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  1. Aug 9, 2014
    It was back in 2001 as Codemaster’s Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis set the bar for military simulations. A game which did everything right from graphics, realism and mood as a fully integrated mission editor as well. It was so exiting to stay up in the night and play it for hours and hours. Codemaster and Bohemia tried hard in the coming years to built a better and even more realistic military simulation but something was missing for me – some kind of feeling. With Arma III Bohemia accomplished their mission fully this time. The game is so exciting in detail and offers one of the most realistic military simulation available today. Expand
  2. Aug 1, 2014
    Très bon jeu (Very good game) ,très bon gameplay (good gamplay) , intéressant a jouer mais mal optimiser (Interesting has to play but badly to optimize)
  3. Jul 27, 2014
    Absolutely laughable optimization. The game is a joke. There are mil sims games made in 2004 with way better optimization and tons of features A3 simply doesn't have. You can't even knife someone. The problem is, the developers are only in it for the money it seems...they say, we're working on it, but no one stops and admits, the engine the gane is sitting on is 1o **** years old and simply can't be better optimized without completely removing and upgrading to a new engine for the Arma serious. Some have said this can't be done, but DayZ just announced they're doing just that. Tossing the old engine for a fresh new shiny engine. So if DayZ can do it, way can BI? Joint Operations from Novalogic released in 2004 is a far superior game in nearly every single aspect except graphics. Just after the game was released, the dev team focused solely on optimizing the game and did a great job of it. This is why I say A3 is just laughable. I am done supporting this incompetent excuse for a game company and watch them laugh and sip coffee while their game runs like ****
    Also, they just released an "add-on" which should have just been free, but they sell it for 2 or 3 dollars and claim they sold over 1 million copies, this would give the impression that theres a new fresh injection of cash in the dev coffers for optimizing the game, no? They release an update recently 1.24 I believe and it's actually made the game worse. BI is a joke, I have zero respect for them as a game company.
  4. Jul 21, 2014
    Trust the negative reviews, folks. Have a look at the profiles of the 10/10 reviewers and you'll see that the majority of them are fresh accounts. So either they're total nubs, or worse...
  5. Jul 18, 2014
    Le meilleur jeu de simulation de guerre . Map immense , physique du mouvement et des armes trés réaliste , beaucoup de véhicule , accessoire , arme. Assez dur au départ et demande une très bonne agilité du joueur , il font réfléchir et ensuite tirée pas faire l'inverse comme dans les autres fps .
  6. Jul 6, 2014
    Es el mejor juego de simulación de guerra.. tiene hasta el más ultimo detalle y además, podes agregar mods, misiones, campañas.. nunca terminas de jugarlo! el online es muy bueno y cada detalle del juego es excelente... algunos bugs pero siempre se solucionan
  7. Jun 30, 2014
    This is f*** awesome.
    Es el mejor juego que he tenido en los últimos 10 años, y tengo 35 tacos. He jugado toda mi vida al PC, y se de lo que hablo, es un juego muy rejugable, Wasteland, Breaking Point, Altis Life, es la leche. Con un solo juego es como si jugaras al 5. Contentisimo, y además lo consigues de oferta, genial.
    Gracias Bohemian interactive!
  8. Jun 26, 2014
    Anything cool they could have done was scrapped. We're left with something halfway into the "future" and halfway stuck in ARMA II because people just can't suspend disbelief. Little content, sparse maps, terrible performance. Decent with mods, awful on its own.
  9. Jun 24, 2014
    10 instead of 9 to compensate for prmaguiar butthurt attitude. This game, in it's current form is near perfect. It's an amazing experience that improved on everything the series had to offer so far.
    There are still some things that could use some attention from the developers - and that's exactly what they get. I've completed the singleplayer campaign recently and was very impressed with
    it. And days after that a patch was released that added most of the things I wanted the campaign to have.

    On top of the base game which is worth it's price by itself, it has a huge, wonderful community that churns out content and improvements to the base game on a daily basis with great variety.

    I have only two real problems with it - US MTP camo that looks like a cat lady let all her pets vomit on a piece of canvas to make (But that's what US military uses irl.) and the futuristic setting. (But that is already amended by so, so wonderful mods available. ;)
  10. Jun 18, 2014
    This game is really immersive, you actually feel like you are in on the battlefield. You feel the adrenaline whenever you start getting under fire, and you actually have to work in team if you want to succeed. It's a simulator, and as a simulator, it does it to almost perfection. There's no fake environment sounds, every bomb you hear, every step you heard, every bullet you hear is actually being shot by another player, and that's what I love about this game. It feels REAL. If you like fast paced, rambo, non-skills needed games you won't enjoy ARMA 3. It also has a lot of fantastic mods, you can either be on a zombie apocalypse, or you can be the next Hunger Games tribute trying to survive agaisnt 30 other players on a vast map. At first, I though this game was all about luck, because I couldnt kill anyone unless I saw them first, but after playing for a month, I can now say that I am pretty solid and I can take care of most situation. Either way, this is one of top my favorite games. Expand
  11. Jun 15, 2014
    Here is a game that encourages thought. You can jump in and play the SP mission if you want, but the real joy of Arma 3 is the editor and modding ability. Arma 3, like its predecessor Arma 2, encourages you to make your own game/missions and to use community led modding. There are so many different worlds and game-modes.... all free once you buy the core game. Add to this the glorious graphics and physics engine.... why bother with anything less? I just wish Electronic Arts (Battlefield 3&4..ugh) would get off their corporate money making merry-go-round, see what makes a game great and produce something they could be proud of for their legacy. Expand
  12. Jun 9, 2014
    I'm fine, thanks. And you? Как дела? (Kak dela?) - inf Как ваши дела? (Kak vaši dela?) - frm Как поживаешь? (Kak požyivaješ?) - inf Как поживаете? (Kak požyvajete?) - frm Спасибо, хорошо. А у вас? (Spasibo, horošo. A u vas?) -frm Спасибо, хорошо. А вы? (Spasibo, horošo. A vy?) - frm Спасибо, хорошо. А ты? (Spasibo, horošo. A ty?) - inf Long time no see Сколько лет, сколько зим! (Skol'ko let, s Expand
  13. May 30, 2014
    Great graphics, interesting gameplay, authentic ambience and realistic sound. There are some flaws (lack of content, bugs), but they can't make this game bad. If you are an OFP veteran - ARMA 3 is worth buying.
  14. May 17, 2014
    В жизни не видел такой наглости! Просить почти две тысячи за игру, в которой даже анимация прыжка через препятсвие с пистолетом превращается в прыжок с автоматом без автомата) В общем, это не игра - это скучное, вонючее гавно! Я считаю, что нужно просто невероятно сильно упороться что бы взять это убожество за полную стоимость, да что уж там, я с торрента не стал бы это тянуть.
    Обзор был
    сделан на основе "Бесплатных выходных в стиме". Expand
  15. May 17, 2014
    Played this game for free on Steam weekend, but even for free it's not good enough.

    The game's biggest problem are the controls. They are horribly over-complicated, with key combinations and mod keys required for simple actions like changing weapons and sights. They should have stuck to what works in other games. I don't want to remap 50 keys to make the game playable or get used to a
    completely different (and worse) setup.

    The inventory screen is also pretty bad. There's no option to change vests and keep the items. You manually have to re-equip all items on the vest. I also couldn't figure out how to combine mags, if it's even possible. The crosshair jumps to targets by itself, sometimes half a screen away, which is confusing as hell.

    The highly praised graphics engine is only average. Some nice high-resolution textures for the soldiers, but lots of texture pop in everywhere which is extremely annoying. The shadows have way too sharp edges.

    Too many things just don't feel right in Arma 3. I'd really like a good tactical FPS with big maps, but this isn't it.
  16. May 16, 2014
    Pros graphics are sick! Cons I gave up on the game in the tutorial stage because the controls and game play are to complex and foreign to what all other game developers use.
  17. May 14, 2014
    Arma Series is getting better and better. This game is a hardcore sandbox simulator, and, since not many people have either brains or time to play this fantastic game, they give it very bad scores. As a software engineer, I understand how hard it is to make a game like this one, where almost nothing in the game is scripted and every object within the 200 square kilometers map is persistent! Thank you Bohemia! Expand
  18. May 11, 2014
    The game really dissapoints me. Not even to mention the lack of vehiecles and the massive FPS drops on non Next Gen PCs. The lag on Arma 2 was acceptable but this game beats everything. The maps are huge and well made, the 'Zeus' and the 'Altis Life' mods are verry cool but it depends on the community. For those who dont know what ZEUS is: Zeus is a Gamemode that has been put into Arma 3 for players to have a dynamic and custom playing experience. No mission is the same, since the Game Master (Zeus, controlled by a player) generates the missions. Practically Zeus is a live Game Editor with players inside it that play your missions/Szenarios

    Altis Life is fun to, but since Hosters like "Nitrado" and others provide these servers with small prices and payment methodes everyone can use, Arma is flooded by Servers full of, well I would call them "Douches". For those who already know what Altis life is you will probably know what I am talking about. The most Altis life Servers employ 6-8 year old Whitelisted Cops and dont really care about the players, all they want is Donations and all of your money!

