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  1. Sep 8, 2014
    this is a great game. Do not listen to all those old reviews from 2012.
    now you CAN host your own game!
    For all those "beta version only" people, there is Classic CTF Mode!!!
    There is plain old CTF
    It is too balanced! there are 4 classes; Commando & Marksman are like front line people, they are the classes for fighting! the other 2 are Engineer and Miner, which are there to
    significantly alter the environment, not specifically for fighting!
    some versions of classic CTF have a shotgun and an assault rifle! stop whining about it!
    only miner has good explosives! stop saying 'wat is dat point of buiiilding!!! they jus blo every thin up!"
    zombie gamemode WORKS!

    The only reason this game got a 9 instead of a 10 is that the map editor is sloppy and you seem to have a lack of control
  2. Aug 2, 2014
    It seems like a lot of the higher votes for this game are rating it high due to qualities of less common/older versions of the game. I only played the latest, commercial version of the game and the modes it immediately offers, and that's what my rating is based on.

    Merging a sandbox and a team-based FPS is a very hard thing to do, especially for a pub game. It seems like it may work
    better for tournaments, but tournament play is not what players experience when they step through the door, and even then tournament play is still a small percentage compared to pub play.

    With every server I joined, regardless of mode, each team was divided between the players wanting to build creative structures, and the players wanting to pursue the map objective. The objective players would get annoyed with the sandbox players, seeing them as goofing around instead of helping the team. The sandbox players would be annoyed at the objective players for being too serious and inhibiting their creativity.

    One of the biggest challenges with designing pub team games is to get a group of people who don't know each other to work together toward a common goal. The designers of Ace of Spades seem largely oblivous of that challenge. Aside for where each class falls along the spectrum of building vs. fighting, there are no obvious roles the classes are supposed to form in relation to each other, aside for shooting at the same enemies.

    My biggest complaint is the sniper is way overpowered in most of the modes. Most of the maps are huge, with large open spaces, and Ace of Spades is sporting the easiest to use sniper I've ever played. I'm not a great sniper in other games but here I was getting headshots right and left. The sniper's biggest weakness is his laser pointer, but most of the times that is only a weakness against other snipers. Every non-building-focused mode I played boiled down to snipers vs. snipers.

    I also ran into a variety of server problems. At a few points I suddenly couldn't connect to any of their servers, and there was a lot of lag even with low ping.
  3. Jul 27, 2014
    Ace of spades is average at best, the game can be fun but is just simply a Minecraft wannabe, building is mediocre and the Marksman class is over powered. A Minecraft server with a gun mod is way better than this pile of crap.
  4. Jul 25, 2014
    If you want a reason to kill yourself, then buy as many copies of this as you can.

    Most people would have enough common sense to know that this was a bad game from the get go, but unfortunately I've had the displeasure to actually play this sack of crap. It was free for a day, and I was bored so I decided to troll some autistic children into going to meat spin. So this game actually
    plays as bad as everyone thought it would. It's just a minecraft ripoff with elements from CoD and TF2. Masturbating with sandpaper would be more enjoyable than buying this game. Expand
  5. Jul 25, 2014
    I saw this on the steam sale, brought it, and started it; I expected that i could use my imagination in the map editor... Well, i could, if i joined one of the already existing map editor servers, because they're dedicated server system was full, first of all; Why can't your server support your own players, and second of all; Why do i need to run a map editor online? It's a map editor; You create a map, it might be a good thing that you can do it online with other players, but there is no option to run it on your own computer.

    Well, then i tried to play an online match. There was plenty of servers, and the dedicated server system seemed to work, if it was not for the netlag on every server. I checked my internet, nothing was wrong. They centralized all the online server system (On of the main features of this online game), and it don't work.

    I do still give it a 4 for the concept, even though it is very badly executed. Do i recommend it? If they manage to add a private server feature, and make their servers work, yes, but right now: Definitely not.
  6. Jul 14, 2014
    The game offers unique gameplay, a mix of Minecraft and Call of Duty, and offers a variety of fun game modes.

    The problem, however, is the fact that there is a big lack of 'kick' to the game. There is 0 modding, no dedicated servers, and not enough players. There are minor bugs to the game.

    For it to be released in 2012 and still not be redeemed as a stable, good game is shocking.

    Gameplay is very fast paced, though. It has some comedy in it.

    On my critic side I would give it a 6 out of 10, but personal enjoyment (my most played game on steam!) I would give it an 8 out of 10.
  7. Jul 13, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well, Ace of Spades is a nice games, with cool weapons, some nice characters, different game styles, sure that have some bugs but it is a very funny game. Expand
  8. Jul 1, 2014
    Before I start this review I will have to warn those of you who tend to get distracted by shiny objects after 20 seconds of concentration, that this review is a bit too long for you… So, as to not exclude anyone, here is basicly what it comes down to;
    It is a good game, and definitely worthwhile to check out, you can blow stuff up.

    Ace of Spades is a nice fast-paced first person
    shooter, however, if graphics are too important for you, this game is not really for you. The graphics of this game have a close resemblance to minecraft, and just like in minecraft you can use blocks to build your own shelter.

    The goal in most game-modes is basically to just gun down the enemy team, but those who require a more advanced type of gameplay, you will be well catered for with a wide variety of game modes. Some of those game modes however are barely played by anyone, which makes them not as fun to play, but still useful for if you want some alone-time after a long day of exterminating your fellow man.

    This game earns a lot of points for really giving an arcade-ish playing style and the nice classic graphics. Another positive point is that this game has really easy controls and still keeps the intense feeling of suddenly facing an opponent and fighting a heroic battle for the right to be not-dead.

    Like a lot of FPS games, this game has the usual issue of the dreaded campers and much hated headglitching. Another downside to this game is that you don’t get a minimap, so you could get lost on some of the bigger maps.
    When you are walking for 5 minutes straight looking for an enemy, and stop for a second to check the map because you don't remember if you are walking in the right direction, and you get yourself killed, you will really have a feeling of being done with this game.

    A big plus however is that the game lets you create your own maps in the Battle builder. This way you can create your own awesome battlefield and share it with the world. It takes up quite some time to do this however, so if you are among the people mentioned at the start of this review, you probably should not bother.

    Ace of Spades does not feature a very wide variety of weapons or a leveling system, which takes out the aspect of getting a gun in exchange of your latest massacre but does create a level playing field for new and experienced players.

    If you have doubts about buying the game for the full price, you should definitely buy it when it is on sale.

  9. Jun 9, 2014
    If it was only for the classic game modes and, at times, zombie mode, i would have given this game at least a 9. The problem is, the other modes don't encourage building and working together in any way. It's just running and gunning, and combat is repetitive.
    However, the classic game modes stick close to the beloved beta stages of the game; big maps, long-range fighting, building, and
    teamwork. The chiptune soundtrack is also good.

    Presentation: 7
    Nothing too special, but the UI gets the job done. Only problem is that you can't add people from the server quickly.

    Gameplay: 6
    Classic modes and zombie mode are lots of fun, the rest gets boring quickly.

    Sound: 8
    A nice chiptune soundtrack, and guns sound good. The moan that is heard everytime a player dies gets annoying, however.

    Graphics: 6
    Nothing special, just a retro-looking game with some cute-looking characters.

    Lasting appeal: 7
    Don't expect to play this for 500 hours, but you can have fun with it for a few dozens of hours, maybe 100.

