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  • Summary: Despite all of the superior technological advancements of the future, security on Earth remains at risk. In Aerial Strike: The Yager Missions, players assume the role of Magnus Tide, pilot of one of the deadliest machines in the galaxy: the fighter ship Sagittarius. Taking control of Sagittarius’ multiple weapons and capabilities, players enter a world of extreme fighter pilot action, forcing futuristic rivals to pay the ultimate price in a daring quest to save the world. This radical action game offers intense aerial combat, combining dog fighting missions and ground attack objectives. Players will soar through 22 huge levels, adapting their strategies around multi-faceted terrains, including deep canyons and enormous mountains. They will maneuver a wide range of crafts, from agile fighters to huge battleships and carriers. Outside of the Sagittarius, players apply a more hands-on approach to fending off enemies when they get behind the controls of a gun turret. [DreamCatcher] Expand
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  1. Four gigabytes of music and cinematics is a clear sign of self-indulgent game design..., but Aerial Strike ultimately lasers all this extra blubber to deliver a compelling sci-fi shoot-'em up. [May 2005, p.60]
  2. If you can overlook the incredibly steep learning curve for the controls, Aerial Strike is a pretty enjoyable way to blow 20 bucks, especially if you don’t have an Xbox with "Crimson Skies."
  3. With a little more polish and options this game could have been exceptional. The content and graphics were done wonderfully, but the poor interface and frustrating controls get in the way of the enjoyment.
  4. A somewhat decent dog fighting game, yet the slow pace, dull story, and awkward controls bring it down.
  5. 60
    The idea is great and the graphics are definitely competitive in today's market. The main problem is that the control scheme is just too awkward. Managing the two flying modes and dealing with the thrust issues are enough to make dogfighting more than just a little clumsy.
  6. The only problem is the game is fairly short after you play it, and the quality just seems to be lacking.
  7. A cheap excuse to shoot things out of the sky. [June 2005, p.88]

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  1. [Anonymous]
    Oct 8, 2008
    Fun, underrated game that really gets better after you leave the "tropical" setting where your first missions take place. Great mission design. Only problem I had was that the voiceover volume would cut in and out so sometimes I would miss dialog unless I cranked the volume temporarily. Expand