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  • Summary: Driven by destiny and forbidden knowledge, Professor Samuel Hunt must travel the globe to find keepers that guard AGON. Embark on a fantastic journey to far lands. The quest for the truth will lead you to surprising discoveries, challenging puzzles and amazing characters. In three thrilling episodes, the quest for AGON will take you from London's British Museum, north to the Polar Regions and south to Madagascar. The trail to AGON will lead you to precious secrets and deadly evil. Immerse yourself into the 3D world of AGON, to experience an adventure like no other. [Viva Media] Expand
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  1. AGON is a lovely game, beautifully constructed, refreshingly different from the usual adventure title. The makers have done everything right. Interface and other technical features are flawless and couldn't be better. Graphics are colorful and clear, if not outstanding. Voice acting and ambient sounds are exemplary. Most importantly, the essential idea of a journey of discovery rewarded episodically by a fascinating new board game leads this reviewer to an enthusiastic Gold Star.
  2. Resurrecting a long-dead style of gameplay--the kind requiring pen and paper as well as a mouse and keyboard--AGON creates a surprisingly tense, engaging mystery about an ancient boardgame once played all over the world. [Oct. 2006, p.72]
  3. If you loved "Myst," you will love this. Prepare to get addicted.
  4. Great fun while it lasts, though the developers need to deliver a few more of their promised episodes to quell my fears that this will be a story that remains unfinished.
  5. Perhaps the Codex will finally bring an unheralded series the attention it deserves. There's no new content, but those unfamiliar with the series should definitely give this release a closer look.
  6. AGON: The Mysterious Codex remains a work in progress, and based on the chapters released so far there could be 100 hours or so of gaming still to come. Whether it can sustain itself for that length of time remains to be seen, but on the strength of this first part I will certainly go along for the next part of the journey of Samuel Hunt.
  7. A huge disappointment. The board games provided are enjoyable, but the journey to each one is ultimately not even worth it.

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