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  1. Sep 10, 2013
    As someone who played Amnesia: TDD, I cannot deny this is a bit of letdown for this series.
    However, atmosphere and sound effects are still strong points of this game. The eerie BGMs always give me the chill, and the dark environment adds up to that.
    Compare it to the predecessor, there are more puzzles instead of gathering them all in a single stage (The Mechanic room of course, I
    really enjoyed it) but most puzzles are no brainers. Just look around and find something that let the "hand" icon appears, you are good to go.
    Graphics are pretty much like ATDD. Yes it's not very satisfying, but if you are too strict with graphics, can't say you are playing the game for the thrill to the core. You want eye candy? Turn left to Outlast, you are welcome.
    The part that disappoints me the most is that they took away lantern oil and sanity meter. I was amazed by the concept of insanity when I played ATDD, it was brilliant and it played quite an important role, it affected the game play and you had to worry it all the time. Above that, the constant dread that I could not find enough lantern oil and tinderboxes was the part I enjoyed the game most. I had to look into every corner for light sources risking bump into our dear faithful guards of Alexander's. The fear for darkness fights against the fear for monsters, that was the balance I was desperately to maintain and that thrilled me to the deepest. Too bad Amnesia: AMFP set in the time of 1899, lantern oil and tinderboxes' existence is out of logic, but it is a great loss for the game. They took away these features and left hardcore fans almost devastated.
    Put aside all the cons away, AAMFP is still a first person survival horror game. I felt like I was in the story, I was Mandus and had to save my children for god's sake, and I was the one who built that goddamn machine and paying for the consequences. The story was refreshing for me and it might be boring for some. I don't care, the story was much stronger than ATDD, and i have to praise the writer for the good job.
    All in all, people who loved the Amnesia series for its special features might not enjoy this, but if you really love horror game for the way that let fear lingers in your heart, you will love this game.
  2. Sep 10, 2013
    As a person who hasn't played much horror, I didn't know what to expect. The last few horror games I tried many years ago bored me before ever giving me a scare. I would say this game is fun just based on the story and atmosphere it sets it has scared me a few times in the first hour I've played. 1 of the scares got me really good. Now I must try Outlast.
  3. Sep 12, 2013
    What should have been the best PC game of the year is highly disappointing. Whilst the plot and Jessica Curry's soundtrack is excellent, this is a backward step from Frictional. In comparison to The Dark Descent, there is no inventory, you cannot interact with any objects except for the puzzle items, making the puzzles pointlessly easy. The game is extraordinarily short, I completed it in 3 hours of play without getting stuck or dying once. (Though am experienced with Amnesia and Penumbra). This could all be forgiven, if it was frightening. It is not. There are hardly any enemies, and where there are they are easily by-passable, and hardly scary at all. The fact that your lamp does not run out and no health status indicator also eliminates any sense of panic. It is clear that the involvement of the Dear Esther staff has affected development. It is more of an experience than a game. And it is a disturbing but average experience. If you haven't got The Dark Descent, then buy that instead. Otherwise buy this when it is very cheap on sale, because otherwise it simply isn't worth your money. Expand
  4. Sep 14, 2013
    The game starts off slow and I didn't like it at all because I was such a fan of the old Amnesia, the Amnesia where you could only play for 20 minutes before having to take a rest. The game only had about a total of an hour of scare. It is definitely more of a psychological, immersive game rather than pure horror. That being said, it just isn't the game The Dark Descent was. There's nothing new in game mechanics, nothing fanciful or fun, unlike how Frictional Games innovated with The Dark Descent.

    The plot was very good though, I liked how it left many questions unanswered and many subjects up to your own interpretation. I would say the plot saved the game, it was so untypical and unorthordox that my friends and I were left wanting to find out the mystery behind what was going on throuhgout the entire game.
  5. Sep 15, 2013
    I love Amnesia, but I must say, I'm disappointed with this game... they took off what was the best in "the dark descent" the puzzles are too easy to solve, because you have almost no interactivity with objects. no inventory, and worse, no insanity bar... in "the dark descent", you really feel the pressure, you don't want to be in the dark, because your character start to shake and may cry, when scared he falls and you can only crawl into the ground like a worm afraid to become another pray... you have nothing like that in "a machine for pigs" is closer to "Dear Esther" than "Amnesia".

    Light was something precious, you needed light to cure, but you knew, you can't keep the lights on because monsters may see you, and you need to be careful about how you spend it, or it may end.
    in "a machine for pigs", you have an infinite lantern, and the dark does nothing to you.

    in "the dark descent" you don't want to look to the monster, because your vision blurs, you become insane, cry, and the monster sees you.
    I looked directly into the monsters eyes, what happens? nothing... nothing happens in "a machine for pigs".

    seriously, no Amnesia fans will like it... play the Dark Decent if you want real pressure, real immersion.
    this game took off what was the best.

    if a give them 5, is because they did a good work with the ambient, sounds and 3D, and I like the telephone calls.
    I hope the story will make me love this game.
  6. Sep 15, 2013
    I was expecting something else ... 1 the story of the game was good but too short 2 the scenes were good but not too interactive 3 infinite lantern is a joke? 4 the puzzles were laughing, too simple 5 do not need the inventory because the game is too easy 6 do not you worry about your health or getting laudanum or find parts for a complicated puzzle is so easy that you will not die even once
    7 The plot is very repetitive (but simpler) draining pumps to remove the water and was in the first amnesia ...
    8 NO SCARES, there are no moments of fear they promised to

    I expected a lot more They promised us many things and have not been complied The first amnesia with less money was infinitely better ...

    CONCLUSÓN: Do it again

    Make good use of the money collected because it was not worth what I paid for it
  7. Sep 15, 2013
    What to say about Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs... It is definable not like a dark descent, but it is much, much deeper in story. If you are someone who flew through a dark descent with out reading anything then I am certain this game is not for you! But if you did read and enjoyed the story in a dark descent, You will most likely enjoy Machine for pigs. It has a wonderful deep story but lacks in the strong horror elements that made a dark descent so great. I'm not gonna call this a spoiler because it is so obvious, in the game their are pigs, as someone who has had pigs and had pigs slaughtered made this game particularly not frightening. But, the story was so good that I enjoyed it anyways.

    For pure horror: skip it
    For a great interactive story experience: play it
  8. Sep 13, 2013
    I went in with full expectations for a game very different from the first game and an hour in I thought it was going to be brilliant. When I finished the game I was mostly disappointed. The horror related to surviving the world is virtually non-existent. The monsters in the game invoke a sense of sadness, not of dread. The story had amazing potential that was mostly squandered before the mid-game by revealing too much of the plot too early and then just forcing the player to plod on through the locales, knowing all there is to know about the story. The puzzles are non-existent and are simply interactive spots, not puzzles per se.

    The biggest letdown was probably the pacing and contents of the story one presented somewhat clumsily and unveiled too early on, one that never culminates into any significant revelation. The people claiming this is very much Dear Esther 2 are right to a large degree. Both games ended in a very similar way and the feelings they invoked in me were very similar.

    The game would have done a lot better without promising me the "darkest, most horrific tale ever told in a videogame" and without the Amnesia logo. If this was a standalone release from the Chinese Room, I would have rated this a lot higher because the story was FINE. It was just depressing and very very sad, not horrific, and there was a severe lack of visuals to support the purportedly 'psychological slow burn horror' the game went for. I cannot be scared by a story just because its makers tell me it's dark and twisted, games as a medium should use their full range of tools to convey those feelings and the game failed in that department. While it would have been a fine novel, AMFP generally fails at being a good game, despite its intriguing plot.
  9. Sep 10, 2013
    This game isn't even near to amnesia the dark descent...but this is still an great example how to make a horror game. Atmosphere is creepy(of course) and story in this is quite great compared to the dark descent. Only one thing that annoys me is that a machine for pigs is missing a lot of little stuff that made dark descent one of the greatest horror games ever.
  10. Sep 16, 2013
    Simply put, this is the exact median between Dear Esther and The Dark Decent. I went into this game expecting a campy storyline with some great scares, but what I got instead was the most unsettling game I have ever played. Surprisingly enough, for how amazing of a plot this game has (as pretentiously metaphorical it can be sometimes), there's very few plot holes and the level design is near perfect despite it being so incredibly linear. I have no problem with that, as I know that linear gameplay is the best way to tell a story. The writing is great, the voice acting is top notch (despite some cheap sound effects), and the atmosphere is PERFECT. The graphics are also fantastic despite having indie origins. The plot lays out like Bioshock, which also means it has pacing issues. Also, the inconsistency of the enemy encounters is noticeably annoying, but the encounters it does have are BLISTERINGLY intense. Way more frightening than anything in the first game. Expand
  11. Sep 29, 2013
    Approach this not as a game but as a novella, or any other literary form, and you'll be very pleasantly surprised. It's not a better game than the original, but it's a better everything else.

    A slightly snotty warning: If you have no idea who Ambrose Bierce was, or his contemporaries, maybe go buy the new GTA, instead.
  12. Sep 11, 2013
    Amnesia A Machine for Pigs has an ok story however the story was pretty short as well as enjoyable but there is no custom story mode which is a little bit disappointing the story was not drawing me in and most the time i was hoping for jump scares but... there is only one or two but not like the Dark Decent which was amazing the jump scares where amazing in the original but i would not want you to buy it unless you really want to. Expand
  13. Sep 10, 2013
    A nice game! Haven't finish it off but the game is cool! I dont know why people are saying, it's bad blabla, idk, maybe it will be bad later? 9-10 I like it!
  14. Sep 13, 2013
    It was said that this installment of the Amnesia games was made to be less of an adventure game, less of a puzzler and more of a horror game. While it definitely is less of an adventure and less of a puzzler, it is NOT scarier. Not one single bit. They took out the tension that light management brought us, they took away sanity, which was one of the biggest concerns for the last Amnesia. Puzzles barely exist anymore, there is some here and there but it's very simplistic. That's all bad, but what about the horror part? Oh, lord. The monsters look like fat dogs, they're tiny and wide. You never see their face, which is the scariest part of them in the concept art. They move fairly slow, and the only way they will intimidate you is if you think they are dangerous. They do horrible damage they are barely dangerous.
    All that said, the sound effects are what gave the game a rating 6 from me, the "pigs" aren't scary, but their sounds are. The sound of that insane, bloodcrazed pig will give you chills. But, when they see you, you can hop around and smile. The storyline is hands down great. Voice acting was much better in the last Amnesia, and the soundtrack is forgettable.
    Why, Frictional, WHY did you team up with The Chinese Room?! WHY?! Ugh, I'm trying so hard to like this game. But it's just much easier than the last one, and the only way for you to get scared, is by thinking its scary. Very sad, and fairly dissapointed.
  15. Sep 11, 2013
    This game... This psychological horror game fails to thrill on the levels it desired, and then some. When a master chef creates a recipe for something incredible he usually writes it down and never forgets it. He will continue to refer to that recipe over and over again and improve on that recipe until he makes something unbelievable. Replace master chef with Frictional Games and you have what the Amnesia games SHOULD have been. Instead they subtract what made the original so amazing. A lot of reviews are bashing the game for being unlike the original and I am not doing that. Instead I will look at it as a stand alone game: A boring, easy, over simplified five hours of meandering through an atmospheric world, sometimes avoiding creatures that don't necessarily go "bump in the night". Don't get me wrong, the monsters will scare you from time to time and they will require you to take a deep breath here and there, but overall, even on a psychological level, this game just isn't horror. It is more like a very disturbing story created by very good writers, not scarers. The lack of mechanics in the game were supposed to create a more "story-driven" experience instead just ruined the experience altogether. No lantern oil, no tinderboxes, no sanity, no inventory, no object gathering, no exploration. What's left? Walking through straight corridors hitting buttons, picking up phones, and pulling levers. It doesn't take strategy, it doesn't take skill, and it certainly isn't worth comparing to the original. However, there is one redeeming quality, the story. This disturbing, putrid, vile, horror story manages to almost completely accomplish its task of engulfing the player into the world, and it ALMOST scares the of the average player. Unfortunately, for most, it will not do so, and thus Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs receives a 6 out of 10. Thank you for reading! Expand
  16. Sep 11, 2013
    A Machine for Pigs is an enjoyable horror game. It's got some pretty well done environments, excellent sound, and if you hate pigs, creepy enemies. The problem is, its not a good amnesia sequel. The enemies fail to shock the way the misshapen freaks of the the first game did, and many of them poof out of existence once you get past them. This kills the game's tension, and you rarely have to worry about an enemy you've past re-appearing to hunt you. Also, the ever-fueled electric lantern and lack of a sanity system lets you creep around the few enemy encounters in the dark like a Victorian ninja. Machine lacks the jump scares of The Dark Descent, but in its place it has a well developed atmosphere that's sure to disturb. All in all, Machine's a good game, with a twisted (but confusing) story that sadly fails to deliver a satisfying conclusion. Its good, but it's not Dark Descent. Expand
  17. Sep 12, 2013
    What made "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" a great, scary game, has disappeared in "A Machine for Pigs".

