Generally favorable reviews - based on 11 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 11
  2. Negative: 0 out of 11
  1. This is truly a grognard's game. If you don’t know what that means, you’re probably not one. If you do – and you are – you will be refreshed and inspired.
  2. 85
    You can buy sexier RTS games, but you won't find a more realistic one than Highway to the Reich. Its 2D presentation may not dazzle, but it's capable of revealing the gritty nature of warfare.
  3. A game that will prove very difficult for the casual strategy gamer, and a real challenge to the hardcore gamer. Either playing against the CPU or a human enemy, the best battle plan will win through in the end.
  4. The elegant gameplay system makes it one of the most accessible operational-level wargames we've ever played, and it's worth your time if you're a veteran wargame fan or if you've been thinking about jumping into wargaming.
  5. As good a war simulation as this is, it tends to be so thorough in its attention to historical accuracy that unless you wear a lot of tweed and smoke a pipe, you’d probably do well to stick to your Battlefield 1942 mods. Fast-paced this ain’t.
  6. Most people will not be able to get past the visuals let alone the game’s insane amount of depth. Those who give it a try will find an enjoyable experience, though.
  7. There’s tons of play time with 34 different scenarios, and the ability to modify existing ones or create your own (plus multiplayer) just adds to the replay value of the game. The downside is that the game is also extremely confusing and challenging due to the detail.
  8. It is complex, deep, challenging, and it is a title that requires a lot of patience. It is not much for presentation, but what it lacks in finesse it more than makes up for in gameplay.
  9. A distinguished sim of the most fascinating and closely run campaing ever fought on the Western Front. Grognards will love its depth, and newbies can catch up fairly easily. [Mar 2004, p.77]
  10. One of the most realistic wargaming experiences in years. [Apr 2004, p.74]
  11. Takes the original game, upgrades it slightly, expands its cope, and adds and editor. Put together, it's a pretty good package. [Feb 2004, p.91]
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  1. PaulC.
    Aug 16, 2006
    Cracking game - loses one point for the AI being not "quite" as good as they make out. If you get caught out on either offensive or defensive operations, your nominated commander's decision making skills go "walkies" . I think the exit strategies they try to employ are very long term, where in some instances a "get out of there asap and screw the consequences" approach would be better. You end up having to micromanage these situations. But not bad all the same. The "Combat mission" series is particularly bad at this, you are a divisional commander with literally thousands of units of all kinds under your control, and you end up having to tell a guy in a building to kneel down and crawl forward 3 yards to get a better line of sight. At least this game tries to be consistent - you are a divisional level commander who"occaisionally" has to micromanage. Combat Mission has you doing both in a round after tedious round of micro management to the nth degree over. So a better game than that. Can't wait to see the new release from Panther, coming soon. Full Review »
  2. RicardoL.
    Mar 9, 2004
    Wow! what a nice game! I recommend it!
  3. RaskolnikovR.
    Jan 26, 2004
    This is a great game but you HAVE to love the genre, if you're the type willing to put some thought and effort into a game youll LOVE this. If not please avoid for your own sanity sake, go play quake arena or something :p Full Review »