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  • Summary: Enter the world of the firefighter, and put your skills to the test as you save lives while battling blazes ranging from grass and electric fires to the intense heat of car and house fires. [Infogrames]
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  1. If this game does have a niche, it would be in the realm of parent and child competing against each other in an obvious alternative to a shooter-style program.
  2. The bargain-basement price and relatively original subject matter are definite selling points, but don't expect 911 Fire Rescue to burn brightly for more than a few hours or days.
  3. 55
    There's really not much more to do here than move around using your Quake controls, while spaying fires with water and rescuing unconscious victims. But, as simplistic as it sounds, there's something very satisfying about it.
  4. The difficulty is mostly artificial—each mission has an arbitrary time limit—but despite this, the missions are oddly... entertaining.
  5. Victim rescue is pretty unrewarding. All you need to do is stand over a victim and right click, and they vanish.
  6. One time, 911 crashed so hard that it actually TURNED OFF THE COMPUTER. Screw fire rescue - how about disk rescue!
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