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Generally favorable reviews- based on 81 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 71 out of 81
  2. Negative: 5 out of 81

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  1. Jul 24, 2011
    This game is really good. I´m not a real indie fan but this game kicks ass. Airplane soccer, FFA, Perks, Ranks, Dedicated Servers. Three words: I love it
  2. Sep 4, 2010
    This is a very fun, very intense game. The dogfights are intense, the modes are many and fun, and the community is amazing. This is one of my favorite games of all time.
  3. Sep 6, 2010
    This is hands down my favorite PC game ever! There are good and addicting game modes, like Team Base Destruction (my fav) where you must grab a bomb and fly it to the opposing team base and drop it on their base. Also Ball, which is like soccer but with planes! And of course Free-for-all/death-match modes. The real fun is the online-play of course, where you can level up and unlock different planes and "perks" (weapons, armory, etc.). Try the demo for yourself and finish the training (they have easy, medium, hard and expert difficulties), and afterwards if you feel that this could be a decent game, then just buy it because as said before, online is where the fun is at. It gets millions of times better than the training. Expand
  4. Sep 10, 2010
    It's a real fun and addicting game, it worth to spend some time practising in order to be able to enjoy the great battles it offers! The leveling part drives you through the game and ease the learning process. A highly recommended game, must a try!
  5. Dec 3, 2010
    In a world where multiplayer shooter equates to brown fps games, Altitude is a deliteful breath of fresh air. The thrill and skill of flying is equally matched with the intensity of teamwork. Plane ball really shows of Altitude's aptitude at making a team experience intense and rewarding. There's been critisism towards its simplicity, but seriously; the battles are far from simple and it's the teamplay that makes you a vital cog in a complex wheel. The community is light hearted and the games usually end with a round of 'gg's.

    I game to have fun. This game is fun. This is my type of game.
  6. Jul 22, 2011
    This game won the Gamer's Choice and Technical Achievement Awards at the 2010 Indie Game Challenge. It was also in the PAX10 last year. I wonder how Robot Unicorn did????? This game is awesome and addictive. Plus the community support rocks!
  7. Jun 25, 2012
    This is one of the games that has a great community. I'm playing it for more than 2,5 years and one specific mode, which we like to call "Plane Football" takes all of our time every night. Still after all those years. It is so much fun to pass while anticipating where your team mates could run, while defending with the power-ups you collect here and there. Hard to portray with just words, you gotta see the masters in action.

    It has multiple soccer-only servers, which you can find one or two full at all times, 24/7. Player base is still growing, no more fancy updates but developers still fixes bugs.
  8. Apr 10, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I can't understand how anybody may say that this game is poor or that it lacks depth! Such a nonsense!

    Sure it's not for luxury-freaks, who want to get everything easy and quick... It's a hard work to learn to fly in Alti, but the reward is more than worth the effort.

    It's one of cheapest games I've bought through years and definitely one of 3 best and most addictive games. And I am comparing it with titles like Mass Effect, Deus Ex and Battlefield!

    So give it a try, I am sure it will very much surprise you! If you are not a lazy-fellow, who is bored by doing simply anything... ;)
  9. Apr 24, 2014
    One of the few games I'll ever give a 10. The planes are perfectly balanced and so are the modes. The game offers Bomb, Ball, FFA and TDM. Ball is essentially soccer/football and Bomb is essentially a destroy the base type of mode. The game is best played online and I wouldn't suggest it solo. Graphics are basic 2d sprites and gameplay is fairly simple to pick up but hard to master. The game's got nice variety with maps and planes. If there's one fault I can give the game is that its' pretty much best played online. I paid $15 for the game and have logged 560 hours. Expand
  10. Jul 12, 2012
    A whole load of fun in a small game! It was well worth the money and is great fun compared to some other repetitive games. I'd recommend it to anyone who is looking for a casual game that is fun and easy to play.
  11. Jun 23, 2013
    Hands down the most dynamic, deep and addicting game I have ever played. This is a value at any price. The online multi-player ball mode is a mixture of soccer and call of duty.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 6 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 6
  2. Negative: 0 out of 6
  1. There really isn't anything not to like about Altitude. [Aug 2010, p.101]
  2. Altitude's simple premise hides behind a deceptively difficult game, but one that's easily learned and enjoyable to engage in. Although there's plenty of content here, more might have been better, but what is here does last, just so long as it's taken in the right doses.
  3. Plainly the best plane-centric shooter on a 2D plane. Stick through the slow start and enjoy the view later on. [Jan 2010, p.94]