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  1. PC Gamer UK
    Jun 19, 2013
    The whole DLC feels hastily cobbled together to the people who foolishly bought the season pass. [July 2013, p.97]
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  1. May 15, 2013
    The aliens fatality "speed bag" isn't as impressive as AVP kills, but because you can bite then knee the victim it works nicely. Yes it is notThe aliens fatality "speed bag" isn't as impressive as AVP kills, but because you can bite then knee the victim it works nicely. Yes it is not a slow crawl up and hiss like in the movies, but that would get you killed, and the use of Aliens in VS is designed to kill and not be killed. Hosed off for the spitter is also a quick kill removes the need to build up spit. Effective for those that haven't or have mastered character movement. Skull rattle for the lurker... could be more impressive, but is a realistic way to die.

    In the skins Carnarious is my least favorite because I would like my alien to not be noticed, instead of have a yellow tint. The Trillos head is pretty cool looking. Aeneus for the spitter... can't really tell the difference, although it has a slightly white reflection, the Rugosus head for the spitter is I feel for more advanced users, because Marines can see you from a distance. For the Lurker the Flaverscens looks like the green cast to the Alien from part 3. In the movie I never like it because I thought it looked like bad CGI, but found out that it was a puppet in front of a green screen. The rib cage is more defined that other skins and it looks cool if you are playing in the Shipwreck map because you blend in. The Tiarumus head looks threatening, though not very Alienesque.

    Autopsy is like 5 levels with stairs where I die the most. Aliens can come at you from everywhere and as a Marine there are parts where you can bypass sections by jumping over the stairs. If you think your a badass play in here for a while with spitters using hosed off. The chest bursters in the tubes move unlike in Campaign. Atmosphere outside is cool, but you need to stay alive to see it.

    Greif another map, has inside as well as outside which I feel gives it a scarier feel. If you find a Crusher running down the corridors and think your safe outside you're wrong. There are plenty of boxes and angular surfaces for lurkers, spitters, and soldiers to hide. A well placed boiler and your history.

    Shipwreck is resembles the Solaco but with a Hadley hope lighting style. It has kind of a green look to it with nice touches of fog. Blood spatter from previous battles add a nice touch as your running or hunting. I think this one is where I feel I've killed more Aliens at and playing Survivor or Escape is nice here.

    Contrary to popular threads there are enough people that play to have 2 full games going in DLC, most happening at 11pm 2am. MST, but I suggest joining a group or checking out the Guide "Aliens Colonial Marines: Missing Manual" to learn how to use steam to find out how many of your friends have it. I think I've seen escape played more in here than in the regular game.