Mixed or average reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 23
  2. Negative: 1 out of 23
  1. The tracks are in great number and you have the ability to change the time of day as well as the weather, ensuring the most brutal of settings for any off-road excursion.
  2. Simply stated, 4x4 Evolution is a great looking game. Turn up all of the graphics options and you can almost feel the branches swatting against the side of your truck as you slice between the trees and into the lead.
  3. The racing is tough (especially trying to navigate these monstrosities through those checkpoints), and finding all the right shortcuts will take some time.
  4. A solid racing program. Great attention has been paid to the details of off-road racing, and you can enjoy every jolt and bump from a driver's perspective.
  5. If you like racing for the sheer thrill of it and don't need to have all the realism, then 4x4 Evolution is definitely recommended.
  6. Graphics for 4x4 Evo are gorgeous.
  7. 82
    A great career mode will keep you on the computer trying to get that extra part for hours but multiplayer didn't go so well for me.
  8. The cure for your sim racing obsessions -- smashing through junkyards and leaping over freight trains in a single bound will put a smile on even the most dedicated simulation junkie's face. It's not a great game, but you'll have a great time.
  9. It has jaw-dropping graphics, gripping gameplay and if it weren’t for the stodgy AI and lack of damage skins on vehicles, the game would be untouchable.
  10. It looks good, has some clever tracks and is peppy enough to stay exciting for some time.
  11. Deep gameplay and cross-platform online racing make 4x4 Evolution the best 4x4 game going.
  12. A few fouled spark plugs turn a potentially great off-road racer into a good one. [Jan 2001, p.126]
  13. Draws from all that has come before, mixes it with cutting-edge graphics, and churns out a forgettably generic off-road racer.
  14. 75
    A game that manages to innovate in an already saturated racing market by offering fun gameplay, and a solid dosage of realism and options.
  15. The gameplay just doesn't have the excitement it could have without the lenient physics model.
  16. The physics of the game are almost impossible to overcome; and in the week plus that I tweaked around with the controls, I was never able to gain a mastery over my vehicle or the environment.
  17. Overall, 4x4 Evolution is a fun offroad racing game, with beautiful visuals, solid AI and some cool track designs. While it's certainly nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary.
  18. An absurdly non-existent damage model causes the game to seem so stunningly unrealistic that it's little more than a goofy cart racing arcade game.
  19. While the game's multiplayer is truly innovative, it seems to come at the expense of the solo game.
  20. 60
    If you want to experience the thrill of pure speed, you'd best look elsewhere.
  21. As we all know, it's how you use it that counts, and like most things that come from America, this is all mouth and very little trouser.
  22. Unfortunately, this isn't the sort of game we want to play online or off.
  23. Lacks a lot of polish, and I mean a lot. The interface feels really slapped together, and could have used a lot more work.

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