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  1. Jun 13, 2011
    I specifically signed up for metacritic to review this game. This game is highly underrated, and from someone who has played games for over 15 years now, i think it is an injustice to see this game score poorly. The level of engagement in this game, the storytelling, the detailed files and information intelligence gathering makes this game unique and truly satisfying. This is not a dumb persons game. Someone who is impatient(most of the younger generation) and dislikes reading will not enjoy this game. It can be a shooter, but it is a thinking mans spy game with real consequences to your actions. To play a game that TRULY changes outcomes based on your decisions is an enjoyment to play. Thats what makes it so much fun. Make your choice. stick with it. don't reload or re-save, and carve your own destiny in this excellent game. Steam has it for maybe 30 dollars right now. This game is for someone who enjoyed games like mass effect, the witcher, baldurs gate, splinter cell. etc. Splinter cell was done well, but was defenitely not as immersive as this game, and wasnt as satisfying. I felt a real connection to the characters in this game and knew my actions would depend on them living or not. Control wise, the game is passable and not dazzling. but with a story that really gets you immersed, it doesnt matter. texture resolution is high, and gives faces a level of realism that is good. Its not all about flair; its about style, an intelligent story and a deep plot. Its very sad to see games like this not get a sequel because of impatient, brain dead gamers. Cheers, Expand
  2. Sep 25, 2011
    Honestly, I look at the scores given by reviewers and I have to wonder if they played the same game I did. People give it a lot of flak for a variety of problems, and although they aren't wrong in their criticisms, I personally found those problems minor enough to overlook considering how much fun the game is. The best part about this game is seeing how your dialogue options and choices throughout the game, this is definitely a game that rewards repeat playthroughs. To anybody interested in this game, I would say not to trust the reviews and just try the game for yourself, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I would put this game just a couple of notches below Mass Effect 2 in terms of the enjoyment I got out of it. Decent graphics (especially considering how much people complain about them), fun gameplay, and a great conversation system make this one a keeper. Expand
  3. Nov 28, 2011
    I paid 2.50 or something on sale for this.
    How in the hell is that possible ... i get over charged for games half as polished and enjoyable and feel quilty about paying this rediculous amount for a game thats clearly worth much more.
    It looks good plays good and is fun.. wish i could say that about the last 60 dollar game i baught.
    this one slipped through the cracks my friends..
    worth playing and reminded me of Mass Effect in many ways. Expand
  4. Nov 26, 2010
    I came at this game with high hopes. I am an avid gamer and RPGs are especially close to my heart. However, I was disappointed with this game for several reasons, all of which fit under the umbrella of failed to live up to expectations. A breakdown:
    1. Ability to customize playable character is minimal at best. Cosmetic options are very limited, and the skill trees are drawing from an
    awfully shallow pool.
    2. The game borrows rather than steals, becoming a reminder of better games rather than developing past greats into something new. The gameplay is *highly* derivative. To say that the game reminds strongly of: Mass Effect, the Hitman series, and the weaker moments of Splinter Cell, hardly seems like criticism; but the versions encountered in Alpha Protocol are watered down and consistently miss the mark. In doing so, they serve not as a presence of ingenious design and engaging gameplay, but as a poor copy that draws attention to its failure to imitate more perfectly. 3. The game does bring to the table a very interesting dialogue system, modeled on the ME radial. On the whole it is reasonably well-written, supports replay, and fits with the tone of the story. 4. That said, because of the cookie-cutter construction of the game, the dialogue comes out of the mouths of puppets who are obviously puppets and at no point flirt with becoming characters. 5. The AI is frequently stupid and occasionally idiotic. 6. Mechanics issues abound. Errors which in another game might be no more than irritations, in a spy game where goals, story tone, skill trees, dialogue structure are all to some extent hung on the notion of the main character being (indeed becoming) a specialist, the utter failure to allow the possibility of precise and deliberate action was, at least for me, a game-breaking flaw and fouled the whole experience.

    In all, the hopes and enthusiasm I had for the game were soundly dashed by poor design decisions and what to all appearances seems to be an astonishing lack of post-production quality control.
  5. Feb 17, 2012
    Obsidian seem to do better when they fail at ambition (Fallout new vegas, Alpha protocol, Kotor 2, and many others) rather than succeed at a polished safe game (dungeon siege 3 comes to mind). Yes, the developers make flawed games. However let's look at FNV for a moment, it's my favorite fallout game. And yes, it crashes and glitches and breaks. However it's complicated and ambitious, it has detail and quirk. Alpha protocol has it's own breed of ambition. A more subtle kind. What it does with decision making, rpg systems, and genre mixing is engaging and bold. However unlike new vegas, it feels like a budget game. The movement feels akward, the animation feels akward, the action feels arkward. In a pre-mass effect world, people would be more forgiving. However in this climate of action-rpg melding, xp systems in action games, etc. You have the action fans come in and instantly judge it for what they expect it to be. Rather than what it is. And that's not their fault either. What the game truly want's to be is a little hidden. In the end it's a role playing game - and taken as that, the clumsiness can be forgiven with persistence from the player. However if you are easily offput by production values and a budget feel - you will have already stopped playing this game. And that's a shame, because it's got a great choice system at it's heart. Expand
  6. Apr 6, 2011
    This game has a very ambitious branching storyline but some of the worst game mechanics i've ever seen. The "stealth" in this game is basically an invisibility cloak and the boss fights look like they came out of an arcade game. It seems they would have done a lot better by just lifting the mechanics of splinter cell and combining it with the style of much superior RPGS (like deus ex) they were trying to mimic.

    Speaking of which, it tries to be another RPG like deus ex in more ways than one but lacks the clever detailed gameplay or plot design of that classic. The main character is also vanilla boring and cliche. All in all this is a disappointment but not too bad if you want to be entertained by a silly storyline and some mindless entertainment. The graphics in this game are fairly dated and boring to look at.
  7. Aug 26, 2011
    Despite my high score here Alpha Protocol is not a game for everyone. It's also a game that you have to know exactly what your getting when you go into it. Alpha Protocol is a pure RPG. It's not an RPG shooter like Mass Effect, or Third Person Shooter with RPG elements like Mass Effect 2. A pure RPG. This means that when you shoot with a weapon you haven't trained in if you, the player, make a perfect shot the invisible maths can make it so you still miss. If you sneak around without points in stealth, no matter how diligent you are, you will be caught. Your stats drive this game as much as your choices. The mechanics of this game are not broken, they are just standard RPG mechanics put in a genre where, if I'm honest, they don't entirely belong. That said, by the later half of the game you will be sneaking shooting or hacking your way around your chosen field without much problem. Whether you will enjoy this or not is a personal choice, though I find the system to work adequately.

    The choices and dialogues are what make AP shine. They've taken Bioware's Dialogue wheel and Obsidian have advanced their own influence systems, and added their own little twists making interacting with each character both enjoyable and a challenge in its own right. The timed dialogue makes conversations more fluid, reactive and just plain fun. There are no "bad relationships" with people, hostile influence offer different bonus and can even unlock completely different routes through the game. Speaking of routes, there are so many different possible ways to play through the game and a multitude of different endings (including at least 3 different "bad guy" endings) that replayability is a big plus here.

    Then we come to worst part of any obsidian game. The bugs. Oh boy the bugs. From what I've seen I've missed the worst of them, but even the relatively tame ones such as the character refusing to stick to the wall for cover, or stick too much and refusing to move in time and be frustrating. Still past the bugs there is a deep, interesting and inventive game that if your willing to accept the rather odd mechanics is well worth playing.
  8. Dec 7, 2010
    The game starts off rather well. You learn about combat, and the rest of the games mechanics... The stealth and melee is quite enjoyable, but the guns are rather sub-par and the mini-games are just awful. The mini-games aren't fun and they have no place in an action game.

    The boss fights, oh how horrible they are. They are tedious at best. You fight some enemy with extra health and they
    deal extra damage. If you went melee then you're probably going to get beaten up in a fist fight with any boss. Then, the boss fights get worse as the game goes on. There's no enjoyment is spending that much time on a fight. The story is very cliche and offers limited choices. The bugs really bring the game down, but the annoyances found in the gameplay will draw your attention instead.

    If the game were just about the stealth, melee, and the occasional gun fight then it'd be a real gem... but there's just too much garbage covering up the fun.
  9. Oct 5, 2011
    I'm glad I only paid $2 for this on steam. Behind the frustrating control and menu interface bugs, it's a crappy port of a half-decent 3PS with some RPG elements. The cover mechanics could use some work and the AI is just terribad for 2010. The plot and level design are the only saving graces here. The variety of characters and relevant storyline are enough to keep you interested, even intrigued.
  10. Jul 2, 2011
    I must buck the trend and say I adored this game. I finished it three times doing every conceivable option and character build. The faction system forged through real character choices is fantastic. The dialogue system keeps things interesting as well. Likewise, I actually loved the combat system, although the game was too easy. Also, AP has perfect pacing; levels never drag on and the game keeps you interested until the end. I only experienced a few minor bugs, so I really can't relate to all these complaints. To me AP will go down as one of the most under-appreciated games ever. To each his or her own, but if you can look past the hate and ignore the quirks, you too might just become obsessed with being Michael Thorton. Expand
  11. Aug 23, 2010
    The Story is interesting, and the way that the game deals with your choices is really refreshing--they seem to actually have a much bigger impact in Alpha Protocol then they do in other games. In some ways, some of the RPG aspects do seem a little simplistic, but given the fact that this is the first real spy RPG, I can't really complain there.

