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  • Summary: Air Forte is a high-altitude game of math, vocabulary, and geography. Compete with friends or fly solo in the various arenas. Good luck, pilot! Key features: Play with friends: Up to four people can play Air Forte together. Find out who's the best pilot! Stage variety: Play through multiple stages that explore math, vocabulary, and geography.

    Unlockable game modes: Once you complete the Adventure, try the "Challenge" and "Infinite" game modes.

    Online high scores: Compete against people around the world. Can you beat their scores?

    Gripping story: Embark on a royal quest. Can you unravel the mystery?
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  1. AWG
    Jun 9, 2013
    Unexpectedly funny to play for a 30yo non-native English speaker. Steam achievements are broken but it's possible to fix them by a simple intervention on one of the game files: trying to get achievements adds fun to a game that's yet simple but already fun enough on its own.
    Very good for children too.
  2. Apr 12, 2013
    A basic multiple-choice game with questions in the subjects of primary school math (pick the numbers that are multiples of x) and grammar (pick the words that are nouns, or verbs, or adjectives)... oh and geography (identify countries of x continent)! Over this foundation is laid a surrealistic story about a frog king and a fish (you) and a bunch of other animals, told in comic strip style. The epilogue is reached after about 30 minutes of play. It's a non-interactive presentation that I won't spoil, but that I found funny and much better than what most games end with. I liked the absurd presentation of the game, but underneath the bells and whistles it is more similar to free browser games than any professional polished product. It has a challenge mode with a global highscore list, which makes me consider a higher score. I also liked the educational gameplay. But ultimately it's a simple game that would have fitted well in a browser window, for free. Expand
  3. May 5, 2013
    This game seriously lucks content. There are small number of countries/words and it's easy to memorise them after few rounds. Game is very short and steam achievements doesn't work which reduce replayability (there are world/local high score lists though). Music tunes are well chosen. Expand