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  1. Nov 8, 2013
    This is a game with an intriguing premise that you can shape your own personalized hero by playing through the generations of characters, aided by a dating-sim-mini-game, and selecting out the heroines who will become your final hero's (great-great-great-grand)mother. The story is basically dead-set upon tick every RPG cliche it could off the checklist, and features a generic war-of-the-light-versus-dark story, but makes up for it with colorful characters. Oftentimes characters more scantily clad in their colorful-but-threadbare outfits than may necessarily be comfortable, but at least the dialogue did its job of entertaining me as I played through it.

    If it was just an average RPG with the same story and gimmicks, I would have been happy to give this game an above-average rating. The problem is that the game falls flat on its face when it comes to the actual "game" part of the game.

    I have never seen so much need for an auto-battle feature before in my life. The auto-battle exists (barely), but is so mind-numbingly stupid that you generally have to go a third of the game backwards to find opponents you can auto-grind against, but it's still far superior to having to spend the hundreds of hours it takes to beat the game gaining XP the normal way.

    Grinding is excruciating and necessary. On Hard, bosses will kill your characters in one hit, no matter even if you spent every single character point on NOTHING but getting more hit points. (And I did, for every character, because there's little point in anything else.) When they use their super-moves, (which they can do at will,) they often get the "overkill" bonus for dealing triple the HP of my characters in damage. Survival is a matter of packing max recovery items and spreading out so that only one character dies at a time.

    Because every combo you can do has to be not just pre-planned before battle, but pre-equipped and oftentimes grinded for, itself, the theoretically tactical grid-based combat basically always comes down to getting into the exact same formations, using the exact same combos you've metered out exactly to take advantage of the exact amount of AP you can spend. There is nothing in the game to make any one given battle any seriously different from another, besides maybe the bosses, but even every boss starts looking the same after a while. (In fact, at the end, they just outright keep reusing the same boss.) Hence, auto-battling just to keep from drooling boredom. (And because the auto-battle is awful, you have to grind more on auto-battle to survive auto-battling.)

    When "playing" the game usually entails just putting a weight on the button to walk upwards, and then leaving for a while so that auto-battle auto-levels your characters, just so I can do something else while "playing" the game, it's a problem.

    Worst of all, there's basically no way to get the good ending without using a guide, and if you screw up anything (and the game gives you basically no hints as to how you're screwing yourself over, or even where to look,) you have to start the WHOLE GAME OVER TO TRY AGAIN. That's right, 500 hours down the drain. When you DO finally beat the game, the game says, "Congrats, now onto the TRUE FINAL BOSS, which incidentally, is level 700. What, you're only level 100? Here's a new place to grind forever in, and all your old characters back, back at level 20. No, of course there's no experience sharing. Grind harder, sucker." I estimate "beating" this game will take roughly 1,000 hours, and I'm not even exaggerating.

    That's roughly where I figured I was just completely not having fun anymore, and abandoned the game for good.

    Oh, but as a bonus, they include "free DLC" that they originally charged people for, which basically includes just plain BUYING exp. Yeah, that's right, their business model was to make a game where you grind forever, and then sell people exp.

    In summary, the story and style of the game may or may not be to your taste, but the actual mechanics of the game get downright masochistic. When a game is best played by having a book to read to get you through the boring parts, (read: 99.999% of the game,) then it's not exactly something I can in good conscious recommend to any but the most rabid of JRPG dating-sim fans.
  2. Oct 19, 2013
    This is a jrpg. if you do not like jrpgs, then run. if you really like jrpgs, then get rpg maker on steam instead and make your own. The story is horrible. It sufferers from too many borrowed elements from older jrpgs. elements that I hated. They drop you off in the middle of an invasion that shows very little action, and suddenly, the hero no longer likes the war. I cant continue, the story is just bad. they try to make up with this by having anime girls with big appear as a plot device to move the story along, which is only nice if you are 12 or into that sort of thing.

    they were very sneaky with the pre-orders, if you pre-ordered the game on steam, they gave you a discount plus a bunch of dlc. the dlc seems to be just a bunch of equipment. At least i got a discount.
  3. Oct 6, 2013
    I wanted to like this game, I really did. I love tactical RPGs, but this one is severely subpar. The system is simplistic and boring. The combat and story both are sluggish and dull. All this game managed to accomplish was making me want to go back and play older games that are better in all regards. When I say all regards, that includes audio and visual elements. This game has no redeeming values, it feels more like a prototype for a game that could be good eventually. Expand
  4. Oct 5, 2013
    Initial impression are pretty bad. I feel like im missing out on a good portion of the game because the audios are all Japanese (which isnt always bad), but the main problem is that the vast majority of them are not subtitled. You'll often find yourself just watching events unfold without knowing what's going on, just two characters on screen, no animations to try to figure it out, just Japanese audio. The localization effort on this was extremely poor. Expand
  5. Oct 15, 2013
    High expectations lead to disappointment. If you've played other games by Idea-factory, you might be disappointed. Story is not linear by far, but it's too predictable. Battlefield graphic design is dated, repetitive and annoyingly bland. Combat feels sluggish. You are not given total "control" of linked unit's spells and attacks. Trying to finish this game will feel like a chore instead of good 'ol fun. You love it or you hate it. Guess how I feel. Expand
  6. Nov 20, 2013
    I don't play JRPG's often. That being said, in my lifetime I have played quite a few: FF3,4,5,7,9, FF Tactics, Chrono Trigger, Tales of Symphonia, The Last Remnant. I mention these off the top of my head, I may have played more. My point in this list is to say that I don't play JRPG's often, but when I do, I always throughly enjoy them. I love the story, combat, and character progression. Japanese games present a direction and viewpoint not always met from American or European game designers.

