Mixed or average reviews - based on 18 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 18
  2. Negative: 1 out of 18
  1. With a compelling narrative, intriguing setting, stellar acting, gorgeous graphics and character animations, Evil Under the Sun is one of the two finest detective/adventure games I've ever played—the other being Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened.. This isn't a game to be "beaten;" rather, it's a journey to be savored, reflected upon, remembered.
  2. Agatha Christie: Evil Under had me from the very beginning.
  3. This one is a leisurely and enjoyable journey, one to take if you just want to relax and don't want to tax your own little grey cells too severely. It's particularly good for new adventurers.
  4. Also, the production values for the game are excellent. All of the voice actors do a terrific job with their lines, which is a good thing considering how much dialogue there is, and the visuals, while not spectacular, get the job done.
  5. This would be a very good game, but it suffers from a fatal syndrome: it will inevitably be compared to the original source material.
  6. Overall, Agatha Christie: Evil under the Sun is definitely an improvement over the previous title in the series, albeit a slight one.
  7. Despite these problems, Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun is still a solid title that adventure fans will love.
  8. With its slow and steady pace, Evil Under the Sun will put your detective skills to work throughout a lengthy and engaging story that keeps you guessing at every turn. Though the gameplay will be nothing new to anyone who's enjoyed a good point-and-click adventure before, the quality storytelling alone is worth the time.
  9. Considered solely as an adventure game, Evil Under the Sun is a slightly above-average mystery game. The characters are interesting, the dialogue engaging, and the puzzles are fun. However, when considered as a homage to Agatha Christie, it leaves much to be desired.
  10. I was a little disappointed with the pacing of the game and I also wish that the original novel was included, like the previous Agatha Christie games.
  11. All in all, this is a great game that suffers a bit on the player-stumping side of things. But for fans of Agatha Christie? There’s no question, this is your game of choice.
  12. 60
    By the time the murder is committed you’re already bored. The tedium goes untempered by either the graphics or sound-- I’m sure your imagination could paint a more engaging picture of this story if you just picked up the book.
  13. Fun gameplay is the real murder victim here.
  14. This phlegmatic Poirot caper will likely appeal to hardcore adventure game and Agatha Christie fans, but for the rest of us, Evil Under the Sun is all talk and no action. [Jan 2008, p.80]
  15. From collecting silly objects to calculating whether or not said silly objects will be of importance, the game truly suffers from one of the worst cases of poor planning.
  16. This adaptation of one of Agatha Christie's classic mysteries ruins great acting and atmosphere with lots of tedious busywork.
  17. Even a lowered difficulty wouldn't be that big of a deal — sometimes I want a game so hard that my head hurts, and sometimes it's nice to relax with something simpler. But when challenge is replaced by backtracking busywork, it becomes very tedious very quickly, especially considering the game's 8 to 10 hour length.
  18. Evil Under the Sun suffers from a variety of flaws, glaring and otherwise, but its biggest is that it simply fails to truly draw the player into its world and offers gameplay that is tedious, derivative, and ultimately forgettable.

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