    Are there bugs with this game? Yes. Do
    the camera controls leave a little to be desired? Yes. Is this game worth picking up if you can get it for the right price? Yes. It's actually too bad there won't be a sequel to this game, it deserves more than it's getting. Expand
  12. Mar 9, 2011
    An excellent RPG with an unprecedented amount of C&C. I found it far superior to Mass Effect 2. The different ways you can complete missions and the fact that you can choose to spare every single boss is simply impressive.
  13. Mar 23, 2011
    Alpha Protocol is a fun, over the top love letter to spy fiction that rewards you for taking the longer route rather than running and gunning.

    Voice acting is top-notch and the improved cinematic dialogue is nowhere near the crap Bioware's Mass Effect pulled. Conversations sound and look like conversations.

    The problems some players seem to have with this game are horrendously
    exaggerated. After playing through the unpatched game several times I have to wonder if it's not a whole bunch of faulty computer rigs that causes problems. Not to say that Alpha Protocol doesn't have it's fair share of problems, but absolutely not any more so than other Unreal Engine games. My guess is that Sega didn't give the critics their pile of "ignore all bugs"-money like EA did. Expand
  14. Jul 11, 2011
    I just purchased this game for $5 during the Steam summer sale. My first thought was, "why haven't I heard of this game before, because it is awesome."

    You play as agent Michael Thorton, everything else you get to make up as you go along. I don't think some people realize how entirely different two play throughs can be. Your choices have a huge impact on the game world and there is no
    set "good" or "evil" patch. You make choices, stuff happens that wouldn't have happened otherwise. Deal with it.

    I am amazed that a developer could craft such an open ended game with so many different possibilities. I'm also amazed that every choice comes with benefits. Kill that guy? Maybe you'll lose a supplier but you'll face fewer goons when you travel for your missions.

    Even the much hated crouching animation is actually far more realistic than what most games give you. That's what a person would actually look like trying to "sneak" around.

    As much praise as I heap on the game, there are also problems. For one, this game is supposed to be super-realistic and adaptive, yet I can shoot a guy in the head with a silenced pistol, the body will disappear on its own in a few minutes, and nobody will be the wiser. Someone stumbles across the scene where guard A was supposed to be? Nobody notices he is missing unless his body is still sitting there and then they give up in a few minutes if they can't find me. Somebody just got shot and killed on your watch and you just give up if someone shuts off the alarm?

    The story is the best part. There are so many nuances that you cannot learn it all in one play through. You literally cannot, unless you cheat or something. It's the best type of game because it encourages you to play it multiple times.

    The RPG aspects are placed above the shooter aspects and that's fine with me. It reminds me of Deus Ex in that respect. You have a low pistol skill? You can't hit the side of a barn. I enjoyed being tied to my character's skill points more than just my ability to move a pointer around and mash a button waiting for something awesome to happen.

    This game deserved far better than what it received.
  15. Jul 14, 2011
    This may be one of the most incorrectly reviewed games of all time. Very few, if any of the professional reviewers appear to have spent any time with this game before they called it bad and moved on. Alpha Protocol is not a bad game. It is not a mediocre game. It is not an okay game.

    Alpha Protocol is a great game. Every decision, literally EVERY decision you make in the game, has a
    consequence. Whether that decision is letting a young girl live, or choosing to put points into martial arts, that decision will be reflected in the game. Either the girl comes back at a later time, or you smash someone's face into a table during a cut-scene, instead of just punching them.

    Decisions are what this game is about. Not combat, not stealth, not being a shooter. This game is an RPG first, an RPG second, and an RPG third. The fact that combat is handled with guns from a third person perspective is irrelevant. This game hands you decision after decision, and you have to live with the choices you make.

    Dialogue trees don't exist. What you have are conversations. If you say something to someone that they don't like, you don't get to go back and say something else. They stay annoyed, and the conversation builds off that.

    Don't think that means you have to play nice with everyone. This game rewards you for everything you do. Did you become friends with all the ladies? Good job, go have sex with them. Did you creep all the ladies out? Tough luck, buddy. Did you piss off a highly trained killer? Hope you like getting shot.

    This game not only deserves a sequel, but it demands it. Any other game that claims your choices matter should take a good, long look at Alpha Protocol, and see if their game holds up.
  16. Jul 18, 2011
    Given the reviews one might get from the Gaming press it would be easy to, as I did, skip over Alpha Protocol as a buggy, nonsensical mess with a lot of ambition but not much else to say. It is not. In fact, given the caliber of other games in the RPG genre at present it is an absolute crime that Alpha Protocol is not rated better.

    Getting negativity out of the way first, there are bugs,
    some of them are annoying like one that sometimes crashes the game when trying to reload after they player has died but for the most part these are either avoidable or not a particularly big deal. The controls are very occasionally a bit janky, at one point in the game the post mission summary potentially tells outright lies because of a misplaced trigger and the first couple of hours are definitely not the best part of the game.

    That said, the story while hardly the most original or life changing is a well thought out, extremely well implemented pastiche of every thriller movie, game and book ever. What's more, the dialog, which is incredibly well written to begin with, reacts to almost everything the player chooses to do, up to and including characters reacting (sometimes dramatically) differently to you if you have rampaged through the game murdering everything in your path or played the game as a stealth game without killing anyone. It is difficult to properly express, without giving anything away, quite how reactive to the player Alpha Protocol is. While the dialog system where you pick the tone of your response and have a limited time to choose has its critics in practice the system is pretty good and certainly an improvement on the wooden and repetitive dialog trees most counterparts offer.

    The shooting and stealth are both fairly good, as long as you approach it as an RPG and not a shooter, the actual gameplay is both extremely reminiscent of and a fair bit better than the original Mass Effect with a mixture of third person shooting and RPG style abilities coming into play. Stealth is occasionally difficult and sometimes slightly illogical but with practice and a little thought extremely rewarding. While there isn't too much variety in the weapons they all handle fairly well, especially if the player invests ability points in them.

    The only reason I feel people have based Alpha Protocol is they came to it expecting a different game to what they got. It is not a shooter and shouldn't be judged as one, nor is it a stealth game, it is an RPG through and through and labeled as such. The closest comparisons are the original Deus Ex and the original Mass Effect, both of which it is on a par with for storytelling, dialog and gameplay.
  17. Oct 24, 2011
    The camera angles and general view are not very good, but once you get used to how it maneuvers, it becomes second nature. The controls are obviously a direct console port, with very little adaptation to the PC. Aiming is the polar opposite of smooth, and it actually has the feel of a controller pointing the crosshairs in the direction you hope to hit. In other words, aiming can and often is a problem. Hit detection will often leave you slightly frustrated. With that said, once you adjust to and forgive this faulty manner of control, the game is quite enjoyable and playable. Alpha Protocol employs interesting interaction between you and many other characters. You will develop a reputation with the NPCs depending on how you react to dialogue. This will alter many parts of the game as you progress. The amount of weapon customization and items that can be equipped is impressive and well rounded. The environments are crafted nicely, and all surroundings look quite good and realistic. The game runs well even in older systems. A positive surprise for a title released in 2010! The hacking minigames (bypassing, lockpicking, and hacking) are well implemented and fun to solve. Espionage is the main thematic focus of the game, and it is realized nicely. Immersion is also done exceptionally well. It is even realistic. Bypassing, lockpicking, and hacking all serve to involve the player deep in the narrative and action. The storyline is very good; comparable to the more developed Hollywood movies of today. The amount of characters you will interact with is wonderful, and they each act entirely different from each other. You will develop an extreme interest for two or three, and be rather annoyed at others. There are three girls that you will interact with that depending on your actions, will be romantic interests of your character's. Voice acting is done by many different persons, and they all thoroughly exceed gaming standards. Boss battles can be straightforward and curt, but they manage to keep up with how the game progresses and evolves without diminishing the experience at any level. The bosses towards the end of the game are a lot more difficult. The Brayko boss battle is my personal favorite. It's really cool! All missions are diverse in origin and in their goals, actually having a different feel to them, from one to the next. There are several graphical bugs and glitches. For example, some textures often take one or two seconds to load, but that may be due to my hardware. All is forgiven because the gameplay and story makes up for the game's developmental shortcomings. Incendiary bombs area great! Use them and abuse them! Alpha Protocol often (60% of the time or more) crashes soon after you quit it, right before it hands over all processes back to Windows. Dossiers add a nice touch of detail and insight as you unlock each piece of intelligence through accomplishments. Reading the dossiers and e-mails prior to missions gives you a better sense of acknowledge and informational power, in addition to some parts of the text being positively humorous. You may specialize your character to tailor whatever playing style you prefer. I personally preferred the combination of stealth with the occasional rifle usage. There should be more games like this. An extensive and branching storyline with lots of NPC interaction. Expand
  18. Oct 7, 2011
    Excellent game - I was hesitant about buying it at first given the mixed reviews, so ended up waiting until it was on sale - I needn't have worried, as it's the best game I've played in ages.

    It's quite similar to deus ex (original) in how it plays, only with a much stronger stealth element.

    You can play it in compeltely different ways, both in terms of the core gameplay (stealth vs
    going in guns blazing), and in terms of the storyline, where you can end up turning enemies into allies and choose different paths for the story to take. The stealth aspect is fairly well done, although it does suffer slightly from enemies having a narrow field of view (meaning you can take out one enemy and another that's nearby won't notice unless they're looking towards you).

