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  • Summary: Anito is a Single-Player Isometric Adventure RPG game set in 16th century Asia, in the land of Maroka. Maroka is an island besieged both by internal conflict and armored invaders from a faraway land who are slowly turning Maroka into their monarch's colony. When Datu Maktan, leader of the Mangatiwala tribe and the land's most influential peacemaker, mysteriously disappears, it is up to his children Agila and Maya to find him and restore the delicate peace that their father has kept in balance, before conlicting forces tear the land apart. [Anino Entertainment]
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  1. With a strong, compelling narrative, 2 kind-hearted characters you want to root for and who have their own unique quests, and lots of places to explore, Anito will keep you occupied for a long time.
  2. I would say the strength of this game definitely lies in its story telling.
  3. A bog-standard, enjoyable romp with enough skills and spells to challenge most but nothing to distinguish it from the crowd. [Nov 2006, p.104]
  4. It's all but impossible to defend the dated presentation and clunky interface that are constant reminders Anito was designed and developed by a small start-up development company. [PC Zone]
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