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  2. Negative: 4 out of 21

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  1. Nov 25, 2013
    This game all in all is worth a mere 3 at best for all the design flaws and clunky mechanics. There is much complication in every single menu, on every tab and each screen screen. Very little information is ever given to the player in terms of game functionality. Control of the character on land is dreadful and the game would have been better off without the on-land freeroam all together.
    It is more a horrible game than it is a good one, but a gamer must never judge a game based on what it is and instead judge it based on how it makes him feel. This game has charmed me completely. All the way from the magnificent main menu theme song to endless ocean, storms and attention to detail of the actual ships. There is passion and love poured into this game by the people who made it and as they may not be the most skilled of developers, they make up for it in what matters most in games.
    Once you put the minimum required effort in learning how to make it work, it will give you hours of enjoyment. However this still only brings it up to about a 7. Why does it deserve a 10 then? Well that is simply because it may not be the pirate game we deserve but it is the only proper one we have and has been ever since it came out.
  2. Aug 31, 2013
    If you are fan of games with an RPG element and enjoy the Golden Age of Piracy, this is a game that you will thoroughly remember for years to come.
    However, I have to give warning for those that have not played the previous titles from Akella including Sea Dogs and Age of Pirates. This game is much deeper that Sid Meier's Pirates! This is the game that AoP and Sea Dogs should have been,
    but the learning curve is very steep initially. Fully compatible with WIN 7 and looks sharp and has good atmospherics. You can easily modify the system.ini file to allow proper widescreen resolutions up to 2650X1600 in close -to proper aspect ratio. Probably the one major complaint I have is the interface. Its archaic. Controls for the player are not naturally intuitive, and don't "flow" like say the Prince of Persia series, as keyboard and mouse is the predominant means of movement. Using a gamepad is NOT the best option here. Expanded options for fighting with multiple types of attacks and and a more realistic sail model are the real updates here. Contrary to some opinions, there is a plot but really only if you play as the first primary character, Peter Blood. Due to the depth of the game, only hardcore players will ever see the true ending as quests can be incredibly difficult without first building up your character even at moderate difficulty.

    Overall, if you willing to accept the interface issues, and get past the gigantic learning curve at the beginning the game, the whole procress starts to pick up steam as you gather experience. Being able to face down a Man-o-War with a single frigate, board and defeat the crew through multiple levels of decks until you face the captain for capture is exciting. The number of side quests is substantial, and will literally take hundreds of hours to complete. This is game where at the beginning you really have to pick your fights carefully. If you expect to take on hundreds of soldiers and cut them down like bundles of wheat, you will be disappointed, as death comes quickly to the unprepared.

    One final note, I highly recommend downloading the fan-made COAS Combined Mod 3.1.5 which fixes a number of bugs and glitches, massive graphic overhaul, a modified trade system so you may be a peaceful ply the seas, adds 12+ new playable characters and questions, a plethora of new items and weapons, and most importantly dozens of new ships and sea battle capability. This pushes the game install well over the 15 GB range. Even after the main quests are finished (which are incredibly complicated), there are still many new areas to explore.
    Play as Captain Jack Sparrow and defeat Davey Jones and the Flying Dutchman!

    UPDATE MAJOR Upgrade 31 MAY 12

    Age of Pirates City of Abandoned Ships just took another major facelift and upgrade.
    The most definitive age of piracy "sandbox" game ever created.
    Long after I posted this review Pirates Ahoy! and modders finally have developed the game into the full product it should have been back in 2009.
    Gentlemen of Fortune 1.2 was released in late MAY 2012, and has brought the game to over 16 GB. Ship models have continued to surpass all expectations.
    Even after playing the game for over 3 years, it still keeps me coming back to start over. I have yet to finish all the major quests, including the selling your soul to the devil to be granted immortality or the naval books and knowledge for reading. Just as challenging as it was after the first round of "bug fixes" and control issues, but playing the game in full 2560X1600 resolution (widescreen 16:9 Vertical is breathtaking on a large monitor or 1920X1080 on a HDTV is equally as impressive. Build your empire for the colonial power of your choice after a lot of hard work! A MUST buy for the pirate enthusiast with a solid gaming computer.
  3. Jun 3, 2012
    This game sucked. I know how people say it needs mods to be better but a game shouldn't need that. It's stupid how you have to find out the simplest things by yourself, it should tell you. This is just another crappy game from another crappy Russian developer. Like 505 studios Il2-Sturmovik birds of prey.
  4. Jan 12, 2012
    Corsair subject is very interesting to me. I really liked the game. A good story, a lot of freedom for action. Excellent graphics, not demanding on hardware. I would like to see The Age of Pirates III.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 9 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 9
  2. Negative: 0 out of 9
  1. A free roaming role-playing game with pirates? Sounds great, but the developer managed to sink the ship. Apparently the programmers thought it would be funny to force a pirate to use the enter key a lot instead of the mouse, the story is broken and all that’s left is to get rid of this game somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle.
  2. Even if this game had nothing but this graveyard of creaking, moaning, almost talking ships, it would have still made a lasting impression. The developers created something more than an all-new location or the floating “prison” concept – an exciting feeling of initiation in a big, dangerous secret.
  3. Age of Pirates 2 is relatively easy to learn, as long as you can read the text. The interface is straightforward and there's nothing too complex in terms of rules or moves.