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  • Summary: The ARMA 2: Combined Operations pack includes the award-winning ARMA 2 and the stand-alone expansion; ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead. Each game can be played seperately or you can combine the new features, weapons, units and vehicles of Operation Arrowhead into the original ARMA 2 for the ultimate military simulation experience. Collapse
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  1. Jul 6, 2012
    This game is amazing. I thought I should review it considering the countless days I have spent enjoying Dayz. Revolutionary gameplay even in alpha state. This will spur an entirely new direction for game design in what you could even call a new genre. Expand
  2. Sep 25, 2011
    The same military sim as the first one. Graphics are decent but unless you have a powerhouse PC you won't be able to enjoy very much. And even on High settings models and textures looks rough and bland. The same things are used over and over again.
    The same clunky controls as the first one. Making it hard to switch between inventory, maps, etc even a little load time in between it all. the sound, the voiceovers, the odd in game communications still haven't been fixed. its a real turn off. Killing off any immersion the game might have. gameplay feels like a grind. your friendly AI gets done shooting all your enemies before you have a chance to get them in your crosshairs. At the same time if your shot your friendly AI will take such a long time to reach you and revive you, you feel like your watching the grass grow. There is so many different commands for each part of the game (on foot, vehicle, etc) that you spend more time sifting through them all instead of timely responding to whichever situation your in.

    Overall just a very dull experience. Wait til this one goes on sale if your interested.
    While COD and BF games aren't as realistic... they at least make you feel like your progressing, like your actually playing a game. Maybe if your super interested in 100% realistic combat sims this might take your fancy. But for most the gamers out there, i don't think so. More fun to be had playing Americas Army for a realistic yet Gamer-friendly experience.