  10. May 17, 2014
    This game is a flop. Literally. This game was developed by a man in his garage and his version, the beta, was best version than the actually version. Why ? Because the game was bought by Jagex, and Jagex have destroy this game. So if I can note the beta version, it's a 9, but here it's the steam Jagex version, so it's a 1.
  11. May 3, 2014
    It's like Minecraft, but it gives you guns and costs ten dollars less. Its fanbase is also less annoying, and you're likely to enjoy digging tunnels beneath the enemy's feet before swallowing him up like a mutant rabbit. You'll like it, trust me.
  12. Apr 26, 2014
    Quite a good PC game. It's a fun minecraft COD style FPS. It's not a serious FPS, as it has some comic humor in it. I've had about 50 hours of fun playing this, mostly with friends. The only problem I have with it is that the servers are absolute rubbish. It lags on every game, and almost nearly crashes every single game. To be honest, I don't think the creators give any notice of this game anymore as they stuck it on laggy, almost unplayable servers. Expand
  13. Apr 16, 2014
    I find it plain odd that this game has so many negative reviews - most of them, I note, compare the game to the beta version, which I have never played. Given that, I think that this is not a bad game. The mechanics are fun and so is the gameplay - I found myself on one occasion building multiple structures out into the sea to get a good vantage point for my Marksman... That was fun, and hilarious too!

    The Minecraft/TF2-style gameplay is an interesting concept, and while it may not be fleshed out completely in this game, it is still expended on enough for it to be playable, for it to be fun. I don't care if it isn't as good as the beta, it is still a good game.
  14. Mar 9, 2014
    This is a solid game for the most part... it offers what most people are probably for from a game in this genre, the game has really nice graphics, interesting game mechanics and a decent community.

    There are some problems with the game... which considering AoS is over a year old year should have been fixed by now. For example, there are certain match types which include classes very
    similar to the way TF2 does it however the balancing is just awful and i tend to stay away from games using the class system... saying that there are classic mode games which don't have classes and these games i find are a lot more enjoyable. Expand
  15. Feb 24, 2014
    God dang horrible, dont buy it. ITS NOT WORTH IT MAN. Heres my review on steam: "Jagex wants more more more money! Last time i remember it, it was at 10 dollars. Nope, not no more. Sigh, guess i have to put my long list of crap about this game. Well heres a long run on sentence of why i hate it. Griefers, Hackers, Prefab Spam, Op snipers and the big hitbox, Miner is op with his huge drill cannon and big spade range, recently they turned rocketeer into an ugly engineer. Now lets talk about the terrible flawed votekick system. 1. Votekick usually wont work on loaded servers, it takes a decent few yes votes to kick a REAL griefer/hacker. 2. Few no votes and the votekick wont work. 3. Have a griefer on your team? Just leave, the base will be wrecked and the griefer will succeed in his dirty work. Why do they not have a metascore? Probably because it has terrible critic reviews and the score is 49. Don't buy DLC from this horrid game, ever, jagex sold a dlc and later made it free, ripping off anyone who bought it. Despite the complaints about that, jagex was happy, they got your money, they are happy. Don't waste your time on it, its not worth it. (Unless you love griefing, in that case get it just for the fun of that :)" Expand
  16. Feb 4, 2014
    I had been playing runescape since mid 1999-2000 up to 2013 and ever since I have played this game... Jagex somehow manages to get my **** account hacked no matter how difficult or protected the account is, these bastards do no know how to keep your credentials safe even if they paid people to say falsified Bull **** about their **** ass game, people would still hate the holy living **** out of it. This game is so bad I don't think any other game can compare to the severity of how much this one sucks dick. The company as a whole is a steaming pile of **** and so are it's games and customer support. The customer support team is absolutely the most dumbest of idiots this world has to offer. If they actually gave a **** they'd actually have real things to say when they talk to you rather than reading from a **** script... Oh my **** jesus, I have never hated a company more than this **** stained entropy of a lame excuse for it's existence on planet earth. Make sure if you make an account not to pay for **** Once you see how absolutely stupid these **** sticks are, you'll tell them to eat **** and you'll go play better games!!!! I have been wanting to do this since I was wee young. I want you all to know that I hope my point is made **** clear against these rat bastards. Go to hell Jagex! P.S. Jagex, I got an idea! Why don't you go outside and play hide and go **** yourself? Expand
  17. Feb 4, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is absolutely hands down the worst game to play if you use your real name and address. These putzes have the worst database and protection programs to keep our information from hackers it's not funny. I tried so many times to get old accounts back from RS2 only to find out that Jagex, everyone’s favorite company, decided it would be ok to hand out my vital information to fake people claiming to be me. Cheers to Jagex for their lack of common sense. Suggestion since you don't have a box for these yet. Why don't you try getting a more "secure server" for your game so that accounts can't be easily stolen? Just because you have some fancy proofs for accounts and a useless remember my computer option... That doesn't mean a thing my friend. If you want your "Customers" to trust you more, Then try first by making a safer system! Expand
  18. Jan 26, 2014
    A quick review about how this game evolved since late 2012, when Jagex Games Studios took over the development of the game. This is not an objective review, but I will try to give as many details as possible.

    Whelp, this used to be a great game.
    I used to play that game during its beta and bought it on Steam. It used to be a really dynamic game with decent game modes, a decent balance
    and interesting features that allowed players to have a good time, until the developers strayed away from the original game. Now it is just a slow-paced, worthless mash up of Team Fortress 1 & Minecraft beta, except those were actually fun to play.
    The basics of the game: in most game-modes, there are 4 classes:
    •The Commando, who carries a rocket launcher or a minigun, the balanced guy
    •The Sniper
    •The Rocketeer/Engineer, who can use a jetpack and carries a SMG-like gun
    •The Miner, who carries a shotgun and works on modifying the environment to benefit his team

    Here is a quick list of examples explaining how the gameplay changed for the worst over the past 8 months.
    •Dynamism is gone. The Rocketeer used to be able to fly across the map and actually do stuff. Now his job is to use a "jetpack", once every minute give or take, fly up for 2 seconds and wait for snipers to gun him down.

    •Digging tunnels or just using your ability to change the environment is not worth it anymore. For one, snipers have been given a retarded beam that gives away their position when they aim down the sights, making sneaking around just useless. Some would say it's to avoid camping, but there are other solutions that don't imply making one of the 4 usual classes useless, unless they go for close combat.

    •The specific game modes that do not involve the 4 classes depicted a few lines ago have not evolved a bit and the Zombie one suffered from the nerfs on classes so much it isn't even nearly half as interesting as is used to be.

    •The community keeps being ignored and slowly decays (hence a series of awful changes to the game). Today, January 26th 2014, across the United States, Europe and Australia, less than 30% of servers overall had any players playing. It took Jagex a single year to destroy a community of 2 million players?

    To sum up, Ace of Spades is now a shadow of what it used to be, and a half-assed map editor will not save this game from its terrible evolution
  19. Nov 30, 2013
    What do you get when you mix Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft? This, and quite frankly, mixing those two games absolutely does not work. It seems like a cool idea, right? Being able to build stuff when you have a fast action war going on? That isn't what this game is. This game is just a whole ton of snipers running around getting easy headshots on you, just because of how big your head is.

    Sadly, the extremely over-powered Marksman class isn't my biggest complaint with this game. The spawns are. You spawn in the same place every single time, regardless of if enemies are right in your spawn. I'm always dying as soon as I spawn, making it nearly impossible to even play.

