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  • Summary: Aqua Kitty is a fast paced retro styled submarine arcade shooter with optional 2 player local Co-op. Blast through hoards of mechanical sea monsters in your kitty sub and defend the deep sea milk mining kittens.
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  1. Feb 4, 2014
    A cute old-school side-scrolling shooter, inspired by the 8bit/16bit era shooters. The graphics are nice (720p pixel-art), the music is cool, the controls are smooth and intuitive. All in all - a really fun game to play, and the best part - it has cats, so if you like cats, your amusement is guaranteed! :)

    The game is not as fast as Syder Arcade, but it does get challenging. There's 'easy mode' for people who want to take it easy and enjoy a casual shoot-'em-up experience, then there's 'Normal', which offers a balanced challenge level, and then there's 'Arcade mode', for anyone who's up for a real challenge.

    From my personal experience on Normal Mode, the first few levels are quite easy, letting you gradually figure out the game, but the difficulty level does pick up as you advance through levels. Also, there's an "Infinite Mode" continuous survival game mode, where you can test your skills over time and see how long you survive.

    My final verdict: Get it, meow! The milk must flow!