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  • Summary: The player is dropped into the maze of rooms, halls, corridors, mining facilities and shafts of an apparently abandoned deep-space asteroid mining base, facing rebellious machinery of assorted robots and automatic systems, which he has to defeat and demolish, using his weapons and wits. Strong story, fast paced shooting action. However, if you cannot shoot, then there is your RECON, hacking device enabling you to remotely control various devices you meet (robots, manipulators, surveillance cameras, security systems, weapons etc.) on your way through the dark halls and corridors of Alpha Prime. If that's not enough, you can drug your mind and sharpen your senses (bullet time) by injecting a small dose of hubbardium. And all the time you will be surrounded by physical world in a very literal sense, because almost everything that moves, moves thanks to advanced real-time physics algorithms. Features 10 levels full of action; 5 non-playable characters to help you; 14 different enemies including Special Forces soldiers, robots and crazy miners; 8 futuristic weapons including pistol, shotgun, machine gun, grenades etc.; Devices to hack - including a variety of robots and manipulators, surveillance cameras, security systems, doors, etc. [IDEA Games] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 19
  2. Negative: 2 out of 19
  1. It's a bog-standard shooter with some cool graphics. Honestly, Alpha Prime feels like the product of a first-person-shooter checklist. It hits all the marks that, if missed, would bring a game's score down. Multiple enemy types? Check. Narrative? Check. Slow-motion? Check. Good graphics? Double check. Aside from the embarrassing acting.
  2. Alpha Prime is a commendable game that offers a solid FPS gaming experience but lacks the innovation some might expect with a new game.
  3. Alpha Prime does a great job of being average.
  4. A pretty shell for a game that's pretty lacking. Not much fun. [Aug 2007, p.92]
  5. Alpha Prime takes a little from each game but has a hard time carving out its own identity.
  6. Alpha Prime, with a passable storyline and passable gameplay, is a little passable anomaly. [July 2007, p.77]
  7. The cinematic cut-scenes are poorly voiced, the characters unconvincing, and the plot is so-so at best.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 40
  2. Negative: 14 out of 40
  1. Aug 29, 2011
    You know , I'm a Hong Kong Player , I feel this game is absolutely fantastic ! I like the most is the OSTs of this game --- Alpha Prime , their atmosphere is really really exciting and rhythmic ! Expand
  2. Jul 2, 2011
    Classic FPS players will probably love this game. I wouldn't call it average - I think it just stays true to many of the aspects that make a great FPS game. It delivers challenging game-play with excellent graphics, good sound, and maybe not-so-great cut-scenes... but fortunately you can skip right through the voice acting if you dont like it. Its definitely worth a few dollars for several hours of fun. Expand
  3. Jan 4, 2011
    Alpha Prime takes what was standard 10+ years ago and throws it all into a 2007 game. Had this come out in 1998 or so it would have earned a Metacritic score of around 80, I'd guess, but its design is almost embarrassingly outdated today. However, I grew up with the evolution of shooters through the 1990s and Alpha Prime is a satisfying throwback for gamers in their 30s, like me. I give this game a solid 7 because it's now a $5 direct download from Amazon, except that it was part of their 2010 end-of-year sale and I paid literally pocket change for it: $1.25. This game is still worth $5 easily, almost *because* there are plenty of amusingly nostalgic gameplay elements for people who have been around a while. Expand
  4. Oct 13, 2013
    If you're going to focus a lot on story exposition and cutscenes then I suggest possibly getting a proper writer and voice recordist in. Some of the dialogue seems to have been written by dice and recorded in totally different places. As to the game mechanics. Very average. Expand
  5. Jun 13, 2012
    Allow me to disclaim this review by stating I completed the game on "Normal" difficulty in about 8 hours or so (including death and reloading).

    Let's get the good stuff out of the way. I really like the fresh IP growing here. The story is solid, if a little cliche, and the world-building is very well done for such a short game. The game paces itself well, and I really love the soundtrack. The game requires a modicum of strategy, and it's next to impossible to run-and-gun. The level design is interesting, if a little linear. The ReCon hacking mechanic is a neat little quirk that's far too underused.

    Finally, the graphics are great. No, they're downright gorgeous. The human faces are unique and recognizable, and even on the highest graphical settings I was playing quite smoothly. The clear surfaces ripple and reflect light in a realistic manner, and the shadows are very well-done.

    Now, onto the reason for my low score.

