English)
Tobias Diakow Voice: Dale / Guard C
Daniel Montoya Voice: Matty / The Gallery Owner
Patrick Bay Game And Narrative Design
Marcus Tsong Game And Narrative Design
Matt Kemple Additional Game Design / Additional 2d Art And Animations
Ronja Lohnert Lead Scripting
Daniel Kehr Compositing/Animation Intro
Daniel Kehr Lead Scripting / Programmer
Daniel Kehr Lead Scripting / Programmer
Stephanie Kraus Scripting
Dimitri Raabe Scripting / Programmer
Philip Rau Scripting
Nicki Leupold Scripting
Lukas Zapf Scripting / Programmer / Tools
Susanne Schmidt Scripting
Rene Levin Lead Programmer
Ashwin Mani Programmer / Tools
Martin Klocyk Programmer
Nick Pruhs Tools
Desiree Karsiko Background Artist / Additional 2d Art And Animations
Emanuel Pessel Background Artist / Additional 2d Art And Animations
Gary Bukvik Background Artist
Jon Wei-keung Lowe Background Artist
Christine U'Ren Background Artist / Character Design
Theodor Waern Background Artist
Danielle vd Wijngaarde Background Artist
Grischa Nowak Additional 3d Asset
Grischa Nowak Lead 3d Art And Animations / Character Design / Character Creati
Juri Morosov Animations
Flo Eberle Character Creation
Eduvardo Hermida Character Creation
Carolina Atienza Character Creation
Eike Mosler Character Rigging
Ehsan Kiani Character Rigging
Michael Teske Additional 3d Asset
Max Lenneper Additional 3d Asset
Artur Bullert 2d And 3d Effects
Martin Sponticcia Casting (German)
Martin Sponticcia Recording Engineer / Sound Design Voices (German)
Theresa Berlage Voice: Vivian
Michael Bideller Voice: Author / Guard B / Gangster
Patrick Elias Voice: Vater Martini
Nadine Heidenreich Voice: Christine
Jurgen Holdorf Voice: The Lizard / TV Cop / Club Hopper
Vanida Karun Voice: Mrs. Mason / Mafia Lawyer / Gloria Gas Pipe
Mathis Kollmann Voice: Birdman
Kennardt Kruger Voice: Stutter
Ron Matz Voice: Gas Pipe
Lena Munchow Voice: Bee
Andreas Otto Voice: Joe
Erik Range Voice: Bumpy
Martin Sabel Voice: Mickey
Nadine Schreier Voice: Boo / Goldie The Mermaid
Bernd Stephan Voice: Hank / Hobo
Benjamin Stolz Voice: Xiaowen
Gerd Lukas Storzer Voice: Chiquita
Detlef Tams Voice: Mac The Bumper
Verena Wolfien Voice: Bernadette
Heidi Kobara Voice Talent (English)
Joe Lyons Voice Talent (English)
Butch Engle Voice: Detective Grassi (English)
Jeremy Joerner Voice: Gas Pipe (English)
Tom Orr Voice: Mickey The Ray / Chiquita (English)
Hank Clement Voice Talent (English)
Christine Lyons Voice Talent (English)
Reg Clay Voice Talent (English)
John Hutchinson Voice Talent (English)
Michael Rankins Voice: Father Martini / Park Bum (English)
Elissa Stebbins Voice: Goldie / Gloria Gas Pipe / Boo (English)
Kathy Garver Voice: Mrs. Mason (English)
Evan Camfield Voice Talent (English)
Jim Edgar Voice: Birdman (English)
Lou Spiegel Voice: Doc (English)
Matt Weimer Voice: Bumpy / Trip (English)
Will Chen Voice: Xiaowen (English)
Serita Malone Voice: Beautiful Bee / Mafia Lawyer (English)
David Johansson Voice: Matty (English)
Rudy Muldune Voice: TV Detective (English)
Francisco Loreto Music: Dirigent
Eve Rodrigues Music: Flote
Louise Whipham Music: Oboe
Jose Barros Music: Klarinette
Christobal Acosta Music: Fagott
James Kerby Music: Horn
Edina Arnics Music: Erste Violine 1
Sandra Sa Music: Ester Violin 2
Sergio Sousa Music: Erste Viola
Mikolaj Lewkowicz Music: Cello
Paulo Rosado Music: Kontrabass
Georgy Titov Music: Gitarre
Caio Oliveira Music: Trommeln
Rafael Andrade Music: Trompete
Jorris Jonas Sound Effects
Jonathan van den Wijngaarden Sound Effects
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