    I thought the graphics were very good, there's a nice number of mini-games to vary the pace (and fortunately you can avoid these if you don't enjoy them), the story was decent, and thanks to the customisation options and the way stealth was implemented the gameplay was great. The game also lasts a hefty amount of time and is highly replayable. I only came across a few minor bugs (I think about 3 times in an entire playthrough I'd have a few enemies respawn upon loading an earlier save game), so I don't feel there are any significant negatives.

    All in all this is a very good and underrated game.
  19. Sep 27, 2011
    The story is gripping and the way that it branches really gives the player the power of choices that matter. You really feel like the decisions you make have an impact on the game world and that there are consequences, both positive and negative, for the things you do and say. Some people may not like the dialog system, but I think its absolutely genius! Limiting the time you have to choose dialog responses makes you have to think on your feet and pay close attention to detail. Not to mention, it allows for great replayability of the game. The characters are also really well constructed, each with their own personality, likes and dislikes, that you have to find out to successfully navigate conversations. Voice acting is pretty good too.

    Another large aspect of the game is the RPG element: choosing your skills, specializations, weapon loadout and customizations. Although the interface could use some work, it isn't the most cumbersome of console-ported interfaces. That said, I think the mechanics are well done. The skill tree is reminiscent of Mass Effect 2 except you have more individual skills to choose from which is nice. I've read that the skills can be unbalanced and lead to "power-leveling", but I've chosen to ignore reading what particular skills those are because I like finding out for myself. I'm going to defend the game here and say that unbalanced skills in an RPG is perfectly acceptable; Of course not every decision you make is going to be the right one and that is the beauty of having choices--having consequences to those choices.

    The weapons customization is also slick and adds a good bit of depth to gameplay since you can customize your weapon mods to suit your play style. For example adding a silencer may decrease damage but gives you the advantage of stealth.

    I also like the experience/achievements system which rewards you differently based on your approaches to situations in the game. I never felt like I was missing out by not making a particular choice, because the game would reward me either way, but the rewards would differ.

    Now for the bad parts: Enemy AI is lacking. For example, anytime you sprint, guards have the uncanny ability to hone in on your location. Also, this isn't Splinter Cell: Enemy bodies disappear almost instantly and guards don't really get suspicious when you kill their friends as long as they don't directly see you doing it (or hear you). Also, the alarm system is kind of broken. The game works on a checkpoint system so even if you trigger the alarm in one checkpoint, there are no negative consequences for the following checkpoint area. This means the game is very forgiving when it comes to stealth. Trigger the alarm? No problem, just bust out your assault rifle and kill everybody in the area then continue to the next checkpoint.

    The other large annoyance is the save system. The game uses checkpoints for saves and overrides each checkpoint save when you reach a new one. This can be frustrating when you want to go back in time, only to find your last manual save was 2 days ago because your checkpoints were overwritten. Now when I first found out there was no ability to quick save, I thought it was a stupid design decision. But now, I see that it falls inline with the rest of the game's design philosophy: You're choices matter and there are consequences to your actions. Allowing you to quick save whenever you want takes away from the gravity of your actions since you can redo them infinitely without consequence. Overall if I could change it, I would keep the checkpoint system, but have it save each checkpoint separately.

    That said, I think the save system and the poor AI are excusable, given the very engrossing story and the very well executed branching and dialog system. That's not to say that the action and actual gameplay are not fun in their own right, just that the former elements steal the show. I'm sad to hear Alpha Protocol received such poor reception from the press and initial users, but I hope others will give this diamond in the rough a chance. And just hopefully, Obsidian will be given the chance to do a sequel.
  20. Sep 28, 2011
    This game is simply amazing! You get the decision making/conversation options/RPG elements similar to Mass Effect; and you get the espionage and humor from Metal Gear Solid. This all blends together to create a unique gaming experience with a huge replay factor, with different classes and game play routes. The story of this game is thrilling and always making you want to see what comes up next, every time I stopped playing I would run scenarios through my head trying to find out what would happen next!
    You can choose to be a real spy and go in silent trying not to be detected, or go in guns blazing and making all the noise you could ever imagine. You get to choose who to believe, choose who to ally with, choose who to kill, and so much more.
    But like with any other game ever created, and that will be created there are bugs that can get annoying at times. The graphics are decent, not the best, but nowhere near the worst. The enemy AI can be stupid at times and the saving feature is somewhat frustrating.
    Overall this game has gripping game play, a very thrilling storyline, and you can replay over and over again. I really hope they make a sequel because this game truly does deserve it.
  21. Nov 8, 2011
    The expectations before you play could polarize your views. Some play this, expecting "Splinter Cell : The RPG". Others expect "Neverwinter Nights, guest-starring Sam Fisher". It's probably more "Mass Effect in modern times" This would be a good game, if it wasn't for Obsidian's modus operandi of making something that could be awesome, but failing to implement it correctly. There are bugs, optimization issues, dumb AI, annoying saving (and loading) system, and short-ish campaign. On the other hand, it *is* engaging. Dialogue options, one of those "choice and consequences" concept that doesn't fall flat on its face, different gameplay approaches that actually work, and finally a plot that doesn't revolve around doomsday nuclear weapons threatening the world peace. As an old-time pen-and-paper RPG player, I can confidently say this is a role-playing game. Those who play for action may be disappointed. Expand
  22. Oct 14, 2010
    This game plays like Mass Effect + Splinter Cell and if you're in love with both games like me, you will really enjoy Alpha Protocol. Combining stealth, decision-making, a variety of missions and a neat role-playing system, Alpha Protocol is one of the best ideas for a video game this year. It is therefore unfortunate that the game was rushed with a lot of thing left unpolished. Gameplay is glitchy, the targeting system is weird, the animation when you turn around looks funny, ragdoll deaths are terrible, characters seemed cool but were too shallow, story arcs were not explored deeper, loading is horrifying, stealth could be a lot better, etc. It pains me to know that if Obsidian was given much more time with this game that it would have been a real Mass Effect 2 quality product, but unfortunately this is not the case. Nonetheless, if you're looking for a stylish, Splinter Cell type game, you definitely want to give this a try. Expand
  23. Jul 9, 2012
    If you like Pierce Brosnan James Bond movies you like this. The only bad sides I could find was that enemies(or you) take forever to kill unless you aim and critical them in the head or if you use sneak attack. Other option is to use shotgun or any other less stealthy weapon and go all Rambo, the game doesn't punish you at all even if you do not play like a real agent would. Lip-sync and face animations are also quite awful which sort of annoys me because dialog and voice acting are both superb. Expand
  24. Aug 4, 2011
    An interesting experiment, to say the least. This game is threading in an area where no other has before. RPG with an modern-high-tech-espionage backdrop. I`m pretty sure that all the mixed reviews originate in people simply being confused. Compare it to, say DA:O, and it`s not exactly an RPGish. Compare it to better installments in Splinter Cell series, and, well you`ll be left wondering "what the hell am I playing? But the story? How it is put together? The sheer amount of interactivity it allows you? And the atmosphere on some levels? Wonderful gem I say, on par with other, older Obsidian`s work. Of course, there are certain problems with the game, and it could use more polish, definitely. But if you had just about enough of slightly nerdish RPGs made for teenagers (admit it, DA:O is one) or overblown, overambitious space-opera FPS-RPG hybrids like Mass Effect, this is the way to go. Something completely new. Try it. Expand
  25. Zri
    Jan 25, 2011
    The story is a lot of fun, the RPG elements through character development and especially _meaningful_ conversation options is just superb, and the sneakiness is refreshingly well done. I feel that the only thing that lets Alpha Protocol down is that the active combat (ie when you're not ambushing people and they're aware you're around) is merely good, and not great. While games like the Splinter Cell franchise have tended (in the past, sadly) to do the sneaker side of things better, Alpha Protocol has tied the whole thing into one package very well indeed. Do yourself a favour and get it. Expand
  26. Apr 4, 2011
    I have played RPG's with a better combat system, and I have played shooters with equally deep story writing- and yet Alpha Protocol Captivates me and at the end leaves me wanting more- even if I want that more to be better polished. Despite poor sales commercially, and a sometimes more-than-shaky stealth system that can turn a few people off, this game had amazing potential. I am literally saddened there will be no sequel- it's like having a week long passionate fling and then finding out She changed her numbers and locks on you. Expand
  27. Sep 4, 2012
    This game is what Mass Effect should have been : when you make a choice it has a real impact on the plot.
    That's what the game was about and it nails it on that front, everything else can be forgiven.
    In an era where RPG forgot that they were RPGs (R.I.P. Fallout), it's refreshing to have a game where aiming correctly doesn't amount to much if you don't have any points in the weapon
    you're using. Expand
  28. May 15, 2011
    An excellent game on so many levels. A highly reactive storyline unfolding in ways you want (or sometimes ways you don't want) makes it an excellent experience. And I will stress the word experience because that is mainly what this is; if just the gameplay had been better it would have been an all-time favourite for me, but it does it's job.
  29. Oct 1, 2011
    Loved it, don't care about the other reviews, was lighthearted and fun all the way through. 150 characters? aw man thats wayyyyy too long, have to fill up text.. er.. screw flanders.
  30. Oct 23, 2011
    The brilliance of this game has obviously not been noticed by many a reviewer. Shame on these so called 'professionals' for not not recognizing a good game when they see it and shame on Sega for their unwillingness to work on Alpha Protocol 2. This game could easily find its place among titles such as Fallout 1 and Deus Ex 1. The storyline is unique, forcing the player to make ethical decisions on the fly. There's just never a dull moment in the Alpha Protocol and each mission unlocks new avenues and objectives for the player to explore. Not paying attention in this game is punished and reading up on all the background stories and gauging your adversaries' (and allies') intentions rewarded. The game offers good replayability and offers some highly memorable characters to interact with. There's good character customization as well with fun gadgets and lots of weapon upgrades. The game also rewards you based on your choices by giving you 'perks' that upgrade your character permanently; these small bonuses are never game breaking and always interesting. What stops me from awarding it a 10? The horrible, horrible obvious console-port mechanics. The graphics are dated, the controls are awkward, the menus buggy and the boss fights sometimes border on the impossible. (Make certain your character is skilled in a gun of your choosing!) The regular AI is neither too difficult nor too easy, the game is simply very forgiving about screw-ups on the gamer's side. The conversation is also somewhat ambigious at moments; you never quite know what your character is going to say next and sometimes, you end up insulting someone when you think you're just asking them for more information. Turns out that the chat-wheel you're given doesn't simply feature conversation options, they're stances:to the left is the James Bond stance ("Suave") on top the renegade agent ("Aggressive") that'll get the mission done regardless of the costs and to the right is the more diplomatic agent. ("Professional"). Occasionally unique choices will pop up during conversation that often move the game in a different direction. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this game and I would recommend it to any one who enjoys intricate stories about corporations, espionage and hacking. Expand
  31. Jul 27, 2011
    Do not buy that game! I reinstalled it after month after my first sadness with it at steam to take a look what happened till now.. But really.. Its a huge fail-development and maybe one of the biggest mistakes of obsidian. I never seen much of the story, I never met all the interesting characters and I never decided epic moments cuz one of the mini games in the game ruined all the fun I could have. HACKING is a huge bad portation and the idea to create such an hard mini-game is really sick. AND without a "pad" beyond possibility. My first hack in-game was my very last. I tried it for hours and hours but cuz of the inaccurate mouse-sensitivity I never could log in these randomized keywords. All other mini-games are no match, easy and funny, but hacking is the biggest slur within such public game and a crime against 08-15 gamers. And I wont tell you anything bout aiming, cuz its another joke of the developer. There are no patches to disable Hacking or better aiming since game came out. Do not waste your money like me. The one game I wished I never had bought is Alpha protocol. Buy something better. ;) Expand
  32. Sep 24, 2011
    It might have been a good game, but not anymore. SEGA seems to have taken the activation servers offline. There is no change of replaying this game I bought at release. It just won't activate anymore.
    The patch SEGA released to remove the activation also does not work, since it prevents the game from even starting.

