• Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: Nov 17, 2011
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 415 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 80 out of 415

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  1. Aug 2, 2014
    I normally don't give bad reviews, but this game was infuriating.

    I'm an avid gamer, but Anno 2070 is an INSULT to gaming. It is so buggy and half-finished that the first campaign doesn't even work properly and the DRM is INCREDIBLY frustrating to deal with.

    Once you manage to work your way past the massive amounts of bugs and get through the DRM, HOURS later you finally figure out
    that the game has no real tutorial, so you stuck just clicking around randomly.

    Sad, sad, sad, example of a game that could have been great but FTW.
  2. Jul 29, 2014
    Do NOT buy this game, or any game released by Ubisoft. Uplay is required, which most of the time crashes and when it doesn't, it keeps patching and updating itself constantly. Basically the only way to get it to work correctly is to get a cracked version of the game. This is the reason why people pirate games, when you buy them, you get screwed over by **** DRM and random software like Uplay.

    I made the huge mistake of buying it, and now I can't get rid of it. I made another huge mistake when I thought I'd give it another change, but after 20 minutes of Uplay updating, patching and crashing I just gave up.

    Save yourself and stay away from Ubisoft products.
  3. May 10, 2014
    So my wife and I share computers and both thought we would enjoy Anno 2070 - the graphics looked nice and we both enjoyed 1404. How foolishly naive we were.

    Firstly, you get 3 installations. After that you get to buy the whole game again. The very concept of which is so bad it's worth reading again.

    You get 3 installations of the game. Hardware update, hard drive crash and reinstall,
    having multiple computers in the home... tough luck. You get 3, over the total time you own/play the game.

    Second, you get 1 profile. Ever. So if my wife and I both want to play we share one profile, one progression, one set of upgrades, one set of choices. The best we could do is have one of us play then the other load and replay missions the other already played.

    I have never dealt with any company selling any product or service that treated me, as a consumer of their goods, with such utter contempt. I get DRM. I don't complain about it - they deserve paid for the things they create and sell. Yet the way it's handled on this game is over the top. It's gratuitous - it's just so Ubisoft. To take a great game with some great ideas and just stuff a raised middle finger in your face for buying it. Like they're saying 'HA! See if you can still enjoy it NOW, sucker!' We got 4 hours out of it. There won't be any more and I've managed to talk 3 people out of buying it, hopefully this review saves anyone else from making the same mistake.

    At least I've still got 1404. As someone who's given Ubisoft hundreds of dollars for games this was the last one. The game gets a 2 because of the potential but you can't rate a game highly when it is brimming with so much contempt for its would-be consumers.
  4. Apr 20, 2014
    I love the Anno games, but uplay makes it so incredibly difficult to actually do so, 10 mins to download and install... about 20 minutes and counting to try and get past Uplay, which is a thing that exists for some reason
  5. Mar 10, 2014
    My experience with this product is rather poor, the installation through Steam was, as usual, seamless but everything went awkward as soon as the product was started. Installation of Uplay, updating Uplay, obtaining an account, logon, updating the product once, twice, then the serial numbers. More updating again to be able to log on the game servers and be heavily distracted with what is currently regarded as the holy grail of the industry: online gaming ad nauseam. And for what ? All in all, an update with a clumsy interface. Many people like it, I do not and will probably avoid being tempted by products using Uplay and other sorts of server-centered gameplay. Expand
  6. Feb 20, 2014
    The DRM makes the game unplayable. It's been days since purchase and I still can't run it because of it. Support has been terribly slow. If only I had known before I purchased...
  7. Feb 20, 2014
    I recently purchased Anno 2070 during a steam sale in Feb 2014. I wish I would have heeded the warnings of the other reviewers. Beware, you're entering a **** of DRM the likes of which you've never seen. We're talking a level of paranoia and control of Orwellian proportions. Hopefully I can get the game to launch once Ubisoft is satisfied with my ©ompliance.
  8. Jan 5, 2014
    Even with an existing UPlay account, it took me over two hours after my Steam download had completed just to get to the main menu of the game. - First, it wants to install UPlay. - Then it wants to patch Uplay several times - Then it asks for a product key - Then it runs an autopatcher for the game itself - Then it asks for another product key - Then it crashes a couple of times
    - Then it asks to register another useless account
    - Then it asks for another product key
    - Then it kicks you out of the game to download the DLC
    - Then you have to login to everything again, and 70% of the time, the connection fails
    - Then it spams you with offers for some "free"-to-play crap
    - Then it asks you to fill out a survey

