Generally favorable reviews - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 33
  2. Negative: 2 out of 33
  1. Vampyre Story is hilarious and witty point'n click adventure game with striking graphics and high quality voice acting. If you're looking for hard puzzles, maybe this isn't the game. But if you're looking for a strong adventure with a good plot and good characters Vampyre Story is an excellent choice. It's probably the best adventure of 2008. [Jan 2009]
  2. Honestly, if you played it and were rubbed the wrong way by the glitches, apply the patch and give it another shot. Mona may be only a campy vampire, but her heart, and the game's, are in the right place.
  3. A Vampyre Story isn't perfect but it's a strong entry into the point and click world, with much more charm and character than many other recent releases.
  4. It’s great fun, showcases some hilarious dialogue, and is paired with an absolutely fantastic soundtrack. I’m definitely looking forward to the second chapter.
  5. This series' beginning has brought us a game which fulfills the expectations and should please adventure fans, with more than enough durability and balance between its sections.
  6. 89
    A Vampyre Story is a fantastic graphic adventure that evokes the spirit of those bygone LucasArts adventures while also adding its own unique flavor.
  7. The few technical discrepancies within AVS are more than outweighed by the pile of good things there are to say about this game. A Vampyre Story is reminiscent of the glory days of LucasArts and comes equipped with an awesome amount of humour. [Issue#17]
  8. This is the adventure that many were waiting for. It can't innovate the genre but worth to be played from the start until the end. It has a good plot, tough puzzles and wonderful settings son don't miss it.
  9. A Vampyre Story is a humorous adventure, which provides many difficult mysteries and a lot of fun. The voice of the character Mona is very annoying in the German version, so install the English one.
  10. It may be a bit too traditional for those raised on the episodic hand-holders of recent times, but seasoned adventurers will love the stunning visuals, smart writing, and difficult puzzles. [Jan 2009, p.119]
  11. Bill Tiller and his buddies who once labored over The Curse of Monkey Island and Steven Spielberg's The Dig had trouble getting their newest baby published and finally it was adopted by an European company. Which is good, because otherwise we likely wouldn't have seen it at all. And even though the game ends abruptly after leaving the castle, I crave for more. [Jan 2009]
  12. Like Mona's fangs, it's sharp, pretty and it doesn't suck. [Issue#15, p.65]
  13. A Vampyre Story is clearly a labour of love, although whether that’s a love lost on you will be down to how accepting you can be of what is for all intents and purposes a point-and-click adventure styled after those of the early to mid nineties.
  14. Musicologists differ between opera seria and opera buffa, i.e., between a tragic heroic story and some easy entertainment. A Vampyre Story wanted to be both, but remains too simplistic to really move me with Monas slow emotional development – and thus becomes more of a soap opera. And yes, the open end demands a sequel, soon! Not talking about the scary technology, A Vampyre Story is not the ultimate adventure, but surely a game you will remember. Does the genre offer better games? No doubt about it. Should adventure fans grab a bite? Yes. And don’t forget to save!
  15. The game is carried by its darkly charming presentation, a refreshing story, and entertaining characters. While it’s not quite the cream of the crop, it should easily find its way to the top of the wish-list for many adventure game addicts.
  16. If you’re looking for a rousing time full of charm and humor, A Vampyre Story provides a tremendous amount of both.
  17. 76
    Most important is how much cheesy writing you are willing to put up with.
  18. Even though A Vampyre Story may be too corny for its own good at times, it packs enough character into the moments between the puns that you can't be upset with it for very long.
  19. Very much a game for fans of the point and click adventure. Spooky with a lot of laughs. [Jan 2008, p.76]
  20. Vampyre Story is truly a brainchild of professional artists, which is evident not only in excellent graphics at anachronistic resolution and quirky characters, but also in rather bland game design.
  21. Puzzles aren't too hard, but they aren't too easy. [Feb 2009, p.80]
  22. Overall A Vampyre Story is a decent game. Some may find it slow paced, some may not see the humour in the conversations, but as a call back to classic adventure games there is little else available.
  23. Resurrection of the pre-dinosaur adventure era. Wonderful graphics and original story line can’t hide the problematic engine and “delicately” chopped-off ending. [Issue#173]
  24. It is tough to fulfill six years of expectations and hope, but ultimately I liked and occasionally admired A Vampyre Story—and can't wait to see the improvements that can be made by this developer the second time around.
  25. A Vampyre Story creates a wonderful atmosphere, looks good and is very detailed, but the open end and the riddles change the picture a lot. There are not enough hints, but far too many pointless interactions. The game requires a lot of patience, which kills the fun playing it.
  26. And so my guess is, if you play A Vampyre Story exactly the way the developer intended, and if you don’t encounter any bugs or sloppiness, then you’ll have a lot of fun. But if you keep having problems, and if you keep struggling with puzzles, not because you can’t figure them out, but because the engine isn’t working properly, then each bug / mistake / badly designed puzzle will drain a little bit of fun from the game, until, perhaps, there isn’t any left. It’s just a question of whether you want to take the risk or not.
  27. Having come from the imagination of a few of LucasArts alums, A Vampyre Story had the potential to spin a gothic comedy steeped in that tradition, which my score reflects. But I won't recommend half a game to players.
  28. Despite having been in development for approximately six years, it does not feel like a game that has been fully tested and refined. Nor does AVS try to evolve adventure gameplay mechanics, making it all the more irritating that it’s not as polished as it should be. It’s worth a look but the quality is too variable to score higher.
  29. A Vampyre Story is a good game that combines a classic gameplay with an interesting storyline and an accurate character design. Despite that it presents a lot of bugs and an awful translation from English to Italian.
  30. 58
    A Vampyre Story's got some bright spots: The original score is quite good and recalls the old iMUSE scores from LucasArts' heyday, with jaunty character themes and dynamic tonal changes. And the story is an interesting vehicle, but it really deserves better jokes and puzzles.
  31. Unfinished and unrewarding, the game's gorgeous artwork is not matched by the plot or the nonsensical puzzles. [Feb 2009, p.98]
  32. A tragically flawed LucasArts tribute. [Jan 2009, p.80]

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