    Maybe the Steam version is working better, but I'm not going to buy a
    game twice. This is SEGA and DRM at their worst. Stay away from this game. Expand
  33. Oct 10, 2011
    This game is as far as I can tell, criminally underrated. I have not played the game until now because I was told by reviewers it was terrible. This is simply wrong. This game offers dialogue, plot and characters worthy of it's own book. Everything you say or do seems to have consequences, you can dig dip into dossiers and secret e-mails or just wing it, and both ways are fun. Every choice and dialogue option seems to have consequences an you actually feel like listening to the conversation since you have the think and answer fast when in a conversation like actual people, unlike in other games where you stand there like a cardboard cutout until you feel like answering, possibly checking the wiki and fetching some coffee. **** that, this is the real stuff. Customisation isn't massive character wise, but you get enough to feel like a spy. Weapons and gadgets are plentiful. I have a lot of fun setting traps for enemies and watching my plan unfold as they walk into electrocutions, mines or my knife. Other times I sneak around undetected. I have to admit that I have only played for 6 hours so far, but that is in one sitting. I was hooked after the first 10 minutes. The point is that this is a great game and you should try it. Expand
  34. Nov 20, 2012
    Very unexpectedly loved this game immensely! The concept of a spy RPG made me wanna try this game (with thoughts of Dues Ex in mind), but my expectations were initially not high at all. But, it turned out that I loved everything about this game. Everything.
  35. Mar 7, 2012
    This game reminded me a lot of Mass Effect 1. A coherent, well thought-out story with many player options is presented with some graphical hiccups and gameplay mechanics issues. However, as in the case of ME1, the established environment of the game and level of customization made it a joy to play. It felt like Splinter Cell in an RPG style affair. I recommend it for anyone who enjoyed ME1 or any espionage aficionados. I picked it up for 5 bucks on sale. Worth it. Expand
  36. Jan 21, 2013
    For me, it's better than Mass Effect. No alien mumbo-jumbo, but real world, present times, politics, power struggle, black ops, corporations corrupting everything for a mindblowing story, where you end up drawing diagrams full of connections and relationships between factions, agencies, governments, mafia and their representatives, to understand their intentions and to UTILIZE this in game conversations and choices. Every time you found some little puzzle piece, you will be rewarded. This applies to stealth/combat gameplay sections of game too, where the game properly reflects what player is doing (as in any Obsidian game, I love you guys for this.). This game has the "one more mission and I'll go to sleep" effect once you get into it. Only thing to prevent you from getting there can be quite slow start and outdated graphics. But it's definitely worth getting over these. Expand
  37. Dec 29, 2012
    This game is highly underrated, worth ever penny I paid for it, RPG, Action and a story that YOU decide, play as you will, your loss or gain, it will change as you play.
  38. Jan 26, 2012
    I came into this game hearing that it sucked and thinking that I wouldn't enjoy it, but I was intrigued by the concept and I saw it super cheap on steam, so I bought it. Maybe it was the low price, (somewhere between two and five usd, I can't remember exactly), maybe it was the ultra low expectations, or maybe, just maybe, it was the weed but I really enjoy this game. Not expecting much, i find it easy to accept it's faults. Like everyone says, the combat is sloppy (think a poor man's mass effect, not saying mass effect was anything spectacular), and every once in a while I think the enemy cheats in terms of sneak detection. The story you have heard a thousand times before, and to be completely honest i am only half paying attention to it to keep in context. To be honest I may have already reviewed this game saying the same things but i just started playing it again and I had to speak of it since a lot of people poop can it (i am not sure if cursing is allowed on here). If you only read about how this game sucks, and assume it sucks, but like the concept of a spy rpg, get it for cheap, you won't be let down. If you payed 50 dollars for it and were pumped about the game since it was announced i completely understand the low ratings. However if you are curious but wary and don't expect gears of war 3 with gadgets, or splinter cell with skill points, it is five dollars well spent. Also, the conversation system beats mass effect hands down. Play this game to see what I mean (4 hours minimum before you make a solid opinion). Expand
  39. Oct 10, 2011
    There are nothing really bad about this game. Yeah, The control can be awkward at times. The game mechanics may be not well balanced. AI may be too simple. But really those aspects never ruin the game. The shooting is fine, and stealth actually does work most of time. the only thing that annoys me is just those insane mini games. The writting and story is at the same level of mass effect. The choices and consequences in this game are very well done which gives this game a great amount of replay values. I personally think this game is the best game Obsidian ever made. if you values the choices and consequences in the RPG and good story telling in video games, this is a game you must play. Expand
  40. Mar 28, 2011
    There are bugs, but the game has amazing writing and your actions have real consequences, and it can easily be replayed multiple times just to see what happens.
  41. Sep 30, 2011
    I am not what you would call an FPS fan but I kept reading about how this is really an RPG game with shooter elements and that it is vastly underrated. I now think those people are loony. I don't know how good the RPG elements are in this game or anything about replayability because frankly the game is so bad that I never got beyond about 20 minutes in. What's wrong with the game has been stated in other reviews: bad engine, clunky controls, obvious console port. I got the game when it was for $2 on a Steam sale and thankfully so because if I had paid more I would have been livid. When you read other reviews about how good the story and dialog are in this game be aware you are reading reviews from people who can ignore all the **** to find the diamond. I couldn't do it. Expand
  42. Aug 2, 2011
    I haven't encountered many bugs at all. Mechanics have some problems, probably due to the "consolization" process. There are problems with the AI too, but they don't ruin the game experience at all. The most important feature is the dialogue screens with a timer, that will grant you a really immersive experience. There are several choices in the dialogues (from 2 to 4) and they will modify the npc's reactions. Furthermore, the actions during the missions will affect the plot development, with the possibility of many endings.
    This is a very good RPG, and i recommend it to all the RPG lovers and also espionage stories fans.
  43. May 24, 2011
    The RPG heart of Alpha Protocol is pure and true. Real choice and consequence in a setting of international intrigue and adventure. Yes, the combat mechanics are largely broken but not to the point where a satisfying compromise can't be reached in terms of gameplay vs. RPG payoff. On par with Jade Empire for mid-to-high level escapism.
  44. Oct 2, 2011
    I'm with AgentLumberjack... yes there are problems with the Alpha. It could have been a lot better. But for all it's faults -- from a bad port to pc, to weak boss fights, a stupid save system, etc. -- it is still a game that's fun to play, and REPLAY. SEGA should give obsidian a 2nd chance to get it right and do Alpha Protocol 2... but only after listening to what users had to say. The dialog options are a winner and the skill tree makes creating different character models fun and rewarding. Good first try... now let's see a game in AP #2 that's worth being compared to Mass Effect! Expand
  45. Oct 9, 2011
    I specifically signed up for metacritic to review this game.
    This is not a perfect game (yes dumb enemies, glitches, dated graphics ...) but IMHO the result is bigger than the sum of its parts. I have a friend that will not touch such games due to the problem mention above - so if you are sensitive to issues like graphic, mechanic ... - don't play the game.
    I bought it in steam in 2$
    without reading any review so I came without any expectation, play the game and it was sheer fun. It cost me 2 sleepless nights which happens very rarely these days. Expand
  46. Oct 13, 2011
    I loved this game when I played it. I loved the storyline. I loved the over the top characters and the silly boss fights. I loved that Mike Thorton was a complete dick. When you make choices they actually have real consequences unlike a lot of other games. The combat was fine once you realized that it was an RPG and not a shooter. I have completed the game several times(thoroughly enjoyed it) and if it was a crap game I wouldn't complete it once. It did have bugs and technical issues, but because of the bad reviews, Sega have pulled all support for it whatsoever- not even a proper patch. It's a crying shame how badly it was received by reviewers and as a consequence is not due a sequel. I loved the game and there really aren't many games that gave me such a feeling(Deus Ex, The Witcher, Vampire:The Masquerade Bloodlines are some of them). This game is so underrated and deserves to be a cult classic. Many of the bad reviews are undeserved and a lot of the issues could be fixed with a patch(which isn't happening BECAUSE of the bad reviews). I really hope that Sega give this a second chance because it deserves more. Expand
  47. Jan 13, 2012
    This might not be the most polished game out there, but for some reason I found myself having a lot of fun playing this. Even the dialogue sequences had me hooked.
  48. Jan 3, 2012
    Any game that makes you think twice about killing, and later regret it needs to be played by any and all gamers. The story is unoriginal, clearly left-wing-bias (not to say it's wrong), dialog is rather hit-or-miss, combat is formulaic and the third person perspective kills me every time. But the stealth is in the top lists, character variety is awesome, and as I mentioned, you will regret some of the more radical decisions most games throw at you like Saturday morning pancakes in a country restaurant. And if you really like looking deep into something, you'll see an underlying philosophical theme of loyalty, orders, and "the mission". But you do have to dig intellectually for that part. Expand
  49. Jun 14, 2012
    I'll be concentrating on the user interface and the performance. The graphics and story are OK, i'm not picky. Okay. I have a decent system, 4 gigs ram, geforce 560ti, core 2 duo e8200, maybe a little light on the CPU but its ok. I tried all the video options on and also tried the game with them all off. As with most consolitis games, the video options are a bit limitied.

