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  1. Oct 24, 2012
    -The game is fun at first. Ace Online provides you with legendary equipment that makes you seem powerful and they keep providing you
    -The game is fun at first. Ace Online provides you with legendary equipment that makes you seem powerful and they keep providing you with equipment that will take you to about level 40. -They have a complex weapon system that users can try out to adjust to their style of game play. Advance weapons that travel fast are good against fast gears while slow advance weapons have a better rate of turn to combat against gears that like to evade missiles that can't turn as well. You also have to factor in other factors such as pierce rate, weapon range, and firing pattern.

    -Lots of prefixes and suffixes. This game is gambling based so there are lots of prefixes and suffixes for everything.

    -PVP based combat. There are lots of events that are pvp based such as outpost wars, strategic points, arena, and occasionally the random nation war events.

    -Gambling. The gambling system is horrible. For weapons, you have a 100% chance of enchantment up to enchant level 5 but after that the enchant chance goes down 10%. For other stuff, you have 50% chance of enchantment. If you fail an enchant, YOU LOSE EVERYTHING! Don't be fooled. Most of the time you will only get to enchant level 6 without breaking. A great majority of the money in the economy is destroyed through enchanting, it prevents inflation. There are ways to improve success such as the enchant +15% card. A word of advice, gambling is a tax on the poor.

    -Too many veterans and no server resets. This is a major problem when you participate in the nation wars. You can participate in them but you have no chance killing anything. The end game is really meant for veterans and high level players which means you will have to do a ton of grinding.

    -Experience grinding in this game gets ultra boring. The game gets very dull when you reach level 40 and godly boring when you get to level 50. At level 50-70 you are still stuck with your legendary weapons you were provided at level 20ish. Gear progression in this game is broken. You have two choices, gamble on gear and hope you get something better or buy some insanely expensive gear. If you fail on your gambling, you might as well quit because it doesn't get any easier.

    -Buff bots. There are players out there who wither dual box, play with two computers, or use a computer program to play the support gear to buff their main gear. These guys have a significant advantage in the game.

    -Lack of new player help. The veterans in the game will most likely tell you to go away. When I started playing I wanted to learn how to get to certian areas to participate or at least spectate nation wars and they just talked trash to me. I don't know how you are suppose to know this but there are special characters you are suppose to input before your text if you want to message a certian group. For the longest time ever I was trying to communicate to a player to help me do a mission and I didn't know how to talk to him. The game doesn't tell you how to enchant, craft, or how to legend an item either. The built in game help is very very minimal.

    This game is one of those games were you play once until it gets boring and then move on. Playing the game until the end isn't worth the time grinding unless you bot. The only reason I played this game is because there were really no alternatives.
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  2. Apr 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. I will basically second to wtfux. The game is pretty fun at first, but then again it's a spaceship/airplane-like RPG that makes you dedicate TOO MUCH time to grind into levels that are not that satisfying. In order to have competetitive statuses, not only must you grind way too much, but you will also have to spend a lot of money on the account to protect items from breaking when trying to upgrade them, etc.
    The game is too pvp based, however the arena mode (like a small deathmatch game) rarely has rooms to play, unless there is an event that boosts the War Point earned for playing those (a second type of ingame currency, which nowadays doesn't buy a lot of worthy items). The missions are far too repetitive and don't require a lot of strategy, just outpacing stats or teams or healing kits to make you survive enough to kill what you need to kill.
    The game has 2 types of guns, standards (machine guns) and advanced (missles). The machine guns are normally useless compared to main dps dealing and they are only useful for the hover-tank-class, which uses a turret gun as main, and missles that don't chase as advanced. There is no "puzzle"like enemies (i.e. enemies immune to only advanced or immune to only standard to make you think more before shooting. If you played Omega Boost for Playstation 1 you know what I am talking about) There are no weak spots of the enemies so they become just a lockable big block of health, only making you actually fly with your skills against good players, who tend to be way too hardcore.
    Overall the game is not worth the amount of time you spend playing on it. There are a few private servers out there to make you start right in the action already. You should look for other games since this one got way too old and boring.
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  3. Jun 10, 2012
    Well, Im the only person to review this eh? Anyways...I felt that this was a good game. The controls were nice and I liked the look of theWell, Im the only person to review this eh? Anyways...I felt that this was a good game. The controls were nice and I liked the look of the game. However, the voice acting was dry and the quests were boring and repetitive. Still, I had a lot off fun playing it. Full Review »