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  1. Provides an intriguing storyline that is sure to capture fans of the team-based tactical shooter genre.
  2. PC Format
    Just manages to scrape into the "different enough to be interesting" category. [Oct 2004, p.100]
  3. PC Gamer
    You never really feel engaged in this run-of-the-mill shooter. [Nov 2004, p.86]
  4. So for all the weak enemy AI and graphical glitches, ABZ remains a decent and carnage-filled team-based blaster, worth checking out when the price drops.
  5. 60
    For forty bucks, Alpha Black Zero isn't terrible. It just isn't very entertaining.
  6. 53
    Comparison with other similar style games notwithstanding, this is a great concept, poorly implemented. While the story in itself was engaging and well pieced together, the gameplay induces a berserker rage of frustration.
  7. What happened to the days of a bullet or 2 and you die? I laid down enough heavy fire on one enemy unit to kill hundreds of terrorists in Rainbow Six yet the poor bastard simply ran away to reload to recommence firing on me!
  8. Instead of filling Alpha Black Zero with fun and exciting action, Khaeon instead serves up a dimly lit, lackluster game that doesn't know when to stop.
  9. The controls are simply ludicrous, and continued to be so even after I spent a fair amount of time reassigning them. The camera still makes navigation nearly impossible.
  10. Alpha Black Zero isn’t a bad game, but it’s hobbled by so many execution problems that it never really catches wind in its sails.
  11. While not quite horrid, the Alpha Black Zero experience feels too empty to get us excited. For the most part, the gameplay mechanics are in place, but ABZ’s very slow pacing and merely mediocre storyline just can't separate it from the millions of other ordinary shooters.
  12. A muddy, hard to handle shooter with no real plot or enthusiasm. It's just "go there, shoot this, shoot this too, okay go here now," over and over again.
  13. Play Magazine
    Far too many key elements are poorly executed. [Nov 2004, p.87]
  14. 40
    Hell, Alpha Black Zero even makes games like "Chrome" look like high art. Ultimately, the intriguing storyline doesn't compensate for the vast, boring levels, and ugly scenery.
  15. There are still a wealth of unexplored plot ideas nestled in the game’s impressive back-story- too bad they decided to rush the actual game out the door in such an incomplete state.
  16. Problem number one. The controls are atrocious.
  17. Its ugly presentation and poor execution are an insult to both the recommended system specifications (one gigahertz for this?) and to all the progress that's been made in designing shooters over the last few years. This is one to avoid.
  18. Computer Gaming World
    Alpha Black Zero may not be the worst game ever made, but it may be the most tedious. [Dec 2004, p.93]
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  1. MatthewC.
    Aug 12, 2004
    Excellent new squad based game! Hoooge time to complete, great graphics and the ability to play through levels how you want! The only problem Excellent new squad based game! Hoooge time to complete, great graphics and the ability to play through levels how you want! The only problem I had was when I shot at enemies my team mates often got in the way, and some of the levels are a little too repetitive! But apart from these two little niggles it is very enjoyable! Full Review »