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  1. Dec 24, 2011
    So the basic idea here is a reverse tower-defense, which seems interesting enough. The first level is quite slow, which is understandable, you're trying to build interest. That's not the reason for my particular score. The reason there is that shortly before the end of the first level, a random meteor dropped from the sky onto my caravan and destroyed one of my vehicles, instantly failing the mission for me. Let me explain why this was a game-killer for me. It's not because I lost. It's because of the how. Punishing a player for making bad choices is fine. Giving them obstacles to overcome is fine. Several times before this, my vehicles had been hit, damaged, and I was able to repair them and move on. But this was a one-hit death, in a situation where I had no control whatsoever over what had just happened, or any way to avoid it. Just, BAM, you lose the mission. The amount of terrible game design in this is just staggering, and is enough to make me regret spending any money on this game.

    I realize that this sounds harsh, but I don't want to waste my time playing a game where a player's understanding of the game is completely removed from the equation, unless I've come in knowing that's a possibility. This game presents itself as a strategy game, dumb luck shouldn't be required for success.
  2. mpr
    Jun 21, 2011
    Decent game. Good graphics, original gameplay: but I got bored with it after a couple hours of play. When I purchased it, I was hoping for a game as good as Defense Grid, so I was slightly disappointed.
  3. May 7, 2011
    What's a 'reversed' tower defence game? Anomaly: Warzone Earth basically is a tower destroy game, and a very addictive one at that too. You plan your route, destroy enemies' structures while keep on upgrading units in order to stay alive and complete the objective.

    The fresh gameplay mechanics and presentations of this game worth way more than it's initial 10$ price tag. Nice SFX and
    great (but lack variety) soundtracks Expand
  4. Apr 9, 2011
    Prima game. Anomaly tells a good story, augmented by its smart sense of place.
    I have god fun. Lots of satisfying explosions when you destroy alien defenses.
  5. Apr 10, 2011
    This game was great and someone original. There is strategy involved in how you move your troops, which ones you buys and upgrade, and how you farm for money.Is it worth 10 dollars? Yes. More? Probably not. There doesn't seem to be much replay value. I was able to get through half the game in just a couple hours. But all the time I did spend playing this game was fun.
  6. Apr 10, 2011
    Totally awesome game! Gameplay is like a honey, story is really nice, each troop is diferent and the player has a lot of to do inside the heart of Anomaly! Campaign is qquite short, buy I passed it a couple of time on higher difficulty. Good graphics and sounds. One of the best tactics indie game ever.
  7. May 1, 2011
    Absolutely gorgeous intro movie, and as others have said, an innovative twist on a tired genre. However, this game has a hypothesis, which is "is it as interesting to be the attacker in a tower defense game?" After playing this game for two hours, I have to say the answer for me is "no." Further, the awkward mouse-based interface got frustrating quickly. I hope 11bit take their considerable talents into more new territory. They're sure to find positive results if they keep at it. Expand
  8. Apr 26, 2011
    Disappointing. I could not play this game on my computer because of display errors. If you have a Steam account, you can get the free demo. Highly recommend that you try the demo before purchasing this game. My impression from the first mission is that this is very boring indeed. Really don't know what all of the hoopla is about.
  9. May 22, 2011
    Really good game. The best balanced game I've EVER played! It's easy to learn and start from high difficulty. During the game I had to change for medium and at the end It was so hard that I've finished on EASY. Non of the games I've ever played was balanced so well! Apart from that the gameplay is great, good graphics and sound.
    Weak dialogs, narrative, and lacking some functionality (e.g.
    camera movement, multiplayer). BUT It's great all around! Expand
  10. Oct 14, 2011
    I liked the concept, the gameplay is pretty original. The game is pretty polished for an indie, actually more so than blockbusters. Level design is nice. I got all my money's worth and then some more.
  11. Oct 16, 2012
    An excellent game. Nothing like I expected. Graphically fab and a nice twist on Tower Defence gaming. No idea why the critical reviews don't mirror the user reviews???
