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  • Summary: The alien invasion has begun! Racing through offices, storehouses and mysterious labs, your mission is to clear the base at any cost. The game has two play modes: campaign and survival with two characters. With ten gigantic levels and 9 unique and extremely destructive weapons at your disposal, being the last hope of humanity has never been so exciting! Expand
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  1. Jan 15, 2013
    Well it isn't terrible. The graphics are below par (even if they are shooting (no pun intended) for a retro feel). The gameplay is enjoyable as an arcadey, play-for-short-intervals type of game. It's very similar to the other games in the series of which I have also played and completed most of: Alien Shooter 2, Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded, Alien Shooter: Revisited, Zombie Shooter, and a couple more. They are all very similar and I can't help but think are basically all the same game. In this one and the others you simply walk around with a top down view and collect more powerful weapons than the previous, upgrade them along with your armor, and gun down thousands of enemies in huge groups at a time. It's very enjoyable to me because I've always loved old retro shooters, and I'm a sucker for most top down games. However I wouldn't often recommend this to, well, anyone, so in the interest of a community, and not my personal thought, I was generous and gave it a 6. Only if it's on sale is it worth the 5 hours (AT MAX) of play time it gives you, it can be very repetitive and lack variety for most of the time, as a warning. I picked it up for around $2.49 on Steam I believe, so for $2.49 it was a good purchase, FOR ME. It's a pretty personalized opinion on games that'll effect if you like this one, so do some research and try to think of what the game's like before buying it, maybe look at some gameplay somewhere. Expand
  2. Dec 2, 2011
    Dated and completely unpolished...yet still simple fun. Play it for about 60 minutes at a time for a great adrenaline boost. The freeze cannon is awesome. Expand
  3. Sep 3, 2011
    Don't do it. Just don't. No matter how much you think you'll like these kind of games, Alien shooter is not a good game. All it really does is require you to hold down the left mouse button and perform a contemporary piece of WASD-play to evade the countless (And I mean countless) amount of green, yellow, red and blue creatures that will fill your screen at every predictable moment. Some skill is required in keeping the mouse-cursor trained on the enemy, you can't just shoot in a general direction because some weapons won't be able to hit anything that way. (But others will). The map design is not interesting, the weapons lack any sort of feeling to them, the music gets annoying quickly and the sound is far too soft. You'll be given a short piece of text at the beginning of each mission that is part story and part hint as to what you'll have to do and can expect to encounter. Like the item descriptions, it is written in broken English and will sometimes have you wondering just what it is Sigma-Team is trying to convey to you. You can pick up stacks of money that allow you to buy upgrades or weapons at the end of each round. The upgrades aren't very spectacular; they increase your speed, total health points, ammo-carrying capacity and accuracy. There are 9 weapons but switching to them is a tedious job. The mouse-wheel seems inverted and won't let you go from 9 to 1, forcing you to go through all 8 weapons again to go from number 1 to 9 and there's no way to remap keys from within the game. This game also wins the award for most pathetic flash light ever. Expand
  4. May 30, 2012
    Alien shooter is an arcade shooter in the 3/4 perspective. You can chose between a male or female character though the differences are minor as the game focuses on sending swarms after you. That means your going to stand in certain area's and lure enemies out to kill them. At first the game seams fair and easy though in the third level and beyond, it starts setting up cheap ambushes where you can easily die if you don't have the right guns equipped. The surprised ambushes feel cheap as they can surround you and shoot acid at you. It's an artificial way of making the game harder that dulls the experience. It gets worse as you go along where you need to buy the newest gun you can for every level to stand a fair chance. The buy system feels more like another obstacle rather then a tool. I became annoyed that I didn't want to play it anymore.

    Graphically, Alien shooter decent where things look like what they should be. It looks like a clear 1996 PS1 game with no blurry textures. Enemies are color pallet swaps to indicate their increased toughness. There is only two themes in the game that are forgettable and dull. Overall Alien shooter is annoying arcade shooter. Game can be cheep and add artificial obstacles. I don't recommend it.