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  1. Jul 19, 2011
    This game is lucky it doesn't get a 1 in my book. Absolutely awful from first to last. Every movement and act in this game feels uncoordinated and awkward. The simple act of pulling out and throwing a grenade (which cannot be cooked by the way) is a feat in and of itself. The guns are unreliable, time and time again I've put my reticule on an enemy and missed every shot. The few guns that do allow you to aim down the sight STILL don't hit where you point them, coupled with the massive recoil all those guns have it makes for an all around not fun experience. The lag is absolutely horrid. I have played in several locations and each time I find myself getting the message that I can't connect to the host.
    Want to adjust your settings in game? Too bad. There's no way to do so. At all. You have to leave the room your in (acquiring a penalty in the process) and then change your settings. The only reason I had (past tense, mind you) continued to play this game is because the weapon purchasing system is naturally addictive. There are no good mechanics in this game, only good micro-transaction design.

    To sum up: Laggy, poor weapons and bad handling. Download TF2 instead and have some real fun.
  2. Jul 12, 2011
    When this game was first launched under Steam's "free to play" category, AVA was exceptional in and for that purpose - it was free to play. But that was a very short period of time and now that other games, like Team Fortress 2, are also available free, you might as well not waste your time.

    I rate this game poorly for several reasons: most of all because, for a first person shooter,
    it is not a very fun to play after you have passed the stage where the game is still new. That is, once you've learned the basics there is really nothing left to learn. Once you've realized that the best tactic (if you don't use an aim bot or implement various other cheats that very easily bypass many if not most of the servers) is not to really aim, but to charge in and fire in a basic area of a person's head then then you will very frequently get to the top of the score lists until you meet other people who are using this very same stupid yet somehow very effective tactic. Of course there is practically nothing to this: no strategy, nothing original, and in real warfare it would be the most idiotic thing to rush into a horde of enemies and try to gun them down without really aiming.

    When you begin the game, you will at first be brought in by the Euro and item acquisition system and the "authentic" feel of the weapons... however, the well which you have as a newb to the game will quickly run dry. And if you are a veteran of the game that does not feel the desire to spend real-world money on items, then you will find that any advancement is extremely slow in coming. WOW (which is now also free to play) is actually faster, if you will believe it, once the initial spurt of gaining money at a modest rate ends.

    There is also to mention the bonuses that "contributors" aka "legal cheaters" are able to acquire if they are willing to pay for it, in addition to those who are willing to pay for items because acquiring money through gathering enough "supply points" is taking too long. The point down to all of this is that people who look at this game as a "free" game will be put at a serious disadvantage from those who pay, and even those who pay and play legally will often run into hackers who use aimbots, making it difficult to say whether you actually just got beaten by a "good" player. So therefore be forewarned of the imbalance of this game.

    As for common complaints: there are no medics, no healing, which means that there are few real tactics in the game. Most weapons are also the same, even though they have minute differences and heavy machineguns, light machineguns, tanks, and rocket launchers are all map-specific and do not have full useability as they would in real combat (tanks are not pilotable and their main gun is never used, for instance). Elements of weather, lighting, and water are basically non-existent and the maps are very constrained, making the number of strategies very limited. Furthermore, weapon condition, though present, does not seem to really affect the weapon's effectiveness and certain weapons are deemed "temporary" or "expendable" and so are not affected by their condition at all until their meter or number of days runs out and the weapon simply disappears and the player is in the barrel.

    And besides all of these things, perhaps foremost, customer support and service is basically nonexistant. Any complaints will be filtered through, take many days to have a response, and the response will always be to the effect of "it's in our policy not to help you; we are glad that you are happy with your service." AVA's is apparently run by comedians. Point and case: if you can't solve the problem yourself, don't expect anyone to help you.

    The "good" about this game may be the "variety" of weapons, except that all the weapons are all basically the same and this game will make you question why we even where body armor or helmets, being that a BB in this game would probably kill you in one hit. Also the "realistic" combat... which is questionable as I pointed out several times above. And then there is the final thing: the fact that this game is "free." Well, leave it there if you want but as I pointed out you'll never match up to paying players if you are completely free. TF2 is a far more balanced game by comparison, even if you are a completely free player with features such as trading disabled.