    I see that
    this game suffers from consolitis and lacks polish. The loading times are too long, even for something as simple as loading a checkpoint then dying then reloading the last checkpoint. Loading time is also too long for such simple stuff as opening the map or opening one of the menus such as weapons or gadgets. When loading a save or loading a new level at least there's a spinning AP logo on the screen but otherwise, the game looks like its frozen. Then there are lots of pauses. Example, you are running forwards then make a 90 degree turn to your left to a stair or ramp, after turning a few degrees there is a split second pause then you find yourself turned 270 degrees so you have the stairs behind you and you're face into the wall or sometimes its 180 degrees and you're going back the way you came. The scrolling is horrible in menus. The mouse wheel works but if you have say 2 windows like in the email window, scrolling the mouse wheel only scrolls the list of emails on the left while the message on the right window cannot be controlled by the mouse wheel. You can always click on the scroll up and down buttons but they are soo small. Plus there are pauses scrolling to an email or a weapon that's on the next page of a list

    The menus like the PDA and the weapon menus don't recognize the ESC. So for example in the map to go back to the game you have to mouse click on the "back" button then press TAB. you can only jump from say the weapon to the skill menu only by mouse clicking on a small arrow. You can't use the keyboard shortcut keys. And for exiting those menus going back to the game you can't press ESC, you gotta press the key assigned to it

    Very Very poor interface design. A shame since the RPG system, the story and the combat is OK
  50. Jun 19, 2012
    I had mixed feelings toward this game at first, thinking of it as little more than a ME2 clone. How surprised I was when after a few hours with it I found myself enjoying it far more than BioWare's big game. Unlike in ME2, the decisions you make and dialogue options you choose actually matter, and not just by filling some stupid good/bad gauges. Everything you do has an influence on what'll happen next, and some seemingly good choices can come back and bite you in the ass later on. There are no prop characters existing for the sole purpose of being slain by the protagonist, either. Each person in AP has their own well written personality, and whether they'll be your friend or enemy is up to you. The combat system shares many similarities to that of ME3, but offers more freedom, allowing you to take enemies down non-lethally or just plain sneak by them. The weapon accuracy is far more realistic, too - firing from the hip you'll most likely make a lot of holes in the environment and leave your opponent unscathed. Overall, while not as flashy as ME2, AP will always be a better game in my book. Expand
  51. Dec 23, 2012
    One of the worst games I've ever played. It pretty much sums up how it would turn out if I suddenly decided to make a Mass Effect clone. And the engine, ugh.... don't even get me started... let's just say it's Unreal Engine 2 (yes, that's two, you read that correctly) and it shows. *ucking everywhere, the graphics, physics, animation, particle effects, audio... This game has been made by a bunch of morons with an Orangutan as the lead programmer. Expand
  52. Jan 13, 2013
    Tons of potential just completely squandered by clunky controls and programming. It has every core mechanic that makes a game great, including a fantastic story, but then just trips over its own shoelaces when you start to play it.
  53. Mar 4, 2013
    Despite it's numerous flaws, this game is still highly enjoyable. If you love games like Fallout or Mass Effect, there's a good chance that you'll have a great time with Alpha Protocol. The combat is a little poor (depending on your chosen play style), some animations are downright silly, and enemy AI is laughable at times, but those parts aren't what I played it for. I played this game for the multitude of choices and control over the plot, deep customization options, and plenty of items to collect. Voice is acting is generally very well done as well. Don't listen to the critic's reviews on this one. Collapse
  54. Oct 2, 2013
    Great game, interesting gameplay. Despite having numerous bug it is still among the best games I have played. You make allies or enemies as you go and depending on your actions various characters either come to help you or hinder you. Gathering information is actually rewarded in this game (comes in handy during conversations) so it pays of to take a good look around the levels.
  55. Dec 12, 2013
    Alpha protocol is underrated don't listen to big shot payed big buck the game perfect no game is so it has its flaws like a bit of frame rate issues animations can look stiff the shooting and the A.I can feel off at times and I hate the hacking but theres nothing game breaking at least for pc versions..the experience is like mass effect meets James bond meets metal gear in a great way..the controls at least for the 360 controller are solid and once you got them down its smooth if u don't play a game based on graphics it wont matter but if u do there decent ..all in all an enjoyable time Expand
  56. Sep 12, 2013
    This game is a bit underrated. It has seveere flaws on movement cover system and de enemy AI it's just dumb Aside from that, the story is good, graphics are ok (specially if you add SweetFX) and the missions are just long enough to have fun and not find them repetitive or boring. Mini games are well, just there.The lockpicking minigame works fine but the hacking onw with keyboard and mouse is terrible.
    If you can bet this game cheap,that is the case nowadays, and it gets on sale a lot, i recommend buying it.
    As for replayability, I really don't think the game will encourage you to play again once you finish it once,
    even for different character progression
  57. Mar 20, 2014
    Alpha Protocol is a Deus Ex/Splinter Cell (sprinkled with a bit of Mass effect) wannabe that actually succeed at creating an immersive “James Bond” RPG fantasy, despite its many technical problems. Pros: 1) Good storytelling and characters; 2) Deep RPG elements; 3) Excellent facial animations; 4) Tough decisions to make, with interesting consequences; 5) Innovative dialog system;
    Gameplay that emphasizes player choice

    1) Bad console port – Recommend using a controller for the best experience;
    2) Checkpoint system (I hate that!);
    3) No antialiasing – Warning: don’t force it through the graphic drivers, or you will break the game). You can have MSAA however if you download this file ( and extract/add it to /AlphaProtocol/ Binaries/ folder;
    4) Lots of bugs and glitches, for example in some missions if you reload a checkpoint, the NPC’s won’t respawn. Surprisingly the game never crashed on me;
    5) Glitchy controls and camera (sometimes the camera locks, and you won’t be able to move, other times it will do a one eighty for no reason.) – Warning: Don’t assign the interact function to any other key than space, or you will break the hacking mini-game.
    6) The f****** hacking mini-game – Warning: don’t play this game on hard as a recruit, and put some action points on the technical skill branch before you start the game;
    7) Terrible cover system – Warning: avoid throwing grenades from cover, because they tend to explode in your face)
    8) Zero Modding community.

    Ultimately, despite its many technical faults, Alpha Protocol is still very fun to play, and that is what really matters in the ends. If you can look pass the obvious technical problems, you will see that it is a very deep and immersive RPG experience that unfortunately lacks a lot of polish. Nevertheless, this does not excuse Obsidian and Sega for releasing an unfinished product, nor their unwillingness to fix it after release.

    Conclusion: If you like RPG games like Mass effect and Deus Ex, I recommend giving this (very underrated) game a go, but don’t expect a smooth ride in the gameplay department.
  58. Feb 17, 2014
    Alpha Protocol is an underrated game. It is a true RPG experience where every action you make carries weight. However a lack of polish seems to have put off many players due to outdated graphics, bugs and AI issues. I urge all RPG fans to give it a go and judge for yourself. In my opinion this game deserves a shot.
  59. Aug 29, 2010
    So far the character development, the dialog, the general story are all top notch. It had potential, I will say that. But somewhere down the line they made the mistake of making the controls terrible and removing any chance at am open world environment from this action RPG. The characters and the story were solid the implementation could of been better. Still, good fun and deserves a 9, I would say people are too hard on it because of the gap between how good the characters were and a just mediocre gameplay system. Expand
  60. Nov 25, 2010
    You can pick this game up for a song on steam, I paid 7 bucks and it was definitely worth it. Where to start? It is a good game that is for sure. The issues it may have had have been pretty well dealt with by now and graphics aren't absolutely amazing, but that doesn't mean you won't like it.