    I don't reccomend this game at all, it's broken, and you will regret your purchase within half an hour or so.
  20. Nov 9, 2013
    Its not a bad game but its also not a good game. The levelling system on the game is pointless and irrelevant also the gun play is terrible. The game has its moments though and can be enjoyable. I do not recommend that you buy the game full price but maybe if its on offer.
  21. Nov 5, 2013
    At first I was very impressed with this game. It was Minecraft Call of Duty. I would say the first few weeks were fun times in this game, but once Jagex continued to update the game until it was flawed and over/under balanced, I found it repulsive
  22. Oct 26, 2013
    So apparently I can no longer find the beta, AKA the classic, as jagex have taken it down. They up a completely good game and replaced it with gameplay. I bought this because I loved the original, and regret spending a penny on this game. 1/10 would in no way recommend.
  23. Oct 15, 2013
    Nice game, I prefered the old one, but what? We cannot effect on the game, by giving it a bad critics and bad scores makes Ace of Spades Multiplayer Dead!?!?!?! No one wish that. Because of you IDIOTS it's just the matter of time when this multiplayer game is going to collapse
  24. Oct 14, 2013
    This game at first was really fun. You had a TON of class variety and fun maps. It was really fun and at first was worth my money and I had a lot of fun with it.

    But picking the game back up again I'm amazed on how much it has changed in just a few updates. They completely destroyed the engineer class by getting rid of his jet pack which allowed him to glide across the map, it was the
    best counter for sniper classes. I think the reason why they nerfed him was because of the ability to spawn camp really easily but all you needed to do was maybe not be able to go into enemy spawning points...or not being able to place turrets where enemy spawns.

    This game has turned into a complete sniper game. You can't go into a server anymore without there being 5 or more people being a sniper, just because that class is now most over-powered. Miners make it easier to spawn camp also getting to enemy spawning points really easily and using the shot gun to one shot most classes. I try not to stay one class the entire game but I'm finding myself playing a heavy class or a sniper class just to get the enemy's from killing me the first few seconds of me spawning.

    This game had a huge potential to be a great Minecraft like game just with guns, but they completely ruined it with just a few updates.

    Jagex is turning into a complete JOKE of a game company and are now becoming known for ruining game likes Runescape and now Ace of Spades. After their recent update they released an entire DLC for free.. they completely ripped off the people who bought the DLC and acting like the DLC was some kind of contribution is what pisses people off the most, I wouldn't dare to buy a DLC from Jagex ever because of what they did.

    I wouldn't recommend this game to ANYONE really. The only reason WHY it should even be bought is when it's on a big sale or something. Otherwise please don't play this game or else you will feel like you just got ripped off.
  25. Oct 10, 2013
    Jagex bought the game worked on it aaaaand it's now!
    I absolutely don't recommend anyone one to buy this piece of ****.
    The original one (before Jagex ruined it) is free and can be found on buildandshoot(dot)com.
  26. Oct 9, 2013
    Yes, Ace of Spades had a very bad and annoying launch and the game didn't get a lot better after that. The normal game is worth a 5/10 max. However, the new update for AoS changed my feelings about the game entirely. [I WILL BE TALKING ABOUT ACE OF SPADES AFTER THE BIG UPDATE, JUST SO YA KNOW!]

    First of all, the one (unnecessary) DLC is now included in the actual game, which makes the
    game a little more fun to play.*

    Secondly, the huge addition in recent update showed me something I was wishing for when I first saw it wasn't in the game: BUILDING! When you tell people the game is like 'minecraft with guns', you should show me a building mode that actually works! This is added in the last update and it's f*cking great! Sure, sometimes it's not easy to handle, but still it's a great new thing for the game.

    And lastly, the last update finally fixes more than 100 bugs, glitches and fixes a great part of the game's biggest mistake: the kick-votes. The game is finally playable and finally more enjoyable!**

    My final score for the original game would be a 5/10 max.
    The new update gets a 7/10
    Final score: 6/10 (seems fair)

    I just hope the makers of the game will try to push more updates in soon, so the game can truly live up to the 'minecraft with guns' I was promised.

    * To all the people who nag about their money being stolen because the DLC is free now: It sucks, I know, but is it really worth nagging about? It's not like the DLC was expensive...

    ** As long as you're in a nice multiplayer server, because the AoS community can be highly annoying. Something not even the creators of the game can fix.
  27. Oct 4, 2013
    Sometimes Ace Of Spades is boring but map creator, steam workshop it's good. Ace Of Spades is good because it's creative and multiplayer shooter game. [NEWEST] You can build and download maps to steam workshop it's easy and i love it.

    -VerneriCode (Basic Coding And Game Ratings)
  28. Sep 25, 2013
    This game is awesome, i don't understand how the people compare that game with other games, and some people don't play because of the graphics. The graphics are really bad, but the game is very funny. I'm not giving 10 because an update, now you can't choose the server you gonna enter (except at custom match) and it glitch sometimes
  29. Aug 31, 2013
    This is a absolutely nice game! I can not understand why it has so a bad score. It has so much game modes, it gets updates and I can play it the whole day together with my friends! The only thing I don't like in this games are the trolls, griefers, hacker, and those little kiddys who are disconnecting when they become a zombie.
  30. Aug 12, 2013
    Ive played this game a few times, but what is putting me off playing is the vast number of bugs & glitches, the number of aimbot users in the community and the recent(ish) updates which came out. Sounds like a great game and is fun for a bit, but really not a great long term investment imo
  31. Aug 10, 2013
    really fun just griefing and messing with friends! great game to play when board and need something better to do!! I don't understand all the negative reviews, maybe they just don't understand the fun of the miner with his griefing tool!
  32. Aug 10, 2013
    This used to be a fun game. The alpha was very fun, albeit a bit flawed but I still played it for over 30 hours. Then the first parch came. For one they added a laser sight to the sniper rifle. Now the sniper rifle was OP but now whenever you scoped in EVERYBODY could see where you were. They added new skins which looked horrible and made the game iffy. The St. Valentines massacre DLC was horrible. It added some actually pretty cool maps that if other game modes were allowed on them they would have been fun. The game modes it added nobody played and it cost 4.99. That was the beginning of the end. The next patch ruined the game completely. For one they removed the rocketeer class and added the "engineer" class which was incredibly weak and jet pack took several minutes to recharge. The maps were already laggy but then you couldn't actually choose which server you'd be on so most of the time you would be matched to an empty server. Completely horrible. A few months ago I'd say go ahead and buy it and play the fudge out of it but now stay far, far away from it. All it will bring you is tears. It makes me sad to see such a good game ruined. Expand
  33. Aug 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. im so shocked that all those haters are hating on jagex. give them a freaking break! they tried to make a good game that players would play and like. im well aware of the lag and the "O.P." weapons. well, that's all part of the challenge. also, people hate the game just for the fact that it is "expensive". well, to all those kids who look for the hd graphics, or a game that is super violent and gross, like COD. COD was an M game. that means mature people only, now some kids who play it then think that they know everything about guns. ace of spades is a game that was made off the sole purpose that people liked the original one. then jagex came and made it better with classes, and new game modes and weapons. I like the game because it is my 2 favourite game types pfs and sandbox) together into a massively multiplayer creative fps game. so, for all those haters out there who hate the game just because they took away the rocketeer, who could fly across the map and rain bullets from above, or that its too fast paced, or because it isn't all about building a base, to give it another try. it IS a fun game, and for those people who expect to play aos on a poopy computer, STOP HATING!!! so, for those of you who played for 2 mins and now hate it, give it another try!