    Enough about these two Gamemodes. Lets talk about the other Gamemodes. Well.... They are fun, but then the Arma 3 logic ruins everything. (Here I ran out of critic)

    What I personally dislike about this game is the lack of cars and content. In Arma 2 your were trashed with cars and in Arma 3 you wish that you would have as much cars as in Arma 2.

    Not sure what Bohemia Interactive has done with this game but I dont get it...
    In my opinion I think the game mechanics are broken. IR-Flares to distract guided rockets dont bring anything, they hit you anyways, whatever you'll do.
  19. May 5, 2014
    If you have played "Arma 2: Free", you wil love this new Version "Arma 3" of the Military Game Series from the Developer and Publisher "Bohemia Interactive".
    This Game combines Action, Simulation and Strategy. You can play as Single Player, Co-Op, and Multiplayer. Its just a great Game. Dont miss it ;-)
  20. May 4, 2014
    Simplesmente incrível! um simulador de combate sem igual,contem ótimos gráficos, mapas gigantes, dificuldade alta etc. Sem contar com a oficina steam, que proporciona diversão infinita com suas mais diferentes missões.
  21. Apr 27, 2014
    Giving this a zero because this buggy game does not deserve the average 7.2 user score. In reality, a 3 or 4/10 would work. Why? - 25 fps average on the newest and greatest hardware (everybody complains about FPS on this unoptimised Arma enginge) - Your guy gets tired within 3 seconds of aiming - DESYNC. Cars and people constantly flying across the map - Sound of engines will not go away until you exit the server some times.
    -I am good at every FPS and this game has the most awkward shooting mechanics and even when you do hit your target they don't count half of the time. This game makes Battlefield 4 "net code" look like a work of art.


    This game is only good when you have friends to play with and if there's a USER MADE mod that you like. I didn't spend this much money on my computer to deal with horrible optimization and bugs that have been in the game since Alpha and Arma 2.
  22. Apr 26, 2014
    Pros: Insanely very very huge terrain Great graphics User community produces good downloadable missions Good community mods avaliable Very detailed combat equipments Unique enviroment Very real life combat experiense, its a genuine simulator Cons: Its a incomplete game, lot of resources from Arma II still pending Development are too slow paced Dumb AI Lack of official steam missions and content, the ones there are garbage!
    Some bugs
    High price
    Lack of OFFICIAL servers
  23. Apr 23, 2014
    Bought this game in alpha as I found Arma 2 to be tons of fun online. Even with all the hackers and other things the amount of realism was too much to pass over. Arma 3 started off a little slow with content and things to do, yet it has been seeing much more support over the last few months. It now has a single player campaign mode and some online support along with tons of steam workshop mods.

    Gameplay: Realism is a keyword here, this game is not your typical fps or third person shooter. It is important to play this game as you would in real life. Bullet damage is high as getting shoot once or twice will put you down. Aim is also difficult as it has recoil and bullet drop so spamming your rifle down range will only end up getting you killed. AI is easy when it comes to single player and will only get the drop on you if your stupid and run into situations with no care in the world. Multiplayer is a blast depending on what mods or if you have friends to play with.

    Graphic: Next gen graphic’s as it is top of the line, game runs smoothly on decent rigs and looks amazing on top of the line hardware.

    Replay Value: Single player is fairly quick and won't keep you coming back, but multiplayer aspect of this game will keep you busy for as long as people keep busting out content.

    Overall this game is a huge win, a must have for military fans and people who enjoy fps/third person games that aren’t your typical styles.
  24. Apr 17, 2014
    To people who gives 0 Points for the game: You can compare games with **** if there is a much better alternative, but wait... this series is still unique after over 10 years of sandbox simulation shooter. Be fair, if you dont like the genre than dont rate 0 for it. Why 8 points ?: Unforgettable multiplayer/coop game experience. Lot of community content. 3 compaigns. Why not 10 ? : bad multiplayer frames performance and still unhandy controls. Expand
  25. Apr 13, 2014
    Pros: I like the graphics. The environment is nicely done with weather, clouds, vehicles, planes, animals and sounds. The voice acting in the campaign. Neg: So called AI. If I shoot an AI from far away with suppressor, or let a bomb off, the AI in the vicinity knows exactly where I am. Some shot right away in my direction. If I wouldn't have dialed down the accuracy, I died instantly. It renders bushes, smoke and other sorts of cover useless, it's only eye candy. I realized they don't see behind bushes, houses hills. They just know your position. When I retreat hidden, there are many ways where I possible went, but AI knows exactly where I went.

    On the other hand, sometimes you can shoot an AI next to another and there is absolutely no reaction.
    I miss an AI that behaves convincingly. To me, the AI in single player mode makes the game a deal breaker. It was just not fun.

    I never felt the need to help the people of the Islands. The towns have less life in them than the fake towns in the US for atomic tests.

    The use of tanks as a commander was easier in OFP. Tanks get stuck in trenches. Have problems climbing hills.
  26. Apr 12, 2014
    Definitely worth getting if you enjoy military or tactical shooters. This game gets better with every patch, and with over 200 hours logged I can say the game still brings fresh content every time I play. No scenario is ever the same, and with the new FREE DLC this becomes especially true. Mods will also blow you out of the water with new gear, sounds, imported maps from previous ArmA games etc. ArmA 3 is going to be popular and have a lot of players for a very long time. See you on the battlefield. Expand
  27. Apr 11, 2014
    Arma 3 is a fun game and I don't think it should be frowned upon. It has amazing graphics and HUGE map to do your dirty work and a huge arsenal of weapons and attachments at your disposal. Now with every pro there is a con and there are problems in Arma 3. The AI are liked the terminator as soon as they see you they kill you and your team's AI are a piece of crap. It can be hard to see people and fire at them with generic holo scopes (It might be different for you). It takes FOREVER to do something cause you have to get your stuff, go there, shoot, and 3 hours later you finally finished a small mission. Then there is the bugs but they are easy to overcome. Overall, Arma 3 is a great game it does need a bit of polish but if you like military simulators or first person shooters or you want to try something new other than call of duty this is a great game for that. I give arma 3 a 85/100. Expand
  28. Apr 9, 2014
    I always played the Arma games for the campaign and creating my own scenarios, with the odd mod. It seems Arma III is a poorly made game with a terrible campaign that its only use is with online mods.

    Terrible game, bought at Alpha thinking it would improve, its now 2014 and the game is still looks and feels like its in development.
  29. Mar 21, 2014
    Recently I bought the game ARMA 3 in order to play online with my little brother while I am deployed. I spent $65.00 on the game, and played it for about a week. On March 14 2014 I tried to log into a server to play with my brother to find out the anti cheat engine battleye had given me a global ban. I tried to contact battleye to get the issue resolved, and got a response stating they do not unban anyone, and that I would have to buy a new copy of the game on a new STEAM account in order to play. I found this very frustrating as I just got done spending $65.00 on the game, and did nothing at all that could even be considered cheating. I then contacted the customer support at Bohemia Interactive. The representative told me to contact battleye, that Bohemia Interactive had no say in the matter. I tried to recontact battleye and got no response so I emailed the representative at BI back. I asked for their assistance in getting this issue resolved and again explained the situation they stated that they did not care, and this was not on them because I could still play the single player version of the game.

    I have recently been in contact with many players (currently 32 players exactly) who claim to have the same exact issue with the game. This appears to be a well thought out ploy of toss the problem back and forth to get more money out of the game. One of the players I have spoken with online and over the phone has stated he purchased multiple copies of the game, and recorded multiplayer game play to the point he would get banned for nothing. He contacted battleye and after ignoring him for a month they responded that their product will never ban a player that is not cheating, and the issue is now locked so no further emails from his email address will be replied to.

    Buyers look out for this ARMA 3 is a very fun game to play, I wont get on here to say not to buy it just know what to expect if you are caught in the same trap. Currently I have taken the following actions against BI

    Contact STEAM file a report
    Contact my bank file a complaint of fraud
    Contact MasterCard file a complaint and request a chargeback
    Contact the BBB file a report
    Contact file a report

    I would suggest anyone caught in this trap to do the same. Also keep BI in the loop each step of the way, just because their actions are unprofessional does not mean unprofessional attempts to make this right will work.
  30. Mar 21, 2014
    There is COD, BF, Counter-Strike, and then there is Arma(In this case, Arma 3). All these FPS's I listed have been around for 15+ years and are still around because of the fact that they offer unique standards for old and new players to explore.

    With that said, Armed Assault 3 roots back from Codemasters Operation Flashpoint, a military simulator game that is actually used by military,
    as well as a public consumer market version now known as Arma 3.

    Though more mainstream FPS gamers from COD and BF are now playing Arma because of the widely popular DayZ, Bohemia still manages to stick to their roots and offer everything from their previous titles. This includes huge modding support with in-game easy to use editor, multiplayer(PvP and Coop), and multiple sandbox maps.

