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Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 224 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 61 out of 224

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  1. Oct 20, 2010
    Not great at first but REALLY improves. Excellent Game! Fighting is very fun compared to the last Gothic, and the graphics are super good. A bit short, but definitely worth a try!
  2. Apr 5, 2014
    I think this game deserves a solid 8.6/10

    My only grumble with it is that it seems to have a bug that makes it run choppy. It doesn't seem to matter what CPU you play it with for some people as it lags, especially around the towns. Some peoples systems are OK with it, some are not.

    All other complaints I disagree with point blank. Some say it isn't part of the Gothic series. I think
    the main issue with that is that it's shorter by about 50%. However having played Pirahna Bytes games myself like Risen, they took too long to play. Everything was just dragged out. I played the Gothic 3 demo and to be honest, I was only partially impressed.

    Graphics are stunning. Music is spot-on. Voice acting fine. The story is rock-solid, though it has a bad bit soon after the start; (no spoiler included). Combat is spot on for a third person game: I mean really spot on. I like most of the characters, and love most of the locations. You can just go for a walk in most places, taking in the views, or wandering over a wooden bridge.

    Even though I am struggling for frame rates, I am loving playing through this, and am about 3/4 way in. This is a game that's charm stays with you and brings you back for more play time. However if charm is not your thing, it may not feel right for you. Whichever way you look at it, my character soon became a mace wielding bad-a$$. This aspect in a world with great design, and engaging story, is a yes from me.
  3. Sep 3, 2011
    I had avoided the game for all the bad review he got so when i finally decided that i would give it a try anyway i was really surprised to find an action rpg that delivers.
    Sure it's not gothic as we used to play, but graphics are awesome and fights are more dynamics, even if you have to crank up the difficulty.
    I appreciated the loot system too, even if i wish we could equip some more, i
    dont really care for the realism when my backpack is full with weapons or plants or whatever :)
    Sure the story is far from the best, many npcs looks like they came from an army of clones, but that didn't keep me to enjoy the game.
    So i'd say, if you hare a die hard gothic fan and wont enjoy anything else who wear that name, the game is not for you. But if you are open mind and loolking for a fun action rpg, you should give it a try.
  4. Jan 21, 2012
    One of the most beautiful action rpg (nicer than the xbox version). The combat system is dynamic, environment, vegetation and characters are beautiful.bad points : too linear, too much aliasing, crap cinematics.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 25 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 25
  2. Negative: 3 out of 25
  1. Apr 20, 2011
    If you seek a simple game with breathtaking scenery and a ridiculous number of weapons and armor, then Arcania Gothic IV is for you.
  2. Jan 15, 2011
    Besides the handy automap and the journal, the only other positive thing about Arcania is that it's at least better than Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods.
  3. 70
    Arcania is more of a restart of the series then a regular sequel – some dedicated fans will be disappointed by its overall simplification but it does not make Gothic 4 a bad adventurous experience. [Issue#197]