    ----- pyrothexxxx
  34. Jul 29, 2013
    Ace of Spades is a first-person shooter, taking place in a block shaped world. It holds many characteristics similar to many other award winning titles, such as the Battlefield franchise It reminds me of Battlefield's destructive environments, and somewhat open world )and the Call of Duty franchise Its tight combat reminds me of the combat style from Call of Duty The negative things though is that on Ace of Spades, the game though does feel a little disappointing due to no rewards and many other things. There is currently a level up system, but has no rewards for leveling up or doing the objective. It also feels like its repeating itself because it feels limited Such as the 4 classes with not many selections Ace of Spades though has many positive things as well. Such as the the destructive environment, allowing players to destroy terrain and place blocks themselves. The maps are pretty large, and has interesting landmarks Like Viking Ships featured on the map "Invasion" and tends to be inspiring inspiring you to make your own map and is in beta at the moment The Developers "Jagex" are though working on many new features like a World Builder That allows you to build your own maps and put them in the Steam Workshop Ace of Spades is available on Steam for $10 which is a great price for its current state and gets a 7/10. Massively Multiplayer, Destructive Environments, large maps, great price. Repeating itself, low customization, no rewarding system, somewhat limited Expand
  35. Jul 26, 2013
    This game has potential but since the last Updates it became worse. I want the game back that i played 143 h. The graphic and especially the colors look ugly now. The system of the servers is bad (depends on the point of view). Some classes now have not their old gear and/or have a lower shooting-rate.

    Pls make the game this what it was once.
    Excuse my english.
  36. Jul 26, 2013
    The concept is good but they executed it poorly. If you want a Minecraft Battlefield type game then Guncraft is the way to go. The only thing this has on Guncraft is more players.
  37. Jul 23, 2013
    I don't see why everyone is hating now. Everyone is saying that the rocket launcher/drill gun/ most other weapons are O.P. but in the beta the rifle was basically the only weapon used because it had the distance to hit people. All these destructive weapons do is make it so guys can't camp up on a tiny spike with loads of connecting struts. It makes a change to have a FPS where you an actually fight instead of just get hit in the head with a sniper bullet 600m away from where you stand. Yeah a guy may stand at your spawn or miles off and just spawn amp you but their bullets will nock out a nook for you to hide in and shoot them from. Destruction is a key feature and should be praised for being unique not condemned for not being as well implemented as it could be, it's not a £15 million game. When you look at this game just remember: This is NOT COD! It is NOT a blockbuster game. It COULD have been a blocky FPS with NO creativity. This is an FPS with something different that if a big company, like dice or Bungie or someone like that, there to add it to one of their massive games it would be a huge success. Expand
  38. Jul 20, 2013
    Ok, so it isnt a great game, but its still worth a 6.
    All you 0 raters are so irrational.
    The classic mode are good, and demolition gives almost a real war feeling.
    However some good unlockables and more weapons are really needed.
    Until that happens, this game is "only ok".
  39. Jul 20, 2013
    The developers need to think their own idea not to steal other games concept.

    Seeing this game was f2p is a better idea than adding a price for it because game is not really complete.The company bought the original ace of spades the turn it into a tf2 and worms rip off.
  40. Jul 18, 2013
    This game is pretty much the worst FPS game I played. The game lags a lot even on low settings, the game has no level editor, like seriously this game has blocks in it so why not have a level editor? The Jet packs are useless because you still take fall damage while landing and it makes you have low accuracy, when your sights are aimed down you still have the reticule on so it makes iron sights worthless, they made a ripped-off version of Call of Duty's point system when you kill someone, the Double-Barreled Shotgun was too overpowered and what the heck is with having a Miner class in the game? Miner is not used for fighting! I un-installed my game after this, I was disappointed at the developers for making a game that was not decent. Expand
  41. Jul 17, 2013
    When I first bought this game it was a very fast paced game. There was rocketeers, you could run in the water, you could build very easily. It was a wonderful game. I played it everyday and was excited to play it.

    Over the patches that have occurred the game has gotten progressively SLOWER PACED and WORSE with each patch.

    Some were actual game play patches that fixed certain classes
    from being enjoyable and I was ok with that, but once they completely removed the rocketeer class and changed reload times, how blocks are placed.

    Now the game is nothing more than a very slow placed FPS with no interesting aspects to it. There are tons of game mechanic flaws in the game that if you use your break a little bit you realize the loopholes in the game mechanics. If you are an engineer now on demolition mode you can place blocks to keep your building up kill yourself, respawn and keep placing more blocks. It is nearly impossible for the other team to tear down your building.

    Jagex loves to put this game on sale which reinvigorates the gaming community, but it doesn't last for long. Soon there after everyone that bought it on sale will realize the flaws and leave the game.

    TL;DR: This game used to be a lot of fun. Patches ruined the game mechanics, hardly anyone plays this game anymore. DO NOT BUY.
  42. Jul 14, 2013
    I Don't dislike this game simply because it was costly, I dislike it for its just not near as fun as the old game. Some of the new weapons and jet packs make it seem more like a pay to win MMO that you already payed for. I honestly dislike most of the new content and found the old simpler version to be much more enjoyable. Not only is the new content punishing new players (Those who decided to wait until its on sale) But it just makes unfair balances and makes the game not very fun to start, which is very bad for a game. Somehow they even managed to ruin zombie mode! I just found a website hosting servers for the old game and play those and this is left deep in the depths of my steam list. Overall, its not a fun game and not worth $4.99 Expand
  43. Jul 12, 2013
    I'm trying to rate this game for when it was free. I had loads of fun playing this. Although I'm pretty sure they said that the game would forever be free. In my opinion it was a great game, but it's not worth buying.
  44. Jul 11, 2013
    Well, the game sucks for a couple of reasons. Also, please remember I have NEVER played the beta but very much wish to do so.

    1: Building Why should you build? There is no reason to do so if there's enough cover in the map already. I love the idea of being able to break stuff and dig, and possible build a little, but the building aspect is no fun. After building something you wana
    fell accomplished, and happy. The game doesn't really make that happen. Even when you build something nice it will most likely get blown up soon. If they implemented a game mode where you would have like 2-5 minutes to build and what you build couldn't get blown up instantly, that would be great! But no such thing exist.

    2: The Classes There are 4 classes, Marksman, Miner, Rocketeer, and Commando. Each class kinds of does something different. Marksman is supposed to be support and help clear out enemies. It is way to effective. There is almost no reason to not just be Marksman, kill people from far away, and advance. It can kill ANYTHING with the bid maps that are usually outside. And the other classes can't deal damage from that far away. Next class, the Miner. He's supposed to build and dig tunnels and stuff. But why would you do that!?! Like I said before, building or digging isn't a very good idea and most likely thing to happen if you build or dig is someone comes and blows it all up. What could be able to do that you might ask? EVERY OTHER CLASS! The Miner should be specialized in building and digging and also destroying other enemie Miners stuff. Other classes shouldn't be able to easily come in and and shoot down what you build or destroy it with a grenade. Next class, Rocketeer. Rocketeer used to be quite OP with the old jet pack it had. Jagex saw this and looked for a solution. They should have nerfed it instead of removing it. Now all there is is a bad jet pack that makes you go up for 2-5 seconds. Yeah, that thing is useless. Next class, Commando. I think this is one of the best, most balanced class that does what its supposed to do. Kill everything in close range combat. Except other classes(Marksman) can easily kill you for this. Marksman can kill you from afar, witch makes sense, but can also easily kill you with its pistol. Yeah, that makes sense.