    - No sanity system. Being in the dark does not matter anymore. There is no urgency to find a bright spot. Looking at monsters has no effect.
    - The lantern is infinite. No inventory. There is no reason to explore because you can not pick up or interact with anything (except chairs ...).

    - It is completely linear. Most doors and drawers are closed and do not open. There is nothing to explore, nothing to collect. You just have to go forward.
    - The puzzles are crap. It comes down to turning cranks and bring an object to the next room.
    - The lack of a voice reading the diary notes.

    And it doesn't add something new. No better animations, full body view, your hand opening the doors, or whatever. Nothing.

    An utter disappointment.
  18. Sep 12, 2013
    compared to The Dark Decent it is a terrible game, but to those who have not seen or played the game it would be scary. The game had no 'True' puzzles and i have seen the game streamed live on Twitch.TV and i did not find the game scary at all and com pared to games like F.E.A.R (the first one), Clive Barkers Jericho, and Alan Wake it couldn't hold a lantern to it. the o,y thing it had were mediocre jump scares that Doom 3 did better. Expand
  19. Sep 13, 2013
    Overall,a machine for pigs(AMFP) is not better than the dark descent(TDD).Apparently AMFP has lower tension and lower stressful.
    I think AMFP is mainly focus on plot of a play it lost lots of fun and challenge for lack of many puzzles and inventory systems especially the lantern oil system.
    Still like the horror game who made by FrictionalGames ,like Penumbra and Amnesia-TDD.
    AMFP was
    mainly developed by Chineseroom ,and the AMFP's game style is very familiar with their games->Dear Esther.Sometimes i thought i was playing DearEsther instead of Amnesia series.
    And the most important thing is that they remove the Customstory! The customstory is the "Continuation of life" in this game,don't know why the Chineseroom remove it.
  20. Sep 13, 2013
    Before I pre-ordered it, I was mind blown by the teasers and the description of the game. It said to expect classic 'Amnesia game-play.' And how it is a complete fresh game, but it stays to its origins. This was all nonsense. There was absolutely no 'Amnesia' in it. As a sequel to the masterpiece of the Dark Decent, this was preposterous. Horrible sequel. I was honestly disappointing. It lacked interaction, scares, puzzles, and mostly the horrifying feeling of being haunted you had when playing the first Amnesia.

    Let me tell you something, if this was a stand alone game by The Chinese Room, and it was no official sequel to Amnesia at all, it would have been a Great game! I would've rated a 7.5. As a standalone game, it was great, really was, amazing story, incredible graphics for an indie game, and all in all, fun gameplay. But knowing that this is the official sequel to the mind-blowing "Amnesia: The Dark Decent", this was a bad careless move. I rate this 5 for that particular reason. This lacks everything great about Amnesia. I saw this comment on YouTube and I have to admit, it's so accurate:

    Graphics: 9 10
    Atmosphere: 8 10
    Story: 9 10
    Scares: 2 10
    Gameplay: 4 10
    Horror: 3 10
    Amnesia: 0 10

    This is my review. Thanks for reading. Play the game for yourself and judge only then.
  21. Sep 13, 2013
    As far as sequels go and not created by Frictional Games. But made by a company I never heard of before called A Chinese Room, really really... sucks. I think Frictional Games should develop their own games and not give it into the hands of people who don't know what the f*ck they're doing. This game was short, easy, linear, not scary, and absolutely stupid. I pre ordered this and I feel ripped off. 16 bucks for a game that I finished in 4 hours time.

    The enemy A.I. is retarded. The enemies are stupid and not scary. You run away from pigs. PIGS! The f*ck is so scary about pigs?! Unlike the first Amnesia, nothing is interactable. Only things you can pick up are objects used to solve puzzles that are way too easy in comparison with the first Amnesia. They took away the inventory system, your lantern is infinite, it flickers letting you know if pigs are near by, and the game is just rediculously easy, and short.

    If you loved the first Amnesia game, stick to that. This game is for the birds. This game is the biggest disappointment I have ever seen. Why the hell did Frictional Games give their best selling title to a bunch of morons who cannot grasp how or why made the original Amnesia so great? You never feel threatened in this game. The game relies on loud sounds and the maps shaking in order to scare you. That is it. The atmosphere is ok, but the overall game is just not scary. At all.

    Heh... I can imagine PewDiePie trying to act as if he is scared playing this game. He better be a good actor cause this game is a piece of sh*t. Don't bother buying or playing this game unless you are curious. And know that this game was not created by Frictional Games. That pisses me off. I still await another game from the real guys who made the original Amnesia so great. That is Frictional Games. Not f*cking The Chinese Room. F*ck those guys.
  22. Sep 14, 2013
    Amnesia the Dark Descent was one of my favorite games ever made. It perfectly blended horror, adventure, and inventory management and was a perfect package (despite being 3-4 hours long). A Machine For Pigs scraps the inventory management as a WHOLE, and focuses on puzzles and such to keep you progressing. While playing A Machine For Pigs, I realized one thing.

    I was bored.
    The puzzles
    weren't entertaining enough to keep me wanting to play, and It takes WAY WAY WAYYYYYYYYY too long to ramp up the horror factor. The Chinese Room obviously had their way with Amnesia, as it truly feels like Dear Esther with a bit more interaction. To me, A Machine could have been GREAT if it had just retained the Dark Descent's mechanics, but no. A Machine For Pigs is not a terrible game; it has a great story, and great music/sound effects that match the tone and atmosphere perfectly. But the gameplay was obviously dumbed down, and it shows. So once again, AMFP is not terrible.

    It is just disappointing.
  23. Sep 14, 2013
    The word Amenisa needed to be dropped from the title because Machine for Pigs does a poor job to the franchise. They would've been more sucessful if they had turned it into a book or audio experience. The game play was truly lack luster compared to the original.

    Having just played outlast I can say it was far superior to machine for pigs in almost every way, resource management and even
    a basic inventory system. AI's that follow you around. Far more scares. More gore and interesting environments to explore. I'd certainly recommend Outlast over Machine for pigs for player experience. Expand
  24. Sep 14, 2013
    The only real horror that I experienced in this game that was advertised with a terrifying journey into madness, industrialisation and the darkest secrets of the soul. was the realisation after completing this boring piece of garbage that I actually paid money for it.
    I could not believe that it would be this bad, but really, it is not scary at all. The only gameplay consists of the
    occasional turning of some valves. And the overarching storyline that gives AaMfP some points with the critics... meh. "The whole world will be destroyed". Good Lord, I never have heard that before. Expand
  25. Sep 15, 2013
    It's hard to look at this game without comparing it to the first installment or even Dear Esther. The game is different from the first Amnesia and this is the main reason fans are upset. Bearing that kind of logo you would expect somewhat similar experience. If this is the case with you dismiss your hopes or you will be disappointed. There are times you are almost fooled into thinking that the game just got on the right track but the feeling soon disappears.

    Major changes are:
    -removal of inventory and with it tinderboxes
    -infinite lamp
    -closets are gone
    -sanity and health is gone

    The game feels and plays way different than the Dark Descent. You don't hide anymore in closets or rooms most of the latter are closed. When you perchance stumble into monsters, and that doesn't happen often, your best chance is to run and they quickly despawn.

    The worst part is made of a few very bad design choices. I'll give you just a few:

    1) The game is MUCH louder. Ambients are still in there but Chinese Room has also put into the game a lot of loud sounds and music. Even though it perfectly fits into the game's setting it spoils anxiety and feeling of being in danger. Why? Well, you wouldn't be able to hear monsters coming for you during these moments. Developers realized that too and therefore you are safe then. After you realize it, you can relax anytime you hear music.

    2) In the Dark Descent you expected monsters around every corner. If you met one you hid in a closet, room or shady place and preyed for it to go away. In Machine for Pigs you don't hide, you either sneak past monster like in Splinter Cell or run as fast as you can and that's by desig. I won't put spoilers in here but there's one major monster that is always aware of where you are and you have to run around the room like an idiot pressing switches to progress. It isn't scary. And don't mistake it for that runaway part in Dark Descent it's much different.

    3) Chinese Room uses cheap tricks on us. Don't be surprised if you enter the room at the end of corridor and then turn around just to find out that the path has completely changed. You'll find yourself turning around to find out that the doors you've just used simply disappeared and there's just bear wall behind you. And please keep in mind, the main character of AAMFP is much more sane than Daniel from the first game. In the Dark Descent the gameplay was also fluid and there were no jumps between certain places. Well, in Machine there are stupid situation in which you get "magically teleported" into places and sometimes you don't even know how you got into some place.

    4) The story is unclear and when you think about it it is absolutely rubbish. Also, there's no explanation for the hero's amnesia. The first game felt more realistic and by that more scary. Things absolutely unreal can't be scary by design.

    Overall the game isn't all that bad. Unfortunately I feel cheated by that "Amnesia" logo slapped onto the game. IT IS NOT AMNESIA. To sum up, I won't ever buy any Chinese Room games.
  26. Sep 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Bigger. No. Badder. Yes.

    Story -
    In a year where we are graced with games like Bioshock Infinite, Metro: Last Light and The Last of Us, how this game feels fit to use its narrative as the driving force behind the experience baffles me. Whilst it showed serious promise at first with the machine, what felt like a suitably dark story ended up as what I like to call the ME3 method. This is where the resolution to a problem simple repeats the initial problem. To spoil, the Machine for Pigs was built to kill every one because he didn't want every one to die in world war 1 and the rest of the 20th centenary...huh, well I guess being kidnapped, beaten, detoothed, stripped, bled and minced is a much better alternative to being shot, or is that just me?

    If you liked the first Amnesia's repeated stone corridors and wooden beams then you'll be pleased to hear that the sequel bumps this trend by setting the majority of the game in stone TUNNELS with METAL bea...Oh for sake. Character models are passable and surprisingly well rounded for an independent project but beyond that, you'll be sprinting down the same metal paths and cobbled roads for the majority of the game.

    I am either stupid (likely) or misinformed but I always believed that the USP of Amnesia was that it was supposed to be a new horror IP in a world of grey money grabbing shooters. How fitting then that the unique selling point of the franchise has been sanded down to an initial burst before (I you not) the pigs have a banquet, you walk through excrement which the game seems to think it so dark and...wait for it, the Attack of the Electric Pig. I wish I was joking.

    The story is supposed to be the main hook for AMFP but it neither delivers upon this or backs it up with better core mechanics. If you liked Dear Esther I doubt you'll like this as the game ****s itself inside out in the second and third act. Its awfully choppy with frame rate, the removed mechanics are not reinforced with anything else and it just isn't...scary. There were many times in the game where I really missed the mechanic from the Metro games to charge your lamp as the infiniy-bulb never dies, only flickers which worked once or twice but you'll soon figure out is just for affect. The only thing I can really recommend is that it is at least interesting enough to hold you to its unsatisfying conclusion and that the sound design and voice acting are well done. For £12.99 on steam you can buy the original, I'd do that if I were you.
  27. Sep 15, 2013
    This game is designed to satisfy stupid people. There is no logic, puzzles are kiddengarden class. Noting is scary, generally so much dead pigs are not scary. It had good potential but its not used properly. Don't spend money on this. Play amnesia dark descent and don't waste time on this. Not worthy even time for being downloaded on piratebay.
  28. Sep 16, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Honestly I had very high hopes for an Amnesia sequel, but A Machine for Pigs was very disappointing. I don't want to impugn the hard work of the wonderful developers who worked on the project, but the game felt like it was half-assed, for which there is no excuse given that the release date kept getting pushed back. My biggest complaint is that this game is barely even 30% as scary as The Dark Descent mainly because they removed the insanity mechanic. The Dark Descent was so terrifying because you were FORCED into the darkness at the cost of your character's sanity in order to survive and make progress, relying only on your finite lantern oil and finite tinderboxes to keep you on the right track.

    This game also lacks any kind of puzzles worth mentioning, making it feel dull and easy if there's nothing to use your brain on then why not just have the player walk through the entire game?

    Elimination of the inventory screen was also a big mistake. Having items for the player to collect: whether they're vital pieces of some puzzle down the road or precious vials of laudanum or lantern oil entices the player to explore dark areas they might otherwise just walk by. The inventory screen also gives players the option of having and using tools to solve puzzles or break through impassable areas, giving another dimension of creativity to making progress.