  12. Apr 19, 2011
    The first thing you will spot with Anomaly is the presentation and polish. For an indie game the presentation is amazing, from the graphical intros for each round to the voice acting, everything has been carefully nurtured to full effect. The gameplay is intuative and very easy to pick up and play without any hand holding required. There is only one downside with the game, and it isn't one that deserves any negativity, this being that it's too short! But it's short in a good way because rarely in PC gaming of recent times have I completed a game wishing that it didn't end and that I could go on. It has 14 missions and all are replayable on a more difficult level. There are even a couple of modes that keep you coming back for more, but I want more! But hang on, I only paid less than a tenner so what am I complaining about? I would gladly have paid £15 for the game and another £5 for some extra DLC maps. I hope that 11 bit studios don't get consumed by a major publisher because these guys know how to make a game - nice graphics, nice storrytelling, nice acting, simple to understand gameplay, and a feel that makes you think you're playing a AAA title. Bravo - and bring on a sequel (which would be ace with co-op or multiplayer - consider 2 player pacman as a theory :D ) Expand
  13. Apr 12, 2011
    I had no idea this would actually be all that entertaining. I'm a big fan of tower defence games, and this is a pretty good example of it flipped over. The graphics are very nice, the only other td game that I've seen with nice gfx is defence grid:awakening. And i think the change is refreshing enough that I've found a new favourite. Its taken me an hour to get through 6 levels, altho I'll probably go back through on hardcore, once you nail down the strategy you'll find yourself trying to clear the areas completely instead of going with the get the the finish mentality they almost encourage. There are awards for ruthlessness tho, which are satisfying. Expand
  14. Apr 10, 2011
    So far it's a discovery of the year! Can't believe it costs USD10, when it feels and plays like a USD30 title. The game is pure game-play plus some very interesting visuals, it takes you back to gold age of gaming with state-of-the art polishing. I found it very easy to get into, although the story is plain and obvious, it let me focus on tactical thinking and challenged me alright. Surprisingly it blends very well with Steam philosophy of achievements, therefore building strong potential for re-playability - when played on Steam. Pay attention to pick up there. I am utterly satisfied with this product, and I still can't believe it is so modestly priced. Go get it before the publisher finds out and fixes his only error: definitely too low price level. Expand
  15. Apr 20, 2011
    I'd like to give it a 10, if the rating index to me was an equation such as (game quality + game time/cost) and the higher the better, but I dont think it deserves the highest score out there. It definitely is worth the low cost for a tower defense genre styled game. I wouldn't go as far as saying its a reverse tower defense game, but it does feel that way. You don't have a mass of units trying to flood through a setup the AI generated, but rather a limited supply of units you tactically control. I was a very big fan of defense grid, and this game defenitely resembles some of the same attention to detail ( video and audio), and an added point tracking/ranking system that I came to love, and compete over with my friends. Description: For those looking to see exactly what this game is without forking out the $. You are a commander unit that is essentially in charge of a convoy that varies in units/unit size/power that traverse a set area and you are able to plot which ways you go as the commander. As you kill towers you earn powerups, and currency which is used to enhance your existing units, or acquire more units. As the commander you are frequently on the move to make sure you can properly assist your units as they plow through all the towers. Conclusion: Worth the money if you enjoy any type of tower defense game. It has already provided hours of entertainment and I'm far from being bored of it. Expand
  16. Feb 10, 2012
    I did not enjoy this game. I love tower defenses, and this is essentially the reversal of that (IE you play as the people trying to get past the towers). The game starts out very slow, and the tutorial is very tiresome. After the first half of the levels, the game is at a nearly unbeatable level. After a while it gets dull, and it's a relatively short game. The graphics are okay.
  17. Apr 24, 2011
    It's a short ride - maybe 8-10 hours, maximum - but don't be surprised if you finish all of that in one or two sittings. Once you pick this one up, it's nearly impossible to put down; original gameplay, intuitive controls, and all-around polish contribute to the sort of game that easily takes a place at the front of the latest wave of professional-quality indie games.

    As for the price -
    $10 - it's a bargain. We pay more than that for a single movie ticket. Expand
  18. Aug 26, 2012
    Conceptually different than your normal tower defense; this tower offense title is fun and challenging. AWE packs a punch with the perspective being that of the incoming forces against an alien invasion. Pros: Visually, it's clean, well designed and brilliant. The colors are clean and vibrant and the shading looks great. The paths are true to the urban and suburban landscapes they represent and the details of the areas are crisp and realistic. The weaponry of both the earth and the alien forces look sweet and vicious giving it a visceral realism. The map directing is great for moving your squad through the streets. All the controls are easy to use and setup and the mechanics are simple and swift most of the time. Cons: Glitches in the control system: A big and annoying one at that. For whatever reason, the mouse controls revert back to the default keyboard control after every mission. It's extremely frustration but changeable. The mouse control over the map whips across too fast and it is sometimes hard to move from spot to spot with the commander. Upgrades. Too few. Way too few. All units (and there are only five total) can only be upgraded two levels with a total of three. The upgrades only increase the armor and power of each unit but not the range or rate of fire so the changes are subtle at best. Voice-overs: Poorly preformed. Bad accents and horrible delivery. Dialogue: Dull and riddled with corny lines and cliches with a predictable storyline. Game length: Way too short. It could've easily gone on for twice the length that the game goes on for. Very disappointing. Overall: It's a great little game that looks and plays great but is very limited in terms of originality as execution. Expand
  19. Jun 9, 2011
    This game is boring, although the graphic is good. I tried to play it, but all of those errors ruined my opinion about this game. To sum up, not worth buying.
