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  • Summary: Ready for a huge adventure? Welcome to the magical world of Asguaard where the future is about to be torn apart.

    Somewhere, somehow, the Pandora Box has been opened.
    A series of devastating plagues each worse than the previous are on their way tearing apart the lands and creatures before
    them. The magical inhabitants of Fairies, Dwarves and legendary creatures are powerless to prevent the tragedy yet there is just one chance.

    A committee of Fairies gather at Asguaard's highest village - their immense task is to summon a creature able to achieve miracles, a creature read about in the oldest of books, a creature that is in possession of something that the Asguaard kind can only dream of and hold in awe. The possession is a soul and the creature - a human.

    Come join the fight for Asguaard, a tale of friendship, passion and heroism.
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  1. May 11, 2013
    Often considered the best Aldorlea game (check the community!), the game lives up to its reputation mostly due to an extraordinary and enchanting story, as well as sheer size. Yes, it really takes a long time to complete it, but the journey's worth it. