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  1. Aug 20, 2011
    A Kingdom for Keflings is a city building game, the tasks are simplistic and it is impossible to fail. There are no enemy forces, natural disasters or resource limitations to prevent success and as such things get boring pretty quickly. There are buildings which convert the resources into needed building materials such as a lumber yard to convert wood into planks. Build stuff and get your Keflings to collect and carry stuff while your avatar does the same - that's about it! For the casual gamer interested in passing time, I guess it could be kind of addictive for a while but there's better ways of passing time. For the serious gamer it loses any cute appeal pretty quickly and - assuming you can be bothered to carry on to the end - there is no point in replaying the thing again as it has only one mission. It is pretty stable but did hang a couple of times and thus any progress since the last save was lost. In a nutshell, as a budget game for the younger members of your family it's probably worth an 8/10 but for anyone serious about gaming it's at best a 6/10 hence the score. Expand

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  1. 85
    NinjaBee’s downloadable world-building game is whimsical, humorous, unique and has none of the high-pressure feel of your typical strategy game. Although it has some presentation quirks, Keflings rises above them to achieve a Zen-like quality of pleasant addiction.
  2. Its bubbly presentation and stress free gameplay creates a welcomed change of pace that can appeal to just about anyone.
  3. Though the Xbox 360 version does have a more organic-feeling control system , avatar integration, and a lower price point, if you consider yourself a PC-only gamer, you should definitely check this one out!