    Well, I advise you don't buy it as the time of this post. The game has had some changes towards getting better, but still lacks in lost of things. It says that it you will be able to "Unleash your imagination in an ever evolving battlefield." The only thing it offers is bad, unbalanced combat, with OP classes and bad hit boxes. Its also not a surprise very few people seem to play it now.
  45. Jun 15, 2013
    I bought this game and am very very satisfied. Very addicting and very fun! A lot of people compare it to the older versions but I've never played the older versions and I love this game. Maybe more frequent updates, maybe another character but still. Very enjoyable.
  46. Jun 15, 2013
    This game might be fantastic with a little more work, but as it stands, there are major bugs. Players are able to not only bring down an entire server, but make every player on that server have a client crash. Thus far, nothing is being done to the players abusing this bug and it has not been patched, not even in the latest update. Jagex is not paying enough attention to this game's major problems.

    It's not all bad, though. If your game server isn't taken down, you'll find a twitch shooter in a world made from blocks. The blocks can be placed either individually, in a line, or as an instant "pre-fab" structure. They can also be destroyed, and structures with no support underneath them will collapse.

    The previous complaints that you cannot set up your own game are now only half right. You still cannot set up a game server yourself. You can, however, set up a game on one of Jagex's servers with powers similar to a server host. You can set up the game type, player limit, password, and special rules, so this is at least a step in the right direction. You can also set up a match to only allow your Steam friends.

    Other reviews claiming a lack of CTF mode or rifle are also false. Both are present in the current game. It has been a while since the last patch, but complaints from last year may no longer be valid. Instead, there is a new set of cons that continue to mar the game. However, the list is becoming more technical than match-based, so hopefully Jagex will continue to update and improve this game.
  47. Jun 11, 2013
    I didn't know how I felt about this game when I saw it on Steam. Initially I thought that the whole "TF2 and Minecraft mixed together" concept was interesting but probably would make a good combination, but after a while, I bought the game when it was on sale. I can safely say that I wasted my money. The classes suck, the game modes have been done before and done better in other games the maps are way too big and half the time I'm just looking for someone to shoot, the "Minecraft" concept is extremely lacking, and the game is just terrible overall. If done well, this could've been an interesting shooter, but you're better off jut keeping TF2 and Minecraft separate. Expand
  48. Jun 7, 2013
    Fun game if you play with friends but has very little gameplay and game modes all having just one I like. Besides the facilities are severely unbalanced, and is very easy to do or make you "Spown troping".
  49. Jun 7, 2013
    You're always left wishing there was more to the game. Lack of weapons, no campaign or even a plot and a lack of character suggestion. The music is ok but gets annoying after a while. However the game does require strategy and skill so that's a plus. Dlc offers minimum addition to the game and costs $5. In summary, I wish I had my money back
  50. May 27, 2013
    What this game was before it's release on Steam I can't comment on but I'm sure it was awesome to say the least.
    I started playing this game from when it was first released on Steam, a month later the game became a shell of its former self. Constant changes by the developer with what can only be assumed to be a complete disregard for their customer base.
    Every now and then I would launch
    the game hoping that the game's problems have been fixed but these days I'll be lucky to even find an open server (which are all developer hosted and controlled).

    This review marks the end of any hope I have for this game. When it first came out (pre Jagex game updates) I couldn't stop playing the game.

    36+ game play hours I think it's time to uninstall this title from my collection and forget it ever existed.

    RIP Ace of Spades
  51. May 20, 2013
    Fun Game-play, Laggy as Hell, Cheap Tactics, Clunky (Really annoying and hard to climb), No country separation (playing with people in Europe who don't speak English), Crappy Community, Not a whole lot to choose from, No server browse, only quick match which sucked at matching.

    ~Don't Look at the Critic Reviews They're Pointless~
  52. May 20, 2013
    So I got into this game after having done a little of the old ace of spades. If you played the previous one and haven't seen the train wreck yet, I'd avoid it.

    Jagex wants to turn this into a cash cow like call of duty. That was clear with all their DLC plans. They didn't give it a month before trying to spring the valentines day stuff on people. Segregating maps almost instantly for
    those who bought it and those who didn't.

    Its a class based shooter thats trying to be fast paced, Its minecraft with explosions, its trying to be a modern fps styled title, It really wishes it was tf2 in minecraft. (seriously just play the minecraft maps if you want that kinda fun).

    The problems with this game are the following: Destruction is too easy, you can build but why bother when a single rocket can destroy an entire structure if fired right. Matches become almost instantly leveled and leave some classes at a supreme advantage: snipers, rocketeers.
    Snipers have been nerfed, this is largely due to the fact that spawns are locked, if your team is losing and getting spawn camped, you have no method of avoiding damage.
    Regarding the sniper issues, maps are asymmetrical most of the time. Meaning that one side will usually have a distinct advantage over the other.

    Gone are the stealthy digging and listening for a tunnel in the first one, classic mode is a joke. Its barely even the classic mode from the original. Some may disagree, but prebuilt maps with interesting geometry kinda defeats the entire point of the build and shoot aspect.

    Finally, Their servers are complete and total trash. East coast servers on east coast even with good ping is like 100+ms, anyone outside of that is going to get several hundred more. No private server hosting either, they have plans for players to pay a small moderate fee however, so you may be able to rent custom server space in this turd of a game.

    1/10 Jagex once again smothers a game with desperate attempts to leech money in non subtle ways.
  53. May 17, 2013
    I don't understand why so much negative reviews... ok the game needs improvements... but the developer are working hard and the updates are always ready with new improvements.

    I love this game, one original first person shooter in the sea of the clones, and the "minecraft" style land, offers new approaches to the strategy of the game and lots of fun.
  54. May 15, 2013
    AoS Minecraft TF2. But still missing some FPS spice.

