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  • Summary: When Alice answers a summons to return to Wonderland, she barely recognizes the place. From the fungal rot of the Mushroom Forest to the chemistry of the Mad Hatter's Domain, Wonderland festers to its core. Undaunted by the diseased ambiance and mortal danger that surround her, Alice must undo the chaos. [Electronic Arts] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 34
  2. Negative: 0 out of 34
  1. 100
    Anyone can make a dark atmosphere and tough characters - but Alice is a wonderful and WITTY adaptation of a familiar story into an intriguing and addictive action/adventure experience.
  2. I will keep Alice for as long as my feeble mind can handle it.
  3. Hey, American McGee: Do more! I'd like to see Snow White done in the same style (with evil dwarves). I see no reason why this couldn't be a series of games, and I think the technology and the audience is ready.
  4. Alice as a whole isn't a perfect game, but many individual elements of the title are quite simply amazing, especially the level design.
  5. The premise is twisted, and the game looks hauntingly beautiful; if only it weren't lacking in a few key gameplay areas, it would easily be one of the most fun, interesting, and memorable games of the last few years.
  6. 80
    It's fun for a while, but the overly simplified game mechanics and repetitive shoot-and-run gameplay wouldn't amount to much without the extraordinary visuals and awesome concept.
  7. If you're dead set against cheating, or if you're looking for something deeper than mind-blowing graphics, stay the hell away from this game. It will drive you out of your mind with boredom and you'll end up like one of the enemy cards, running around in circles wishing you were somewhere else.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 24
  2. Negative: 1 out of 24
  1. AlexandriaH.
    Jul 23, 2001
    This game is one of the best games I have ever played. It is wonderful, it puts a perfect morbid twist on the original story, also it somewhat stays true to the book, I really liked that about it. Expand
  2. A'akieraM.
    Sep 25, 2004
    Alice is beautiful the girl I mean. The game couldve been more great if they were alot more levels. Her weapons are awesome. I love throwing the dice and killing the demons! :) Expand
  3. TG
    May 11, 2005
    Still looks fresh today. atmospheric levels and great weapons.
  4. grandym.
    Dec 17, 2007
    I sort of think that reveiwers are afraid to give this a good score, because to be honest, its a freakin great game. Even if you dont really like horrer things Expand
  5. Jun 23, 2014
    I've gotten this game as an "add-on" in Alice: Madness Returns, as its original format is rare and expensive. First of all, Madness Returns is a better game than American McGee's Alice. I give Alice a 8/10 rating, for its nice graphics and storyline, but poor and hard gameplay. Expand
  6. ChrissieM.
    Nov 5, 2001
    The game has a wonderful story and graphics...but it is almost impossible to get through it without cheating.
  7. Nov 2, 2014
    A game that has aestethically aged well but thats pretty much all there is to Alice. The games biggest asset is the great amount of detail to the levels, great voices for the most part and probably best a amazing soundtrack here 14 years later.

    The games gameplay and core mechanics however feels like something from a bygone era and since its based on the engine for some of the Quake games it feels quite similar aswell in both its explosions and jagged level design.

    The problem with this game is 2 of the most important aspects:

    1. The combat is absolutely atrocious, after about 5-7 of the areas most of the combat you are pretty much underpowered in battle for the rest of the game even on Normal which i played it through with. Your weapons and quick switch system simply doesnt work well with the enemies movement patterns and amount of health. 95% of the time you will find yourself constantly charging up weapons or readying the preferred one ready before entering a area filled with enemies. having to constantly wait for your throwable knife to spawn which is the only weapon in the game that doesnt use your blue "mana" bar turns the combat into a complete chore where you will throw it once and then retreat so you can get it again after a while, and with most enemies requiring about 4-5 hits with the throwable blade it makes even the mundane 1on1 enemy battle a 1-1½ minute borefest since all your mana weapons deplete way too quick pretty much after 1-2 enemies max. Going into combat with more than 1 enemy around is also ppretty much suicide with the weaker weapons as the later enemies can manage to not only deal alot of damage but push you off the many ledges the level design consists of with their blasts. Theres about 5 boss battles in the game and all of em feel trivial where you just spin around the level and keep your distance to them while using your weapons.

    2. The Jumping/Platform mechanics. This game has alot of platforming besides combat, sadly i would have preferred more weight on puzzles while there are some they all feel shallow and easy. The platforming however in this game is even worse than the combat, simly due to outdated sluggish movements that can be best described as the jumping in the old early Tomb Raider games. The game has alot of narrow ledges and alot of em are shaped in triangles which makes it frustrating to navigate your jumps perfectly and often throws you into pits, combine this with some of the later enemies that can make you bounce around from their hits and you got yourself a really annoying platformer thats reminiscent from the early 3D/platformer attempts of the 32-bit/PSX(1) era.

    Overall the game has a good atmosphere that holds up pretty well even in 2014 but its a game thats best left as a relic nowadays, i cant recommend it due to the poor gameplay mechanics simply outweighing the other parts like the great music. The game simply feels like a chore and dull to play, it might have been a amazing experience playing it on the release but its hard to see what alot of people were thinking considering how bad the core gameplay is like. I was hoping this was a PC gem i had missed out on, i tried it a level or 2 about 5-6 years back and enjoyed it, and the feeling was similar on my playthrough this time but as soon as youve made a couple levels into it it starts to detoriate very quickly with non developing simple gameplay and a story told in small amounts of dialogue every now and then without and good build up like you see in more modern games nowadays.

    Rating: 5.0 /10

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