    There is linear track to the game, but you get to choose how you play it and how it ends. You can
    gather allies and enemies by your actions and change the course of the game. Even the pieces of intel you buy will have an effect on the game's end. Its compelling and the plot is quite good with more twists than you could imagine. There are a few that you might expect, but there are plenty more. The characters are dynamic and interesting as well.

    There is freedom in how you tackle the game and that is nice. I played as a stealth character and thoroughly enjoyed it. Coupled with the plot's replay value, there is plenty of incentive to play the game again. There are many moral choices to face and not all of them are easy, especially as the game forces you to choose quickly which actually made it more intense than parts of Mass Effect 2 where I sat there and deliberated a decision.

    The save system is a tad annoying, but you get used to it after a bit. Anyway, get this game, especially since its not priced very high. Its just a pity that a sequel has been ruled out. To quote Thorton "then it would just be beta or gamma protocol" and that would be fine with me
  61. Dec 1, 2011
    Alpha Protocol is hands down one of the best spy and espionage games on the PC. It kind of makes you feel like Jason Bourne. The interactive story provides satisfaction in knowing you are actually a part of the outcome and all of your actions have consequences. In addition, the timed responses mean that all conversations remain fluid and believable. The perk system provides persona customization primarily between stealth or run and gun. There is a money collection system for buying weapons, armor, and accessories through the black market to enhance your chosen perks. The aiming system was biggest weakness, the enemy AI could have been improved, and the bosses seemed overpowered, but overall there was really very few issues with the gameplay, and the execution is top notch. The game also offers a lot of replayability due to its diverse story paths. This is a must buy. Expand
  62. Dec 31, 2010
    It's a shame such a great game is (understandably) being judged harshly for bugs and control issues that have largely been fixed by patching. Alpha Protocol's combat and stealth aren't anything spectacular, but they do the job.

    It's the skill development, awesome selection of characters and incredible branching plot that make this game worth the money. Rambos need not apply.
  63. Feb 7, 2011
    Despite major complaints from other reviewers i found the game's story interesting and deep. The amount of options you can choose are astounding. Simple decisions could effect many events, and often you do get a feedback on decisions you made later on in the game.

    Now this game is not perfect, hell it took a few unofficial patches myself on the pc version just to get the frame-rate to
    stop dropping like a rock. But under all the game's bugs you truly have a gem of a game. Its sad to see the developers not working on this game anymore. Expand
  64. Oct 27, 2011
    I want to start off by saying this game is not worth it's full price, if you want Alpha Protocol, wait for it to go on sale as it often does on Steam. With that being said, the game is definitely worth it to anyone who enjoys Espionage stories and games like Mass Effect, in which you feel like you actually have a say in the sequence of events. These two things, the latter especially, I cannot stress enough as being very, very impressive. I've played through the game twice now, and even by doing missions in a different order, you will find that the story has drastically changed. Another great feature is the cast of odd ball characters you encounter. They range from your classic Bond villain, to the stereotypical Saudi terrorist, to the loveable oddballs you would find in a Quentin Terontino film. And this diversity is great and breathes life into the game. Just as you're getting bored with dealing with one set of adversaries a whole new and different group appears. And with that being say, Alpha Protocol is the autistic brother to other games, such as Mass Effect. It does what it does well so good, but it struggles in other areas. Such as gameplay. This game was nearly unplayable until I changed the sound.ini files. The fact my "Takedowns" were just as loud as a shotgun is just unacceptable. Even silenced weapons, which in most games will make your gun silenced, here, however, it just makes a pistol slightly quieter. And there really is no stealth, there is no Splinter Cell going from shadow to shadow, there is no Assassins Creed blending in to crowds, in all honesty, it's Mass Effect with crouching and occasionally enemies won't see you. Shooting, as well, is a little rough. Blind firing, I find, is far more effective than aiming for some reason. Gadgets never do anything. And the hacking mini-games are tedious and boring, adding no extra life to the game, only sucking it away. While Alpha Protocol does suffer from these dehibilitations, with a game like this that frequently hovers around $2 on Steam sales and the ability to make your guns slightly quieter through small tweaking of the system, the story and characters make this game worth looking at. Expand
  65. Mar 26, 2011
    A mixed bag. The plot and dialogue are for the most part excellent, but a huge range of gameplay issues keep this game from becoming great. If this game had come out in 2006 it would be a classic. However, in a post ME2 world, it feels clunky and dated.
  66. May 23, 2011
    Very well done. Pros: Its re playability, memorable NPCs, incredible story and unique time line. Different approaches of game style, multiple choices and consequences. And of course different endings. Cons: A few bugs over here and there(Blame SEGA for not even allowing a patch release), boss fights might be designed more realistic, crappy hacking UI, a few balance issues. Sad fact: AP was generally reviewed by FPS gamers that have no idea about dice/roll system of RPGs. They awaited either third person shooter game(aka Splinter Cell) or haven't even played yet another RPG.(You do an action, game rolls a dice and "Miss" etc stuff) Yet another sad fact: People have no idea what they're talking about and they got payed for it. While nearly all of players can agree that pistols are way overpowered i read that "pistols are lame, go for assault rifles" in a few websites that earn money from reviewing. So wrong and disrespectful to their costumers. Expand
  67. Jun 20, 2011
    Like all great RPG games, it has a serious number of bugs. The shame of it is Obsidian knew about this ahead of time and shipped it out the door with them. Gameplay and storyline more than make up for these deficiencies though.
  68. Apr 18, 2012
    Don't listen to everybody else. This game is AMAZING. There's not that much more to say because I don't you'll read it anyways. But let me say this. This game is very unique and in a good way. The game has SO MANY different options. You choose everything that's going to happen. This is the game that your choices matter. Plus you're an undercover agent, spy and you'll feel like a badass the whole time :) Expand
  69. Jul 11, 2011
    If you are a fan of games then this is right for you. Alpha Protocol is an RPG that truly gives your actions consequences, you can proceed through missions in whichever order you choose, you can choose to kill or spare main characters that can come back to help you, there are many different ways of playing through depending on what you want to do, it's a smorgasbord of choice. After you get past the not so good first mission hub (Saudi Arabia) the game really opens up and you'll get to see why this is one of the greatest RPGs ever made. Expand
  70. Jun 13, 2012
    Alpha Protocol got a lot of hate on release, some of it deserved, but a lot of it wasn't. The controls and combat are pretty awkward, and there are some annoying bugs, but I have to say that out of all the RPGs I've played, AP has THE BEST dialogue/consequence system yet put in a game. Take the Bioware system, for example. Your choices boil down to basically 'I don't want to burn down the orphanage', 'I enjoy eating orphans', and 'Orphans LOL'. Then, regardless of what choice you made, the orphanage is blown up because that's the only way to advance the plot, and you get numbers added or subtracted to some **** arbitrary paragon/renegade/karma value. In the Alpha Protocol system, important dialogue choices have a time limit on them, encouraging you to respond naturally, and because of this the conversations flow a lot better. Secondly, even the most innocuous conversation has consequences down the line. If you actually crack open the game files or read a guide, you'll see there are some crazy things that happen (or don't) depending on your choices. Thirdly, a lot of what you do doesn't have an arbitrary good/evil choice to resolve it with. Anyway, bottom line, if you can get past gameplay issues, this game is a hidden gem and definitely deserves a look. Expand
  71. Mar 7, 2012
    I can't put my finger on it, but there's something special about this game. Given that the subject matter is not my usual area of interest (espionage, CIA, NWO) I'm even more impressed that Alpha Protocol had me playing as long as it did. Some elements are a little dated and there's a few graphical glitches but it boasts an excellent choice/consequence system, the repercussions of which can actually be felt in-game. You are also required to read real words and observe the game world, as opposed to having things pointed out to you with a big yellow arrow. It also has a great sense of humour, engaging story and a fair share of unique game-play aspects that make numerous replays a high probability. I finished the game three times successively and logged 25 hours on steam. Expand
  72. May 6, 2012
    I can't give this game a high score. As much as I want to enjoy it, I can't.
    The graphics are flat and motion blur is sickening. I cannot play more than an hour of this game due to the motion blur which makes me eyesick.
    The AI in this game is also very, very stupid. They magically know you are there if there's an alarm, and if there's not an alarm, they're like deaf and blind babies
    with guns.
    The choice and storyline in this game is what makes it all. The choices are great and, as Yahtzee would say, you get to be all kinds of dick or good guy.
    Buy this game on a sale. It's not worth the price in my full, honest opinion.
  73. Nov 18, 2011
    I picked up a copy of Alpha Protocol on steam and have found it to be a very enjoyable game that has an interesting story line and an overall game design that reminds me of the Mass Effect and Dues Ex games. The graphics while not quite on par with either Mass Effect or Dues Ex are still good enough to make the game environment immersive and believable. The music is excellent as are the overall controls. While the game can be played with either a 360 controller or mouse/keyboard, I personally like the latter approach because of the extra precision aim control that a high def mouse provides over the clunky controller experience where one always feels as if they are over correcting. The dialog system is very similar to that used in Mass Effect but this is one area where the controls were an afterthought, forcing you to switch from WASD, to the arrow keys but it still works ok. Like Mass Effect, your dialog choices influence how others feel about your character, as do your overall moral choices in how the game plays out. Like Mass Effect and DuesEx, the game has a number of mini games for opening locked doors, disabling security systems and hacking into computers to obtain critical data. All of these work well and fit nicely into the game. While the lock picking is easy to master, as is the alarm bypass mini game, the computer hacking code is tricky and takes some getting used to. Still if you have the time, and are paying attention to the alarm timers, you are giving an unlimited amount of tries, something Mass Effect did not allow. One nit that I have is that the AI is very simple minded and easy, even of higher difficulty settings, to overcome. Still, over all a well-programmed game that helps, to recreate what it might be like to be a 007 type. Normally Iâ Expand
  74. Oct 1, 2011
    Picked this game up on the cheap. Very surprised. WELL worth it to me. I played through DEHR three times, and I know I'll play through Alpha Protocol at least twice. Yep, many people felt there were quirks with it, but once you figure it out it gets pretty fun pretty fast. Amazing to me the amount of work they put into this game (I have a hard time counting flaws when I'm having fun). Had this game came out during a dry time in PC gaming it's my personal opinion it would have been a big hit. Especially if it came out WELL before DEHR. BTW, I recommend EASY (the game save system is kinda unforgiving) your first playthrough (and commando, since stealth seems a bit harder and you still have the choice of going in with a mix of sneak takedowns or lethal as you so choose - though I'm going more tech/stealth my next play). I do feel the game gives you the freedom to play your style, which shares the great appeal of DEHR in my opinion). Quirks, but fun. Fun always wins in my book. Expand
  75. May 16, 2012
    I will admit that when I first picked this up a year and a half ago, I hated it. I hated the wonky controls, the psychotic camera, the fact I could not see any text describing the dialogue buttons (a real game killer) and the overall way the game played. I actually never got beyond the first training mission; I rage quit, uninstalled and swore I would sooner eat a dead dog's d*ck than ever play this game. So what happened? Well, this game sat at the top of my Steam Library for the aforementioned time span, so I'd always see it when launching other games. It kind of bugged me that I paid for what I had hoped was a great game, yet never played. Then, out of boredom/curiosity the other day I started re reading reviews, and noticed there were quite a few positive ones, even some outright enthusiastic fanboy exultations and I began to think; maybe I should give this one more go. I have a much better graphic card and thanks to Motioninjoy I can use my PS3 controller. Holy MacKackaronie, am I ever glad I did! Once I got into the meat of the game , I was hooked! The more I played, the more I could not stop. This should have been a blockbuster hit, but due to a lack of polish and fine tuning it got hated on by critics and gamers alike. However, those who persevered found the real unpolished gem that this truly is, and I thank those fans for enticing me to retry something special I would have otherwise missed. This is why I read reviews...and in this very rare case, I did a complete 180 and now love Alpha Protocol. What a shame it never got the kudos it deserved. My advice for anyone who passed on this, if you can find it (especially on sale) use a game pad, NOT keyboard /mouse, and go have yourself a blast. If you liked Splinter Cell and Deus Ex, this is their love child. Expand
  76. Oct 23, 2011
    So, i finished the game 10 minutes ago.
    Now my resume:
    Alpha Protocol had one of the best cost/fun ratio i have ever played.
    I got it from steam for only 2â
  77. Oct 13, 2013
    So very nearly great. Fantastic concept, seemingly well executed, then you hit bugs and issues with AI and mechanics problems.... Basically, had a bit more time been spent on the game design and debugging phase this could easily have been up there with the classics.