    Some worthy new features they added are:
    -PhysX (ragdolls, vehicle physics)
    -More emphases on CQB and enterable buildings(buildings are destructible too like in Arma 2)
    -Underwater exploration and tactics
    -Unit stances and weapon customization
    -Better user friendly GUI and enhanced graphics
    -A modern take on militarization
    -Extremely realistic lighting and particle effects

    There is for sure more to list, but those are the core features I can think up at the moment.

    Like all their previous titles, Bohemia listens to their community. They continuously (even today) still support Arma 2 and will most likely always be working on and improving Arma 3.

    Any bugs, bad optimization etc will be worked out eventually but as of today, the game is stable, has been better optimized from alpha-beta, and is one of a kind experience still.

    Arma 3 can be all of the FPS games above with the amount of mod support. The base game tends to focus more on real world scenario type simulation which is extremely exciting because you value your life much more instead of endlessly respawning feet away from your enemy (you respawn in Arma 3 too, just typically farther away from where you died unless your revived). You won't be getting 50 kills in 3 minutes, because this is not a shoot-em-up type game, it is a tactical game. If you've ever wanted to get a taste of what real combat may be like, this is as close to it as you can get.

    Hope this review helps! What are you waiting for? Go buy it already!
  31. Mar 20, 2014
    This is the best game on the market, i recommend buying it as soon as possible. Amazing graphics and terrain, the modding community and server staff have an unlimited amount of resources to work with. The sky is the limit. I know that this is the game for you if you like realism in your game play.
  32. Mar 8, 2014
  33. Mar 8, 2014
    Let's be fair, the game is still (one year since the first alpha release) in early development, much like an alpha, the irony, it stutters constantly, bad CPU/GPU-utilization for the majority of AMD/Nvidia GPU:s and AMD/Intel CPU:s, few weapons, vehicles, low-res vegetation, textures, poor physics (no recoil for armored vehicles or rifles, but most important the lack of suspension for light vehicles) and to why anyone would pay full price for this early build, remains a mystery, if you need to play ARMA, you're better of with ARMA 2. Expand
  34. Feb 25, 2014
    TL;DR: This is alpha quality work at a final version price. BIS maintains that this game is like "fine wine" that "ages well" when actually it's more like cheap wine that you need to take home and mix with fruit juice and a pound of sugar to be in any way drinkable. Arma 3 is yet another great concept that in practice is totally undermined and destroyed by what is either laziness or incompetence from the developers. Wait a year from now. Maybe the modders will fix this lazy incompetent mess and Arma 3 will be a playable game like Arma 2. Until then, just play Arma 2

    A lot of people lead reviews by saying this game "has potential"... which is a really polite way of admitting that, right now, it absolutely sucks. It also does not reflect well on the game or on segments of its fanbase that well-deserved criticism is met with accusations of being a "Call of Duty" fan or a console kiddy or other supposed slurs on the critic's intelligence. I've been playing this series since Flashpoint and y'know, it's always been bug-ridden, poorly implemented, and heavily dependent on its modders to even be playable- BUT the series has been just good enough to be worth the aggravation and massive time-sink necessary to make it work... until now.

    The AI is horrible. For a game that involves realism in combat, where damage is more realistic and is dependent on squad tactics, the AI NEEDS to be competent if not excellent. Instead, the AI is incapable of navigating the terrain without getting stuck, incapable of responding effectively to fire and totally lost inside of buildings - no, literally, lost inside. God help you if your AI decides to use a grenade because he'll just kill himself.

    The "Action menu" is STILL in the game and has been combined with environmental add actions that are even worse than in previous games. Face a door and click the action menu key... now watch as you transition to your handgun instead of opening the door because the action triggers are inconsistently placed by an incompetent dev team. This has been a major problem since OFP and it's actually worse now.

    You will lose many many many games, not because you made a mistake or were unlucky, or for legit gameplay reasons, but because the AI is totally- and I mean totally- incapable of doing what the game *depends* on it to do.

    The devs have taken to claiming ARMA 3 is a "toolbox" (when they're not insisting it's a game not a simulation- or conversely, that it's actually a simulation not a game- what they call their game depends on which set of their errors you're pointing out) in defense of it lacking a campaign. Fine. But what you get for "tools" is laughable- there's a handful of armor, vehicles and equipment, but it's basically just re-skinned copy-and-pastes between factions. Basically everyone shares assets with superficial cammo differences.

    Did you think ARMA 2 had bad optimization? Well, the dev team topped itself with ARMA 3 being even clunkier, slower and more bloated. Seriously, everything about this game/simulation when it comes to optimization looks like a rough draft of code rather than a finished product. It will slam even high-end machines to a halt because of poor usage routines, bad scripting, and other lazy shortcuts.

    What about mods? Well the modding community is a brilliant one, we've got some really really good people who really should get credit for making ARMA remotely popular (or playable). But BIS is depending on modders, not to expand the game, but basically to make the game WORK. No matter how good the mod team is, it's still less efficient and effective to try to fix a broken AI with an addon as opposed to fixing the core code. BIS is content to be lazy and coast on its unpaid modders, but there's only a handful of people who work on AI/game core issues (a lot work on maps and missions, but core realism/errors are another matter) and they seem pretty tired of doing this stuff. It's also a pretty sh*t thing for BIS to do, to release a full priced game with barely any content, crappy optimization, an outdated engine and terrible AI- but then expect the modders to bail them out of trouble. Well... maybe it ain't gonna happen this time. Hell, maybe they can't pull it off this time, even if they want to.
  35. Feb 24, 2014
    Highly Recommended Great Graphics, Epic Gameplay, endless options for Multiplayer modes (Though CTI and TDM are my favorite!) I fell in love with this game, it simply rocks, though one should be aware this is nothing like the BF series etc, you either love or hate Arma, as simple as that. If you like games like AA3 and Red Orchestra etc. chances are you will absolutley love Arma.

    All in all give it a try if its on a Steam Sale or if once of your friends already got it.
  36. Feb 22, 2014
    They outdid themselves. Animations have been greatly improved, graphics are terrific, and it's much more fluid than Arma 2. I fully recommend this for anybody serious about their simming.

    Do not buy if you're looking for a shooter (CoD, Battlefield, CS). Arma is a military simulator - and the best there is.
  37. Feb 21, 2014
    Not writing a long review here, but this game is fantastic.
    -EXCELLENT Graphics
    -REALISTIC Warfare
    Only reason it is not a ten is because of the clunky feel that the game has. An improvement over Arma 2, but still noticeable. The multiplayer is not well-optimized either, so don't jump in without a Mid-High end PC (a 780 will do you fine)
  38. Feb 18, 2014
    This game could have been great, but the engine is horrible and does not utilize the GPU as it should, i have an i7 2600, 12gb ram and a gtx 780 and i get 20-30 fps no matter if im at absolute lowest settings possible or the highest possible. The only reason this game is even geting a 1 from me is cause of some of the great mods. I would not recomend anyone supporting this company with any money cause they keep releaseing games with this subpar engine that belongs in the 1990´s and not 2014. Expand
  39. Feb 14, 2014
    First of all, I feel like a lot of people who have rated this game in the mid-lower range have really trivial complaints. No only that but it looks like they posted the day after it came out of beta and was fully released. I've had this game since it was first released into beta, after alpha, and I would have rated it a 9 then. The mechanics, inventory, and combat are all solid. I can't remember the last time I witnessed a bug except maybe a hat showing up as a red hat in inventory and a fedora on my character, seriously. Not only are there a ton of multiplayer coop servers up, there are also the Wasteland servers on both Altis and Stratis. With the different Wasteland servers up with different coding this supplies a HUGE wealth of gameplay alone. The community is great which is a really big part of any MMO. When I play stuff like Counter Strike I just rage because of all the brats that TK if you want to throw down a strat they can't handle. I've met more people by way of grouping to loot and take down other groups so many times on Arma games and this is no different. This is a bit all over the place but the game is just incredibly fun. It doesn't get any better, honestly. Get a few friends together, hop in a codefour Wasteland server and secure one objective, you'll be hooked. Expand
  40. Feb 11, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game isn't terribly bad, but it's not great. It's not worth 60 dollars in my opinion. There is a lacking of physics to the game, even if they added rag dolling, it's just stale. Some of the sounds aren't great either. The ACP.45 sounds like a gust of air followed by a firecracker. It's not well optimized either, and IT'S A PC ONLY PORT. I have a 770 GTX, a this-gen GPU that can run BF4 54-60 FPS ultra. It can't handle ultra one bit. I get 30 FPS on average on ultra, and always 30 FPS in vehicles regardless of graphics settings. Some elements aren't even realistic to this 'realistic' shooter. They ignored dual-render scopes, and the PIP is very laggy, even on ultra. My final statement [spoiler] it sucks ass for its price. [/spoiler] Expand
  41. Jan 27, 2014
    Ridiculously realistic movement, aiming & shooting. Ridiculously realistic representation of Lemnos & S. Stratis.
    It's worth buying it just for the choosing of these two Greek islands for a battle terrain.
  42. Jan 25, 2014
    Gameplay: The engine is a big step up over ArmA 2. Things like the adjustable stances, dynamic fog, physics and underwater terrain add tons of possibilities in the game.
    Setting: This is one of my major problems with the game. Sci-fi and simulation don't mix well. While I know that everything in the game is possible, the fact remains that most vehicles and weapons are pure speculation.
    The equipment not being used in present day armed forces partly kills the immersion for me. Hopefully ACE mod will fix this.
    SP content: The campaign (so far) is awesome. BI managed to improve the storytelling and the gameplay as well as the realism.
    MP: performance in MP can be horrible, depending on the gametype and server. I don't often find populated servers with interesting gametypes, as there only seem to be 2 popular gametypes on public servers.
  43. Jan 21, 2014
    Worst game I've ever played. Bare bones in terms of content. The campaign is utterly stupid. Super marksman enemy AI from the first Arma game is back. Perfoms like crap. Campaign missions are awful. Worst game in the entire series not worth the price of 59.99 not even worth the price of the early alpha that I paid for if I could get a refund for this garbage I would. This is the last Arma game and the last game from BIS I will ever purchase. Expand
  44. Jan 14, 2014
    ArmA III is, unfortuntely, a failed experiment to launch the franchise in a new bold direction. Perhaps calling it a failed experiment is too harsh, but what do you call it when a bunch of hardcore arma vets (myself and my clan) who loved the arma franchise, stop playing it and go back to ArmA II with only putting less than 15 hours into ArmA III.