    The enemy design in this game is uninspired to say the least. Given there is no "insanity penalty" for looking at the monsters it allows the player to study them closely and see just how unthreatening they are. The enemies encountered in the Dark Descent by contrast are nothing less than the stuff of nightmares: I've played through thousands of hours of zombie games in my lifetime and I've yet to encounter anything even remotely as terrifying as the Servant-Gatherers from the Dark Descent (honorable mention: Pyramid Head but he STILL doesn't strike fear into the heart of the player like Mr. Face screaming towards you in a dark corridor).

    Finally, the storytelling elements in this game fall flat over so many omitted details. The journal entries were just words on the screen (in a hard-to-read font) rather than the outstanding voice-acting and ambiance-of-terror music of its predecessor. A Machine for Pigs had none of the dramatic irony through music, well-placed flashbacks, hallucinations of screaming victims, or other unsettling events which make a horror story feel authentic. While the music composed for this game wasn't bad, it didn't go far enough and there wasn't enough of it. Silence through corridors isn't spooky it just seems lazy. Attention to every little detail of the experience is why I've recommended Amnesia: The Dark Descent to just about everybody I know, purely on artistic grounds alone to say nothing of being the single most terrifying work of media I've ever encountered.

    I thank the developers for their hard work on this entry into the Amnesia series, and I hope they will return to and build upon the original formula of The Dark Descent in making a third Amnesia game.
  29. Sep 16, 2013
    Hated it. Story was great. Idea was great. There's barely any evading! There's zero to none interactions with objects, only the one they want you to use. I only got scared 2 or 3 times in the entire game. Very disappointed.
  30. Sep 17, 2013
    Storyline: AMFP's story is morbidly excellent just like its predecessor. Not your typical horror story.

    Quality/Appearance: For those who played Dark Descent, it's pretty obvious for us that it improved. And for those who haven't, it's roughly good. Although, I have observed some recycled skins and objects while playing so I'll just assume that somebody got lazy.

    Music/Sounds: What I
    loved about this game is the BGM. Especially the drama-enhancing opera BGM that plays on certain scenes. Shivers are sure to be sent down thy spines while thou art listening. Don't know what I'm talking about? Play the game.

    Gameplay: Now this is where AMFP fell behind. I have seen a lot of angry questions thrown at the game, and I would like to analyze and comment on each of those questions that i saw.

    - I too asked this myself. Why would they remove the sanity meter? Is our protagonist just too uber-manly to be scared? Or is it because parental love overshadow fear? I would like to believe with the latter idea. However, it is a bad move for AMFP to remove this game mechanic because it was the one that was actually inducing fear to the players. It was the one who was ordering the players to be scared.

    - I kept on pressing tab until I realized that it was all for naught. Apparently, our protagonist doesn't like to carry anything at all. Unlike Daniel (Dark Descent), our protagonist for AMFP can't lift non-important things such as vases, jars, hammers, etc. This one wasn't exactly the case because there are still instances when you're required to put this there and combine this with that. But if I was the one who was scouring a dark and blood-spattered hallway? I would like to hold on to something just in case I need to throw something on something. Something-ception.

    -See number 2. tl;dr? Daniel lifts and this one doesn't.

    - One word. Batteries. LOLjk. This took out the challenge though. It took out the "you-are-surviving-so-you-should-save-supplies-so-you-could-die-another-day" idea.

    - Yes! You can't light candles and chandeliers anymore. Yes! You don't need a drugged herbal elixir to cure your injuries anymore. Apparently, you got Wolverine's regeneration ability and you're injuries just close up in just a matter of seconds. And who needs candles when you got a battery-powered lantern?

    Horror Factors: Expect jumpscares, panic-inducing moments, and of course, the dark and gruesome surroundings.

    Conclusion: Although AMFP lacked challenge, its story was well-written and it can still give you nightmares. However, Amnesia: The Dark Descent was hands down, better.

    Final Score: 8/10
  31. Sep 21, 2013
    I really was waiting more from this game. Really disappointed. Where is the sanity? Where is the oil? The only good point is the main history. The last game was much better.
  32. Sep 28, 2013
    This game is practically a Gmod horror map except the puzzles are easier. The main enemy is spooky pig men. I would probably be scared if I was still in my youth. But honestly. This should be a free to play game for what you get, it's practically a poorly made expansion pack. Also the game is 2-3 hours long unless you've got the brain of a chimp. If you're really eager to play the game just pirate it. They don't deserve your money. Expand
  33. Oct 12, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is a horrible excuse for a horror game, especially for Amnesia. Interacting with objects, inventory, insanity, oil, all removed. You run around with an infinite light source and your monster is a freaking mutant pig. It's like you're literally trying to find ways to scare yourself, but simply cannot. Extremely disappointed. Expand
  34. Nov 29, 2013
    I was so excited to play a sequel to Amnesia: TDD However, within the first thirty minutes of the game I realized it was complete crap. The overuse of jumpscares and the overall boring atmosphere quickly bored me. The game is so tedious, no inventory system no anything really. All it was was a walking game with a million spooky sounds. The game was so uninteresting that an hour in I got so bored that I uninstalled the game and hope I can erase it from my memory. It was a complete waste of my time. I don't see how the developers could be proud of this. I think I'll go back to the original Amnesia and play all the fun custom stories.

    Bottom line, I would not recommend this to anyone even if the game was completely free. Its one of those games that shouldn't exist.
  35. Mar 14, 2014
    This game was very disappointing. I didn't even finish the game because it was so boring. Amnesia the dark descent was a great sucess, but this game was just a whole disappointing.
  36. Sep 21, 2013
    I finished the game, the problem is not that it's "different", the game is flawed on nearly all concepts.

    The asset re-utilization is awful. The first time you see a painting you think it's a nice touch, but when it's the 40th time you see the same plastered all over the game, it lose its style. Same thing for most objects. Most rooms (level design) are completely implausible in size
    and architecture and don't feel real at all.
    On the other hand, the level of detail is quite good and better than most game (geometry/texturing).

    Contrarily to Penumbra series where you had some very clever puzzle to solve, Amnesia: MFP only have a few "move objects from point A to point B" gameplay elements, and it don't get more that than.

    There is a SINGLE other moving entity type in the game (appear 4-5 times along the way) and it's a PIG! How can they be serious? You have to run away from a PIG! You can't even fight back. Is that supposed to be scary or funny?

    The story in itself is not enough to save the game, the story is kinda simple and a lot of elementary students could come up with a better one. Also, it's probably delivered in the worst way unimaginable. Instead of integrating the storytelling elements into the gameplay (in cut-scenes or when the player have control) they just plastered written "notes" all over and phones with "audio log" type of message. Even worse, as soon as one of these audio log start playing, the player movement lower to about 10% of his speed and the screen becomes blurry to the point you need to wait until it's finished to continue moving.

    A lot of bad reviews say it's too linear. There's nothing wrong with a linear game, when linearity actually help to support an story with eventful scripted scenes and nice transitions between rooms. In the case of Amnesia, it's just running into empty long corridors where nothing happen and only 1/10 doors are unlocked along the way.

    A lot of bad review say the game is much too short. While it is short (around 5hours), it's not that of a problem.
  37. Sep 12, 2013
    I never played the original Amnesia so I can't compare this game to the first. But I can say that this game isn't horrible. I thought the setting and sounds were really very well done. I thought the creatures could have been perhaps a little scarier or at least more persistent. This game is basically a visual book. The interactivity with objects is very limited and becomes almost non existent later in the game. Which I couldn't complain about because tediously opening drawers on a single desk in hopes of finding a note wasn't terribly rewarding.

    This type of genre would thrive off of increased interactivity. If you could throw objects in front of enemies chasing you and slide desks to block off doors or even just brace against a door while you try to think of a plan to escape. But this game doesn't take hold of the potential that is there. In a game with no guns to use or bullets and explosion physics to figure out I would hope the developers would take the time to actually make a world that is highly interactive. The only things I recall being able to interact with in the game are doors, some windows, chairs, and puzzle specific objects. Including levers, wheels, and fuses/canisters.

    As much as I like the atmosphere, it was difficult to figure out what was going on or what happened. Sometimes something is explained in a note you found or a voice you remember but generally, especially near the end of the game, inexplicable things start happening that just made me think "what is going on? Why is that there?" Was Mandus hallucinating? I don't know.

    I feel like I bought an expensive book. I wish the game were longer, the enemies were smarter, and that I could interact with and move almost anything around in the game that isn't bolted to the floor. On another note I wish you could see your characters hands and body as well when you looked down and did stuff. I decided to pick amnesia: A Machine for Pigs over Outlast, due to how popular the first amnesia seemed to be, but I'm fairly disappointed with the result.
  38. Sep 16, 2013
    This isn't Amnesia, it tastes like Chinese. Seriously, if they wanted Dear Ester 2, the Chinese Room could have made it themselves and kept their pretentious fingers off Amnesia. Not to mention that ending! A disappointing ending to a disappointing game. I honestly can't believe Frictional Games allowed this to be released. They are still one of my favorite companies, but they should keep the Chinese Room as far away from their franchise as possible. Expand
  39. Sep 13, 2013
    Everyone IS right that this game is different from The Dark Descent.
    And it's different in a bad way.
    The environments look nice, the graphics are okay for a game for it's time and the sound design is flawless.
    The first few levels seem to throw you into this sort of 'look everywhere, explore and leave no stone unturned' mentality. After an hour of play, as you continue down into The
    Machine, the game gets linear, loud and boring. Jump-scares, screen-shaking and loud noises are the main 'scares' in the game.
    Not to mention that the game seems to have degraded in terms of gameplay. There's no more inventory interaction, the only objects that you can use for the 'AMAZINGLY POLISHED PHYSICS ENGINE' are chairs, closets and big boxes you have to push. The physics are extremely buggy and you can get ragdolls stuck inside of things, including walls and small crevices.
    The monsters seem to be really well-made though and the soundtrack is top notch.
    I honestly think The Chinese Room should stick to no-gameplay 'hipster art' games. Dear Esther was great, but this game is horrible. After playing Dear Esther, I expected the developers to turn the Amnesia game into a horror thriller with shiny graphics and an amazing narrative.
    Sadly, only the narrative catched on. The unique writing for the game did not save it's horrible gameplay and linearity.
    This game is a huge let-down considering I have waited long for it. Frictional Games, I have no idea why you let a few indie developers famous for beautiful games develop a game that has to have actual horror and atmosphere in it.
  40. Sep 10, 2013
    I think Amnesia A Machine For Pigs is very good sequel for the Amnesia The Dark Descent, but it isn't as great as Dark Descent. A Machine For Pigs is still really scary but not as scary as Dark Descent, why? Because they did remove loads of things from it. There's no sanity(almost at all) and the lantern has infinite oil which makes it less scarier. Another thing missing is inventory so you cant pick up anything to your inventory, if you need to take something you need to carry it around which is good, I think it makes the game bit scarier. The story telling is pretty good and maybe better than in Dark Descent, but I'm missing that when character reads you everything in his diary pages. Expand
  41. Sep 13, 2013
    I like many others was expecting an experience much like the original Amnesia. I didn't think it would be as scary or as memorable as the first considering it was being developed by TCR, but I expected a good, solid game that would scare me good. While a constant sense of dread and tension is built throughout the game, the suspense never really climaxes into something truly terrifying, and by the second hour in, the flickering lights and pig monsters almost lose their fear factor entirely. I wouldn't call this game scary. Creepy, disturbing and suspenseful are more accurate descriptions I think. The removal of some gameplay elements and also the inexhaustible lantern that also acts as a monster detector probably contributes to the lack of fear as well.

    Graphics wise, it's a small improvement over the first Amnesia but still looks a bit outdated. The lighting in particular often looks rather strange, with low res textures here and there. Sound design however is phenomenal and TCR use it brilliantly to create a really fleshed out atmosphere. Soundtrack and voice acting is top notch as well. If you really immerse yourself into the game, the story is not too bad either. Writing is generally very poetic and descriptive and you might find it difficult to grasp what's going on behind all the metaphorical language. The story is generally quite good though.

    To sum up the game, AAMFP is mostly like Dear Esther with some Amnesia sprinkled on top. I was somewhat disappointed after finishing the game, but I've learnt to appreciate the unique experience that TCR have created. In terms of length, think Penumbra: BP, around 4-6 hours.
  42. Sep 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed with the game, maybe because I was a massive fan of the original, as well as a fan or Dear Esther, and had been excited about playing this since the reveal, I don't know. Anyway, here's what I found good and bad:


    As usual, the world is extremely detailed looking.

    The music is quite good and fits with each situation in the game

    There were a few cool moments when objects or even doors and passages would appear/disappear leaving you a little confused or freaked out for a moment, but in a good way! :)


    Far too short. I finished it in 4 hours, and I didn't rush through. I'm OCD and I explore everywhere and look at everything in games. Regular gamers would probably get through it even faster!