    bases before annihilating each other, the absence of this feature leaves this game feeling extremely lacking.
  55. May 14, 2013
  56. May 13, 2013
    I have never played the Beta, so I can not comment on how much better it was. I can, however, talk about how the game is today. When I first got the game, it worked... somewhat. It was fun, actually. The concept was great, the maps were good, but it crashed. A lot. In fact, the game crashed every 15-20 minutes! For a 'fully released' game, that is absolutely unacceptable! After uninstalling it, and leaving it sitting in my Steam account for a while, I decided to give it another try. I mean, the devs should have had the time to fix the bugs, right? Wrong. In fact, it is even worse now! After two crashes, the game won't even start. Literally, it just stops, right before even the black start-up screen! But the thing that really puts Ace of Spades in the hole for good is that instead of working hard to fix the bugs, Jagex is releasing DLC... Jagex is turning into EA, but without the eventual great game. (And the money) Expand
  57. Apr 28, 2013
    This was not worth my time downloading it on the free weekend( (And it was like two minutes, Max). The game was disappointing and this is coming from a person who thought that it was a good game. (Minecraft and Team Fortress 2)
  58. Apr 27, 2013
    The original was a good game... then Jagex ruined it with their shoddy coding, poor decisions, and bad advertising. Avoid at all costs and sign up for the Guncraft beta.
  59. Apr 22, 2013
    Looking at the reviews, I think the main reason people hate this game is because its not as good as the original. People, look at the game by itself! Its still pretty good! Graphic style is great, and overall gameplay is fun, chaotic combat. A couple of flaws are present, mainly the super-annoying spawncamping and the obvious lack of an ability to create your own map and server, which the game concept practically lends itself to. But still, its a lot of fun. If you want a sophisticated, well-polished FPS, I would suggest Red Orchestra. But if you just want to have fun, Ace of Spades is a pretty good bet. Expand
  60. Apr 12, 2013
    I know why this game gets a bad rap, but honestly it doesn't deserve a measly 4.9 score. Sure, there are trolls infesting the public servers and the publisher (Jagex) is slow to respond to the community; however those things shouldn't distort the fact that there is s true gem of a game here. It's not perfect what game is? and I won't deny that things like the lack of private servers will frustrate people when they run smack bang into a troll-fest; however not every game is like that. I've sunk hundreds of hours into this game within the first three weeks of owning it; and the gameplay options are endless. Literally, your imagination is the limit when you play, and when you have a few friends to play with... well, those games are unbelievably good. Don't be put off by the issues; look at the possibilities and you'll see that the only thing this game really needs is a larger, more dedicated player base in order to unlock its true potential. Expand
  61. Apr 10, 2013
    The zombie mode for this game is its greatest selling point having only recently discovered this game i have found myself and a group of my friends spending hours fighting the hordes of zombies and even playing as the zombie can be fun taking down your friends while i do admit there are some balance issues and griefing issues these problems are being noticed and fixed and i am sure many of the negative reviews are now complaining about something the game has fixed Expand
  62. Apr 5, 2013
    The zombie mode itself, is worth the game, addicting and fun... Don't pay attention to all the bad reviews, they are voting down a game based off one little difference.
  63. Apr 4, 2013
    I'm not sure what all the hate is about, but iv'e had plenty of enjoyable hours in this game! The zombie mode for me is by far the most fun, the others are good but nothing beats building a small fortress and sniping zombies from afar. A few balance issues which sometimes fill me with rage, and a few methods of griefing that I hope will be sorted out at some point (like putting explosives under friendlies and killing them with fall damage), but i'd recommend it to play with some friends certainly. Expand
  64. Apr 2, 2013
    I hate every aspect of this game now, I use to love the original one with all of my heart, but this was just "What the situation, how do you go from simple rifles and smgs with trench warfare and such, to flying soldiers, snipers, is unbelievable.
    I did form this opinion before I actually played the new version, but then Steam lent it to us for free for a weekend so I
    decided to justify my reasoning for anger. The game was just as bad as I made it out to be.
    I have also heard that Jagex is working to get the sites where you can play the original version removed, if that is true; to hell with them. Just let us have our good game, and you can keep your thing.
  65. Mar 25, 2013
    The only reason I was interested in buying the new version was because of the nostalgia I felt for the fantastic free version which Ben Aksoy developed by his self. It was a simple, fun little time waster which you could play on practically any computer, with a fantastic creative community.

    This game however has taught me that I should always check a game's Metascore before I go ahead
    and waste £8.99.
    The new version is like a bad ripoff of TF2; they try to give personality to the different classes but I quite frankly didn't give a crap about them. I find it ironic that a game which originally had so much creativity now has the most unoriginal gameplay and game modes. The original only had one game mode, which was capture the flag, and there was a lot of potential for Jagex to come up with new ones to compliment the building and creative aspects of the game. In reality, what they give us are Deathmatches and CTFs with no original content and a completely dull zombie mode with terrible AI which basically makes it Call of Duty and Minecraft's ugly lovechild.

    What was creative and fun about the original is now ruined. Building, which was the main aspect of the game, is now completely pointless because of the miner class being able to completely obliterate any blocks in a couple of seconds. Weapons are stupidly inaccurate, making it nigh on impossible to feel like you are getting a good clean shot at all and I had some terrible lag issues, with players jerking around all over the place and the weapons being even more inaccurate then they already are.

    I find it insanely depressing how Jagex, a company with a huge dedicated team, could make a worse game than one guy who programmed the original by himself. What's worse is, this horrible FPS actually has a large amount of fans all over the world who defend the game to the very end. Jagex have completely taken a dump on a game I knew and loved a year ago. The only reason I'm not giving it a 0 is because the game features one good feature from the original, the graphics, and enhances it giving a nice visual feel to the game, but that is literally all I liked about it. Seriously, I urge you not to waste money on this piece of trash.
  66. Mar 20, 2013
    I dont know why you would buy this when you could buy guncraft which right now is free and is only five dollars more and guncraft has better graphics and you can import minecraft worlds
  67. Mar 19, 2013
    I, too, doubted the integrity of this game, but thought it sounded awesome! So when it came up as free to play this last weekend, I gave it a shot. I'm glad I did. These reviews say the game is broken or that it is unbalanced/unplayable, but from what I've played so far, I haven't noticed any problems! The game is what you'd expect from a game of minecraft, teams, and guns. The zombie mode is also really fun, though most people pick one of two classes. Either this game has come a long way, or some folks are just picky. It's inexpensive and very much worth your time! Expand
  68. Mar 18, 2013
    I tried this game on Steam's free weekend. Afterwards, I spent the $5 to get it back. A lot of the reviews I'm seeing here, critic or user, focus in on how the game compares to its original incarnation and its various sources of inspiration (Minecraft, a variety of FPS, etc). Sure, I'll admit it: this is not an evolution of anything. It's a mishmash of various elements. But treating it as an unrelated, standalone game, there's definite fun to be had. They've even updated the game to include the apparently sorely missed classic mode with only one class. For $5, this game is well worth it. Full price I'm not so sure, because there are occasional bug issues. All in all, though, this is far from the terrible mess reviews have made it out to be, and if you get the chance to try before you buy you might be pleasantly surprised. Expand
  69. Mar 17, 2013
    EVERYBODY PLEASE READ THIS: I have no idea where these reviews are coming from. Okay, there are a few bugs, and you cannot create your own server- but the game is FUN. The game is extremely fun, and has many modes to keep you interested. The initial launch was a disaster- but now that they fixed the major problems, this is a really great game. This game is not a 10- It is more like a 7.5- but with all these awful reviews from irrational people- I need to average this out. Expand
  70. Mar 16, 2013
    At first I thought thought that this game got mainly negative reviews from critics, but then I saw that 7 reviewers gave it average scores and 6 gave it negative.

    I'm laughing at how some people on this site are giving it a 0 because they can't run it and because they can't host servers. Because of this, I will give it a 10 to bring up the score. Now on to the review.

    This is not a
    bad game, but it has its problems. This game is basically Team Fortress mixed with Minecraft. You can build cover, bridges, sniper stands, etc. That's good, because sometimes snipers can be VERY annoying on certain maps. However, if you are planning on building something cool, you're out of luck. Someone can easily destroy it. The environments are destructible, which makes for some interesting multiplayer matches. Someone can have a bunch of your buddies pinned down and you can dig under the enemy and flank them.

    The game, as I said, has its problems. The rocket launcher feels pretty boring to use to me, certain maps (like Lunar Base) have balance issues with the sniper class, and Diamond Mine can seriously be improved. SERIOUSLY.

    I have heard the original AoS was incredible, but I never played the beta, so I would never know. Overall: A 6 to a 7/10. MetaCritic can be misleading sometimes. More people liked this game than those that didn't (add up the pos the mixed and compare it to the negative) but it still has a low score.
  71. Mar 16, 2013
    i think this game is really good i like the worlds like Tokyo and London and the characters you get to be.
    The only thing i don't like is when you click join blue team and when you get in the game you are a green team but other than that it is good game. so i'll give a ten out of ten
  72. Mar 16, 2013
    This game has some very good ideas, and it is fun playing. It is not as bad as they say, the music is great, controls are okay, graphics are good (since it fits to game's style). However, it should have been more creative.
  73. Mar 15, 2013
    this game had a free weekend on steam this week, so i decided to give it a try. after about an hour, I have to say, this game feels almost broken. combat is boring, the building does not work half the time, and most objectives revolve around camping in an area and killing anybody who enters.