    Well, it says a lot, and I mean truly a
    lot, about the game when a new member of our clan who never played ArmA II absoloutely love ArmA III. It speaks wonders about the games streamlined appeal to those who never played ArmA II before. We even got a member who didn't like ArmA II but loves ArmA III. That's because to its credit the new one is a lot easier to get into and a lot more user friendly.

    ArmA III is naturally going to be judged and compared to its previous title. Some people tend to forget that ArmA I and II were both launched in a very bad state while lacking a lot of content, but it was accepted by the community for what it is. ArmA III has gone down the mainstream road without adopting a new approach for the mainstream community. The standards were raised for the next title in the franchise yet the developers didn't deliver.

    The main issue here, when comparing the launch of the previous titles, is that the developers have consistently said they were aiming less content, more quality. An approach that they've taken very seriously to the detriment of the new title. We are just starting the New Year and the developers have done very little for the game, content wise. The pace is a lot, lot slower than previous titles. One might attribute this to the higher quality being put into ArmA III, which may be true, it may indeed lenghten the process.

    But how long has ArmA III being in development? How many shuffles and re-designs did it undergo? There is no doubt about it; its a rushed job. The fact that the game released, yes, RELEASED, with hardly any content to call it a game and without a campaign is a joke. The first episode of the campaign is also, personally, a major disappointment. The developers also seem more focused on showcasing community missions rather than issuing development blogs.

    We are not being fooled...

    Another miscarriage in the arma franchise is the creative design and the cons of bringing the series into the future. We've got a creative designer who is dreadful, just dreadful, at what he does. The armor/uniform designs of the units are horrendous, the vehicles they decided to put in are failed prototypes that have no chance of appearing in any future warfare and it seems that rather than being put into the future, the whole concept of warfare took a step back.

    I will say to its credit that Altos is, while somewhat barren, is indeed a wonderful landscape to play on. The graphics are wonderful and the optimisation done in the post launch period has been fantastic. The AI itself, while not up to the standards of ASR-AI (mod for ArmA II) it has certainly improved over the vanilla AI.

    But, the devs can't be forgven for taking a much loved franchise and turning it into what it is now.
  45. Jan 5, 2014
    Game has fantastic graphics, huge detailed terrain, great sound, lighting and soo much more. It is a significant leap forward in the franchise, worth every penny. The campaign was great, vastly improved since arma 2, and it has me waiting for the next one. It improves much in user friendliness and is worth a try if you are new to the series. The game is getting better and better, with updates that adds content and improves gameplay.

    There is some issues with multiplayer, getting low fps and performance. It has been fixed slightly since release, but still needs some work. With the nature of a huge sandbox environment, there are some bugs, most of which has been/currently being fixed.

    This is not everyone's game, either you like it or don't. Even though there are blind cod/bf fanboys who gives this game a 0.

    Nether the less, BIS needs to be supported, there is very little PC dedicated devs out there.

  46. Jan 3, 2014
    as always, all bugged, modding tools are the same as ever, and are crap, still no tools for animation, oxygen and visitor still crap as always, I'm with bohemia from the beginning OFP, Arma, Arma2 OA CO, but really I'm wrong to buy Arma 3, I had hopes that it would improve but I see that it is always the same, sell a junk, then the community has to improve a lot of effort to make it playable, as in all previous versions, with many mods to correct and better everything will be okay to play, and that will be within 1 or 2 years at the community end their mods and fix and improve everything that is wrong with the game, as always.

    I really get tired of this, at least would have to provide good tools to do the mods, to tools has made people in the community are better than those provided with the game, not give them shame?
  47. Jan 2, 2014
    No tengo palabras para describir esta joya.graficos realistas a mas no poder,el mejor juego de la historia sin duda.Este juego ahi comprarlo, por que ademas no cuesta mucho dinero.asi que olvidense de call of liebres ghost y etc.. y tirarle mas a arma 3,y como bien dicen,podria decir mil cosas de lo bueno que tiene este juego. Deberia estar reconocido el numero 1 entre los juegos de pc y no otras morrayitas de juegos que me dan risa que este por delante de arma 3 en puntuación,gente reconozcamos este juego o simulador como una obra maestra.por que mas que arma 3, ya tendriamos que ser soldados o comandantes de ejercito de los estados unidos para poder jugar o practicar con el dismounted soldier training system o VBS 2.0.simulador de entrenamiento EE.UU Expand
  48. Dec 15, 2013
    This game is outstanding! It's been an early access game prior to launch so I think some of the COD and BF Nutswingers might have down voted the game because it's not a twitch shooter. It's a Mil Sim not an arcade game, and should be judged like one.
  49. Dec 7, 2013
    big fan of the series, in fact i think ive already gave a score for this game, think was positive score, but now i changed my mind, after all these years i realized (the hard way) that bohemia is synonym of mediocrity, they didnt work the game AT ALL, i have 300 hours of playtime on arma3, and i can assure u it gives headaches and anger, anger because i know they can do better, but they like it the easy way, fooling their fans, anyway, the only remarcable thing is the ilumination work, maybe the sound effects too, the rest is just lame, 0 PERFORMANCE QUALITY, no midpc user friendly (and not talking bout me ;D) they forgot to test the game, da!!; never saw so much wasted potential in a game, compared to previous arma releases (1 and 2) the AI is the WORST AI EVER period f**** period, sometimes (frequently id say) they act very erratic, the just don't give a s**t bout you, and they ruin ur game, and if u dare to forget the AI and try the MP then its almost unplayable, too much lag and 0 optimizations, can't believe i was waiting for this, the animations are very poor for a game with a very capable engine, but u know what makes me more angry? the minor flaws, yes, those minor flaws that i just cant understand their existance, u "alt+tab" while in game and the menus GUI etc goes to hell, u can't even see the server list correctly LOL, some servers don't appear at all, but if u copy the ip from ur navigator or anything then suddenly appears xD, but then u remember u cant do the alt tab thing, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarr,i spend 15-30 minutes to find a server to connect, and the list of bugs continues... the game is just broken, the only ones capable of reverting this calamity is the modding comunity, they already started and thats what made me have 300 hours in this game. anyway, can't give more than a 5. Expand
  50. Dec 4, 2013
    Best military sim i have ever played, and possible one of the best games.

    the scale and attention to detail really brings this game to life.

    It may not have a fantastic campaign, but the sheer diversity of the coop/ multiplayer sets it apart from the rest. Although for someone new the ARMA, it may take quite a while to get used to it.
  51. Dec 2, 2013
    This game is exceptional. Incredible graphics, astounding from an operational standpoint and so far, the best single player campaign Bohemia has had. There were some issues, initially, but this is a company that listens to their customers and they fixed many of the initial glitches and problems and continue to do so. This is the most realistic shooter available as far as I know and it is difficult.
    This game is NOT for the run and gun Cod fans! It takes an investment of time to become proficient, but when you do, it is damn enjoyable. The mission editor is also very easy to use and great fun.
  52. Dec 1, 2013
    Bethesda has always said this would have delayed-single player content due to the Greek imprisonment issue seriously harming their scheduled. So it's amazing to me that people bash the game over its absence on launch.


    ArmA III has seen its engine refined to near perfection, and has incorporated many improvements such as underwater environments, updated mission editor, radio
    range,weapon, attire, and item customization, ballistic penetration tables, and so much more.