    There was absolutely no tension or atmosphere, which are things the original had in spades! At no point did I feel dread, fear, apprehension, or any of the other good stuff the original made me feel.

    The only scares in the game were a handful of cheap jump scares, like platforms falling, children running at you, etc.

    The story seemed to be the main focus of the game, but it was extremely predictable. There was obviously a lot of effort put into it with all the notes and dialogue, but most of it was so over the top, almost pretentious sounding, coupled with the shovelling of as many terms relating to pigs as possible (yes, we get it, there are pigs in this game!), it was incredibly hard to take seriously and almost painful to get through, nearly to the point where I considered skipping reading the notes/journal.

    The monsters were not even remotely scary and never felt like they were a threat, even when they spotted you and chased you. In fact, I'd go as far as to say they were almost comical in their appearance and behaviour (WTF was up with that Space Pig???). So disappointed after the terrifying array of monsters in the original.

    Lack of mechanics from the previous game, like tinder boxes, lantern fuel, inventory, insanity, health, etc. The game was over simplified and lost a lot of it's charm and things which helped make the original scary.

    While the graphics are similar quality to the original, there seemed to be this weird fuzz/glow over everything, that in the darkest parts of the game would cause weird artifacts and colour banding that I hadn't experienced previously.

    Overall, I found this to be a disappointment and I wish I'd picked it up in a Steam sale, rather than pre-ordering, because it certainly was not worth the money.
  43. Sep 17, 2013
    Wow. What can I say. Disappointment, disappointment, disappointment. That is the word that keeps popping up in my mind. And shame on you critics for having the audacity of rating this game anywhere above a 5. I hope you enjoyed your royalty check. There is no way anyone who plays video games and critiques them for a living can say with an honest heart this game is acceptable in quality. Even if the original one did not exist. So many things wrong and excuse me for comparing it with the first one but it just makes it easier to point out what is wrong with it.

    First off the story is a jumbled mess. One of features of the original one which made it so fun was they was Daniel was telling himself the story of how he got to where he was. I mean you had an actual voice actor reading it out to you and that helped build intrigue and mystery. It was told in a coherent and orderly fashion that was easy to follow as well. In AMFP (A Machine For Pigs) there is no narration. It is speckled with "recordings" that sorta tell you what is going on along with notes found here and there but no narration. The original actually had notes like this as well but with the narration it was much easier to follow and much more interesting. What any one worth their weight in the story telling business will tell you is the biggest killer of a story is creating apathy for the characters to the audience. If no one cares what happens then no tension can be built up.

    The other thing that was missing that the original has was it was just too darn easy. No real puzzles that posed any real challenge, It was ridiculously easy to circumvent the monsters, and you had infinite light! One of the greatest aspects of the original one was how you had to collect oil and tinder boxes to light your way and you had to watch how many you had. In this one your lantern lasts forever. Also they completely eliminated the insanity factor which was another huge tension builder of the game. But the half ass puzzles is what really gives away that they really put no real effort into this game at all.

    I would not recommend this game if you really liked the original. It holds nothing of what made the original great and I never got spooked one time from it. I played the original last week to get myself siked up for the release of this which I had pre-bought and it STILL made me jumped and I have played the game through about three times already! I can't express just how bad of a disappointment (there goes that word again) this game is. I'm thinking about asking for my money back. That's how bad it is. Do not waste your time or money on this game.
  44. Sep 13, 2013
    This is not Amnesia. The trailer for this game was a complete lie and showed Amnesia type gameplay. This game is nothing like the trailer. Someone decided to make a quick buck by taking the Amnesia title and slap it on their own product, or Frictional decided to sell their title and let someone slap it onto a different game.
  45. Sep 11, 2013
    I hardly understand the bad critics on that game. I personally loved the game, one of the best 20$ I spend on a game.

    I think you will love the game if you like the genre. That new episode is not as scary as dark descend or the outcast, but he have much and much better story telling, it target Cleary an adult audience.

    Finally to give you a good example about what kind of bad review
    the game received..
    "Very short, you have to read to understand the story, invisible archenemy, stupid monsters..."

    I really like the part "you have to read to understand the story". OK so if you don't want to read, this game is not for you. You probably better suited playing COD
  46. Oct 15, 2013
    Interesting story condiluded by bad writing and an unclear narrative structure. It is too easy to miss important parts of the story. Gameplay has been to simplified and their are next to no monster encounters or scares. Its a boring ride most of the way, and i feel that this story would have been better told as a novel or movie. Anyone who gives this game over a 6 is either a fanboy or just hasnt played the original. Amnesia the dark descent is incredible and more worth your money than this. Sadly disappointed by AMFP. Expand
  47. Sno
    Sep 10, 2013
    Although several things have been changed from the original amnesia, this title is certainly deserving of the amnesia trademark. I was scared just as much, if not more, in this game than the original, which the original failed to do for me on my second playthrough. Frictional made a fantastic decision allowing thechineseroom to develop this game.
  48. Sep 11, 2013
    Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is a masterpiece. A masterpiece of storytelling, a masterpiece of atmosphere, and a masterpiece of thematic depth and cohesion.

    What it is not, though, is a masterpiece of game design, simply because it's not a "game." No mechanical skill or special mental acuity are required to succeed. There are no choices to be made that affect the story or its conclusion.
    This is very much a spiritual successor to Dear Esther (it was designed by the same studio), with only superficial similarities to Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

    At its core, The Dark Descent was an old school adventure game, something which I actually didn't like about it. It was incredibly atmospheric, scary, and downright disturbing, but to me the puzzles served as a frequently annoying distraction from exploring the grim and compelling world laid before me.

    A Machine for Pigs almost entirely forgoes these game elements and transitions completely to the interactive fiction genre. And what a work of interactive fiction it is. Dear Esther was an extraordinarily well-crafted and moving experience, but AMfP improves on it in every way. The writing is masterful, weaving together themes of guilt, original sin, the duality of man, religion, and socio-political philosophy. The visuals are superb and nearly flawless, although I did find myself frustrated by the lack of reflecting mirrors and more naturalistic fog effects. Minor complaints to be sure, but ever so slightly immersion-breaking nonetheless.

    I must also shower composer Jessica Curry with the highest praise. Her work in Dear Esther was breathtaking and here we find her again practicing at the pinnacle of her art. Music is absolutely integral to the success of AMfP. Not only does Curry manage to underscore the emotional significance of each section perfectly, but every cue is also a brilliantly original composition in its own right. Search out Mors Praematura online to hear exactly what I'm talking about. At the risk of sounding overly effusive I'd have to say that this is soundtrack of the year (or decade!) material.

    In closing, I think Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is a spectacular creative achievement and deserves to be experienced by almost everyone. Yes, it is unusual and is most definitely not a game, nor is it anything like Amnesia: The Dark Descent. As long as you are aware of these facts going in and are able to re-calibrate your expectations early on I guarantee that you're in for a deep, thought-provoking and one of a kind experience.
  49. Sep 12, 2013
    Oh, this game is so bad! The biggest disappointment of the whole year! I'm a huge fan of Amnesia The Dark Descent, and I found A machine for pigs just terrible. I wanted a new Amnesia game, not Dear Esther.
  50. Sep 11, 2013
    This game definitely knows how to build tension. Music, lighting, atmosphere everything works together perfectly. Due lack of free time i played this hour yesterday and hour just now, and both times it left me with disturbed mind and sick aftertaste.
  51. Sep 10, 2013
    Okay, first off. All the bad reviews.....everyone, click the users names. It's their only review, 80% of the time. Outlast fan boys or stupid kids who play cod all day. Second, is it better than the original? Well thats up to you. I personally thought, while it was scary, and had great atmosphere and beautiful textures and designs it wasn't as scary as the original. BUT. it is still as great horror game. Better than Outlast, Better than Penumbra. It's laughable to see all the bad reviews...and then figure out, that it's probably the same little freak, making new accounts and reviewing the game over and over and over again. Stop it little children. This is a great horror title, and don't let anyone tell you other wise. I recommend you pick up The original first, it's better and the same price. But give this one a try to, great game. Expand
  52. Sep 11, 2013
    I really don't understan why people are downrating this game, it's very well done, it takes the in depth environment of dear esther and the scares of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and makes a brilliant game
  53. Sep 11, 2013
    i can easily say, that this is one of the best experiences in gaming, i was sneaking around inside a factory, and i thought the beast was far away, until i see it walking towards me, i desperatly try to hide but when i turn around i see it has caught my scent. at this moment i am running away, and im hearing loud pig-squeels behind me, and just as im about to give up, i notice a small hatch which i can jump through. and i did, and just as i started breathing again, i can see that the pig-monster has already followed me down, so i start to run! as i panic and run through darkness i cant even see if its a dead end im heading towards, or if another monster decided to chase me aswell, then i see a dor so i open the door, and i see the monster running towards me, i can barely move from the fear im experiencing but i managed to slam the door in its face, quickly barricading the door with whatever i can find, after a while, i hear the squeals sounds further and further away, and i then realized that im safe... FOR NOW. i´d easily give this game a 10/10, for the atmospherical environments and the rewarding feeling when you have managed to survive an encounter, if you haven´t played this game alredy, then play it now! PROS: great scary atmosphere, thrilling environment, dark, immersive and deep storyline and a great ton of fun experience. CONS: minor bugs, simplified game mechanics, and as i´ve noticed they seem to have removed the insanity system which im really dissappointed about. SUMMARY: the cons are so easy to look around when you notice what a great experience frictional/chinese has made for you, one of the best horror games i have ever played (i did play the original amnesia). Expand
  54. LST
    Sep 11, 2013
    I get the feeling that if we were to lose the prefix 'Amnesia' in the title of this game I'd have been reading different reviews altogether. Understandably people were expecting something different (or should I say, 'more of the same') from a franchise that revolutionised the horror genre by landing the player defenceless in a heavily interactive and high-pressure environment.

    there is no oil. No wardrobes to hide in. No boxes to barricade doors...We're a long way away from the hostile darkness of Castle Brennenberg.

    Instead we are born into the most grotesque horror story conceived (since Silent Hill 2...) jam-packed with imagery that is sure to linger in your mind... And that's a great achievement. I'd best describe the story as 'A darkly satirical science fiction obsessed with the Uncanny'. Play it. It's a strain of dread I've never before experienced in a horror game. It's what makes A Machine for Pigs unique. And terrifying.

    People should acknowledge that 'Amnesia' was trying something different this time. It misses in areas where The Dark Descent scores. It scores where The Dark Descent misses. And it scores high.
  55. Sep 11, 2013
    Pretty good and slow paced psychological horror with excellent sound & atmosphere, the mechanics are totally different compared to previous Amnesia titles as this is a mainly story & atmosphere driven horror adventure, if you enjoy atmosphere, great sound and good & intelligently written stories dive in, for shock & gore scare fests there are other titles that do better.
  56. Sep 11, 2013
    Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is... for starters so full of horror ambient sounds that my brain just went "This is noise, ignore it."
    Don't get me wrong. The quality of the ambience is top notch but it feels like it was just pasted on there after the gameplay of a level was considered "done".

    Level design is a complete mess. The levels are incredibly hard to navigate through since
    they're not as linear as they should be but instead you have loops upon loops that just take you back to where you were. That mixed with the overly generic look of the levels means that you'll spend half of the time just running around in circles.

    The game is also completely lacking an inventory. Which leads to item based puzzles being extremely easy since you don't have to carry anything around for a while. Nor do you need to mix items together.
    There are some areas where you do mix two items into one but its all done in the world. Anything that's outside of an inventory screen doesn't give you necessary feedback to tell you that A B C and you end up mixing the items with no intention to do so. That in turn doesn't give you any pleasure of figuring it out since there was no figuring out to begin with.

    The game doesn't give you a need to do anything. You just haphazardly try different things until you succeed and open up another area where you just repeat the same process. I felt like a monkey in a spaceship "I've no clue wtf I'm doing but it seems to work!" pulling on random levers just to see what it does.

    All in all it's like a scary ride at a local fare. You have no say to what's going on around you and you just watch scripted scene after another.
    Did the developers forget they were making a game?
  57. Sep 13, 2013
    The game does not have as many jumps and scares as the first one, for one it takes out the insanity factor that i loved so much in the first one as well as running the chance of running out of oil for your lantern. I believe it was well priced at 20$ and what it lacks in horror, which at first i was disappointed in, i believe the story-line was well thought out and planed. I'll admit, i was disappointed at first but by the end of the game i enjoyed it in a much different way than just being scared, i got into the story line. But if you are looking for a scary game and one that will make you jump, play the first one instead of this one. This one is allot more layed back but i personally enjoyed it. Expand
  58. Sep 18, 2013
    This game is so far removed from the original, it was quite disappointing. However, I think it would have been received as much better if it was released without the Amnesia title. On it's own, Machine for Pigs is just fine, but you cannot take away every element of the first (especially the actual horror the original gave us) and expect good results.