    Sadly it isn't.
  78. Jan 17, 2012
    I have to compare to mass effect, i'm sorry. The AI and gunplay is not fun in my eyes. I purchased it on the reccomendation of it being a hidden gem, and no its not. The level design is very bland, leading you through a straight path with only a small number of ways to approach that path. Also, martials arts animations are lame.
  79. Apr 24, 2013
    Better than its reputation led me to believe. Don't get me wrong, it has flaws but once you get the hang of it it's very enjoyable. If you've been debating about picking it up I highly recommend grabbing it, especially since it's on sale now. Some of the controls are funky (hacking is rather annoying) and the story is fairly cliche but in usual Obsidian fashion the characters are very well put together and I easily found myself sucked in despite ARPG/Shooters not being my thing. Some of the design reminds me of Deus Ex, you almost always have the option of stealth or combat and both are viable. The design allowing you to pick and choose allies which directly impacts the way the story unfolds is great. Expand
  80. Jan 14, 2012
    THis was the first undercover sneak agent type og game i ever played so for me sneaking around and not killing everything was really new. I did however like this game quite much and the story and dialog was never boring. The skills system is also geat and after i maxed out hand guns i could pretty much kill everything in sight without having to sneak through it. The game however is simply fun to play and there are many tactics to beat it. Expand
  81. Mar 3, 2012
    One of the least buggiest Obsidian Entertainment RPGs ever, which really isn't saying much... still the plot and replayability alone helps save this game from being merely average.
  82. Mar 12, 2012
    Nowadays I don't finish a lot of games anymore, but this game sucked me in and got me hooked until the end. The dialogue is great and the choices you make have a really big impact on the game. There's a big roleplaying aspect to the dialogue choices too, you can play Thorton the way you want. Also, you can go to any location in the game whenever you want and visiting locations in a different order makes the outcome different. After finishing the game I immediately started a new playthrough. Storywise, this is the best RPG I have ever played. The gameplay is good as well. Weapons are highly moddable, every skill is fun to use. I bought and played Deus Ex: Human Revolution right after playing Alpha Protocol. It was a terrible experience, Alpha Protocol did everything so much better. Expand
  83. Mar 15, 2012
    Terrible controls and some game engine problems, but still loved this game! I had to give 7 because of the problems but the story was nice and the whole environment the game created.
  84. Mar 17, 2014
    This is a phenomenal game! It's a lot like the original Deus Ex, but with more depth in story, investigation, and interpersonal interaction. The combat is fun; the weapons are fun; the character advancement is fun and varied; the skills are useful and interesting. You can play this game pretty much any way you want--from run-and-gun, to gadgetry, to total stealth--or any combination of the above. Most impressive, though, is just how many things--some big and some quite small--will have noteworthy impacts on the story. These aren't just random "easter eggs," either; it's all stuff that MAKES SENSE, as if you were really doing these things, affecting people's lives, changing global politics, etc. Sometimes, ticking off a character is what you want--if you decide to play it that way; other times, it's best to please people. There are underworld contacts to foster, government agencies to get involved with, conspiracy theorists to conspire with, several romantic interests, and on, and on. If you likes the interpersonal interaction in the Mass Effect series, you'll probably like this more. Moreover, how much you get your handlers to like you has a MAJOR impact on the story, the missions you go on, etc. Many missions are only available if you make certain choices--like sparing one person or killing another. You can get combative or other help in missions by getting the right people on your side. Truly, as far as I can tell, every single aspect of this game changes depending on the hundreds of decisions you make during play. I honestly can't fathom how the programmers pulled this off...except for spending a ton of time writing elaborate conditionals. The plot is also extremely interesting. On my first playthrough, I was utterly shocked at some of the stuff that happened--which is quite rare for me. The few complaints I have (hence the 9 rating, and not 10) is that unless you get the right underworld contacts, you won't be able to upgrade your gear the way you like--and this isn't entirely apparent during play. Also, the aiming/stability mechanics take some getting used to. In the beginning, you'll have a hard time hitting things (i.e. wasting a lot of your limited ammo--which you'll then have to buy more of for later missions). This does get better, though, as you level-up the weapon skills that you use most. I strongly recommend only specializing in two weapons (since this is how many you can carry at once), and putting no points, at all, into the ones you don't intend to use in every mission. My last gripe is that the learning curve is a little steep (as in, you'll make a lot of mistakes the first time through)--but this probably can't be avoided for a game this deep. Other than these three minor gripes, though, this game is, IMHO, completely perfect. Note: I'm playing the Steam version, as of 3-17-2014, which has no bugs that I can find. The earlier versions, I understand, were pretty buggy. It took me a solid 13 hours of play to complete this game, and it is highly re-playable. Kudos to the developers! Enjoy! Expand
  85. Nov 11, 2013
    Mind-numbing conversation system, HORRIBLE controls that were obviously a failed port and a maddeningly difficult hacking system (which you'll have to engage in often) all make this game more of a bother than it's worth.
  86. Sep 29, 2013
    As a true gamer, I like to play it always on hard more in my first try for challenge and fun. I think the game could be very enjoyable if I play it on normal. But the hard mode was more than hard or challenging it was like a nightmare mode which means u will die really fast! :O. One small mistake and it's over! On the one hand I like that, it gives more reality. But on the other hand which killed all my enjoyment in this game is why the heck are the enemies so durable!? They are like zombies lol if you don't shoot him in the head you have no chance! I don't even want to mention the crazy boss-fights XD Why didn't they make another mode for that? Did the devs even play this mode? I completed hard mode but it was a painful play. You have to trick the AI to survive and rely on your skills everytime. Oh yeah did I mention the aiming? You have to focus on your aim like a sniper rifle lol I don't think that a veteran agent needs so long to aim on someone. Well overall it could be a really good game if they make it more user-friendly and the hard mode more easier. Thx for reading Expand
  87. Aug 29, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Played the game twice, the replay value is high! There are 3 different endings, with numerous variations to them. The voice acting is very good, and makes the game seem lively. Graphics are a bit dated but the game still looks nice, and will run on any modern PC out there smoothly. Character customization is limited, however the weapon and armor customizations are quite deep. Gameplay is also customizable, you can play the game however you wanna. Expand
  88. Nov 23, 2012
    This was an odd one- Alpha Protocol was a deeply flawed game on many dimensions. But in others it was a compelling espionage RPG along the lines of Deus Ex.