    Graphics 8/10
    AI 9/10
    Sound 10/10
    Ballistics- 7/10
    Aesthetics- 9/10
    World size 10/10


    The problems with ArmA III can be summed up with three things. Balance, lack of content, and slight casual changes. While still nothing as bad as games like RomeII, ArmA III does introduce things such as everyone being able to administer treatment as well as medics, slightly increased reloading speeds, and a few other minor yet noticeable things. For a simulation this is a very bad direction to go toward, but they are also not profound changes and in the end very minor. Balance issues are a problem however, with the underpowered 6.5 and 5.56 sized rounds offering no benefit against the larger 7.62, while also taking several more rounds to kill. This is a serious problem for infantry combat and has really dictated what people use in multiplayer.

    Balance: 4/10
    Casual change
    Lack of content (discounting single player)

    Overall its a great game, far superior to games like CoD and battlefield. It's worth every Dollar, Euro, or Pound of its purchase price.
  53. Nov 27, 2013
    If you want a game about real war with all kinds of vehicles and full-scale offensive on huge territories, this game for you. Great game with great potential.
  54. Nov 25, 2013
    I can't even find the right words to emphasise how huge this game is. I hate myself for not buying it when it was $32, and I definitely didn't want to miss it at $45. Even for the full price ($60) this is a great purchase. Yes, it is THAT good.
  55. Nov 21, 2013
    Awesome game with great potential, it still has various issues such as poor optimization and a general lack of content but that's to be expected, personally I think the game should still be in beta state rather than release but I fully expect and trust Bohemia Interactive to fix these issues and provide more official content in future, unlike many other game developers they actually listen to player feedback.

    The overall feel of the game is much improved from ArmA 2, movement in particular is a lot more fluid which makes ground combat a whole lot easier, the user interface is also a lot cleaner making gear management relatively simple compared with previous games in the series, the only thing I am really disappointed in is the weapons, there seems to be a lot less variety and many of the much loved classic weapons are gone in favor of fictional futuristic weaponry.

    While the game is not the best at the moment the future for it looks very good, there is already an active modding community around it producing some great content, so I'd highly recommend ArmA 3, although if you're looking for more polish I suggest waiting maybe 6 months or so.
  56. Nov 18, 2013
    An amazing game which vastly improves the ArmA franchise. Although the optimizations are a bit patchy, and the game having a few strange bugs, it is significantly better than ArmA II. The new movement system, animations, weaponry, sounds, textures, lighting are amazing. The only problems I have with it is the difficult to use mission editor and the lack of hardcore, militaristic servers. It is a game that you can mess around with, and go scuba diving with your friends in, but at the same time one where you can be super serious and help be part of an invasion to liberate an island from tyrannical forces. Everything about it is better than ArmA 2, apart from the lack of community. Expand
  57. Nov 17, 2013
    This game has potential, but at the current state it's awful. It has has no content. MP doesn't work properly servers lag and the game is unplayable. This is the worst optimized game. single player is being released as DLC, this is not acceptable. In short you just have nothing to do in this game. Even showcases are broken and full of bugs, developers don't even no how to properly make a simplest things, absolutely no AI in this game, no physics too.
    Just do not buy it, do not support such lazy devs. Wait until they fix the game and if they'll fix it then buy it.
  58. Nov 15, 2013
    I'm glad to see that ArmA 3 improves on some things over previous titles enhanced graphics, new much better inventory and equipment system, new vanilla scripts for the editor and etc. while having some sort of reverse compatibility that allows to port content from previous games without much trouble but that's just not enough for the game to be solidly good. On the cons side poor performance: the BIS engine is as always spoiled by its age and programming by code monkeys. Another thing that baffles me is the setting now instead of something based on real life with some minor changes like names (which always attributed to the feeling that you're doing something real) we have COD-esque pulp fiction style setting with most immature and improper equipment selection ever. If you can't do something well, just don't do it at all. I really hope that new patches and community content will improve these problems, but so far 6.0 is my highest score for this game. Expand
  59. Nov 13, 2013
    I loved Operation Flashpoint, ARMA, to some extent ARMA II and for sure Iron Front Liberation 1944, but ARMA III....

    The landscape is at best dull and featureless. It reminds me of Delta Force from 1998....

    The driving is the same as before, only now I drive in mostly fantasy vehicles (or at least completely unknown and perhaps planned-for-the-future vehicles) that I have no
    emotional relation to whatsoever save that I don't like them (gut feeling). They are pretty much the same for all sides in the game, with the exact same weaponry I guess to "balance" and make each side equally strong (read: boring). In short; I don't like them at all.

    The small arms are ALL boring. It's all futuristic weapons. There is not one rifle in this game that I would have wanted in real life (and I am a gun nut...). They have more realistic recoil and better sound, but.... blaahhh. No thanks.

    Uniforms are rather cool, with different camo options that are actually rather nice, but... they are all ultra futuristic and to me at least that is a big no no. You can also take a uniform from a dead guy (even if you killed him with canon fire) and put it on in about 0,1 second. So you can enter a house, change uniform and exit all in a few seconds. And they call this a war simulator....

    Aircraft. Futuristic choppers. At least one fixed wing aircrafts..... I was not intrigued and didn't bother checking this feature out properly.

    Single-player campaign. No such thing.

    Single-player scenarios. No such thing.

    MP campaign/scenarios. No such thing.

    You are left to make all of this yourself. Ironically this might be no big deal though, because their scenarios and campaigns in the other games they have made all SUCKS, so you would have ended up making them yourself anyhow.

    The editor is superb, so you can do a lot with this game, if you want to and if you can stomach all the futuristic features.

    Optimization. I don't know. It works okay on my PC, but I have never tried it with many units.

    A. I. It's pretty much the same as before, only now the enemies run away much easier (I think), and then after some running change their mind and come running back again. So in effect they e. g. run away up the side of a hill, turn halfway up and come back down. So I have the time to finish their other team members off, and then wait for the runners to return so that I can shoot them too. I have no idea if that is supposed to be good A. I. or not. I don't like it though.

    Graphics is good, but I feel like "what's the point when the landscape is that featureless and boring"? It's like "the one tree over there is really nice".

    This game is unfinished, and doesn't appeal to me at all.

    This is a game that I will not play.

    I return to (a still rather bugged) Ironfront Liberation 1944, and if I wish to be shot dead by a guy with an AK with iron sight 400 meters away about 1 second after I peek out a window, I can play ARMA II. :-)

    What are these game makers up to? It went downhill from Operation Flashpoint. Better technology. Better software. Worse games... go figure.
  60. Nov 11, 2013
    Its a great game BUT battleye sucks! I got Globally banned for no reason, the graphics and gameplay are amazing but battleye is the worst anti hack in game creation, user made ones are better
  61. Nov 10, 2013
    I think Arma 3 has great potential, but was more or less poorly executed. The fall for me is the inconsistency. There are many great moments, but they are often squandered by glitches or poor design. Compared to Arma 2 I think it is a big step forward. Both in graphics and gameplay. I hope the Bohemia keeps working on the issues in order for Arma to reach its true potential.
  62. Nov 10, 2013
    This is a great game, the graphics are amazing, the gameplay is fluid, the interface is better, but still not good, and the AI is mediocre, even for a multiplayer focused game.They could have handled the beta better, that's true. The episode of the campaign released is great, much better than I expected. The multiplayer is really good, with lots of gamemodes, and the maps are huge and fun to play. The most important thing is that it improves every aspect of ARMA 2, so if you liked that, its definately the game for you.If you, like me, could se the potential but couldnt get into the previous game, you'll love this game. Expand
  63. Nov 10, 2013
    The game less realistic. Very unrealistic. With such TEMPO it will turn into a battlefield. The game offers a 10 FPS and I do not understand why. In singlplayer FPS great.
    P.S. I want to broken bones in the game. Where have they gone?
  64. Nov 9, 2013
    Arma 3 is not fps game like battlefield and Cod. Arma 3 is a military sim with endless possibilities, with a community that adds so much content. Maybe there wasn't as much content as arma 2, but if you take your time to go online and look at the mod community you will be amazed. To get the maximum experience out of the game, you will need find a group with skill. Because Arma is a game that needs to be played with more people, not a game were you're a lone wolf. Expand
  65. Nov 9, 2013
    Fantastic title. Delivers the true Operation Flashpoint experience, and over time it will just grow and grow in terms of both quality and content, just as BIS's previous titles have.
  66. Nov 8, 2013
    The most technological game in ARMA series and the best one in all aspects. And the modding makes game capabilities unlimited. In this great game you can do everything.
  67. Nov 7, 2013
    Is ARMA 3 an improvement over previous installations? Yes, but not in all respects. Is ARMA 3 a good game by itself? Partly, because almost 2 months after its release, the game still seems quite lacking in some areas. Here´s what I think: Pro: - the game is visually stunning and easily scalable - the open world sandbox environment is very immersive and provides many different tactical opportunities
    - appealing user generated content doesn´t leave the game too laxcking of any meaningful content
    - controls are much intuitive than in previous installments
    - there´s a lot of future potential


    - the game still crashes a lot
    - the AI is still very much a mixed bag
    - the SP-campaign gameplay often seems very random thanks also to the strange AI behaviour and sometimes strange and unfair mission design
    - in addition, the first campaign DLC is quite short
    - there is very little actual content in the game, especially for SP
    - MP performance is still a problem

    I understand perfectly that BI has a long term interest in ARMA 3 and wants to contiunally develop it into a more complete game. up to now they already did a good job in some areas, getting rid of or streamlining certain mechanics, that were unnecesarily complicated, however this means more or less simply "bringing them up to industry standard". It´s not enough to polish the graphics engine, thereby achieve an appealing presentation, streamline controls and make two (very nice) maps. Accordingly the impression that ARMA 3 leaves behind is that of a quite promising and immersive game, but which is simply no even close be finished. It had less catastrophic bugs and glitches at release than its predecessors, but it´s still plagued by crashes and poor performance. At least this should be done right at release so why is it not a beta anymore? MP gameplay makes for a lot of fun, but it´s no excuse for the fact, that the game feels quite empty and without any engageing content, it becomes boring after a while.
  68. Nov 5, 2013
    Please read at least the beginning, thanks :D

    I don't know why people hate this game. Probably some cod and battlefield fans that are used to quick action and sounds that just sound, "COOL". But still the sound in this game, is taken from real weapons. The sounds in cod and bf are taken from real guns too, but they have edited the sounds so much.