    I would suggest watching someone
    else play it first I wish I had, wasted my money instead. Expand
  59. Sep 18, 2013
    Overall, this game was a big time disappointment for me. Machine for Pigs is at most 20% as scary as The Dark Descent. All of the major changes to the play mechanics add up to make this game suck. I blame it on the developer The Chinese Room, and not Frictional Games. This team up was a bad idea.
    Negatives: Removal of an inventory. No more lantern oil. Staying in shadows no longer
    increases your insanity. You can look at the enemies without penalty. You run away from enemies easily. Unreadable font used for notes and journal entries. I found the story somewhat interesting, but boring in the end. Scare events were not executed well.
    Positives: Better game engine. Larger levels. Good music. Good voice acting. Okay story.
  60. Sep 19, 2013
    A huge disappointment, I should've known that when the Chinese Room got involved they'd strip out the elements that actually make it a game and turn it into another failure like Dear Esther. It barely qualifies as a game and definitely doesn't quality as a good one. Your money is better spent elsewhere.
  61. Sep 19, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is not the game Amnesia fans waited years for.

    When Frictional made Dark Descent, they created a highly interactive atmosphere that drew you in until you were too scared to go into the next room and see what horror was waiting for you. Instead of adding to the mechanics of the original, Chinese Room decided to remove practically all the original mechanics (no inventory, no health/sanity, you can't manipulate all objects, no hiding spots). The panic of getting Daniel through the dark to light before he went insane and preserving lamp oil contributed so much to the fear factor. Taking those elements away removed A LOT of quality from the game.
    Many fans say the enemies are not scary, I'm not sure that's entirely true though. The idea of the enemy models was great and the sounds are frightening enough, but they never appear in a moment you clearly have an advantage. The grunts from the first game appeared in some of the worst moments you could imagine and scrambling for a hiding place was unforgettably chaotic. The enemies were presented badly and the feeling of helplessness is completely absent. The biggest question I have is why couldn't they find a way to bring back the grunts??? Get creative next time Chinese Room, I expected to be chased and beat senseless but your pigs were too stupid to catch me (never died once on my first play through). The AI should have improved from Dark Descent, not degraded into mindless creatures that will completely miss you when you're right next to them. Maybe if Mandus was actually afraid of the dark like Daniel they would have noticed me.
    The design looks rather nice and I enjoyed amnesia's art style looking good, but you never wondered what was next. The next room would be some mechanical room that looked basically like the last. You could say the first amnesia did that with the castle looking the same, but the environments changed enough that it was fresh and that dreadful feeling of going deeper was much more prominent. That 'going deeper' theme is repeated in Machine for Pigs but honestly I was just hoping that something would surprise me.
    Another reason the rating isn't that low is the story really is pretty cool. The political satire and dark themes are interesting, but I could actually pay attention to this story because I wasn't scared out of my mind something was about to eat me again (I loved the first game's story on a later playthrough where I actually payed attention). A good story isn't enough to impress me though. This game is supposed to be a sequel and yet I found it to be 100% unrelated to the original. There is not a single reference to the evil we witnessed and feared in Brennenburg Castle. That may have been difficult since it's been moved to a separate era and location, but I hate that the first game is ignored. Chinese Room did tell us that they were putting a lot into the story and that was true. If only they didn't forget to put in the rest of the game. This is where I felt kind of nauseous inside because I realized that Amnesia had fallen victim to being inspired by Dear Esther. I know that game was supposed to be 'artistic', but a complete lack of gameplay made for one the most disappointing wastes of time and money of my life. Thank goodness some of Amnesia is still in this game or fans would have been even more furious.
    One more MAJOR complaint and perhaps the worst. When I played the first Amnesia, it took me 7-8 hours to finally reach Alexander. That game was LONG and I loved every moment of my terror. What happened with all that time for development for this game??? Did they forget to add-in half the game? I feel like at some point I must have bypassed the entire game since I watched the credits roll within the time it would have taken me to watch a movie. The length is the worst factor that Dear Esther rubbed off onto this game. I'm crossing my fingers that they implement what is needed for Custom Stories or this game will NEVER be worth what I payed. It's not that the game is unfinished, it's that it goes by so dang fast that you didn't have a chance to get that scared. If I could only make one change then I would beg for a couple more hours worth of gameplay. It may not be Dark Descent, but I was still having fun.
    As a horror game on its own, this game is decent and has a great story with awesome music and voice acting. I will applaud those achievements and you earned half a rating. However, this game is far too short and feels more like a professional custom story than a full sequel. Had they not put "Amnesia" in the title I think I would be happier because on its own it really is good. Maybe Dear Piggy would be more appropriate. I would still recommend giving the game a play through, but please don't walk out of that first bedroom with expectations so you can enjoy it for what it's worth.
  62. Sep 21, 2013
    The Amnesia series Prides itself on doing something different and well the developers have managed to a pretty decent job on the latest game.
    Despite the ridiculously stupid monsters (flawed AI) and Childish puzzles, The Atmosphere is fantastic, the story engaging (but ultimately predictable) and the Sound design is absolutely brilliant..
    I'm sure all the hardcore horror fans will be
    disappointed, especially with the first game The Dark Descent being a masterpiece but the psychological horror that this game imparts along with its deeply disturbing and gruesome story line is what makes this game so unique.

    Granted, the monster encounters are few, the puzzles are annoyingly stupid and some level designs become repetitive but it does what is sets out to do Manages to keep a perfect balance of psychological horror and story telling (that is if you are patient enough to read and comprehend all the notes).

    The fear, the dread that someone is ready to pounce on you( like in TDD )is always there but some of the horror is sucked out as the game warns you of the presence of/ approaching enemies...However its hauntingly beautiful atmosphere along with a brilliant sound design makes up for that in a way.
    The atmosphere (sudden clunking of the machinery,winds,distant screams and many more all in the perfect location (Victorian Era England)) has been portrayed beautifully.. The music score by Jessica Curry is simply incredible and is worth buying alone.

    The inclusion of the sanity mechanic and more interactions with the surrounding environment would have made this game much better no doubt It also made sense to have a lantern that does not die out frequently during the age of the Industrial Revolution but making it everlasting was a bad call. There are bugs and glitches but they don't hamper your gaming experience too often. During its course the game reminds you of some of the elements of the dark descent in an interesting way.

    All in all,This game should not be played in a hurry nor should it be compared to the incredible level of its predecessor for it delivers a relatively different experience.. It should be played cause it manages to experiment and succeed in many aspects that the horror genre has paid little attention to ,considering The motive has always been to 'scare'....
    A Machine for Pigs is a pretty looking game set in a fascinating era and has been portrayed beautifully. It definitely does not come even close to scaring you like its predecessor but is definitely worth playing once for its unique experience.
    Just wait for Steam to reduce its current price.
  63. Oct 10, 2013
    No. The Chinese Room did all wrong for me. The atmosphere was barely tense (noisy machines doesn't create suspense and the lantern allerts when mob's coming).
    The hardest puzzle is something like "go in the other room and bring the thing back" (no inventory...).
    You can't interact with anything that is not part of the super linear path, the doors are all open or closed (no 1 key in all
    game) and even the dressers are all closed! come on!
    The encounters are too few and not so scary as they should be (only the water things are the most).
    The rooms are too big to to sense claustrophobia or panic and there is not so much feeling of being trappedand and survive.
    Only the story can stand for me because it's not completely equal to Dark Descent even if most of time I had to immagine to be horrified than seeing odd and dark things (pigs apart).
    The graphic and phisic is not evolved at all from D.D. as I expected to be.
    Maybe the thing that could save the game is an hypothetical new editor that should improve the old one to create new custom stories, but it's only an hope.
    Bad money spent....
  64. Jan 18, 2014
    What a sorry excuse for a sequel. First off, this game completely removed all of the gameplay features we saw in the first entry such as puzzles, inventory, sanity meter, health meter, lantern oil etc. The enemies are not a threat at all, they are easy to avoid, cause little damage when encountered, and even if you die you just revive instantly right where you left off essentially leaving this game with no challenge what-so-ever. The game is painfully short, you can beat it start to finish in a 3 hour sitting.

    Now that we've established this game is devoid of any threat, challenge or gameplay, is the story at least worth it? Nope. The plot is convoluted, poorly paced, and told through a series of badly written notes that utilize a borderline incomprehensible and pretentious dialogue. While Amnesia neatly closed the book of it's story, A Machine for Pigs will leave you scratching your head with more questions than answers and feeling like you just read a series of snobby poetry excerpts rather than a cohesive story.

    I feel ripped off and angry that I supported such a weak effort, I barely ever write reviews but feel I need to warn people of making the same mistake. Avoid like the plague. Replay the first one, or play Outlast if you're looking for a horror fix.
  65. Feb 16, 2014
    On of the best games I have played, Other reviews are saying that they played the first 30 minutes and quit, to fully get the game you have to play through it, it gets so much scarier. In my eyes you have to fully play a game to review it
  66. Sep 16, 2013
    Game is unfortunately woefully undercooked. The story backdrop is intriguing, but for a game that clocks in at around 4 hours, oddly somehow manages to outstay it's welcome in record time. I guess that's the next thing to mention: to call this game 'a short experience' is a gross understatement. The locale should lend itself to more intriguing environments than ATDD, yet somehow really fails to capitalize on this. I think part of this is simply 'level' design. There is no exploration to take advantage of as the player is herded down abbreviated corridors from door A to B, stripping the player of any feeling of discovery. This design also deflates another Amnesia staple: the cat and mouse. Enemies by nature of the level (read: tunnel) design, must spawn/monster box the player from behind. The player then just continues down the predetermined path he was already on to begin with... Players are not even trusted with an escape mechanic (figuring out how to manipulate something or block a door to prevent the adversary's advance. Either a gate inexplicably falls preventing the monster's advancement, or the door itself activates a loading screen. Now, as there are essentially no game mechanics, there is only the story for the player. Does it deliver? Despite some nicely written pages revealing the grim industry of the machine, No. The central mystery that kicks off the tale and provides impetus for the character's decent, will be seen through immediately upon it's introduction and it's continuous method of delivery. As grating as grinding your way towards this reveal is, the secondary plot reveal is thinly veiled as well and is EXACTLY the central twist in a much more popular and successful game. Expand
  67. Sep 16, 2013
    The game is too short I completed it first time in 3 and 1/2 hours whilst exploring, so I was hardly rushing through. The game is not scary this is due to the removal of the insanity effects and the infinite lantern you now have. The game itself is actually rarely if at all in total darkness so you can see everything coming. There is basically one type of enemy the rest being pasted from the Dark Descent and they are not scary at all. In fact most of the enemy encounters are scripted and they cannot kill you, making the enemies almost trivial. There is only a few sections were the enemies roam about and you know when they are coming because they always occur in large rooms were the enemies can move about. If you are in a linear corridor you know you are safe. The puzzles are basically non-existent, mainly because you can barely interact with any items which makes the locating of "puzzle" items extremely easy in fact to call them puzzles is an over-exaggeration, they are mostly lift item x and place in slot y.

    Basically the gameplay is non-existent. You walk through linear corridors, see an enemy jump out and go boo and that is it. It's basically walk from the start of the game to the end. The pros of this game are the soundtrack, voice acting and the story.

    So for a horror game, it is a bit of a joke and it was hugely disappointing for me.
  68. Jan 12, 2014
    short game,stupid few puzzles,only about 8 monsters that you gonna see,no sanity,no tinderboxes,no INVENTROY,only one place in the game that scared me and the game is not f**kin SCARY.
    and i can not call it Amnesia either.
    all i have to do now is continue playing the awesome first amnesia and hope for the game to come back to its roots.
  69. Sep 25, 2013
    5/10 Amnesia 2 is just a tame, melancholic walk through, a second a rate sequel( perhaps a let down is expected as it is a sequel?).

    +++ Great concept, Excellent art and imagery Sound is good but (prefer it's predecessor's score), Decent level design.
    --- Massive Culling of parts from original no more: sanity, fear of death, need to scout and explore,Items, Interaction with
    environment, linear gameplay and design (so some will need to stock up on drink, another expense...) Not 'THAT' great or original, or at all complex story. No decent puzzles (all puzzles are things you would be able to do in your sleep...) No Fear... Too short! (Finishing it and finding it lasts 5-7 hrs and that you will never play it again... It IS 'a Machine for Pigs'.

    I felt compelled to write a review on here as I have just run through and found my self EXTREMELY disappointed with this supposed 'sequel' to the 'Dark Descent'. Yes as noted, this is not the same game, but it has all the same hall marks, most of the same engine despite most objects are not inter-actable, which kills any dream of a good puzzle or any fast paced desk and cupboard choreography of sealing doors as you run from your nemesis; Only a hoping you reach a 'check point' in time. A 'Game for the Industry' I would call it, not the 'Machine for Pigs'... Only a shame it carries the same name...