    Try the game yourself if you want, it is not terrible, but it does come close to living up to the standards of games that are a half-decade older and now free.
  3. Feb 25, 2012
    AVA is mediocre at best. Alright graphics, somewhat entertaining game play, TERRIBLE menu interface. On top of that, every time I exit the game, both Skype and the win 7 sidebar go berserk and my screen becomes distorted. Both programs freeze and become blank windows but continue to hog all of my CPU. A restart seems to be the only fix. Use caution when you install.
  4. Dec 30, 2012
    It's a copy of Warrock (or Point Blank. Or just every **** F2P FPS in the world). It already sucked, this is worse..
    If you pay, you're strong, if you not pay, you will never have the same advantages as those who pay. The rule of most of F2P games.
  5. Oct 1, 2013
    I would give this game a six, but I cannot due to poor management and updates of this game and a lack of a 'proper anti-cheat system.' The good part is, the graphics are great for a free to play game.

    The bad. It has a decent amount of game modes that are rehashes of other games or a small twist. Most of which get boring after a few minutes. The anti-cheat system is beyond broken,
    hackers are never caught, by the system. The game play is repetitive, the supply points, used to get new guns, comes in far too slowly to make it a good game. The game is pay to win. There are some, completely inexcusable, bugs with this game, as well. A major example is the "inability to move because their code is bad enough to require players to set the keyboard to default, in options, in order to walk around. Yes, you have to manually force, "DEFAULT KEYBOARD SETTINGS!!!!", on a fresh install, before you can MOVE AROUND!!!! There are no excuses, for this type of bug or flaw in the code...

    There is no segregation, of players, based on language, in a team oriented shooter. This makes for communicating with your team, IMPOSSIBLE!!!! Free to play shooters, North American servers, which are hosted in the United States, usually California, are always over run with Brazilian players who outright, refuse, to speak English.

    If they had tried, a little bit harder, to make the game slightly, "better", I would give this a 6 out of 10. As it stands, if I wanted to play a pay to win game, I would go out and buy one for 20 dollars. I have a whole collection of shooters that range from 5 dollars to 60 dollars on the current market (October 2013) and are much better than this. Save your hard disk space and go buy a decent game on steam, this one is not, even close, to worth it...

    The hackers and generic game-play, are the main issues. This game has been out of beta for years, I was in closed beta, it was sub par back then and it is even worse now... 4 out of 10. If the developers are reading this, which I'm sure they are not, "Get your act together and stop screwing around!!!! Developing a shooter is not hard, it does not require an act of God to get a product out that is 'decent.' Sub-par is not decent!!!"
  6. Jul 19, 2012
    Looks like than the Counter-Strike. I played some hours with this game, and almost all servers have cheaters with AIM. You can sprint, if you doube push W key and its absolutely the worst in this game. Not really have a lots of servers, but have a lots of gamemodes. I think only the Annihilation(TDM) and the Demolition(SD) was the good game modes. Free to Play, but if you want to play with a similar game, choose Counter-Strike. Expand
  7. Jul 20, 2011
    A.V.A is a surprisingly decent for your F2P games, but it can't go out with a bang. The weapon system is great, you can customize your weapons stats with different parts and scopes to your liking, the maps are all well designed, the graphics are as good as you'll get for a F2P game as well. What really hits this game hard are common issues with all F2P FPS games. Cash shop weapon advantage, lag, faulty hosting system, no clan wars, etc. It's an okay game for some, a landmine for others. Expand
  8. Nov 7, 2012
    I played this game for a few months and enjoyed it mostly. The graphics are decent, the game play is fast and the aiming takes skill. What really hinders this game from being a high score are the cheaters and the rude community that has evolved. If you happen to be doing well in a match, you get booted. If you happen to be doing not so well in a match, you get booted. Pretty much, you have a 50/50 chance of being booted in any game you play. Expand

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  1. For a title that’s free to play, it’s almost unnaturally good. Save yourself some hard-earned coin and give it a try. AVA will have many players wondering why they ever paid money for shooters that weren’t nearly this fun.