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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 34
  2. Negative: 0 out of 34
  1. 100
    Anyone can make a dark atmosphere and tough characters - but Alice is a wonderful and WITTY adaptation of a familiar story into an intriguing and addictive action/adventure experience.
  2. Without a doubt, the game's single greatest asset is the graphics, with its unprecedented level of painstaking detail, swirling colors, wonderfully distorted images and dynamic lighting effects.
  3. The closest you'll ever need to get to surreal insanity brilliance.
  4. I will keep Alice for as long as my feeble mind can handle it.
  5. 94
    The graphics, as I think I've repeated about 50 times, are monumental, but let me just add that the character designs shine just as much.
  6. 93
    Visually and conceptually, Alice is unparalleled among this year's games, and succeeds in eclipsing its own weaknesses with intoxicating style. A defiantly original example of game-development as a fine art.
  7. The graphics are wonderful, the sounds and voice acting are perfect, and the levels are huge. It's too bad there isn't a multiplayer option, but really, the single player game should keep you going for sometime.
  8. Hey, American McGee: Do more! I'd like to see Snow White done in the same style (with evil dwarves). I see no reason why this couldn't be a series of games, and I think the technology and the audience is ready.
  9. It's the best thing since Sliced Bread, other than its sequel, Sliced Bread II: Electric Boogaloo.
  10. It combines several of my interests: kooky Victoriana, bloody fairytales, lush writing, bratty girls with knives, and talking cats.
  11. What really impressed me about Alice's visuals is the imaginativeness of the designers, and the highly thematic environments, which completely differ from one level to another and are brought to life with some crisp and detailed textures.
  12. The graphics are in-freakin-credible, the sound is top-notch, the level design is beautiful, and the action is non-stop.
  13. The sound is probably some of the best I've heard in a game. The music, for starters, is almost perfect.
  14. A visual feast that happens to be a fun action/adventure game.
  15. An excellent game with plenty of character and story development, engaging plot and rich graphics. This game will undoubtedly appeal to the gamer of a more disturbed taste. I liked it.
  16. A visual masterpiece with enough good gameplay to make it a classic. [Feb 2001, p.50]
  17. Alice as a whole isn't a perfect game, but many individual elements of the title are quite simply amazing, especially the level design.
  18. Whatever American McGee is smoking, he shouldn't lay off it.
  19. A lovely piece of storytelling with top-notch visuals and sounds, Alice enthrals aesthetically but doesn't quite satisfy gameplay-wise.
  20. The levels, the characters - everything about this game is beautiful. The levels are easily the prettiest and most creative I have ever seen, each one designed in its own unique style. You couldn't get a better result if you threw Tim Burton or Clive Barker into the mix.
  21. The premise is twisted, and the game looks hauntingly beautiful; if only it weren't lacking in a few key gameplay areas, it would easily be one of the most fun, interesting, and memorable games of the last few years.
  22. If you let the game draw you in, the fantasy world becomes much more real than you could imagine -and the game much more compelling.
  23. 80
    A bold breath of fresh air. It delivers an unrivalled single player experience and providing you have the hardware, delivers a stunningly realised world to explore. The only weak point is the combat system.
  24. This one requires a little more brainpower and I warn you now, be prepared to get frustrated. Lots!
  25. 80
    It's fun for a while, but the overly simplified game mechanics and repetitive shoot-and-run gameplay wouldn't amount to much without the extraordinary visuals and awesome concept.
  26. Whatever is going on inside his head, one can only hope it never goes away because that cranial cart wheeling has created one of the most unusual and spectacular games ever.
  27. With McGee's willingness to be generic with gameplay and story, we are ultimately let down by excessive and pointless jumping, poor combat, and a rather empty, non-interactive narrative. It's a very pretty and novel game but also flawed.
  28. I would have liked a bit more story to the game, and a bit less of killing things, and quite a lot less jumping, thank you.
  29. While you'll undoubtedly enjoy the imaginative artwork, you might end up disappointed with just how straightforward the underlying game really is.
  30. The action falls short of amazing because certain elements, such as the poor A.I., do not hold up their end of the bargain, but Alice is still a fascinating trip that is well worth the tumble down the rabbit hole.
  31. Like any expertly-crafted tale, you want to know what happens next and see more of the fascinating, seemingly alive world of Wonderland in its new, depraved form.
  32. When you take the game as a whole you realize that the stunning art direction writes checks the gameplay can't possibly cash. Playing Alice is a stunningly average experience.
  33. If you're dead set against cheating, or if you're looking for something deeper than mind-blowing graphics, stay the hell away from this game. It will drive you out of your mind with boredom and you'll end up like one of the enemy cards, running around in circles wishing you were somewhere else.
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  1. TG
    May 11, 2005
    Still looks fresh today. atmospheric levels and great weapons.
  2. May 11, 2012
    First off I played this on the Xbox 360. It was included as a freebie when you bought the sequel. Anyways I never gave this game a chance in the last 10 years- I always saw the cover and American McGee and thought, "meh", (I didnt know American McGee was a real person let alone a man.

    Anyways, after the wait Im glad I played it. Its an excellent platformer thats a ton of fun to play. Interesting, dark story and characters, cool weapons and cool bosses round the list. Only issues I had are with the camera now and again but not a big deal. Im now a huge fan of the series and started playing the sequel and looking for merchandise.
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  3. Jul 5, 2011
    I wish i still had a handle on this game anyway i have played it many times back in the day and i have to say the atmosphere in this game is psychedelically intense like a bad acid trip. Fun gameplay my only complaint is the story left out some important characters from what i remember the walrus and the carpenter, all in all i wish i still had this game on my shelf. Full Review »