    So the game is linear, and keeps on going with no reward for wander? and no adrenaline pumping chases? So what does it have? I will be the first to admit, all the work has been diverted away from any form of challenge, game wise, to the art side, the story and some kind of On the rails', 'Cinema-interactive experience'. The concept idea is great, the textures and the levels are beautiful, the story... is not as good or any where as compelling as Amnesia 1 and those who think it is because of the skill of the developers, please dont say it is, because it is a wandering video-game-story on its own, which mounts a great deal of weight on the 'story' side of the game and the 'pretties' side which mean both need to make up for the 'not alot happens' side and 'absent risk' and 'absent counter-interaction' side, resulting in linear-boring traipsing around with no need to worry about that *clink* or a door opening with a creepy sound Which was what Amnesia 1 had in spades and probably was the reason why it worked. They must admit then that this game is a joke in-comparison to the original because IT IS NO LONGER A GAME, but some kind of an interactive story; for that I hate it. A Machine for Pigs.

    But with all the art... the idea of this 'thing'... and the way the place looks they should be commended. The gameplay is not bad either, the engine still feels nice to use. However, I do believe they could have done better with the story, it is not all that compelling and I didn't feel drawn to know what happened(or perhaps I was bored? Or busy browsing the imagery?), it is not particularly original: I must have it and 'will' myself to do this It gave me a head ache and felt like screaming at the screen, "So... why are you living again? What did you come here to achieve??!..." And there it kind of kills the need for there to be a story, other than this magnificent 'THING' Its just 'A to B'. A Machine for Pigs...

    In retrospect, Maybe it is because there is not enough detail and I find the story lacks 'something' (no! not more pretties! Some detail, a part of the story, some plot or perhaps an occurrence of something). Or perhaps more detail to justify the man's love for his

    5/ 10 for this as this game is not complete. Personally as we are talking about something that is on sale on a market I think this game is worth £5 max. And I bought it pre-order lured on by the fact that I expected another 'Dark Descent', perhaps extended. This is not Dark Descent to my woe! It should be noted that it is worth 5 hrs play time, after that, other than if your a plank or you want to look deeper at the textures and level design, then the game is made redundant. I did question my self, does it have multiple paths? I am certain it does not... Even then the main mechanics of the game have been culled and it is left as a pig farm after a 'foot and mouth' virus out break.

    I do not feel a desire to follow 'The Chinese room' if this what they make... and I am unsure what Frictional plan now... If it was meant to be some stupid story... so be it, I will plead guilty of ignorance and hope I will pay attention the next time, despite the fact Amnesia the Dark Descent was such a good 'game'... In fact I would suggest new players to stick with The Dark Descent and Download from Desura or online the countless number of excellent user made maps (Whitenight Btw is like this rubbish and a walkthrough, Frictional Games rewarded those people for that scenario in a competition(how ironic Amnesia 2 is just like it... What were they thinking!??)).
  70. Sep 12, 2013
    And finally, here she is, the spiritual successor to the mighty Amnesia: The Dark Descent, the horror survival that over half of its own fans did not even complete. So, along comes A Machine For Pigs, and what mighty big boots it has to fill. Honestly, how does one go about topping the game that may have single handedly saved the survival horror genre, as well as boosted independent gaming, saved Frictional Games from going under, got many of us to download the PC revolution that is Steam, all while quite possibly being the scariest game of all time? Well I suppose one way to go about this is too simple just not top it, which almost seems to be what A Machine For Pigs has intentionally done here. I am sorry folks who were squealing to get their hooves into this one, but this successor admits defeat from its predecessor from the word "go". But is it bad? Is it worth the bacon? Could it still send us screaming "wee wee wee" all the way home, and under our beds? Well The Dark Descent raised the bar so high, that anything capable of biting at its heels is still going to be pretty terrifying, and that is where "Pigs" shines. Yes, it is a great survival horror experience, and should be played, and can be enjoyed by anyone who is open minded enough to accept it for what it is. In many ways, this game feels like it should have been the first Amnesia, and Dark Descent should have been its bigger sequel. "Pigs" feels almost like a really big piece of DLC more than a sequel, as it is far shorter, has had no graphic enhancements, features the exact same mechanics, and is far less interactive. It is simplified to the point of disappointment, and no longer will you scrounge in the dark for answers to puzzles, and what few "puzzles" there are, are solved mere feet away from the solution with no thought. No longer do you need to open drawers or explore, unless you are hunting documents to look further into the back story, and no longer do you need to search for tinderboxes as light does nothing for you this time around. In fact light is more harmful in this one as it attracts enemies. You are given a lantern this time that does not feed off of oil, which is a huge departure from Dark Descents signature terror. You are free to run and skip about with that lantern on all the night long if you wish, but not without a price. My disappointment of this feature became a gleeful burden in the games latter half when I realized the dang thing was going to get me killed, and much of my journey became lurking in the dark, as I barely even saw my lantern in the final chapters. The biggest departure and most shocking decision in the entire game, is as follows, there is no sanity meter. Developers The Chinese Room under publishing of Frictional Games has done away with the original Amnesia's sanity meter, which was the games identity in many ways. It was what separated the scares in other games from itself, and having complete both games, I am still not sure if this was a good decision or not. Luckily this did not take away from my fear when I found myself face to face with the creatures that were more pleased to see me dead than alive. Though, without insanity bringing me down, escape was not difficult. In fact it was easy. Little did I know at the time, but getting away was not hard, and never did I need to block doors, or climb into a chifferobe, for usually ducking behind something, or even standing in a dark corner often worked. I hate to say it, but I did not die one single time in my playthrough, something I cannot say about the original. My only other gripe with this journey is the overuse of journal entrees, none which are narrated. It is not that I mind reading, but you will be constantly pulled out of the terror to read the thoughts of our protagonist Mandus, and I do mean constantly. So, why give an oink about this game? Because it is a damn good time, and is damn frightening, peppered with intriguing story telling to boot. Sure the light is eternal, but brings forth the enemy, sure the sanity meter is gone, but the "machine" aspect of the game is startling to the audio enough and will pierce the ear drum probably twice as much as the original sanity meter. The story is enough to pull you through, but it fumbles in its third act and becomes bloated, but overall gets the job done, at least as much as expected. "Pigs" is worth playing, if you are a horror junkie, it is a must. It was never intended to out due Dark Descent, so take it for what it is, be open minded, and enjoy the talent behind it. It is dark, mean, scary, and what the gaming community needs more of, and if not for the original's standards there would be nothing disappointing. If Dark Descent was a great horror novel, then A Machine For Pigs is a great camp fire story, not as grand nor bold, but fun and worth its weight in memories. So, If you wanted more punishment after your dark descent into insanity, hop aboard this machine, its a damn good swine, mhm, time. Expand
  71. Sep 26, 2013
    Not a bad game, but not nearly as good as Dark Descent was. Too straightforward and not even that scary. There is little to interact with the environment, basically only those imperative items could be picked up, unlike in Dark Descent where you could pick up pretty much everything. All in all, a bit of a let down.
  72. Sep 16, 2013
    Lacks the same flavour and taste that made the original so great while also being less accessible with fewer scares. Mediocre graphics that look a complete step down from the original and frustrating long load times dont help either.
  73. Sep 12, 2013
    This might be a disappointment to any fan of the first amnesia game. Machine for Pigs does have the elements, soundtrack, atmosphere and story to pull off as a amazing psychological horror experience, however it was just pulled off poorly. They stripped down a lot from what made dark descent spectacular and scary.

    Machine For Pigs you just felt like you weren't even being challenged at
    all, there were no puzzles or obstacles that you had to overcome, sure you had to get around a few enemies but that was very few and those moments were nothing but "meh."

    For me I am usually a guy who likes to explore and discover, but I honestly felt no desire to learn about the place I am in or the history of the machine or to learn about what happened, cause they scribble all the details and stories into all these notes (which are the only kind of items you pick up in the game, that's it) and that I really was confused reading. I maybe a guy who doesn't read much but I do like good stories but reading those notes were a bore and left me confused, felt like maybe my mind isn't smart enough to understand, whatever..I just didn't bother reading those notes.

    Anyway, game is a disappointment. The only greats about this game are the soundtrack which is quite beautiful to listen to acutally, atmosphere and the whole steampunk environment was well designed and the story is not bad. But obviously the developers of the chineseroom concentrated too much making a more dear esther like game than what Dark Descent was.
  74. Sep 17, 2013
    A little lackluster considering its great predecessor. The graphic quality has not advanced, and the game follows the same formula of the previous Amnesia, but unfortunately, it's not as scary. Still pretty horrifying when compared with any other survival horror. Its low price makes it a good deal.
  75. Sep 14, 2013
    The curtain closes and I'm left staring at the credits pondering the splendid story I've just been told both by voice and by pen. The writing through notes scattered about the environment is unbelievably magnificent. The musical score is also noteworthy and like it's predecessor the atmosphere is thick, rich and well maintained throughout.

    I'm not going to compare Amnesia: A Machine for
    Pigs with Amnesia: The Dark Descent as is the rage on the Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs Steam forums and most likely on any gaming forum that your browser may come upon. Simply put, just because two siblings share the same surname does not mandate that the youngest emulate or follow in the footsteps of the elder Both siblings can be great in their own way. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs deserves to stand on it's own and bask in it's own brilliance and magnificence. Expand
  76. Sep 19, 2013
    Although it's not a survival horror, as other reviews have mentioned, the writing is excellent and all the horror elements of good fiction are there. The ending is thought-provoking, if not slightly unclear as to how it all comes to a close. The play-time is incredibly short, however, and I can't help but think it would be better served at a lower price-point. After a three-hour game, most gamers might think $10 is a better investment. A Machine for Pigs is little more than interactive cinema; there is some risk of the character's death, but it's ultimately inconsequential, since the player restarts very close to the point of death and the creature who did the killing is then no longer present.

    I enjoyed it. Like I said, the writing is worth the price of admission, particularly the bits between screen loads which are deftly written, full of excellent imagery. But still way too short for a game with no replay potential.
  77. Sep 11, 2013
    I'm one of the few who didn't care for the first Amnesia. I played it all the way through but didn't find it scary, creepy, or fun. I just felt empty at the end. This second Amnesia for me is an improvement. It was creepy and fun. Especially the first two hours. It had a really good story build up and flow. I wish it stayed like that the whole way through, but the second half of the game really began to get bogged down by endless puzzles that just felt like a nuisance. The game really seemed to drag on near the end. Overall, though, I felt it was a decent horror game and it made me get goosebumps, so it succeeded on the creepy factor. The voice acting was well done and the atmosphere was good. The graphics were also pretty good. I liked how the game was more linear this time around. There is still a good amount of exploring to do. Try it out if you are a horror fan or in the mood for a dark tale. Expand
  78. Sep 11, 2013
    Being a huge fan of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, I couldn't help myself from playing this game. At first glance I had been a little worried about the changes The Chinese Room had to include, but I had expected it. After finishing the game I can certainly say its a very different experience compared to The Dark Descent. Although there are some things I had missed from The Dark Descent, A Machine for Pigs had some things new to throw on the table that weren't quite there in the first game.

    A Machine for Pigs offers a lot less jump scares and instead, has an incredibly chilling environment. Through reading notes and exploring the machine, players can sink deeper into the atmosphere of the game. In my opinion, I feel that this wasn't as well done in the first game and I am glad The Chinese Room could improve on it.

    I read through other reviews and I see people complaining about no inventory system, or no health bar. I believe this argument is folly, considering these things had little to offer in the first game. A person would use their inventory to either use an item or drink a potion, both of which took about 5-10 seconds. As for the health bar, there is no use in having one. Each enemy encounter is spread out and you are guaranteed to go down in about 2 hits.