    In fact you need a better computer to
    run this, than bf4 :)

    It is true that it's lacking a lot of content, and there are some bugs. There are bugs, because it's an open world sandbox game. Can't people realize that??

    Garry's mod has a bugs too, but the map in ArmA 3 is so big (PROBABLY TWICE AS BIG AS IN GTA 5).

    ArmA 3 is an open sandbox miltary simulator. SIMULATOR FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!
    It's meant to be as close as real as possible.

    Thank you for reading!
  69. Nov 3, 2013
    Good looking game with a lot of cool features. I pre-ordered the game when it was still in alpha. It is released now and the controller support is still limited. For me it is unplayable. No Y-axis inversion option for xbox controller. Until this issue is fixed I can't play the game. Before people start crying M&K, say what you want but I game with a controller and when I spend my money for a game I expect it is to be my choice how I play it. Expand
  70. Nov 3, 2013
    I am marking my score 9, not how it is but its potential. For ArmA game people should have expected not alot of content from the start

    Great Graphics
    Very Nice Realism
    Huge Landscapes
    Variety of gamemodes, Scenarios, Missions

    Not all missions etc are here yet
    Clunky Controls
  71. Nov 3, 2013

    Arma 3 is one of the biggest titles in 2013 offering large play areas and realistic gameplay on a massive scale. Unfortunately, there are so many issues with this game right now it is almost impossible to give it a better rating than 4/10. While this game is indeed a large step forward in the Arma series, it is also a large piece of disappointment. Let me skip
    straight to the point.

    - Large scale, large play area
    - Great graphics (with the exception of some smoke/fire effects)
    - Greatly improved radio chatter over it's predecessor
    - AI behaves slightly better than in it's predecessor
    - Greatly improved campaign (over it's predecessor)
    - Realistic engagement distances
    - Some weapon customization
    - UI improvements
    - Great editor (as usual with Arma games)

    - Large scale (wait, what? see below)
    - Terrible performance the game engine does not feel right for this kind of game Arma 3 promises large scale war however the game engine cannot handle anything near large scale, a simple scenario of a firefight between 10 squads of infantry (5 squads each side) in a town results in less than 24-32 FPS on a i7-4770/GTX Titan system (perhaps we will be able to run this game properly in 10 years, I believe Vertical Sync option was implemented just to troll people because nobody can run it)
    - Lack of content compared to it's predecessor
    - No campaign on release
    - Similar engine issues as with previous Arma games (bad collisions, AI can walk through walls, AI cannot drive vehicles properly and so on)
    - The environment is rather boring, houses have no furniture (I realize furniture can be added via the editor however there is even no module/script that will auto populate houses with furniture and adding it manually is PITA)

    It feels as if this game has great potential however at it's current state it is barely playable. Do not expect much from this game. Being an Arma player I still do enjoy this game however I am quite disappointed.

    NOTE: I have tried improving the game's performance by doodling with the graphics drivers and settings however no matter what settings I put, this game will still perform very poorly.
  72. Nov 2, 2013
    Compared with ARMA2, the game-play is much more fluid, smoother, more FPS-like. Don't expect CoD stile game-play, but that's a good thing. Team-play, as always with ARMA series, is essential.

    The weapons and vehicles are all fictional (due to royalties restrictions), but they all feel real and there is a good balance between the factions' gear. The community no-doubt will fix this.
    There are already quite a few of 'replacements' like the SA80 assault rifle and a full US/Russian weapons. Many more are in the pipeline.

    Recently, the first chapter of a campaign has been released as a free DLC with very well done, really enjoyable game-play.

    You do need a fairly powerful PC, but the game is less resource-intensive than ARMA2. I can run almost everything maxed up on a 2 year old machine (only turned down shadows and removed AA as I run it at full resolution).

    To enjoy the game play you need to spend some time to learn the controls, not just for the soldiers, but also for the different vehicles, UAV, robots etc. There is also a command set of instructions where you don't need to get into the fight, but manage the battlefield groups to fulfill the mission. Aslo, don't forget the scuba divers a first in the ARMA environment under-water warfare!

    The mission editor is even more powerful than ever and there are plenty of community-created missions available to download either via STEAM or from various websites. You can create large multi-unit battles or smaller building-clearing type of missions the last now works better than ever as it wasn't a strong point in previous ARMAs .

    This game has got some quirks, but for the kind of scale it covers huge terrain, multitude of units, weapons, vehicles etc. it is a truly enjoyable battlefield simulation off-line or on-line.

    Bohemia Interactive's constant support for the game, dedicated server files, modding tools brings a breath of fresh air in the FPS world at a time when other FPS games (BF and CoD) are now console games, a constant more and more expensive re-hash of the same, with a very closed server environment.

    Well done Bohemia Interactive! And thank you!
  73. Nov 2, 2013
    Holy I bought ARMA 2 and thought the multiplayer was amazing. The just released campaign for ARMA 3 has me waiting for the next one like a little girl who just wet her pants because of a six-pack.

    HOLY 10!


    Seriously no fan boy best campaign in the history of gaming. Best I have ever seen/played.
  74. Nov 2, 2013
    People rating this down and saying there is not enouph vehicul or graphic are not good are sound if fake seem to forget what other games are offering. Arma 3 have 10x more vehicule than any game done in the past, the graphic are better than most game, and the sound of rifle are realistic,not like the dwoned down sound of hollywood action movie. people seem to have a fantasy of what a game should be, but seem to forget that no other game if opffering even half of what arma 3 is offering. It have the biggest map of any game done. It is almost 2x washington dc. How can you say othewr game have better fps when the map is 100x smaller and you cant snipe someone from 2.5 km away. With the map full of AI to process on a gigantic map. Dont be stupid and compare a little BF map of couple meter to a whole living world. Sure arma coulod be better optimised, but no other game is offering what we have with arma 3 and no with 10 of dlc after or whatnot Expand
  75. Nov 2, 2013
    Pros: -Good First Campaign Episode -Excellent Terrain -Graphics are beautiful -Good bank of user content now available over workshop -Scale is huge! Lots of fun to play -Good coop Cons -Still can feel a little clunky at points because of the action menu -Hard to optimize for lower spec PCs (especially for online play) -Some factions still feel a bit "neglected" by content, for example no jets for CSAT or NATO

    Overall I am thoroughly enjoying ARMA 3, and it deserves a much better score than it has at the moment, and is a enormous improvement on ARMA 2.
  76. Oct 29, 2013
    I truly hate the MMS genre, Arma 3, however is something different. It's got some interesting concepts, sadly all of which are taken out poorly. The multiplayer is pretty decent, but the maps are so huge and open, that it is impossible to find anybody. The campaign is something I do not mean to ever play, considering it's a MMS, and the campaign by MMS nature, will be god awful. There has to be something in this game though, and there is! The level editor! Problem is, that it isn't very good if you genuinely want to have fun and mess about though (like me). It's graphically sound, but with the optimization issues I noticed, you will need a very, very good gaming tower to run at anything over standard. This is a beautifully sound game if your into MMS games, or a fan of modding. as a base game though, this will offer most gamers nothing. Imho this is a waste of money. Expand
  77. Oct 28, 2013
    An absolutely best shooter game around, Arma III improves already amazing series. While we are constantly fed with arcade style games such as Call of Duty's and Battlefields, Arma III gives the most realistic gameplay, the only thing more realistic than this is to go out and do Airsoft, or join the Army and fight in a real war. Game improved complicated interface that frustrated many players in Arma II but also improved photo-realism graphics (hands down some of the best graphics around) and animation. The amount of detail is astonishing. While Infinity Ward tries to amaze Call of Duty fanboys with fish AI, Arma III has amazing environmental AI from birds to snakes and onward. Animation detail is amazing with little details such as different reload animations for each rifle to add more realism into a game.

    The only problem I faced with this game is the controls. You get used to them but they are painful if you just started playing a game. This is majorly because of what you can do. Call of Duty limits you to running, unrealistic diving and shooting, Arma III enables you to actually do techniques real soldiers do. The way how most players play the game is so realistic, that I actually recognized them as I used them in professional Airsoft skirmishing.

