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  • Summary: Developed at Rebellion by the team responsible for the original 1999 PC classic, the all-new Aliens vs. Predator allows players to take the role of three infamous species: Colonial Marines, Predators and Aliens. The game features a unique three-way online multiplayer experience, allowing gamers to battle for survival and the right to be crowned the deadliest species in the galaxy. Each race also has its own distinct action-packed single-player campaign mode, with a storyline that cleverly interweaves with the other two species’ paths. Set on planet BG-386; a human colonist mining group discovers an ancient pyramid containing a dark and horrible secret. Across the galaxy, a race of warriors is alerted to the discovery of their pyramid and a hunting party is dispatched to ensure that it remains sealed at all costs. Deep inside the ruined pyramid meanwhile, nature's deadliest species awakes from centuries of hibernation intent on finding new prey. The Colonial Marine's story is an incredible fight against all odds from horrors lurking in the dark. Surrounded on all sides yet armed to the teeth, the Colonial Marine represents humanity's last stand with the firepower to fight back. As the Alien, players discover what it's like to be the scariest, most murderous creature in the universe, with the ability to traverse any surface at lightning speed in order to get close enough to unleash its deadly claws, tail and teeth. A master of the hunt, the Predator grants the player an arsenal of exotic weaponry with which to stalk from the shadows. Earn the greatest honor by ambushing prey up-close, before butchering them for a gory trophy kill. [Sega] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 35
  2. Negative: 1 out of 35
  1. I really enjoyed playing the Predator and the Aliens campaign, because I haven’t experienced that kind of gameplay in any other game yet. Everybody who likes a mix of horror and action should play Aliens vs Predator.
  2. The controls for Predators and Xenomorphs may be a bit tricky and the AI sometimes doesn't show any "Intelligence" at all, but nevertheless: AvP is a most-have for fans of the movies, as well as the games - especially if you're into absolute multiplayer-mayhem and dont mind "some" gore.
  3. The small levels, map recycling and superficial storyline are only partially saved by a multiplayer that would have been a lot of fun had it not had such major technical scars.
  4. Proves not every game needs to innovate to be entertaining. [Mar 2010, p.66]
  5. Great monsters and partly interesting multiplayer, but weak campaigns and clumsy controls reduce AvP's long-term appeal. [Apr 2010, p.94]
  6. Aliens vs. Predator provides a nice multiplayer part and a good marine campaign. Nevertheless, it doesn’t live up to its expectations at all.
  7. This incarnation of AvP is a second-rate shooter in the most typical form, with overly repetitious game design, coding mistakes, threepenny visuals and dialogues scribbled on a rumpled napkin.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 54 out of 200
  1. BryanB.
    Feb 18, 2010
    Way scarier than the origonal. The graphics are great and the music and sound effects make for a very enjoyable if not nail bitingly suspensful playing experience. Expand
  2. Oct 10, 2013
    The best Aliens vs Predator francische I have ever played in my life...Way better than Aliens Damned Marines...This game is a must buy!There are still online players playing it. Expand
  3. BrianR
    Feb 21, 2010
    Great game. The Multiplayer game play is great, thus the high rating, however the Single Player lacks gameplay time, and a good feel. Online you tend to hear tons of mic studdering, long waiting times to get in a game, and most annoying, tons of lag while your in the game, due to lack of dedicated servers. Great job though, we hope with time, comes improvements! Expand
  4. Oct 17, 2010
    A very fun and atmospheric game. While it may not be as amazing as it's predecessors, it is still a blast to play. As in the previous games, it offers several experiences in one game, letting you play through the eerie Marine campaign, the thrilling predator campaign, or the exciting Alien campaign. All three species can collide in some intense multiplayer fun.
    So, yes, while not as good as it's predecessors, the game is still a bunch of fun!
  5. TadC
    Feb 25, 2010
    Potentially good game with flaws that keep it from being great. Still waiting on dedicated servers, with news that a closed beta of the dedicated server software will be coming on March 1st. No auto team balancing, no vote kick options, poor matchmaking system, lacking polish. Game does have an interesting melee system and when it works the games can be quite fun if you are a fan of the AvP universe. But many of the missing features will frustrate many users. A decent game that may improve with patching, but currently does not live up to it's potential. Expand
  6. PhillipB.
    Feb 28, 2010
    Game lacks any substance at all. There are so many times when you anticipate being able to do something totally awesome and then you are completely let down. The plot is okay, but otherwise, the game itself lacks any staying power, and forget multiplayer--I've never seen anyone playing. Expand
  7. DanJ
    Feb 22, 2010
    I found the marine was most fu nto play altho it needs a second game just to clear up the ending. Predator nothign to get excited about it was however much better to me fro mthe previous games. Alien has been destroyed. it's pretty much useless. If the game mariens used motion trackers and looked up you'd be killed, you run in to a pred it can melee kill you from behind. I was really enjoying single player until I got to the aliens campaign where it's just ruined them, predators have better and faster melee and ranged attacks. Alien can't even jump (you just bounce between floor, ceiling and walls) the wall walking is annoying as you can run up somewalls but then you have to hold a button down to turn a corner or get over a light/vent fitting. Also they released the game without dedicated server files and with huge bugs i nthe system, every 5 minutes you get lag in SP. HOW CAN SP LAG? and because they haven't even commented or spoek to the community since it was released we're getting nothing from Rebellion which after producing a half arsed game just shows huge disrespect from all the gamers. I would strongly advise agaisnt buying this game! Expand

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