    Even though I felt less moments of terror and fear as The Dark Descent, I felt much more disturbed or uncomfortable. Although Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is much less 'shock and terror' it brings about fantastic writing and design to make the game horrifying in a much different way. This may rub some people the wrong way as they may not have expected these changes, which I understand may be why this game is getting so much flak. A Machine for Pigs is a must play for anyone who can appreciate good design and good horror.
  79. Sep 12, 2013
    Amnesia A machine for pigs is a whole new experience compare to its previous version. it is not always fair to criticize a game in according to what the overall product used to be. Amnesia AMFP does take out somethings and does bring some new things in in comparison to its previous title but reviewing a game is not always about comparing, it is about its current state in the market as well and how developers have crafted the game.
    In terms of story I should say AMFP has nothing less than the the dark descent. The story is wonderfully written, undoubtedly it is not cliche like outlast, as you progress into the world of the game in search for your lost daughters you will come across record pieces which will tell you what has happened before the game starts and as well beautifully story presents itself through the game instead of taking place into the boring cut scenes and it tells its story visually as well which is an interesting and praising point for an indie title. I will not spoil the story further but i should say the concept of the story and its metaphor and references are quiet interesting if you have the enough knowledge.
    Amnesia has never been entirely based upon sudden fears, its about the tension in the environment and atmosphere. Remember how we used to be scared all the time while we were playing Silent hill 1,2,3 which did not have any particular sudden fears? Amensia AMFP delivers the same mechanism through its awesome sound effects, very well done soundtracks and the creepy crafted environment which takes place in London. I think choosing the setting as London has good preferences built into it in order to present the story. The gamed does terrifies you, it is divided through the different sections throughout the 6-8 hour of game play and each section delivers a different kind of fear in them. Although I should mention some of the mechanisms have been dated in terms of predictability specially for those who have played the previous title. But still I do like how the game forces people to imagine the monsters rather than facing and killing them.
    Gameplay takes in varied environments through out the game and it does have interesting stuff to be seen and to be faced with. Puzzle parts are fairly remained same but I like how it is more advanced and scripted (technically and story) in comparison to other titles like Outlast. Some of the elements of previous game are removed which does not make much difference, only the sanity meter has affected the gameplay much. I imagine how it could be with sanity meter of course could make the gameplay and the action much more engaging and exciting.
    Finally in terms of graphics, the game has fairly remained same, but as the matter of fact the art direction is much better than it used to be. I like the concept art works built into game and I really enjoyed how much detail is crafted in the game world in various sections. It has made the areas much more believable and real to me.
    In the end, i Do understand some of the fans (Even myself) might find the changes in this game to be weird or not interesting but overall I really enjoyed the game because in the current market we do not see many horror games with a non cliche story and a heavy atmosphere.
    I am pretty sure the developers will take the feedback into the next game and will combine what has been presented in both titles in terms of gameplay mechanism and other stuff so as considering it is an indie title, i should say overall it is a very awesome product
  80. Sep 24, 2013
    The beggining of game is really and i was though that this game became a real piece of but then when i started to hear those wonderful soundtracks and interesting storyline, i changed my mind. Bassicilly i would give 7,5 but to rise a bit the score i give 10.
  81. Sep 26, 2013
    Slooooooooooow motion... Too much of it is used, wearing out my middle finger, but I have to continue, holding down w forever to walk down the corridors of this boring waste of money... Piggies... So scary... Not.
  82. Sep 12, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It is still a good story but they dilluted everything that make the first my best horror game. It is only exploration you dont need oil or matches, and you dont get crazy, well i give it a 7 because it is a good exploration and the dreed atmasphere and story and soundtrack is good. They should'nt call it amnesia Expand
  83. Sep 27, 2013
    I like to think of the Amnesia games as an Anthology, each will be quite different (If they make more). A Machine for Pigs is by far very different from the Dark Descent. I rate this game so highly because of the way it plays out. Yes there were some game mechanics that I did not understand. However they're not important. I think most people didn't like this game because it is a different kind of horror. The story is very hard to pick up if you are not careful to detail and if you don't read the notes. This game wants you to try and understand what's going on, it isn't a game for people who want to run through and get a bunch of jump scares (Which is what the general non-horror game loving public thinks modern horror games are all about...Slender is over with people not every game is going to be a Boo! and Run! game!!) I think the graphics were amazing, however I had issues with crashing but fixed it with a little computer knowledge. Apparently Frictional doesn't like Intel graphics cards. I thought it had great atmosphere and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE MUSIC. I thought about giving this game a 9/10 since I enjoyed The Dark Descent a hair more (probably because The Dark Descent was way more disturbing) but this game deserves a higher score so I'm giving it a 10/10 because it really is a good sequel to a series that brings a lot to the table! Expand
  84. Sep 15, 2013
    This being all about the atmosphere, I find myself missing the puzzles and monsters from the first game.The skill and money going into this game has focused on creating a range of spooky atmospheres. You have a creepy old house, a church, sewers, etc. With headphones on and in a darkened room this game is definitely creepy. The storyline is great and the game allows you to explore the areas you travel through. However you simply don't DO much in this sequel. There are puzzles in this game but to be honest none of them are particularly challenging nor interesting. There are monsters too but they are not as unique and original as in the first game. So if you like creepy atmopsheres and a good horror storyline you should enjoy this sequel, that is the focus of the game. If you want challenging and interesting puzzles in addition to that I am not so sure you will enjoy it. 'A Machine for Pigs' is not a bad horror game by any means but it doesn't live up to the original, it feels 'average'. In fact my favourite horror game so far in 2013 is 'Outlast', it was far more interesting and unique than 'A Machine for Pigs'. Expand
  85. Sep 19, 2013
    Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is not quite as consistently scary or viscerally disturbing as it's predecessor (Amnesia: The Dark Descent), but it's a more of a poignant story overall this time around in terms of how well it delivers its themes (industry, greed, control, power, technology... and how they affect society, etc.), and also has more than a few cryptic helpings of surreal allegory that will have you asking "What the hell does that REALLY mean?"

    However, A Machine for Pigs is a linear game overall and has less interaction than your average console game (when you aren't reading cryptic journal entries, you'll spend the remaining 80% of your in-game time turning valves, walking, occasionally running in terror, and turning your lamp on or off). The well-crafted story is essentially the sole focus of the game, but the accompanying art gives you a solid sense of the late 1800's Victorian setting (set a year before the turn of the century), though it's comparatively less evocative than the Gothic castle setting of the first Amnesia game; the grimy streets of London and its steam-pipe laden industrial underbelly ultimately become a repetetive, indistinct mash-up of dark brown bricks, pipes, mud, sewage, and blackened gore by the game's finale.

    Overall, its more of semi-interactive version take on classic horror novels than a game. But a story is a story, and this one is a great one... so, unless you're a stickler for purity and would rather simultaneously play Call of Duty, visit an art gallery, and listen to classical music on and iPod while reading H.P. Lovecraft, A Machine for Pigs is the best (and most efficient) choice for anyone who craves depthy and intelligent narrative and/or horror, but can't go without the illusion of free will that only a video game (or the machine that runs it?) can provide.

  86. Sep 26, 2013
    This game was one of the biggest disappointments lately. What made the original so memorable is not sustained in this installment, instead there is a game of walking through large, uninteresting areas and doing simple puzzles. The soundtrack for this game was very immerse and matched the style of the game perfectly, but it felt like most of the game was spent in an awkward silence. I have played many games that a silent soundtrack for most of the game works in its favor, but this isn't one of them. This entire game just feels empty. All of the areas have no one else in them except for the occasional enemy that you can simply run past with no challenge, and I found myself asking "Where is everyone?"

    This game does do some things right, such as the absolutely dreadful atmosphere, with the added immersion from the soundtrack and the excellent voice acting. It is a game similar to Dear Esther, with about the same amount of immersion, but without the memorable visuals and the interesting and original areas like in Dear Esther.

    Anything that might have been hard to program for the developers is left out, such as the inventory system, sanity system, depleting light source, extra items to interact with other than the immediate next thing to do, and other things that would have made the game more interesting. This game is way too short and way too easy, only around 3.5-4 hours with no replay value and no multiplayer, which is unacceptable for a game priced higher than better indie games such as Fez or Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. It's extremely lazy, and just a cash-in on the success of the first game.
  87. Sep 23, 2013
    I remember monotonous pipes, pigs, mind-numbingly boring puzzles, Bioshock, pigmen, surreal, nasty, visceral writing, blood, the church, a vague ending.
  88. Sep 10, 2013
    Well, I've just completed the game and I have to say some of these negative comments are a little extreme. People giving it anything under 5/10 are just butt hurt because It's not a carbon copy of The Dark Descent. Which I completely understand since it was such a special game although I'm trying to write a fair review about a game.

    If you can forget about it's predecessor and just
    enjoy the story and the emotions that come with the story, It's a good game. Had The Dark Descent never been made, I'm sure this game would have much higher ratings but of course we are going to compare, and so we should. It is after all an indirect sequel to The Dark Descent and bears the name Amnesia.

    Unfortunately this is where A Machine for Pigs really let me down. Everything that earned TDD such a special place in my heart has been removed;

    Challenging puzzles
    -In TDD some of the puzzles were challenging and required you to read the notes to look for clues, I still got stuck on a couple of them and had to look at a walkthrough.

    -In AMFP, Well all I can say is, above every puzzle there should just be a big sign saying "MOVE THIS YOU DUMB F**K!"

    The sanity meter
    -In TDD it really added something different, it served as a constant reminder of what a horrific situation you find yourself in, you look at the monsters and the sheer fear almost makes you lose consciousness. and I miss my pounding headache!

    In AMFP the whole thing has gone.

    The inventory,
    -In TDD it added to the puzzles and made you feel like you were getting somewhere, combining items just felt great, like Daniel had achieved something and was making progress. I was so happy to see I had 20x tinderboxes and a bunch of oil and laudanum in my inventory, I felt like I was ready for the darkest, scariest room I could imagine.

    In AMFP again, It's all gone.

    The optional lighting management.
    - In TDD lighting was a big game play factor, should I light this candle? maybe I should save my tinderboxes I don't know what's coming up next, I better not use my lantern, I'm desperately low on oil, I hate this dark place but I have no choice! :'(

    -In AMFP once again, there is little choice of lighting, there are a few electric lights on desks you can turn on and off which have no impact on the game play. Other than that you have your lantern which I guess is battery powered, but it has infinite life.

    Monsters that were truly horrifying.
    - In TDD well, no explanation needed, some of the scariest looking killers I had ever seen in a video game.
    -In AMFP they weren't very intimidating, I mean to look at. To be absolutely honest I had a little chuckle when the first one appeared and I watched It's animation.

    Some of you might not like that I compared A Machine for Pigs with The Dark Descent, but I did. The reason I did is because A Machine for Pigs is riding on the back of the success of The Dark Descent so comparisons should absolutely be expected. Not that I wanted or expected another TDD, but the things I mentioned above are what I feel played a vital role in TDD's success. It's not a bad game though like some people are saying. I did enjoy the atmospheric maps, the story and above all the sound design. The sound design and music were absolutely awesome.

    I don't regret buying or playing the game, I felt I got my moneys worth out of it and I think I can certainly see where they were trying to go with this and I hope Frictional Games and The Chinese Room continue to make new games.
  89. Sep 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Technically, this game is fantastic. The music is gorgeous, the graphics are stunning, and the storyline is well-written and extremely disturbing (possibly even better than the original game!)

    Sadly, the positives end there. Allow me to explain: the gameplay of the first Amnesia revolved around the lack of light and an ingenious sanity system. You would collect lamp oil to fuel your lantern, but it wouldn't last very long. If you ran out of lamp oil, you would have to light various candles and torches around the environment using tinderboxes. If you failed to stay in the light, your sanity would start to drain. The lower your sanity dropped, the weirder things would become. You would hear creepy noises, the player character would be harder to control, and monsters would be more likely to find you.

    In Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, they removed ALL of that.

    This is so stupid it's almost impossible to comprehend. The reason we all loved the original Amnesia was BECAUSE of these unique concepts! Releasing an Amnesia sequel without the sanity system is like releasing a Portal sequel without portals! A sequel is supposed to IMPROVE on the original gameplay mechanics, not REMOVE them!

    And that's not all! As well as removing the sanity system and light control, The Chinese Room has also given us a noticeable drop-down in immersion. One of the most important features of a horror game is immersing the player in the game's world, and AMFP fails horribly in this regard. In the first Amnesia, you could pick up almost every single box and move to around. Not in AMFP. In the first Amnesia, you could walk through almost every door and explore almost every room. Not in AMFP. In the first Amnesia, I felt like I was really inside a terrible place where terrible things had happened. Not in AMFP.

    This brings me to my final complaint: Amnesia was the scariest horror game of all time, and this game just... isn't scary. You see the full view of the game's monsters in the first hour, which really messes up the pacing (in the first Amnesia, you would get spine-tingling glimpses of the monsters for several hours before you finally met one face-to-face). Because of this, the monsters become somewhat repetitive and difficult to fear. They're also extremely easy to avoid.


    This game is a mess. It's a shame to see such fantastic storytelling and voice-acting go to waste, but the rest of the game is too bad to ignore. There's barely any atmosphere, easy to avoid monsters, and some of the most generic gameplay I've ever seen. Where did the heart-pumping fear of the original go??? Although I love the soundtrack and storyline, it's impossible for me to like a game that is trying so blatantly to be Amnesia yet fails so awfully.
  90. Sep 27, 2013
    If i could describe this game with 1 word, it would definetly be failure or disappointment.