    If you're lucky you might then be able to actually play the game. By that stage I chose not to. I've played other games with UPlay integration, such as Far Cry 3 and Rocksmith, and its annoying, but relatively painless. Anno 2070 is just god-awful in every way. I doubt I'll bother with any Ubisoft games until they sort their rubbish DRM out.
  9. Jan 3, 2014
    Doesn't matter how good or bad this game is. It is unplayable due to the DRM. Don't buy stuff from companies that treat their loyal customers as criminals.

    The only thing that sets this game apart from the other versions released in the past is its money grab DLC scheme, and its anti customer DRM.

    You will be much happier if you just get an older edition of this game. They are all
    really good. Expand
  10. Dec 26, 2013
    How many bloody hurdles do I have to jump through to get this game to play? Rating low for now. Not an enjoyable starting experience. Let's hope the game is better than the effort required to get started playing.
  11. Dec 22, 2013
    The DRM is more challenging than the game itself...it takes an eternity before one can actually play it. And then there's the 3 activation limit. Cannot support this sort of intrusive anti customer mentality.
  12. Oct 19, 2013
    If you are buying on steam, beware! It won't actually be using steam to launch the game and keep it updated. Instead, it will install its on launcher steam-esque program on your computer (called uPlay). The amount of time to get from installed to actually playing was so long (included creating a uplay account, logging into some service, updating the game again through uplay even though it was just downloaded. But, I was a trooper, and pushed through. Unfortunately, the bland, uninteresting game that followed was a huge let down. The menu system was slick, and looked promising, but the gameplay was bland and uninspired. When coupled with the unwanted stuff it came with, not really using the steam system (the game is tied to your uplay account after you run it, not your steam account), this is a definite do not buy. I feel like Tropico 4 scratches the same itch in a MUCH better package and in a much less annoying way. Expand
  13. Jul 17, 2013
    One of the worst strategy games I've ever played.
    Graphics are ok. but the game play suffers tremendously, and the interface seems still in beta testing.
  14. Apr 8, 2013
    I actually really like this game, but unfortunately, the DRM means it gets 0 points. I've been an avid player of this game for 335 hours (according to Steam) but recently hit my activation limit due to some operating system issues. I submitted a request to Ubisoft Support to reset the counter and no reply in over six days. I purchased all the DLC and recent expansion, so they have basically stolen 70 dollars. Steam Support is unwilling to help in this matter. It is to the point I may have to pirate it to play a game I legally own. Way to fail. Expand
  15. Apr 2, 2013
    I feel very let down by this game. I expected high-end economic simulation, with some military elements here and there. What I got was simplistic game, with economic elements dumbed down and dialogs and missions on the mental level of a 12 years old kid.
    The campaign is pain to go through, mainly because of childish plot and annoying dialogues. The free play, supposedly a most important
    mode of the game, is only a bit better. The most important problem is, that there is no mechanic that would make you want develop your city. Your citizens always seem to be happy with the level of goods you provide them and only by your initiative you might want to push them forward. There is no needs chain like in old Caesar games, where satisfying one requirement creates another. On top of that, your citizens serve absolutely no purpose (apart from maybe production of money that you don't seem to need that much). The factories/farms/etc don't seem to require any kind of workforce, which dumbs it down even more. On top of that, UI takes time to get used to, and tutorial doesn't seem to cover it well. There is also no way to check the rate at which your resources are used/produced so organizing of your industry takes a lot of boring observation and counting.
    It might seem that economic elements have been simplified in order to make room for more of a military game, but the amount (4?) and usability of battle units doesn't seem to support that at all.
    The MMO aspect of this game is not as fun as it might seem occasional vote over certain matters only seem to provide small bonuses in the game, or lack of them. Interesting idea, but it doesn't really have any real impact on the game.
    As a merit I should probably mention beautiful graphics and seemingly large amount of elements. The game might be entertaining for the first game, and seeing through possible buildings for construction might be fun, just for exploration of possibilities. It is not a bad game in general, it just doesn't seem to have any strategic thought in it other than "how should I put my building around in order them to fit in on my island(s). If you're a big genre fan sure, give it a try, if its on sale. If not look for other game, it's not worth your money or time.
  16. Mar 9, 2013
    Bought it on Steam but apparently Ubisoft wanted to try their own program to invade our privacy. These idiot companies will continue to push us with the assumption they can do whatever they want. I had to log in 3 times with different logins only to find out that Steam screwed their customers by allowing Ubisoft to do this. Now Ubisoft has never heard of me despite the fact I have a key. This game gets a zero because even if I could find it on my system, I refuse to do this. Ubisoft won't refund my money so Ubisoft gets no more of my business. Ever. Expand
  17. Jan 20, 2013
    In the light (or dark) or Ubisoft's draconian DRM which not only limit you to 3 activation, but also 3 hardware changes. Meaning, you upgrade graphic cards or RAM 3 times and you're forever locked out of your game! It's not simply 3 installation anymore, no sir! I'm throwing in 0 to offset all those attempts at ramping up the user scores.
  18. Jan 19, 2013
    Ubisoft's wicked DRM strikes again. I can't be arsed to rant about it. But I'm sure if you dig through the zeros you'll find something similar.

