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  • Summary: Alien Shooter: Vengeance drops players into an expansive sci-fi world of classic hack 'n slash gameplay. Set against the backdrop of an intense conflict, Alien Shooter: Vengeance will have players using dozens of gut-ripping weapons to tear though waves of vicious alien life forms bent on total destruction. Multiple character types and an RPG skill-tree expand the game experience, while multiplayer gameplay modes increase the replay value. With the choice of three different game modes - Campaign, Survival and Multiplayer - the adventure will continue for hours on end. Fast-paced arcade action combined with sophisticated RPG elements. A variety of playable characters, each featuring unique abilities. Dozens of powerful weapons for players to broil, freeze or vaporize the enemy horde. More than 20 types of handy gadgets - from flare guns, radar and medkits to battle drones and much more. More than 50 alien species lurking by the thousands in each level, just waiting to pounce upon the player. Match your skills against players worldwide in online high score lists. [CDV Software] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 17
  2. Negative: 1 out of 17
  1. As a no-frills action RPG, this game knows what it is and does what it does exceptionally well in all areas - and I for one couldn't be any more ecstatic over how it turned out.
  2. Alien Shooter: Vengeance doesn't deliver anything fancy or new to the table, and it certainly doesn't win any awards fro graphical realism. However, the game does present solid arcade-style gameplay that is relatively simplistic but pretty fun at the same time.
  3. This game is for a very particular type of gamer. One who liked the movies "Starship Troopers" and "Aliens" and someone who likes shooting holes into giant beasties, there is blood, there is foul language, there is an awful lot of killing, and I for one couldn't be happier. In all honesty, I needed to play this game in order to put some much needed fun into my game time.
  4. Alien Shooter Vengeance is surprisingly fun! It’s brainless shooting at everything that moves with an appealing storyline. A very good combination.
  5. Alien Shooter Vengeance manages to make the whole scale slaughter of thousands of vicious aliens tedious and repetitive.
  6. It's fun and violent and asks nothing at all from its player than to spend a few minutes blowing things to pieces whenever they feel like it, rewarding them with epic levels of blood and gore when they do.
  7. Swing and a miss! You can safely skip this one even if they cut the price in half. [May 2007, p.63]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 11
  2. Negative: 0 out of 11
  1. Jun 8, 2014
    Game is very climatic. When you play this game you arecompletely sucked in to the world of game. The music is just great as always have dark sound. The weapons are good balance progress is just perfect.
    The an isometric look of the game is positive aspect. Many monster on the screen but game do not slow down even on low pc good performance and optimization. Game have some others mode of games like survive and carrier.
  2. Aug 26, 2010
    This is a great game! Quite well balanced, fast and furious action. I completed this one pretty much nonstop over 2 days. Unputdownable. Last level was simply white nuckle nailbiting action! Runs well on a modern computer, good graphics. Expand
  3. Oct 2, 2010
    Kill a thousand alien scums and get some new weapons.Why not?
  4. May 30, 2012
    Alien Shooter Vengeance is similar to the first game but manages to be better with less cheap moments and a RPG system. Unfortunately most if it is rather useless as most can be covered through the implants so only health regeneration, speed, and rockets are the only skills you need to focus on. Rockets are best due to the costs, damage, splash radius, and with the most useful implant combinations. The rest of the weapon skills are worthless as rockets become pretty much mandatory from stage 13 an onwards. Basically start investing into rockets as soon as you have one that have low reload time. All other weapons can be used for money or back up purposes. Of course if you distribute them incorrectly then it's harder. This game also has a minor story that at least gives you a compelling reason to do what your doing. It gives you the drive to keep playing rather then feel like a mindless romp. Though logic gets thrown out the window in the last two levels where the choice makes no sense. Play on hard is not to difficulty in the first three levels but gradually gets harder with bigger waves of enemies that will attack. There is also an annoying bit were enemies hit points seam to fluctuate at different times so if you usual converse ammo by using the pistol, then you would find it not as effective or taking longer to kill. Some enemies health are massive where you just need to shoot and hope they will die. This does become cheap in the outside levels where you are attacked by groups of heavy damaging enemies and there is no shop to upgrade your weapons. If you were running low on ammo, and hit the space bar by accident or thinking that their would be a shop at the start then you are screwed with no way to beat the next level. Another annoyance is that secrets are insanely hard to find but are very useful. You could scan throughout a level and still miss half of the secrets. This became a problem when it came to a second objective as I searched the entire level multiple times shooting all the walls but could never find it. I ended up losing out on a side-quest that gives you new stuff that you can buy. The game just becomes tedious overtime where the fun dies. It's like getting something you look forward too and proceed to be progressively more disappointed to the point where you wish you didn't have it.

    Alien shooter Vengeance graphics are a much better improvement. It's practical double the quality of the first game. It looks more like a 1998 PC game. The improvement also adds to the atmosphere as the environments feel more alive. The world is not flat any more where you can travel up stairs and take a detour to explore side area's. I think the engine they have could make an amazing game both graphically and game play wise if they put the effort into it. Another improvement is that there is more music and it's not always quiet. Their is only about maybe 5 themes but they are much better though still forgettable. Vengeance also bring in voice acting which is mediocre quality but it gets by.

    Alien shooter Vengeance is a much better improvement in almost every-way. Though it the rpg system is imbalanced and it is tedious. It's not a game I would recommend especially at $20

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