    To conclude, the game is purely amazing with inspirational amount of detail, things to do and realism. Realistic game with charm gameplay and character, DICE and Infinity Ward could only learn from Arma III.
  78. Oct 27, 2013
    For those who feel disappointed about this game. Don't consider it as a game, consider it as a platform that can be fully expanded. If you look back on ArmA2 you'll find that player created mods are actually more fun then this game it self. You wanna realistic, you can use ACE mod, you wanna play zombie game you can play DayZ mod, you want WW2 game, there is Invasion 1944, and not to mention all the addons from different country's military, and all the player created MP missions, SP missions, Campaigns, huge maps etc. So if you see this game a little empty, believe me it will get a whole lot more playable then you can imagine,

    The more important thing is, ArmA3 as a platform is already way better then ArmA2. When people see ArmA2 they don't wanna play it more or less because of its graphic is quite outdated. But if you look at ArmA3, it has pretty much no different then the other FPS games today. Plus the view distance and map size, I'll give ArmA3 a top mark on graphics.

    I myself is a little bit disappointed that BIS released a version is not fully developed. The first released version didn't even has a campaign. As a programmer I will personally consider this game still under a beta version, maybe they're under some kind of pressure, I don't know, but I'm pretty confident that this game will get better and better. So if you don't like game now, just occasionally check out on armaholic website. You may found more and more mods you'll enjoy. And not to mention BIS will release official DLC and expansions as well.
  79. Oct 26, 2013
    Arma 3 is a step forward in the right direction. Adding the new movements, attachment system, NVIDIA Physx, and customizable outfits gives players the opportunity to bring out the game's true potential. With all of these things now added into the game, it opens up a whole playground for the modding community to put their imaginations to the test. The possibilities go even further as Arma 3 has been introduced to the Steam workshop, giving players the opportunity to pick up some player made content with the click of a button. I give Arma 3 a score of nine because giving any game a ten would mean it was perfect. As any Arma series player would know, there isn't one Arma game that is free of bugs or glitches. Overall this game is definitely worth a look and maybe even a try. Expand
  80. Oct 25, 2013
    Arma 3 is a huge step up from Arma 2, and Arma 2 was a fine game.

    The negative reviews focus on lack of content at launch a situation that will undoubtedly improve as BIS release 3 FREE DLCs shortly after release to rectify this. The massive amount of player made content is also ignored in these reviews, with over 1500 player made missions before it had even gone gold, and a community
    that has been around since 2001's Operation Flashpoint happily churning out new islands, vehicles, weapons, missions and oodles of other content.
    To say that the game is lacking content from an alpha/beta build is like moving into a house before it is completed and complaining about getting wet from rain because you don't have a roof yet.
    The Arma series have always been about player modding, and there will be literally thousands of player mods coming that will transform the game into pretty much anything you desire.
    Consider also that BIS still release patches for Operation Flashpoint, a game from 2001 so dev support is second to none.

    My advice is to ignore the naysayers and give it a go it will reward you with a vast sandbox that will never run out of steam.
  81. Oct 24, 2013
    I have waited patiently for a very long time with Arma 3 and the final product is nothing short of average. Everything seems to be lacking from the gaming content all the way to the modding tools. It's a complex product which you cannot master overnight but after many hours of playing; it just doesn't feel like it's worth the effort. For those that have paid full whack for a seemingly unfinished and unsupported product; it's a real kick in the teeth.

    The enjoyment is just simply not there and with Battlefield 4 round the corner; either save your money and time for that or if you want a realistic sim; join the Army instead!
  82. Oct 24, 2013
    Placebo effect is great in some reviews, that's why I will put 1 to this, to balance it.
    Reality is that this game is just a shame. I am a fan of Arma series or, better, if it could be playable.
    This just CAN'T be playable. Many people here are affected by placebo effect. I have tried EVERYTHING posted here, change in FPS was just minimal. FX-8350 and GTX580 (SLI) here. I score 10K+ at
    3DMark11 but I can't play good Arma 3 LOL.

    I have really TRIED every single thing, from command lines to .cfg files, to all game options of course.
    Changes are minimal. I can play all games perfectely. They just play smooth. This doesn't.
    Not just it does (AND NEVER, no matter which settings) barely use around 40% CPU and maybe 45-50% GPUs power but it just can't do more.
    It is the same exact engine of Operation Flashpoint. They just put some polish in it (and it even look worse than Arma 2, really nice job).

    This is just a shame and not, this is not because it is an early version, as it was not the beta or the alpha state.

    This game just CAN'T go well, and don't tell me to change CPU. I don't have to change CPU, it is an high end one. It is Bohemia that has to change, and completely.
    Fortunately metacritic scores quite get the point. 6.X is good for it, it can't deserve more, it is ridiculous to pay for this NOT optimized at all product and many people still are at Bohemia Interactive side. It is not because the game is HUGE, it has nothing to do with it. It is just bad programmed.
    20+ players are just the standard nowadays and no matter how much good the server is, it will just do low FPS but, anyway, it manage to be hard also in singplayer with little buildings in front of you. Altis of course is far worse that Stratis making it almost unplayable with 20+ players (lol what's the point in having a 219083109km² map without an engine that can't handle effectively more than 20 players?)

    Please, do a flavour to yourself, DO NOT BUY IT and don't believe there are optimizations around that can '''fix''' performance. NONE OF THEM ACTUALLY WORKS. It is the game!
    JMTC of course but I am forced to post this to community, it is a moral duty.
    Thanks for reading.

  83. Oct 22, 2013
    I'm sick and tired of all the people complaining about the game's looks and sounds. The game looks just fine and in fact, it often looks more realistic than what you would get in the commercial AAA shooters. The sounds were never its strong suit, and mods were made in Arma 2 and Arrowhead for that purpose.

    While the mechanics of this game are exactly the same as A2/OA plus some *minor*
    enhancements, the game is an actual disappointment to the people who actually liked their game almost obsessively complicated in terms of vehicles, weapons and equipment. None of the vehicles exist in real life, other than the KA-60, the Littlebird and the stealth-plated Blackhawk. The Iranian gunship is the nose of a Havoc mixed with...what a V-tail? What the hell, even.

    None of the weapons have their actual names, and while I understand this is probably due to copyrighting, they could have just used the military designations.

    The single player DLC thing is an unfortunate thing, but if you buy this game for the campaign, you might as well go play Day Z. Another reason why a lot of people seems to be scoring this game too low. Because now, 80% of all "Arma" players, only played Day Z and don't care for the real game. Idiots.
  84. Oct 12, 2013
    Is this a bad game? No far from it, Arma 3 does improve on a lot of things from the previous Arma. The gear interface is much easier to use and the HUD is a lot less clunky than it used to be. The game is a visual treat for a game of it's size but of course it does have it's cons that make me not want to play it. For instance: Where did the large arsenal of vehicles go? The small amount of vehicles in a game so large is a massive blow as variation is key to making a good game. However, the guns in Arma 3 are much more diverse and it does take a bit of use to find your "golden gun." The UAV system is nice, I like it a lot more than the ones in ARMA 2. But the thing I feel that lets this game down is the lack of campaign mode, and that most of the most popular game modes online are mods, which doesn't say much about Bohemia Interactive's skill to make fun game modes. Overall I give this game a 7 because there are some faults still in it that need ironing out but other than that the game is actually pretty cool. Expand
  85. Oct 12, 2013
    arma 3 for me is the best in the series.great graphics better animations huge terain and better still far better optimised than the two arma games before it,sure its lacking content but as with all arma games that will come in time and with the campaign just around the corner plus steam workshop there is so much fun to be had by this game
  86. Oct 11, 2013
    Im sad actually, as a big ArmA II player i thought things could only get better. I was wrong. The lack of polish is astonishing, the game has NOT CHANGED SINCE ALPHA! Only new content, but the FPS bug i was so annoyed with stayed the entire way. This is pretty much ArmA 2 with better graphics and less gamemodes. Buy ArmA 2 instead of this waste of money
  87. atd
    Oct 11, 2013
    My sum: Corsair PSU-850TX 850W Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H80i Gigabyte X58 UD3R r:1.6 Intel i7 920 D0 2.66 3.0Ghz 6GB Triple Channel RAM 2000Mhz Gigabyte GTX 660Ti OCZ RevoDrive 3 120Gb 6Gb/s 2x1TB HDD Western Digital Black RAID 0 2x3TB HDD Seagate OEM RAID 0 ACER GD245HQ/BenQ XL2420T FPS: 35 to 55 after optimization :-) If you are looking for mature game-play and a ton of fun, than ARMA 3 is 4U! :-)

    Once you have joined the right clan and you are playing on the ''closed'' clan server you will find this game awesome :-)

    (clan server no lag, no strangers, no spammers, no nubs, no hackers, live admin fun fun fun :-))

    If you want to play ARMA 3 online, like you would play Battlefield or COD or whatever, this game is not for you!

    lot of fun, with the right people, for the right people!