    The game was quite buggy. One of the levels froze on me and wouldn
  89. Dec 11, 2012
    Modern day Mass Effect clone by the clone studio with the worst QA staff in the world, Obsidian. Very linear with typical Bioware-esque "go to three places for three quests and then on-rails for the last mission" game structure. Mostly boring characters... The few interesting characters are either useless (Beck) or are only around for two scenes and then limited to being mentioned in convos (Sis). Combat is mostly cover based shooting but gets frustrating from enemies killing you while behind cover ("realistic" cover with bullets going through broken concrete and such). Unreliable weapon damage, for both you and your enemies, results in random encounters which dump you back to the last checkpoint (no quicksaving or save anywhere options, thanks consoles) from an AI SMG spraying you and getting 5 lucky headshots in a row. Besides all the problems with it I was able to have a fun yet overly frustrating time with this Deus Ex-esque modern day spy thriller and recommend picking it up. Expand
  90. Feb 25, 2014
    A nice enough espionage RPG. The player has a choice of becoming a guns blazing soldier, or a stealthy non-lethal character. There are very nice skills, perks to be unlocked through role-playing, and there's a black market for weapons, armor and gadgets. Weapons and armor can be customized which is ever so cool. Then why my low score? I was taken aback by the huge amount of talking that is going on in this game. I'm under the impression that more than half of the time, you're in dialog with someone else. And these dialogues felt too boring for me. The writing and voice acting didn't really do it for me, and so I got bored pretty quickly. If you were into DX:HR, you owe it to yourself to try Alpha Protocol. If you were not, you'd better check a lot of gameplay video's before buying this. Expand
  91. Feb 21, 2013
    I got the game at a good price and it really is great entertainment. Having said that let me explain why I gave it a 6. Just to add some skill system that does not really much affect game play does not make a RPG out of a shooter. Just because you try to find every piece of information lying around does not make it espionage. I believe the point where I was let down with is best described this way:
    The structure or rather tools that this game consists of, all technical capabilities seem like they had a much grander scale in mind when being developed. You have that complex skill system, different ways your character possibly could solve scenarios (like for example in the first Deus Ex), a relationship system to other people, that possibly could affect game play much more.
    So you have all the things in place that could make an interesting RPG, but then apparently time was running out or whatever the reason was and you cripple the whole game by making a rather linear shooter out of it.

    I really enjoyed the story, but I would have rather liked it if either the RPG elements would have been a bit simplified, because really most of them are quite pointless giving the linearity and have not much effect within the game...
    or it could have been a bit more of an open and generic world and missions designed so that you could have solved them different ways, so that all of the RPG elements would have made sense.
    Oh and some espionage elements like decrypting messages and such would have been fun.

    Great shooter as it is, enjoyable story, but too tiresome and meaningless skill and item system.
    If you can get it for 2.5$ then go for it. Even at 5$ its definitely worth the money
  92. May 18, 2013
    So I gotta admit, if I was writing this reveiw when the game released, it would be a solid ZERO from me.
    Problem being I reached the tutorial hacking portion and couldnt advance.
    I could not see the numbers required to beat the hacking mini game for the life of me and since Obsidian is known for putting in what I like to call "gotcha" elements that stop you dead in tracks, I was one
    frustrated player.

    Tried for 3 weeks to get past this one item and couldnt. Thus the game would not let me past point and was finished.

    Ive never purchased another Obsidian product since then once they told everyone they didnt care about choke point (was more then just me having issues there) and would not release a work around to allow people to you know, play the rest of game.

    So fast forward to April 2013 and I decide to try again and load up game.
    Well first thing is I have to download a patch from a non Sega/Obsidian site just to run the dang game now. But I did
    And I got past the hacking part (make no mistake, I still cant do it on anything but Easy game setting, the mini game difficulty is way out of whack from the combat difficulty setting in this game).

    And man Im glad I did.
    Alpha Protocol is an amazing Action/RPG.
    Its along the lines of Mass Effect 2 but doesnt pretend to be what its not like ME2 did at release. This is a secret agent spy thriller with lots of shooting, bombs, sneaking, and romances. You decide how you will act and otehrs respond approapriately.

    I freaking love this game

    Such a shame Obsidian had to put in the choke point and then be dicks about it
    This franchise deserves #2 and #3 and more

    Unfortunately the response to Obsidian and AP was so negative at release Sega has stated there will be no future Alpha Protocol games made.

    Amazing game that just had the misfortune of being created by bad designers who wouldnt do their upmost to ensure customer satisfaction.

    Ina perfect world, when it became obvious so many were having issues with the mini games, Obsidian should have put out a patch that allowed players to set mini game difficulty AND combat difficulty in 2 seperate panels.
    Mini Game Beginer, Easy, Moderate, Hard
    Combat Easy, Moderate, Hard

    Ive completely game 3 times now and would love to up the combat difficulty level as its pretty easy for me to blitz through single shoting everything with head shots now. Unfortunately I still struggle with the mini games set on Easy setting.
  93. Dec 14, 2013
    This game looks like a more re****** brother of Deus Ex or Mass Effect, it even feels that way but the decision making is the best i ever found in a game. It doesnt show you the best answers, it doesnt hint you what to say, you also have short time to decide which answer to take. So for me its an 8.
  94. Jul 7, 2014
    The game is riddled with mini-games. One of them, hacking computers, is actually impossible if you play with a mouse and keyboard.
    Thousands of complaints on the internet haven't been enough to change this mini-game which was created for consoles.

    Don't buy this game if you haven't a controller. You've been warned.
  95. Aug 31, 2013
    Good game that doesn't always quite live up to what it was aiming for, but was still very good. Most of it went right great ambitious story, good voice acting, nice RPG elements, but some of the gameplay, in particular the stealth elements, is only solid rather than spectacular.
  96. Apr 22, 2014
    I don’t get all the hatred that’s been directed at this game. I picked it up for $2 during a sale, and some professional game reviewers were warning to not even buy it at that price. Naturally, I had to see what all the fuss was about and…well…Alpha Protocol is really not a bad game.

    Not terribly original (a cross between Splinter Cell & Mass Effect in the CIA) and the story isn’t
    particularly memorable but the gameplay is solid & enjoyable. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever played but it is most certainly not the worst, either. That is, it’s strange to me when professional media praises total garbage like Dragon Age 2 yet trashes Alpha Protocol.

    I’ve seen other reviewers complain about the AI in Alpha Protocol and various other glitches. Never had any problem with either of those things. Graphics were nice, music and voice acting were both acceptable. The story is nothing groundbreaking and a bit predictable given the way espionage stories go these days (America is the REAL enemy! Dun dun dunnn!) but it’s still fun to engage in the different relationships and choices you can make which have a real impact on the plot. And the gameplay is the glue that holds everything together; not revolutionary but good enough.

    The only drawback to Alpha Protocol is that it’s rather forgettable and you won’t have any reason to replay it unless you want to witness some of the multiple story paths. You can expect to spend somewhere around 20 hours and will have a good time during that, though. It’s a shame that this first entry got savaged because it really could have turned into a good series. Instead we have Assassin’s Creed Part 8 and Final Fantasy 13 Part 3. Oh well.
  97. Sep 13, 2013
    A wonderful game: beautiful branched plot, which is affected by any of your actions, resulting in the game is quite interesting even after second passage, interesting mechanics, a large variety of perks, gadgets and weapons. Of course it was not without flaws, but they are understandable because game was ported from consoles, which traditionally has a rather miserable control for Action games.
    Personally, I went through the game four times and did not have any desire to postpone it and do something else. For example, the first Mass Effect I fully completed only one time, and on the second time I drop it in the middle of plot.
    I'm so disappointed that the game received so much criticism on the start, and because of that development of the second part was canceled.
  98. Oct 26, 2013
    Some gameplay features are not polished fact, but in the matter of story... that game is awesome! It is one of the best games I have ever played (and I`m playing games for 16 years now).
    One notice: the "reputation" system is a simple idea but it is the most realistic reputation system I had found in games. Not like that stupid red/blue stripe in Mass Effect 3
  99. Oct 30, 2013
    Clearly underrated! The best in the business at story telling and choice's impact.

    Clearly, this game is legit. More than legit. We could point out the problems of gameplay: They do exist. But, in my opinion.... The story, the background, the characters... The choices... Prevail. This game is a must-play.
  100. May 22, 2014
    It pains me to give this game such a mediocre review, as it has such good potential. But both the lag and poor framerate are too much to bear. (No my GPU is not crap).
  101. Mar 4, 2013
    Despite it's numerous flaws, this game is still highly enjoyable. If you love games like Fallout or Mass Effect, there's a good chance that you'll have a great time with Alpha Protocol. The combat is a little poor (depending on your chosen play style), some animations are downright silly, and enemy AI is laughable at times, but those parts aren't what I played it for. I played this game for the multitude of choices and control over the plot, deep customization options, and plenty of items to collect. Voice is acting is generally very well done as well. Don't listen to the critic's reviews on this one. Collapse

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  2. Negative: 1 out of 25
  1. From the beginning of the game, till the ending, I was relatively pleased with how important and impactful the decisions I made were.
  2. Mediocre gameplay hides an enjoyable RPG with moments of genius. But it could have been so much more. [Aug 2010, p.56]
  3. That exhilarating core deserves more than the pretty rancid crust that tops it. [Aug 2010, p.76]