    I shall start by saying that I was truly looking forward to this game... However with the first 30 minutes, i realised how it took a turn to the worst... They eliminated the survival aspect of the game... they decided that it would be far more interesting to focus on the story (which in my
    opinion is really pretentious) and forget that this is a sequel to an awesome horror game...

    Seriously... this game is neither a horror game nor an action/adventure game... its a sh%$ walk through type of game where everything is handed to you on a platter and you just press W and some clicks to see the bad pretentious story unfold... are you FU%$I*# serious???? is this what i waited anxiously to play???

    Let me make it clear that Outlast came out 6 days before this game... and i only bought it lol as a warmup to this game... FAIL. because outlast is a clear 8... this game however is barely half of that score...

    No scary enemies...
    No jumps...
    3 patrolling enemies.....
    No survival aspect... (no tinder, batteries or anything that forces you to explore)
    no tough puzzles...
    lots of non-interactable objects and doors... (WHY??)
    and... 4 hours long... 4 hours.... thats not even enough for a damn dlc...

    i could go on rumbling about how trash this game is. How big of a disappointment it is.. but instead i shall go beg Redbarrel to make Outlast 2 and forget amnesia series exist...
  91. Sep 16, 2013
    The terror in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs comes not from the jump scares of an unseen water monster or the fright of a new Manpig sprinting at you but rather from the horrifying well-written story, notes, and journals that you find along the way. The jumps are still there, but they are less frequent which is actually a bit more scary, it makes you think you're safe. The new creatures are splendid and the layout is still just as much of a labyrinth, but the storyline drives this game. Curry's soundtrack is phenomenal and the use of unseen children's voices adds a level of under-your-skin creepiness. Expand
  92. Sep 11, 2013
    Amnesia:A Machine for Pigs, sequel to The Dark Descent. Aside from good voice acting, lack of combat and a few textures that look alike is where the similarities end. If I had blind tested this game I would have called it Bioshock: A Machine for Pigs. The story was good, linear and heavily infused with politics much akin to The Bioshock series (speaking more of rapture, as i never played the new one yet). Going down into the bowels of the machine made me think of discovering the depths of rapture. I enjoyed both games, however I wanted a new amnesia not a new bio shock. The game is not scary, I was more scared in the first half hour of Outlast than the entirety of this game. So if you want a good rapture-esque story this is still a good game, if you want horror check out Outlast which was released a week prior. Expand
  93. Sep 11, 2013
    Just to be clear: if you're looking for a game that will literally scare you enough to stop playing, search elsewhere. This game is drastically different from the first Amnesia, in that it's less about frightening you, and more about storytelling. Which, in my opinion, is actually a positive experience; I was certainly creeped out at certain points in the game, and yes, even a little scared, but I was never truly terrified of the enemy. Which, also, is not nearly as interesting (or scary) in appearance than the monstrous beings from the Dark Descent. So, in all, this game is more on par with Gone Home and Dear Esther than the original, which focused on pure horror. But for me, this time around it's something I enjoy in a game: great storytelling. 7/10 Expand
  94. Sep 12, 2013
    The sequel of the original Dark Descent is definitely not scary. You won't be afraid of opening a door and you'll never be forced to run away trying to hide. The gameplay is far from the mix of exploration and puzzle-solving of the prequel, leaving the player following a scripted and linear path. On the other side, The Chinese Room has created one of the best plot ever seen in the last years, together with marvellous and "breathing" environments. The narration of "A Machine For Pigs" is, by itself, a good reason for buying this game Expand
  95. Sep 12, 2013
    Amnesia A Machine for Pigs was one of my most anticipated games. I loved The Dark Descent and the Penumbra series. So I thought it can't go wrong. This game was made by The Chinese Room (Dear Esther), not by Frictional Games. The music composer is Jessica Curry, not Mikko Tarmia. I loved Tarmia's work in Amnesia. But I was hoping. "Don't be afraid, it will be all right." Said to myself. I got the game, I played it through in 5 hours and... oh, my heart broke. This was not, what I expected. The story was pretty good and twisty, the graphics are nice (not very modern, similar to The Dark Descent, but stylish and has high variety of areas). The sound effects are top-notch... BUT! Not very scary. The machines, the environmental sounds, the weird noises were not enough to make me feel I play with the first game.

    The feeling was not right. The enemies are very easy to avoid, I played it through without dying. The puzzles are simple. There is no inventory (and I didn't really miss it), no sanity-meter, and there is infinite portable light source. The light source was a bad thing. It can be always on. It gave more safety feel. Ah, what a missed opportunity.

    The story, the main character, the areas were all right, but they torn out the heart of the "machine". They torn out, what made the first game that good. I'm very disappointed. I wanted to love the game. And I still don't say, it's bad. But it's not scary. It's a good game about madness, exploration, science, swines, and children... But it is short, it is not what I really waited for. I'm frustrated. I really hoped they'll do it right. I really hope, next Amnesia game will be made only by Frictional Games. I want Mikko Tarmia back (well, Jessica Curry was good in her way, but it didn't made that scary, depressing atmosphere, I feel she didn't want to...). I want to feel the fear again. I want them to fix the gears of that machine, the machine, the heart, that made Amnesia The Dark Descent a great experience.
    No... I don't have problem with The Chinese Room. But if they make the next Amnesia, yes, I really want a next Amnesia, please, do it right.

    There was so much potential in this one, but they unfortunately, missed the chance. It broke my heart...
  96. Sep 14, 2013
    Set in a slightly steampunk-esque 1899 London, A Machine for Pigs pits the player as Oswald Mandus, a meat factory owner and inventor of reputable skill, as he wakes up suffering from memory loss and trying to find his missing children as he travels down into the depths of an enormous machine. Like the first Amnesia the player must avoid grotesque abominations as they travel through a dark chilling environment and occasionally must solve a puzzle, usually fairly simple like putting an object somewhere.

    But what many Amnesia fans might be disappointed to see is that The Chinese Room has taken their beloved monster-terror-meaty franchise and fried it up in a new, more literary fashion. Inventory, resource management, health status, and sanity status have all been removed, as well as a lot of environment interactivity, stripping the game to a pure essence. What many might overlook in their descent to the fetid bowels of this insidious machine, however, is the stunningly written horror story within. It deals with lofty subjects in spades, ranging from love and contempt, to idealism and defeatism, and more. Much of the story though is told vaguely through recalled dialogue and journal excerpts and must be pieced together by the player, which may simply not happen when one is busy focusing too much on the scare and monsters.

    Or lack thereof.

    One the biggest blows to the game, and indeed what seems to be garnering it many unjustly low reviews, are the often seen yet rarely thrown-at-you monsters. The Dark Descent was well known for its ruthless baddies that chase and stalk you through dark corridors and rooms, but this oft beloved scare tactic simply isn't there in A Machine for Pigs. There are a few moments where the player is required to avoid patrolling pigmen, but often it proves quick and surprisingly easy. Granted, although any actual danger in the game is relatively low the terror and tension are still there if you slow down and allow yourself to be immersed in the game's superb modeling, texturing, lighting, and audio work. Moody dread might be better to describe the game's atmosphere, rather than hostilely suffocating.

    Nevertheless, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Scariness and danger threats are not metrics to which the horror genre is held to. I for one am glad that this game was kept from the slippery slopes of stealth-horror and gather-while-chased that seems to be dominating horror games these days, especially if such mechanics might lead to a frustratingly difficult journey that could very well distract from what was being told.

    Sadly some might not consider literary horror compelling enough to carry gameplay, and indeed resource management and brutal monster chases seem to be what's delivering the desired scariness level currently. Those who are interested in a deep, compelling horror story delivered with a dark, moody atmosphere are in for a real treat, but those looking for threatening monster chases and jump scares will be sorely disappointed. Since many Amnesia fans will likely be expecting the latter, this game might sadly be destined as mere pearls before swine.

    8/10 Masterful horror storytelling with impressively crafted atmosphere. Actual game mechanics and enemy usage could have been better to keep up with its highly praised predecessor. A little short for it's cost and production time, but it still delivers while avoiding repetition.
  97. Sep 13, 2013
    This feels more like the first amnesia a lot of features are gone that was in dark decent these devs got lazy no more phys but chairs and doors pretty much., but better then nothing still sorta dissapointed game did go down hill.
  98. Sep 14, 2013
    If you liked the first Amnesia and that is also the reason you bought this game. Then you are in for a weird treat. Because "Amnesia: A machine for pigs" is not like "Amnesia: The Dark Descent".

    I experienced this game a lot more different than The Dark Descent. The things that made The dark descent amazing are removed from this game but instead they put in some other great things but
    to be fair it was not what everyone was waiting for. AAMFP shows a great storytelling and you are completely immersed in the game. In fact, the game is completely based on its storytelling.

    At first I was a little bit afraid of the the game because i didn't know what to expect. But further on in the game. it was more excitement I felt instead of fear. It was weird to experience. I also thought the game was a bit short.

    Based on the game play, I was a bit disappointed that was because the game was very easy. The enemy A.I was very easy to outrun and there weren't allot puzzles as far as I can tell. And if they actually were puzzles and that puzzles sucked. They also removed the inventory system in the game not that that was very important in the game but I missed the feeling that you didn't have much oil left and you would be very nervous for it to run out and would look for more. I also missed the sanity meter. I didn't (always) feel like my character was terrified. But because of the storytelling i still felt bonded with the character. Also there were some little things that made games from frictional games original was that you can pick up any object. in this game it is limited to some key objects.

    I gave this game an 8 because it still is amazing but on the other hand they really had to work on the game play because of its difficulty and a few other things like the inventory. So for short, the story is amazing. but the game play ruins the game for what i actually could have become
  99. Sep 15, 2013
    After playing AMFP, I was surprised with the negative reviews of the game. Having just finished Outlast which was certainly very scary, AMFP had something else that was more powerful to me: dread.

    The jumpy scares were greatly reduced to only a few instances in the game, but the effect was that you never knew what was going to happen. With Outlast, and Amensia: The Dark Descent, I
    become almost desensitized to the scares because they were so frequent.

    In a lot of ways I felt the game was actually very similar to The Dark Descent. They simplified the torch and lantern system without sacrificing the fear element, and in many situations you couldn't slip into the darkness to see everything around you like The Dark Descent. Beyond that though many of the elements and puzzles were similar.

    I felt unsettled and uncomfortable the whole time while playing AMFP, which was great. Coupled with the creepy late 1800's atmosphere of scientific discovery, and this was a game I greatly enjoyed. Play time for me was about 12 hours, similar to The Dark Descent.
  100. Sep 17, 2013
    Esto es una crítica SUBJETIVA tras finalizar el juego. (Spanish critic) LO BUENO: Gran ambientación e historia y enemigos que te ponen los pelos de punta. LO MALO: Que lo bueno es solo eso y que tiene una duración ridícula. Es una pena que a una gran historia como la que se va desvelando a lo largo del juego (gran parte a través de las notas) no se le haya sabido dar un juego mejo mejor. Creo que habría sido más productivo crear una novela que haber diseñado todo un juego; porque eso es Amnesia: A machine for pigs, una novela interactiva.

    Tanto las cosas buenas como las malas que he escrito sobre el juego se las ha ganado por méritos propios, pero hay que reconocer que en parte el ''tortazo'' que se ha dado ha sido por ser el sucesor de un juego que dejó el listón más alto y de cuya secuela por lo tanto se iba a esperar mucho más. Pasillos lineales llenos de puertas de adorno, cuatro enemigos a lo largo del juego, supresión del inventario (y lo que ello conlleva), farol con luz infinita (menos tensión), puzzles basados únicamente en mover objetos y, eso sí, una ambientación muy lograda seguida de una gran historia. Si lo que buscas es un juego con el que pasar momentos de tensión o lo que es peor, una experiencia como la que se tuvo con Amnesia: The dark descent, aquí no la vas a encontrar; si por el contrario te dejas llevar por una lograda atmósfera y una historia que te hace pensar, entonces píllalo (aunque es más bien de esos juegos que es mejor alquilar si se pudiera...) ya que no es muy caro (según se mire, claro). Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 59 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 1 out of 59
  1. Dec 12, 2013
    A Machine for Pigs is a well made and impressive game with a thorough thematic design and atmosphere. As a horror game it is rather spartan yet brilliant in that it let’s your brain conjure most of its horrors. Unfortunately it comes with a rather numbing effect that makes later parts of the game feel more formulaic and not as scary.
  2. Nov 5, 2013
    With problematic pacing and a complete lack of the horror element -that was the highlight of the first game- A Machine for Pigs didn't meet our expectations.
  3. 80
    A perfect clash of Dear Esther and Amnesia, focused on straining your nerves while easing - perhaps a tad too much - on the interaction and gameplay. [Issue#234]