    This is not an Arcade game, this is a ''slow'' paced Military Sandbox Simulator for mature players :-)

    I have played 300 hours since May and this is my first ARMA game ever!

    come and join us: Tactical Gaming Community/TG

    All the Best
  88. Oct 10, 2013
    Amazing Graphics
    huge scale
    Great physics
    Detailed weapons
    Good vechiles
    At the moment lack of content
    Technical Problems
    Singleplayer maxed out runs well at around 40-80 FPS but multiplayer some servers can't handle the game and it can drop down to 15 FPS
    My Specs
    Intel i7 4820k Extreme@4.7 ghz
    Corsair 16 GB Vengeance Pro 1866 Mhz
    GTX 770 4 GB
  89. Oct 8, 2013
    If you are looking for a more realistic military sandbox, Arma 3 does it right.
    You can set up all kinds of different combat scenarios in the editor and give it a try in singleplayer or multiplayer.
    Once you have learned how the AI wants to be controlled, it is pretty good. At least the AI can give you a hard challenge on the enemy side, but propperly used it can be really deadly on the
    friendly side too.
    Multiplayer is best played in a clan where everybody sticks to the plan. But thats the same with most games.

    But now and then you find little flaws that make you frown. Some of them are the players fault caused by lack of experience with the game mechanics or unrealistic behaviour in hot combat zones. But others are real bugs that will be fixed in the future.
    Arma 3 surely has some kind of high-angle learning curve until you fully understand the mechanics. But after that you can have tons of hours of fun. Most of the people i know have stacked 200+ hours.
    At least Arma 3 is 10 times worth your money and absolutely worth your time. You should try it. And if you have problems playing it, ask experienced players for help.
  90. Oct 6, 2013
    Would not recommend this game. Broken AI, Physics problems, graphical glitches and very limited content make this game, in my opinion, a series ending killer. Bohemia Interactive obviously rushed to develop this game and have left the play with a broken, frustrating gaming experience. Avoid this one.
  91. Oct 5, 2013
    Bohemia Interactive are so frustrating. They never deliver a complete game. Arma 3 looks beautiful in so many areas, like terrain, solider models. But it irritates in others like driving physics, lack of intuitive controls, dumbass ai. I so want B.I. to succeed with Arma 3 but if they keep failing to fix the same old problems, people will eventually give up on them and return to the less satisfying but working games that are BF4 and COD:Ghost. Arma 3 needs a lot of fixing and refinement. Expand
  92. Oct 4, 2013
    Where to start...I've played all the Arma-series games OFP and its expansions. Arma 3 being realistic? I would disagree. Shooting an AI 3-5 times before he dies doesn't seem realistic to me. Wasn't like that in previous games, it is like that now. I would say that is evne more unrealistic than BF3/COD which I consider arcadegames. For something to be called a simulation, it needs to simulate something. AFAIK, only ballistics are simulated. Driving vehicles feels way worse and arcadish than in Arma 2 for example.

    If you played previous versions, you should be used to the AI cheating when shooting by now. A machinegunner is more accurate from 500+ metres than a sniper. Standing up. Very realistic...or not.

    The content? If it isn't made by the community...well, you'll get bored within the week. The weapons ingame, theres like 5 of em, just different models or extensions. You have the MX-platform and the Katiba-platform (main assault rifles) and 5 variations of em, some sniper rifles, 2-3 AT and AA launchers and thats pretty much it. Bare minimum.

    I bought the Alpha version. It was crap back then, beta version, well, at least it ran on my machine, release is on par with beta. Half the FPS compared to Arma 2 I'd say. Sure, Arma 3 looks better but does that matter when it is unplayable, running at 5 FPS? In SP with 100 AI I'm getting 10-25 FPS, in MP I'm lucky if I get more than 13 FPS. It is usually around 5-10 FPS. In Arma 2 I have 20+ FPS at highest settings in MP.

    You are getting a beta version here. Content is coming later, campaign, weapon or two, aircrafts etc

    Stick to Arma 2 if you know whats good for you.
  93. Oct 4, 2013
    Game overall would be an improvement upon ArmA 2, if it wasn´t for the worst performance which is a deal breaker, the website promises 60VS60 warfare but if you try servers with 30 or more players your fps will dip to below 20´s with recommended hardware, will only get 30 or more fps if you have a 5ghz processor, and if you are lucky to find a good server.

    Unless they overhaul their
    netcode and lack of proper multithreading this game is a no-no to anyone that does not have a 5ghz intel cpu. Expand
  94. Oct 3, 2013
    Game of the century if only it was optimised and less buggy.Runs poorly on a high spec rig and lacks depth due to the maps being very empty and un-used at this stage.I've had fun on the multiplayer but it doesn't seem to hold my interest for very long.I've been a fan since the old days but the games always seem to have too many problems to quite make them as epic as they should be.I'm glad I bought it even if it's just to explore and "hang out" with friends for a bit, but sorry something doesn't quite sit for me.Seems like a great opportunity waiting for the right moment to blossom. Expand
  95. Oct 3, 2013
    I have played games with console and PC since 90's and this is best game i have played.
    I have played this game ~100h, and it gets better and better.
    Many reviewers don't understand that this game is platform/sandbox, i don't miss campaign...

    It have bugs and problems, but BIS really is fixing them!
  96. Oct 1, 2013
    Forget COD or BF3, this is not a run and shoot game. The basic is that this is a Military Sim. If you say Lack of content, then you really need explain your self. With the Steam Workshop you can pick any mission you would to do, SP/MP/COOP. There where some issue's with Altris, but that has been solved. Both maps plays smoothly. There bugs, like every game and yes that is on this also. Do not forget this is not a company that got a major budget.
    The main focus is that it is a sim. The support I didn't have to use. The community for ARMA is big.
    And on what other game can you bring in a issue that will be please on a backlog where everyone can add information to it. And then the problem has been solved that you even can read it in there.

    Modding is great (Laxentis, you do need to do something for that.. there is more then enough tutorials on YT).

    Anyway, if you like to run and shoot, then I think this is not a game for you.

    If you like:
    - teamplay
    - Taking command of a squad
    - Flying with 700 Km/u on low altitude
    - Drive all kinds of vehicles
    - And have fun in building up a mission with some friend..

    Then this is the game for you.
    In our clan more and more COD players joined ARMA.
    At the moment we run 2 ARMA3 server (with a bunch of other COD/RO/Sniper Elite servers).
    Looking for a ARMA clan?

    for me 9/10
  97. Sep 29, 2013
    This is basically the same poor engine as their older titles with added details to bring your computer to its knees. The developers don't care for this game at all it's just pandering to a niche following with no standards.
  98. Sep 27, 2013
    I would give a 10, but there is something that annoy me that is when you move your mouse and the car turn it wheels and don´t get back, just if you move your mouse back where it was
  99. Sep 27, 2013
    To compensate for all these cod fanboys giving the game a 0 out of 10 becouse they cant have theyr twitch shooter expirience ill give it 10/10. Cons : Poor optimization. Narrow selection of weapons vehicles. AI that sences where you are gonna pop up. Pros : Fun as with friends. Map editor. MODS. ADDONS. Looks good & sounds good. Map is huge as probably takes like 5-7 hours to run across it.
    ++++ alot more things but ill keep this short

    Overall its same quality as arma 2 but that new movement fluidness and difirent stances make it better for me .

    Also people saying that it shouldnt cost as much as AAA games well you should have bought it when it was in alpha for 25 Stupid ppl will be stupid
  100. Sep 27, 2013
    ArmA 3's true potential is nearly sabotaged by its slew of bugs and performance issues. Returning fans can expect the same military sandbox trappings of ArmA 2 but in a near-future setting. Some notable additions make movement less clunky and more intuitive, like the multiple different stances infantry can assume, which allow cover to be negotiated accurately and without exposing yourself any more than you need to. The game is lacking a proper campaign at the time of this writing, but user missions provide more than enough content both for single and multiplayer. The greatest problem with the series has always been Bohemia's shoddy workmanship, and this game is no exception. For all its heart and promise, ArmA 3 should only be recommended to fans of military simulation or those with the patience and disposition to get the best out of ambitious games full of technical issues. Expand
  101. Sep 12, 2013
    Great graphics
    Giant terrain

    Lack of content
    Lack of modding tools (available ones are obsolete)
    Lack of proper modding documentation
    Lack of support

Mixed or average reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 38
  2. Negative: 2 out of 38
  1. Mar 26, 2014
    There's something about Bohemia's world-building that inspires people. Importantly though, Arma 3's vanilla content now stands on equal footing with those third-party inspirations. It's still a little rough around the edges, but it's a darned impressive package nonetheless.
  2. Nov 22, 2013
    Arma 3 seems to have a lot to offer in terms of multiplayer, but still not so much for the player looking to the single player experience.
  3. Oct 31, 2013
    With Arma 3, Bohemia made a big step towards a unified platform for its military shooters, but at the same time took two steps back in regards to actual game content. Only the most hardcore fans will enjoy Arma 3 in its current form.