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  2. Negative: 4 out of 11
  1. Sep 1, 2011
    You could also research a serviceable AI aid that would organize units into groups and automate functions like repair. Teleportation was a significant travel mode for many of the units. But unfortunately, cool ideas don't sell games until they're implemented into cool games.
  2. Sep 28, 2011
    The real-time strategy mechanics are just not done well, it's as simple as that.
  3. Sep 16, 2011
    Injecting dynamic time travel into a real-time strategy game is a risky, ambitious move. Though it takes a lot of effort, experimentation, and agonizing in order to use the time travel mechanics effectively, Hazardous Software manages to pull it off. The problem is the rest of the game suffers from design flaws and technical issues, making Achron feel like an RTS relic.
  4. Sep 12, 2011
    For the tactician who has always wanted to go into that fourth dimension, here is your calling.
  5. Sep 9, 2011
    Achron brings a very unique mix between real-time strategy and time travel mechanics. The gameplay can get extremely confusing and the graphics aren't all that great. However, more experienced strategists will have a great time, playing around with time and outsmarting their opponents.
  6. Sep 6, 2011
    A single novel mechanic might be enough to win Achron a small number of incredibly ardent fans, but it's not enough to inspire our recommendation.
  7. Sep 4, 2011
    Achron will probably be the most unique RTS you'll play this year. The implementation of free-form time manipulation really takes the genre in some new and interesting directions, but only if you're willing to work through some flaws.
  8. Aug 31, 2011
    Achron's time-traveling brilliance is marred by some critical flaws.
  9. Aug 29, 2011
    This is a game that feels like it was developed in a bubble, oblivious to elements that have shaped the best RTS games of the past 15 years or to how an outsider will adjust to the game's rules.
  10. Sep 13, 2011
    When it comes to RTS design fundamentals, Achron is frustratingly primitive, which depreciates its brilliant twist. [Nov 2011, p.81]
  11. Sep 8, 2011
    An intriguing gimmick, but neither polished nor entertaining. A tech demo on stilts. [Oct 2011, p.54]
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  1. Aug 31, 2011
    Quick Info:

    If all you like to do is playing skirmish and single player, then Achron is a very clear NO BUY for you. The Campaign, while
    actually having an interesting story, is heinously and VERY effectively murdering any fun you might have had. The skirmish AI is incapable of dealing with any player on a pure rts level, add in time travel and it goes under like the titanic. However, if you like to play with friends this game makes for wonderful evening of cursing, laughter, mind-screws and many WTF moments. Achron is a multi player game. Its only truly fun when you have a human opponent to screw over via time travel. Its very enjoyable to see your scams create successful outcomes. Many a Doctor Evil lolathons ensued when i played Achron 4 vs 4 with friends. However be warned that due to the, lackluster rest of the game, the population of people to play with ad hock via On-line match-ups might be close to non existent, making matchmaking on the Achron forums a necessity.

    However, if you have even one friend willing to play with you, you can experience some insane moments of fun and laughter as the two of you try to reconstruct just what the hell happened right now and how to profit from it.

    I give this game a solid 7 because while graphics and single player are seriously lacking, the core game play which is manipulation of events and time travel works surprisingly well. Yes it requires work to get into and the developers at Hazardous Software have their work cut out upgrading the UI and the infos you get on your units (like.. what orders did i gave when?) - not to mention path finding.

    Achron clearly shows a possible direction for future rts and strategy games in general.

    Achron will not be a huge hit, but it may very well be the granddaddy of a new breed of time travel games where time travel is not a scripted mess (singularity, we look at you) and does not take the form of a simple rewind.

    Portal + time travel anyone?
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  2. Sep 10, 2011
    Never, anywhere, have I played an RTS as involved as this one is. Simply put this game is a must buy summed up in two simple words: TIME TRAVEL. I mean real honest time manipulation mechanics that allow you to not only "fix" your "mistakes" but also bend and break real time to your will.

    The only thing holding this back from perfection and its true greatness in redefining the RTS genre lies in its Indie development and release giving the game play a look and unfortunate feel of the RTS games of the 1990s. The worst of which being the pathing. Some quick advice on that though, units will only move in straight lines and cannot seem to register terrain so hold CTRL and the game will allow you to que up your movement paths allow you to correct the poor A.I. movements easily

    Even still in the course of a few matches the "AHA" moments of realizing how to break time to your advantage are well worth the cover price. Future scouting to see places your units have never actually traveled, harassing with "phantom units" that won't exist come the next time wave. and chronocloning your army to battle with itself are just a few examples of discovers that make you feel like a king until you notice your opponent has changed something further in the past than you
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  3. Sep 16, 2011
    This is, as I write this, most likely becoming my second favorites strategy game after Starcraft Broodwar.

    Let's put it straight first. For
    me real time strategy games is all about multiplayer. So I don't care if the campaign of this time travel extravaganza is supposebly weak. I learned the game by watching casted games on youtube, and I suggest you do it too!

    Just experiencing the game like this, at the first glance, I recognised the wast amount of strategies that could be used by the players. Different kind of strategies, that needs a totally different way of thinking than in any other rts. In what other game could you go for a rush, in which you build a lot of tier 1 units, then when the units reaches your opponents base, you go back in time, SWITCH WHICH RACE YOU'RE PLAYING, and instead go for a resource heavy game? Just the though of the mind games that could be played by the players is mind boggling.

    Some people complain about different aspects of the game, but what the game is really about is the time travel, and that certain part of the game is working flawlessly. And it's not a gimmick either, it's a completely new way of thinking. Try it out, but give it the time it needs to be properly learned!
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