    Only fun thing to do in this game is cutting down trees with your sniper.
  74. Mar 15, 2013
    I played this game during a 'free weekend' on Steam. Opened the game, hit 'quick match'. It immediately errors out and tells me I need to buy something. Some free weekend.
  75. Mar 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. arreter de nous pondre des jeux horrible graphiquement ce truc tout carré est un insulte au 21 eme siecle je me croi revenu en 1980 sur une vielle machine de salon...c'est pas old school c'est juste moche et avoir un pc a 4000 euros pour ça?vous vous rendez compte le recul... Expand
  76. Mar 15, 2013
    The problem isn't that this game resembles mine craft. The problem is the game is a very poorly executed idea. The maps are very big and the characters are very small and fast. And everyone can instantly build giant piles of stuff anywhere on the map.
    If the gameplay wasn't bad enough, waiting for a server list usually not take forever, sometimes it hangs forever with no rhyme or
    reason. Also, attempting to play a gamemode called zombies really sucked because there were no zombies. The game no only let us play with no zombies, nobody could team switch to zombies.
    At its best this game is a semi-functioning terrible gameplay turd.
  77. Mar 15, 2013
    There is just nothing about this game that is particularly fun (besides being a marksman and playing around with him). Classes are unbalanced, and the game, while it being a cool idea, is terribly flawed.
  78. Mar 11, 2013
    I am a HUGE FAN of the old game from years ago was plenty better than the new one, first because you can actually BUILD without over-powered retarded fat kids taking a huge effing on you, Second ,because people are given THE WORST CLASSES so people fell like they are "MLg ProaT CouNterStAikeE GOIYs I OWWn U nEwbs OMG KilsSTreaK 3 "seriously the miner class just blows everything to with TNT and automatic drills whereas in the last game all you had was a SHOVEL AND A GUN Thats all you effing need! Even the graphic were better! PLUS they have gotten rid of the old game so no one can play it! Waste of money and time! Disappointed me beyond belief. Expand
  79. Mar 7, 2013
    I think this game could be better, the game isn´t well executed, but the idea is good. Try to work more to get the public. This game could be better
  80. Mar 4, 2013
    >No way to run your own server >Servers run by Jagex are of terrible quality >Jagex developers promised no paid DLC, later releasing paid DLC >Runs like trash on high end machines >No way to kick griefers from servers, no votekick >According to devs the game is hackproof, this has since been disproven, complete with youtube videos showing aimbots successfully operating Avoid this game like the plague. It's made by a bunch of incompetent liars desperate for your money. Expand
  81. Mar 4, 2013
    I think that most people played the game before all the updates came out, and so they gave a bad rating. the game is quite fun with a load of versatility and the mechanics are great. hey is a tonne of teamwork involved,and you can get better and better and its even more fun to play with friends.definitely a good game.
  82. Mar 2, 2013
    I saw this game on a steam sale and saw some videos on it. It seemed legit and I bought it. Big mistake. The game itself seems decent, but it was unplayable on my computer for some reason, poorly optimized. I can run minecraft just fine, which has just about the same graphics as this game, if not better.
  83. Mar 2, 2013
    Ill start by saying i was a big fan of Ace of spades before jagex bought it, and had high hopes for the jagex version.

    unfortunately they took a perfectly good engine and tossed it thinking they could do better, well they didnt.
    poorly optimized even a month since the first paid DLC runs poorly on most computers where the original engine ran smoothly of pretty much anything. the class
    types are gimmicky and poorly executed, and their classic mode is nothing like classic ace.

    jagex took a great game that needed little work to improve especially since the latest version was just about to launch with more features, but now not going to see the light of day, jagex scrapped the great engine and gameplay that came with it, bullied the loyal community and ingored any and all feedback.

    the jagex release lack much of what made the original great, the original had a smooth and effective building system, jagex version feels slapped together quickly so it can be called ace of spades, the original had balanced weapon types and a good WWII feel over a large map with crazy long play sessions, jagex has a generic class based system with no polish or balance on tiny maps and short game time. i recommend that anyone who is interested in playing ace of spades to stay well clear of the jagex release and save their money, and head over to buildandshoot dot com and play the original release in all its glory.
  84. Mar 2, 2013
    game very awful, I bought it in having played some hours I understood that it is impossible to play it, despite that that game occupies about 500 mb it TERRIBLY with LAGS
  85. Mar 1, 2013
    [FR] Je ne suis pas du tout dacore avec les avis Negatif Se jeux et merveilleux vous avez 4 classes ext Que demander de mieux nn? Je vous le conseille n'obeissez pas au Negatif Mais que au Positif
  86. Mar 1, 2013
    I am shocked at how many negative reviews there are.
    You should be looking at the game as it is alone, not comparing it to the old game and giving it a 0 because you like the old game better
    this game is still passing through some updating
    also Jagex is trying to incorporate the old game wit modes like classic ctf
    I think before blurting out anything you need to look at how far this
    game can go and how far this game is going to go
    Lastly I think all of this users should play this game with a few friends on steam voice chat and realise the elements of this game and how fun it can be with your friends
    I think you guys are really missing out give Jagex 3 5 months and I think this game is going to get much better
  87. Feb 27, 2013
    What are people complaining about? Its a simple, fun, easy to pick up, casual game thats very entertaining. Yes its a bum that you cant make your own game, but there are plenty of servers with people on them and empty servers (so you and your friends could join and vs one another) i find it very fun, either running around shooting people, or just blowing stuff up! everything is destructible so you can destroy and alter the map as much as you can in the time limit! you can also build your own little base or bunker with pre-set moulds you can use to instantly make them. This doesn't deserve the hate its getting, this is not as bad as people say it is and i would recommend this to everyone. (also, yes its different to the first, at least its not a copy paste game like Call Of Duty Modern warfare 2 and Call Of Duty Modern warfare 3) Expand
  88. Feb 27, 2013
    When I first started playing Ace of Spades, I expected a TF2 version of Minecraft. I was sorely disappointed when actually playing it, though. The build-destroy mechanism didn't offer much except tunneling under your enemy's base and killing them from behind, and the weapons were pretty hard to use. Overall, the gameplay was horrible and I quit soon after, feeling that my hard-earned $10 went to waste. After a month, I decided to come back to play for an hour or two to see how Jagex changed the game, as updates kept popping up on Steam. The game seems much more refined now, with new modes added and DLC available. I was impressed how much the game changed, as gameplay is streamlined and faster than before. Sniper rifles are much more accurate, and multiple weapons to choose for your loadout is a welcome change. The original modes (capture the flag, team deathmatch, etc.) are refined and are much better than before. Although casual gamers will be turned off by the low score and the mediocre gameplay, persistent ones will stick through and fully appreciate this game, promising or not. Expand
  89. Feb 27, 2013
    after playing the free to play beta, this is a huge disappointment. It was action packed shooter goodness, along with the building style of Minecraft, and they were both combined in perfect harmony. Now they did improve upon some aspects, but in doing that, they ruined some, and even took some away. One of my favorite things to do in the beta was to tunnel under the map, but replace it with the same color block as the ground so no one would know. now, you place the same colored block as the team you are on, and gives away you position pretty easily. The classes is also a dumb idea, and it was better with just the three weapons. The classic mode fixes not having the different classes, but still, it has a lot of potential, that the developers did not capitalize on, and it is a huge disappointment in my opinion. Expand
  90. Feb 26, 2013
    It's a very interesting game Command shooter is very expressive and it can take you for hours! Now with practically all bugs fixed new locations and new Dlc it' s even better then before!
  91. Feb 25, 2013
    This game is a major disappointment. I had played the game when it was in beta, and it was fun due to being simple and encouraging digging and building. Now, they made it a class warfare game, similar to TF2. The difference is that TF2 is fun and has 9 classes. Ace of Spades has 4, and they aren't better than the 3 different primary weapon choices from beta. You cannot build because everything explodes. Rocket launchers, landmines, TNT, and so much more. Also, when someone dies, they turn into a tombstone (Which, if they were trying to be funny, is a pathetic attempt at a joke), which also explodes and destroys a small amount of blocks, making even killing your enemies ruin your buildings and trenches. The sniper rifle's accuracy is so bad, a broken flintlock pistol shot at a target from a mile away is more accurate, and that is just sad. Please do not buy this, even if you did play the beta, because it will never live up to it's beta. Expand
  92. Feb 22, 2013
    Ace of Spades had a lot of potential and had incredibly cool ideas yet it fell short on almost every single aspect of a good FPS. Not only that but the scenery is hard on the eyes and easily makes the game less enjoyable. Long story short, do not buy this game, you will be wasting 10$.
  93. Feb 21, 2013
    I've highly enjoyed Ace of Spades, picked it up on a steam sale with the DLC and it's become a goto game.