    To people giving 10s to offset zeros, if the game is broken to the point of unplayability that's a zero; don't try and drag the score back up again.
  19. Dec 25, 2012
    Layers of DRM earn this a 0; Ubisoft fails again. Imagine the multiple layers of DRM involved after you buy on Steam...now that was a slap in the face.
  20. Dec 23, 2012
    While the visuals are pretty good this game was a sore let down. a "story driven campaign" that is painfully buggy, massively hand-hold-y, and frustratingly dumb downed.... kings quest had the courtesy of killing me when I didn't do things the way the game designers wanted me to. I spent 2 hours trying to figure out why my town would not feed itself despite 4 roads to a overflowing warehouse of the correct food- when restarting the game and minimally building allowed me to build the farm people would actually use... . If I could get a refund on my steam account, I would. play sim city instead. Expand
  21. Dec 23, 2012
    Disappointed to discover this game features an overly restrictive DRM system that means (1) you have to have an internet connection to play and (2) if your hardware changes more than three times your game is permanently disabled and cannot be reactivated. My review score reflects the fact that Ubisoft don't care about making the game unplayable for some of their own paying customers.
  22. Oct 29, 2012
    I love strategy games, unfortunately I bought this thinking that it was one. Anno 2070 is dogs balls boring, dont waste your cash, the pretty graphics and eco sound track are nice but there is no game here to be had hence the score of 2. Despite being patched to the very latest version of the game there are still bugs like a strange warning about running out of memory when I can alt tab and see there is easily 1.5GB left on my machine. You cant even buy a unit to defend yourself until you have ascended to level 3 which takes about 3 hours! The original civilisation or starcraft games kick this game for six and they came out like 10 years ago.. ok rant over with ... YOU WERE WARNED. Expand
  23. Aug 26, 2012
    Don't buy this game from Steam. It will load Uplay then crash. Maybe when I am able to play this I will be able to do a full review, but wanted to warn Steam Customers.
  24. Jul 15, 2012
    I must say that I was a bit ambivalent on buying this game but when I saw it on sale, I gave it a try.

