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  • Summary: 25 to Life is the game the streets have been waiting for. Play as either cops or gangsters in this urban third person shooter. The game delivers intense Online gameplay for up to 16 players, as well as a rich single player experience. Set in the heart of today's cities, experience the gritty lifestyles of police task forces or as a gangster survive the local neighborhood thugs while fighting your way up the inner sanctum of the drug lord's mansion, your knowledge of the streets will be put to the test because...25 to Life IS the streets! [Eidos Interactive] Expand
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  1. I liked that there were many destructible objects that you could shoot just for grins plus I liked the auto save feature. The game’s storyline was intriguing and the cutscenes were done well.
  2. There are a couple of interesting concepts included in the package (customization items for your online avatar are awarded for completing single-player secondary objectives) but the game as a whole never rises above mediocrity.
  3. 25 to Life is a lifelessly generic shooter that, at times, feels like "Max Payne" without the fun.
  4. You have to struggle with touchy controls and flaws in the game logic. For example, if you hang onto a human shield for too long, the cops will just shoot your hostage to get him out of the way. How is that fair to anybody?
  5. The bottom line is that it doesn't come even close to the open-ended gameplay of GTA and the overall quality of Max Payne. Drawing any further comparison with these two well-known titles would be a waste of time. In fact, the entire game is a waste of time and money.
  6. A sentence of 25 to Life lasts only six to seven hours if played on medium difficulty. [Apr 2006, p.51]
  7. 25 to life sets the gaming bar about as low as it can go. Then trips over it. [Mar 2006, p.82]

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  1. Aug 4, 2013
    Gangsteri i oružja, ulične pucnjave, bosovi, policija i još ponešto....................................................................................... Expand

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