  20. Aug 8, 2011
    Anomaly: Warzone earth does what a lot of previous tower defense games haven't done: become the attacker. You get what your money's worth. Graphics, controls, interaction, story line, tutorial, it's all well done for a game that asks nothing more but $10 dollars.
  21. CRL
    Sep 2, 2011
    This game is an interesting reversal of the tower defense genre where you become the creeps trying to destroy the tower. Control-wise, I liked the mouse interface better than a keyboard one, and eventually mapped the entire control system to my mouse. It gave it kind of a minimalist fee, leaving more room just to enjoy the game. Graphics-wise it's stellar for a top-down scroller, with decent lower-quality modes for lower-end GPUs. The gameplay itself was unique and fun, with maps that require thought but can be attacked many different ways, integral power-ups that need to be rationed smartly, and several different types of towers all with a different weak spot. Overall Anomaly: Warzone Earth is a lot of fun for the price, and I'd recommend it to anyone who prefers careful strategy to simply mowing down the opposition. Expand
  22. Aug 7, 2011
    Anomaly is a fun twist of a classic tower defense game, where we are the "attackers". I had a blast playing it. The single player campaign is about 8-9 hours, not counting additional modes available after beating the main game. Maybe there could be more missions, but even with the current content you will have a lot of strategizing, because you have adjustable difficulty levels and those other modes. Also graphics is really good. You don't have those low resolution textures or simple models like in other games. Everything looks really good and runs smoothly. Highly recommended! Expand
  23. Feb 1, 2012
    The game is beautifully voiced. Has a typical, yet working story-line. The mechanics are very dynamic, fast-paced, yet easy to learn. But all in all - the game is just pure fun - it is unique in its approach to tower-defense, intermixing strategy, and way-point action. Really worth the time! :)
  24. Oct 12, 2011
    11 bit studio's Anomaly: Warzone Earth is a nice example of pure strategy game. The reverse tower defense -we could say tower offense - game-play gives you a new, refreshing experience. A simple and enjoyable game with tons of achievements, nice graphic, unique atmosphere and high replayability.
  25. Aug 3, 2012
    The second game in the first Steam indie bundle in yet another unique idea conjured from the indie development: a tower OFFENCE game in which you basically fight an alien force using vehicles. The gameplay is satisfyingly challenging despite some 'dumb luck' moments. There's not really that much I can say about AWE: it's unique despite some design flaws that was well worth the price in the sale. That's really all I can say. Expand
  26. Dec 20, 2011
    This game is sold as "inverse tower defense" or "tower offense" and it's exactly what it is. It is like being on the other end of Defense Grid, but you don't get a swarm at your command, just a few units. You plan a course from your starting point to the target and the units follow this predetermined path to the letter and attack any enemy in range. If conditions change or you find that your plan leads to ruin, you can alter the plan. However your units are always heading forward at a fixed pace. You can't slow them down, stop them, or reverse their course. You can only make them turn at an intersection. If this were all there was to the game, it would feel constraining and limited, but you also get a special "commander" unit who can roam the map freely, if not safely. You use him to collect various power-ups, deploy decoys and other countermeasures, and repair your other units. He'll keep you busy enough that you won't miss micromanaging the other units. It's easy to imagine dozens of ways that this game could be expanded and made richer, but it really works just as it is. It delivers what it promises and it's a very nice twist on the genre. Expand
  27. Oct 13, 2013
    Fantastic way of handling the "tower offence" ethos, looks great, has absolutely flawless, effortless game mechanics, tells a compelling story, We are talking a premium quality game here.
  28. Aug 27, 2013
    Anomaly: Warzone Earth is a totally fresh experience. It's a tower defense game, except instead of defending, you're the side that's attacking. It's great fun when you command a small band of 6 units and plow your way through massive enemy defenses towards your ultimate objective. If you enjoy strategy games and Tower Defense games, you're bound to enjoy this title as well.
