• Release Date: Nov 15, 2011
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  1. Nov 23, 2011
    As a Mac user I do not enjoy so many games, therefore I was happy when I saw this indie title from my favorite genre and I have bought it on spot.
    After finishing both campaigns and spending several hours in skirmish battles, I can say the game gives lot of fun for 10 pounds. Graphics and sound are fine for an indie title, but the gameplay is where Age of Fear really shines. There are
    three army sets with dozen distinctive units each and every single unit with its own unique skills - that's impressive, especially the game is balanced quite well! Nevertheless, do not worry about the complexity - campaigns are doing good job introducing all units in good pace and you will learn the system in short time. I wish there were more games like this. Expand
  2. Dec 13, 2011
    Age of Fear is definitive throwback to old times when game developers were focused more on game content than flashy graphics. I have bought this game on BeamDog's promotional sale and I later on also bought it from developer site for my Linux box.
    The game starts small with barely 4-5 creatures in player's army, but it quickly grows to dozen and more units and that's where game becomes
    very interesting. There are three races available (humans, undead and orcs), each with its own unique characters and magic. On the single player side - story is surprisingly good! I found myself playing yet another level just to find out what happens to Krill (necromancer) or Edward (knight).
    Cons: game starts small in tutorial-like fashion, simple graphic; Pros: good story, nice music, interesting armies, you can play as necromancer, Linux and Mac OS are supported natively
  3. Les
    Nov 18, 2011
    Don't be fooled by lack of 3D and fancy cutscenes - this game is sound and well-polished strategy, which requires deep thinking and tactical planning.
    You start small with just a couple of units (necromancer, zombie, skeletons in Krill's campaign or few soldiers and a knight in Edward's campaign), but it quickly grows to 12-15 men (or monsters) team.
    Every unit has it's own special skills
    and battles are generally played in HOMM style (but you really have to protect your archers and mages)
    AI is also worth mentioning - as far as I know there is no scripting in game and during campaign I felt like I was fighting human. I like this game and I encourage anyone to try demo at least.
  4. Jan 11, 2012
    After playing for a week (single and multi-player), I have few points I want to make. Pluses: AI is smart and does not cheat, perfect battle system (shielding artillery, flanking, formations, etc.), interesting and varied units, three armies with unique strategies (undead, human, orcs), well balanced for multi-player, good fantasy story, novel magic system. Cons:graphic & sound are 2D, no voice for story, uninteresting demo (tutorial-like, gets better later). Overall: 8/10 (+1 if you like being evil necromancer). Expand
  5. Nov 19, 2011
    Turn-based strategies are quite rare nowadays. Recently we have HOMM6 and King's Bounty series - those are good games, but they do not offer anything new. After few sessions of play - there is nothing that will surprise you and the rest of game becomes tiresome grinding. Age of Fear is an indie title, thus do not expect fireworks. Game is kinda short - it takes like a 20 hours to finish plus skirmish, however I found each mission to be interesting and they require some thinking and planning. Devs are also introducing new features in each level (exploding goblins!), thus game does not get boring until the end.
    It's definitely worth 20 bucks.

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