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  • Summary: Where the game deviates from the norm, and succeeds beyond expectations, is in its rendering of three distinct viewpoints and its effective re-creation of the film series' unrelieved sense of dread.
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  1. Aug 15, 2012
    The solid multiplayer experience is very rawly balanced between the 3 species, dumbed down by the very fast pace of movement speed and high attack damage. You'll need quick reaction times to survive, if you can find anyone online to play with. The 3 singleplayer campaigns each have a unique attitude, yet share similar themes of loneliness and menace. It's a challenging game with an undertone of dread, best not play it with the lights off. Back in 1999 it felt very unique to me, I still feel like it holds something specific that no other game has matched, and play it still sometimes. Expand
  2. Sep 28, 2011
    Still one of the best horror FPS games ever made. Varied gameplay between the three playable characters, the levels being really well designed and atmospheric, the variety of guns, and how well the game flows are some of the strong points of this game. The AvP Classic 2000 version combines all of the AvP expansions and add-ons together and delivers a brilliant experience (it can be found on Steam). Apart from having the classic single-player campaigns and single-player bonus missions for all 3 characters, the game also offers a skirmish mode, where a player gets to pick to be either a predator or a marine of any type and fights off endless hoards of incoming aliens. And the best thing is that it can be played co-op with a friend, which is incredibly fun. AvP is a game I loved a lot as a kid, and I am glad to finally be back to it as of recently. Expand
  3. Mar 1, 2013
    The first game that was capable to transmit me adrenaline discharge and fear sensation during a play.
    And more, innovative for its 3
    different modality of play: Marine, Alien and Predator each one with a good and immersive game-play: different view mode; weapons and combat skill_ Something like 3 game in One! was really innovative for its time_ Expand
  4. Oct 18, 2014
    I rate the game for what it is. It is not a sandbox game, it doesn't have an engaging storyline and there's almost zero npc interaction. What it is, is three difficult and unforgiving fps campaigns (predator, alien and marine) set in the aliens (2nd film) universe and saturated by an atmosphere of dread and fear so immersive and realistic to make James Cameron proud, and populated by aliens true to both canon and HR Giger's vision. Each campaign is well balanced and represents its respective protagonist accurately, and strategies and survival methods are vastly different for each. You have to complete the marine campaign on at least realistic, if for nothing else but bragging rights. It is balls-to-the-wall frantic action. The alien is physically your superior and the developers have not compromised here, pitting you against your worst nightmare: hissing, screeching creatures with claws, teeth, slashing tail and acid blood that are are very fast and agile, crawl on ceilings, walls and in ducts, jump long distances and from great heights, and see in the dark. And you will crap yourself when you see an alien smashing lights, plunging the area into darkness. They are numerous and never completely eliminated. They're not difficult to kill, providing you can shoot them first. Listen carefully to the instructions private! Figure out the correct routes; no markers, arrows or waypoints here. Complete your objectives and survive. Good luck; you'll need it. Expand
  5. Dec 30, 2011
    Where are all the reviews? Even by today's standards, this game is nothing short of excellent. It's scary, a good shooter, holds different variations of gameplay, and stays true to the AvP universe. Don't miss this gem. Expand
  6. Mar 14, 2013
    After so many years since game's release it is difficult to remember all the details of the game that was a must play product for me back then. I doubt there is a gamer in our world who has not seen "Aliens" and "Predator" and who never dreamed of a game that would give an opportunity to play against such good antagonists as creatures in these two films. When I finally put my hands on the game I was a beginner in PC gaming, but even then I was surprised by details of game world. Visual graphics amazed my young and inexperienced brain, sound made me believe I was in the world that many whom dreamed to be in for years. The storyline is divided into three separate lines, each gives an opportunity to play as either alien, predator or marine. Predator was the first one I wanted to explore. First level that started on the rock and gave opportunity of shooting marines right from the start stuck into my mind for couple of reasons. First one is that checking through everything that could be done with predator totally amazed me and I was sure, that all gadgets from original movies were not forgotten. Second one was that I was killed so many times that restarting the level on the same rock led me to frustration. Level three was maximum that I could manage while playing as a predator.
    My second storyline was alien's. What surprised me at start was the huge difference in gameplay. Not only everything looked different with the eyes of alien, but also you had to think different to play as one. Unfortunately, level one was maximum I could achieve, because evil AI and ventilation system killed me all the time :)
    Playing as marine gave that classic feeling that everyone had during watching original "Aliens". This was the place where game achieved what gamers definitely wanted. But yet again couple of levels was enough of me, although I tried my best at that time I never managed to go any further.
    Lack of solid storyline made playing only a possibility to meet and play as creatures, but not to enjoy the game at full hand.
    But what kept me from completing the game was the absense of possibility to save the game at any possible time. Yes, we could start playing if we died at level beginning, but anyway it was really difficult. Years have past when I was told that a patch was released to the game, that allowed to save during the mission. AVP was installed instantly and the game was patched. Unfortunately graphics that was too old by that time didn't allow me to enjoy the game anyhow. Also I felt that level design was far away from good, playing as an alien often led you to getting lost on a level.
    Anyway I don't think that the game is bad. It deliveres much that we wanted, but what would satisfy everyone reached us in AVP 2.