  29. Feb 6, 2012
    I could not play through the second level. The reason? The idiots who wrote this game named their game after the English word "anomaly", and use it throughout the game. It is quite clear that they have no bloody clue what it means whatsoever, and it's really frustrating to hear it used so hand-wavily. It's become an umbrella term for anything alien and spacey and physicsy or whatever, and that is an embarrassment. Expand
  30. Mar 6, 2013
    I purchased this game on steam for $3.33 and got about 7 hours of enjoyment out of it. By my books, that is a successful game. And there was still stuff left to complete that I never got around to doing. Graphics are decent, gameplay is unique and different, and the price was right. If on sale again, I would highly recommend it.
  31. Jun 2, 2012
    Oh my, this game is such a FUN! Its idea makes me think of good old videogames with easy concept and payloads of funny gameplay! You can play it continuously, you can play it from time to time, but one thing is certain: Anomaly: Warzone Earth will never bore you!
  32. Jan 1, 2012
    @ Laringar, your review is nonsense. I assume what happened when you played was either a bug or a mistake of your own. I think it's a fun game. The story mode is interesting, the characters are simple but like-able, voice acting is not bad. The gameplay is neat, reverse tower-defense is not a very common genre, but they really nailed it. Starts off pretty easy, but gets pretty difficult after level 12 or so.
    The graphics are quite good, and the menus are simple and effective, yet appealing.
    On the other hand, after a few hours, the game starts to bore and there's no real lasting appeal. Definitely a must-buy if you can find it at a good price.
  33. Feb 19, 2012
    I originally bought this game as part of a bundle for $6 so I wasn't expecting much. However, I was presently surprised by this game. So this is basically a reverse tower-defense game where you use powerups to protect your troops. It may sound boring, but you always have to be on your toes as a single tower can quickly deal massive damage to your troops, especially in the beginning. The main problem with the game is the lack of an option to reverse direction. Although there are a few issues here and there, it is still one of the most entertaining games I've played. Expand
  34. Jun 9, 2012
    Pretty descent game. It's basically a reverse-tower defence game. The story is... mediocre, and the game-play is alright too. Again, for $10 bucks, I expected much worse. On a side note, this game had a very indie feel to it, and probably because it was.
  35. Dec 11, 2012
    A "Tower Offense" game where you navigate a column of vehicles of your choosing through a city infested by alien turrets. You control a commander who can deploy 4 types of powerups, upgrade & deploy new vehicles, and scout the environment. You control the vehicles by plotting their path on an overhead 2D map. The whole game can be played with just the mouse so perhaps this is my new favorite one-handed game. Worth picking up if you enjoy tower defense games, but shorter on content than a traditional tower defense such as Defense Grid. Expand
  36. Oct 15, 2013
    Great idea, beautifull graphics and genius mechanics. I found it firs on play store but didn't get it and then I found it on PC. I hope you guys are working on something new.
  37. Jul 8, 2014
    This game is a combination of tower-defense action strategy with a somewhat unique tower-offense technique used most of the time. It will not give you many ways to accomplish missions, most of the times the scripted events are so obvious that you will know for sure when an ''anomaly'' hits the short route you decided to take, giving you only the choice to switch to the longer, more risky route.
    Despite of these scripted events and a bit of failed voice acting from every character, this is a very good game. It's refreshing an old, almost lost genre.

    + Tower defense at its best, plus somethig more
    + Suspanse at every corner, especially on higher difficulties
    + The AI is surprisingly good for an almost indie game
    + Nice and simple leaderboards display, depending on the difficulty you play

    - Short campaign; tiny fast-paced levels
    - Scripted events will become obvious before they even happen, after 1h of gameplay
    - The buy/sell/upgrade function is simple. Could've been added something more.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 30 out of 36
  2. Negative: 0 out of 36
  1. Oct 19, 2011
    Proves that tower defence is as much fun in reverse. There's slick gameplay, nice visuals and a nice balance of action and strategy on offer here. Silly dialogues and story aside, the only real fault of the game is that it doesn't have that many missions or units. [June 2011]
  2. Sep 8, 2011
    The simplicity of the design is where the game really shines. [Oct 2011, p.105]
  3. Aug 11, 2011
    Unless you hate strategy games or don't have a rig powerful enough to run this, you should not pass up Anomaly.