    Unfortuanlly so far the only thing I have learned is that I have to register an account on a server that does not responds.
    I find it it Highly unacceptable not to be able to use a product I have bought and paid for.
    I understand that an account can be needed for multiplayer
    purposes, but if it is made a requirement for playing then It has to work Expand
  25. Jul 15, 2012
    I'm not usually one to do this, but I've got to throw my 0 in for good measure. This game has a 3 activation limit, which had me entirely skeptical of their DRM from the get-go. Against my better judgment, I purchased this game on 7/14/12. It wasn't a fresh release where the servers are new, or even an extremely popular title in which the servers are expected to have much of a load. Regardless, and most unfortunately, no one is able to log on to Uplay (Ubisoft's mandatory DRM gateway) today on 7/15/12, and therefore are unable to play this game. The forums for Steam and Ubisoft are filled with people unable to even launch the game they paid for. If this were a newly released title, I wouldn't be bothered. Sometimes the developer/publisher just needs time to adjust to the demand. This, on the other hand, is just unacceptable. Get a torrent or something if you want to be able to play reliably. It's an incredible shame that purchasing a title legitimately results in such a headache. Expand
  26. Jul 15, 2012
    Great graphics, nice game, you will not play for so long anyway. cons: horribly managed by Ubisoft Uplay, server down, problems with connection, user login not recognized and non existing support you cannot play ubisoft games in this way, thumb down never ever a Ubisoft game again.
  27. Jul 10, 2012
    Wasted so many hours in this game hoping to get something in return for my 10$ but received nothing. Everything in this game except graphics is terrible. Interface is an unintuitive mess. There is no tutorial. Campaign is buggy and boring. Quests are simplier then in any free MMORPG. I had to repeat two missions because of bugs. Gameplay is repetive, linear and overcomplicated(resources and trade routes!) without a reason. I I do not recommend this game to anyone because there are far better games out there like civilization or total war. Expand
  28. Jul 8, 2012
    To play this game: Launch Steam, Launch Anno 2070 which starts a UPlay account signup box, you create an account but it still denies you access until you log in online, this is where I gave up.

    This is like Kafka's The Trial, there is no game it is just a long sequence of account creation and password management tasks; maybe that's what 2070 will look like? The people who gave this game
    high reviews were probably driven insane long before the game actually launched so don't trust them. Expand
  29. Jun 15, 2012
    I got this game on a Steam sale for $30, I had been wanting to try this out for awhile and took the change to get it at a discounted price. Boy was it a waste of $30 though. This is a classic example of why graphics don't make a video game - the graphics in this game were spectacular, but the story and the game play were seriously lacking. The story mode was awful, the characters are so utterly annoying and unbelievable, the only dialogue is basically some whiny liberal bickering with some d-bag conservative, which, I assume, was just a pretty poor attempt at social commentary. Building your city was awful as well. You need to build your workers some homes - do you want to perhaps build a nice line or houses, or perhaps a high rise apartment building, or how about a group of town houses? NOPE! There is one kind of house to build and one only (per faction). Sure, it upgrades, but you really have no choice of building the city you want to build. All in all, the only thing this game did for me was make me want to pull out SimCity again, which is imo the standard of the genre upon which all others should be judged. Spend your $50 on that instead I implore you. Expand
  30. Apr 10, 2012
    DOUBLE POST : Due to a problem with CHROME not release the score meter when I move the most, I placed a 10 when I first wrote this when I wanted to select 0..

    Ubisoft's dranocian DRM will make sure I'll never buy or play this game. Who knows, one day they'll wake up and see just how many sales they are losing because of this. Like so many people have said, WHAT I DO WITH MY PC AFTER I

Generally favorable reviews - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 33
  2. Negative: 0 out of 33
  1. 84
    Putting aside minor hindrances, the game is a pleasant revival of the legendary franchise, displaying high replayability, relative to recent games. [February 2012]
  2. Feb 29, 2012
    A significantly more accessible setting makes this latest Anno a must play for all city management fans. [March 2012, p.52]
  3. 70
    The leap into the future was a good move by Ubisoft, enabling the combination of the formula already established with elements of science fiction.