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  • Summary: Divided Nation is the next installment in the American Conquest RTS series. CDV and GSC GameWorld return to offer the player an opportunity to experience the American Civil War and key events immediately prior to and following the conflict that changed the United States. In Divided Nation, players take on multiple roles in 19th century America, including Civil War General, pirate commander and militia leader in the Texas War of Independence. [CDV] Expand
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  1. American Conquest is a solid RTS that will entertain many a history buff and the casual gamer alike. Though it does have its share of issues, the game is still worth checking out.
  2. A mediocre real-time strategy. Unfortunately, the game seems to be based on the old American Conquest engine instead of the newer and more refined Cossacks II engine. [Feb 2006]
  3. A game that'll only really appeal to established American Conquest fans and strategy gamers looking for a more complex game with which to test their abilities. Casual gamers will find little entertainment here, unless they persevere and attempt to breach the virtually vertical learning curve.
  4. While American Conquest: Divided Nation is sure to have civil war buffs drooling over its adherence to historical accuracy, from a strategic gameplay point of view, it's not exactly going to give the more established and, let's be honest, more technologically advanced RTS games like Rome: Total War or Cossacks II a run for their money. [PC Zone]
  5. It’s just an anachronistic burp from long ago, repeating itself with an apologetic grin and a flutter of its eyelashes to turn into an average RTS of today. Er, I’ve got no idea where this metaphor’s going. Just look at the score.
  6. Recommended only for history buffs on a budget. [July 2006, p.67]
  7. Divided Nation is a step backward. It's a journey to the past in more ways than one, and not an interesting trip at all. [Oct. 2006, p.73]

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