    Here's why:
    Mash up's are fun Mixing the minecraft style and combat like Team Fortress 2 is a strange and enjoyable mix. Simplcity From the design it's self to the gameplay, there's noting here that requires a great deal of for-thought, making it a fun game to mindless play with
    friends. Zombie Mode Easily my personal favourite mode (though the VIP gangster is a close second), you can create all kinds of strange and impressive forts to try and keep the zombies at bay. (Personally, I've had great success with the miner with the snowball gun, building complicated spider like bridges to the ground in many locations, making it more difficult for the zombies to collapse the building under you. )

    Clearly this game isn't for everyone, but the reviews here seem rather unfair to the game that lets you shoot a satellite down in the moon base map
  94. Feb 17, 2013
    Ace of Spades IS NOT A BAD GAME. It dosen't deserve a 46 score on metacritic, ive seen worse games that have got better score! *Cough Cough* Aliens: Colonial Marines. It should get a better review than other things!
  95. Feb 17, 2013
    Nice game. Fast paced, a good idea, lots of fun, amusing game modes, and would deserve more (especially more than its current average of 4.5 or 51). So what are the cons? Well, lack of self-hosting feature (so you cannot have your own private hosted game
  96. Feb 16, 2013
    OK, before I gave it praise, but I need to take that back. THEY KILLED IT. It was good, no it is complete and total, in laymen's terms, The freaking paid DLC doesn't help either. And the new Classic Mode doesn't save the game either, because it is NOTHING LIKE CLASSIC! Jagex took a great game and blew it to pieces. Do not buy this game, no matter what. I thought it could still be saved, but no. The community sucks too. That's adding insult to injury. It sucks because this game had great potential, but not anymore. I don't care if it's 10 dollars, 5 dollars, or even 2 dollars. It's a waste of time and money. Expand
  97. Feb 16, 2013
    I'm used to playing a lot of voxel based games/sandbox games I started with minecraft way back when it started it's beta phase and from there I fell in love with the genre and do anything to defend it from poor reviews. Ace of spades is trying to match something like throwing all the good sandbox games and a valve fps in a blender and setting it to high, aka trying to
    create a creative blocky fps smoothie. But once the consumer buys ace of spades they will be greeted with something that wasn't to their expectation
    Well, if you haven't noticed already on the steam page it is only about 10 dollars (it was on sale at the time, about 7 dollars and came with a dlc pack) so it is worth a try if you got the money. when I was pushed into it, I was greeted with a (in my opinion) amazing throwback soundtrack which instantly kept me in even though I was searching for a game. The combat felt fluent for the most part and the classes felt balanced (except for that dahm sniper) and to what some players think it rewards you fairly well when you flank via digging or what building in general. Like most team based shooters however, it's most fun when playing with friends so I advise you do so. The gamemodes seem fairly straight forward and used in other games (tdm, ctf etc) they have a zombies mode which often made me feel like I was playing timesplitters virus mode (awwwww, nostalgia...) and a diamond collection mode (think of it like a neutral ctf a few games have used this gamemode). I'm hoping that the developers listen to what the community is saying and will fix any major flaws. After playing the current version of Guncraft I can say for certain that ace of spades is indeed better than it (but guncraft is in beta) and it is safe to say that ace of spades is generally better than most voxel based shooters.
    Like I said, only fun with friends for the most part. It can get boring (not frustrating, just boring) halfway through your game when you're not playing with a friend. I find that the lack of reload animations make the game's devs look like they were being lazy. The lack of textures is ok for some and bad for others. I', fine with it personally. The annoying one shot sniper can make you break your keyboard over your leg because of how frustrating it can get. The lack of hud on the map can be annoying for some but not for all. It doesn't encourage teamkill and discourage lone-wolf style of playing despite it saying it's team based. The low amount of weapons to choose from can make the gameplay stale. The levels are cramped and closed off. Building/breaking the environment doesn't impact the match very significantly. No stand out gamemodes. And lastly, lack of certain region servers and creating a server!
    I rate this game a 6.5/10 because it does offer some fun gameplay but unless it's at a 5 dollar price I wouldn't recommend getting it nor if your friends don't own it.
  98. Feb 15, 2013
    When Ace of Spades was in its beta version, it was at its peak. When Jagex took over, they started doing 'shady' things to the game, to the point where it wasn't Ace of Spades anymore; it was just another FPS Minecraft clone. I purchased this game when I was lead to believe that there was a linux version coming out shortly by one of Jagex's employees, only to find out that they were NOT going to release a linux version. The game is dead, and is DEFINITELY NOT WORTH BUYING! Expand
  99. Feb 14, 2013
    Good game has flaws but is still tons of fun worth the $10. This game is kind of a let down and there is a lot of missed potential yet I keep coming back to this game.
  100. Dec 24, 2012
    I saw this game advertised on Steam and through it'd be a great digital stocking stuffer for myself and my younger brother. It's a fun game to play but it has a fatal flaw; YOU CANNOT HOST YOUR OWN GAME! The developers instead have opted to host every server themselves.

    For a game like this where there could be hours of fun on private servers; building elaborate bases before
    annihilating each other, the absence of this feature leaves this game feeling extremely lacking.

    I've given this game a three as I feel it's really only a third of the game that it easily could have been.

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 13 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 13
  2. Negative: 6 out of 13
  1. Mar 15, 2013
    There might be some good ideas in there somewhere but Ace of Spades has no game in it. In the Minecraft it was the beauty of it, but concept doesn't work if you will try to make a FPS. [March 2013]
  2. Feb 25, 2013
    On paper it sounds like it could be a winning combination, and perhaps this will improve as the game evolves, but in practice the play styles don't mesh well together, seemingly diametrically opposed at times.
  3. Feb 18, 2013
    Quotation forthcoming.