    The weapon choices are mediocre at best (the melee attack becomes useless within two maps and I rarely found myself using the shotgun or flamethrower due to their ineffectiveness at long range), and the explosives (rockets and grenades) are about as effective as a bunny's fart if not aimed perfectly at your target. I found myself relying very heavily on the sniper rifle early on, since the primary automatic weapon was not yet effective against the enemies in the game. Somehow it feels like the enemies get weaker later on... I have no possible explanation for that except the game becomes more balanced the longer your play it.

    The same physics applied to objects is applied to the player, when normally the player is much stronger. Even a slight incline on a "smooth" surface (such as the lid of a container) was enough to send me sliding slowly backwards. The vehicle physics are "meh" at best. Once heights high enough to induce fall damage arrive, there's next to no feedback when fall damage takes place, and the height at which your character takes fall damage is very, very low.

    The writing is perhaps the weakest aspect of Alpha Prime. The dialogue is very forced, and the characters tend to be stereotypical. The woman who shouts in your earpiece is sexually promiscuous, the black character uses "punk-ass" as many times as is legal, and the main antagonist is a cruel military commander, taking pleasure in torturing prisoners. The hero is a disgruntled prospector, one of the few people not affected by exposure to the game's MacGuffin, Hubbardium. The intro cutscene features two throw-away characters and the protagonist, Arnold, drinking in a bar. This scene becomes an exposition dump as the female love interest strides in, wearing shiny latex and a plunging neckline, taking a seductive pose on a table while she speaks very seriously about a rescue mission she wants to recruit Arnold for. It lasts for almost five minutes, explaning events that happened before the game and still somehow not cutting down the cutscene content later on in the game.

    The voice acting ranges from good (the antagonist's dialogue is strong) to laughably parodic (Paolo Bellini delivers his lines with a disinterested monotone and hilarious Italian accent), and the overall quality of the game suffers for it. I feel that the poorer VA jobs suffer mostly from the poor writing: many crutch phrases pop up during the dialogue, and the tone and vocabulary of the long-running characters tends to change over time. Additionally, the dialogue pacing is very sporadic. The lines tend to flow with each line of the (hilariously typo-ridden) subtitles, so longer sentences get broken up with awkward pauses in the middle of clauses.

    Most of the other negative reviewers already complained about the difficulty, so I'll just clarify things a bit: The game is not hard due to engine mechanics. The problem arises from poor design: Enemy weapons are extremely powerful over long ranges and the enemy AI has near-perfect aim. These combine to make traversing a single hallway inordinately difficult.

    The final problem is the lack of an autosave feature. I know it's petty, but this isn't 1998 here. Upon death, the only options are to load from the start of the level, load from the last Quicksave, and return to the main menu.

    Overall, the game has lots of very good ideas. New IP, a solid story, amazing graphics with a low performance threshold, a design document that's essentially Valve's "Raising the Bar" copy-pasted, and a strong gameplay hampered by poor AI, weak player weapons, hilarious voice talent, and a silly script. If this game hadn't been $2 on Steam when I purchased it, I would have felt as disappointed as I felt when I paid full price for Mirror's Edge. As it stands, I can only say it's worth about what I paid. Buy it when it's on sale and give it a shot, but be prepared to throw your keyboard against the wall in frustration.
  6. Dec 23, 2013
    To start off this game is fairly awful. No not like it's old school NO this is NOT how old school games should be remembered the bad voice acting and overly long cut scenes as well as the poorly executed game play with the wonky controls and weapons that seems to have little to no effect on enemy's. However i can comfortably say that the game poses difficulty.... in an unfair manor as the enemies shoot right through walls. the story isn't terrible but it was fairly standard. The graphics for its time are fairly decent so i cant give this an overly bad rating a below average of 4 is exactly how this game preformed. it is below average and i honestly wouldn't recommend playing this game it is okay BUT its a very rough ride all the way through. All the AI are just pathetic But what i think saves this game from a worse rating is its excellent use of bullet-time which is well done to say the least. now the level design its well done for it's time but nothing to be amazed about there are places where you will get stuck or be clueless in the exact direction you should go. But it isn't worth buying all in all perhaps if it was cheaper but even then it isn't worthy as a game that deserves the praise it received. Expand
  7. May 18, 2011
    I was completely relieved when this game was over. What a waste of 5 hours of playtime from start to finish. There isn't anything positive to say about it. Expand

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