    JRPG's do not make it to PC very often and since I'm a PC exclusive gamer I pre-ordered it on Steam with much anticipation. I waited on launch day to get the download started. Which happened later than it should have btw. The forums where filled with angry and anxious gamers all who were waiting for a chance to play.

    Once I got the game up and running I was immediately confused. The story begins halfway and explains very little. The graphics were something out of a PS1 launch title. SMALL SPOILER: It launches you into a fight with no explanation and auto-battles, but doesn't tell you that's what happens, and you die, but doesn't really explain why and you're left wondering if you need to restart because the controller didn't seem to work or if that was supposed to happen or what!?

    From that point on it's nothing but a mindlessly slow grindfest where you battle the same enemies on the same board with the same background 30 times while uncovering only small bits of story with not much explanation as to the motives of the characters.

    I've only played for 2 hours. Perhaps the story takes 3 hours to develop, I doubt I'll ever find out. I just can't be bothered with a game that has no redeeming qualities for a 2 hour investment. Oh and the DLC is basically equipment that allows you to cheat. If there was any strategy to the battles to be had it will be erased once you equip your first DLC item. It's sad to say, but this is the first JRPG that I've ever played and genuinely didn't not like at all.
  7. Dec 8, 2013
    Dreadful effort of game design in 2013. Looks and feels like a bad Playstation 1 title. And feels like a bad port from a Nintendo DS. Graphics are 8-bit quality. Voice work is Japanese with the female parts mostly squealing like nymphomaniac pre-teens. Game play is painfully slow, as you watch the slide show of manga-dialogues and endure a horrible 1985 Japanese RPG combat system. You will feel that you are wasting every minute of your time with this crap, trying to figure out the menus and controls in order to slowly grind your way through the slide show of terrible plot points. This game is strictly for the fans of its genre, and even they would be better off wasting their time with anything else.

  8. Dec 4, 2013
    As a JRPG&SLG hardcore player, this is my first time that I have to give up new game so quick(within 3h).

    Yes, I only played for a while and found some exactly same issues mentioned by other reviewer.
    1 DLC:
    When I began at hard mode, I got so many powerful weapons&items automatically, which completely destroy any fun of game in earlier stage. So, you have to restart game and disable
    them to make the battle a bit balance/harder.

    2 Battle:
    In the battle field, you will kill almost same monsters at the same ugly battle filed(BG) in most of first 2-3h playing time.

    3 Dialog:
    Our main character are willing to risk his life for saving an elf child he just met meanwhile being against his partners. I can take the cliche but not this kind of stupid setting, especially without introducing anything about the background setting of the main story. Btw, unnecessary horizontal transition during the conversation make the dialog longer and boring.

    4 Aid/Link atk system:
    It make the game much easier since it ignore other char's atk range/type, but if the aid atk role would be repositioned and you cant manage that part why the system don't even show the grid my roles will be assigned to. I believe this is gonna ruin the benefit we gain from the link when we experience a hard fight at later game since we basically lose the control of my roles and that's fatal to a strategy game.

    5 Dungeons/Quests:
    This is prepared for player's endless farming, which also means the game designer could get a "reasonable" excuse to level up the boss. However, due to the fact that their DLC's weapons are over powered, this grinding period are no more than eating your time.

    So, finally, we may still restarted the game with DLC items and experience a long long boring time until enemies can match our weapon power, and then find the great combo and grind it, and use it on each fight, only need to worry about when the link system will put our characters into a unpredictable dangerous place in which they got raped in one turn and can't be revived soon enough due to the next wave.

    In one word, the bad setting buried the interesting skill system and the game fun.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 4 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 4
  2. Negative: 1 out of 4
  1. Oct 31, 2013
    Often, even if a game is flawed, there will still be an audience who can appreciate what it has to offer and look past its flaws. I would be hard-pressed to identify any such audience for Agarest: Generations of War.
  2. Oct 28, 2013
    Agarest: Generations of War isn't a bad game, it just lacks the courage to be clear in what it wants to be.
  3. Oct 17, 2013
    All in all, Agarest Generations of War is pretty bland, generic, and average. Factoring in pure gameplay, there are plenty of better JRPG to sample, and, hopefully, a brighter future for the genre above and beyond what this PC port would illuminate.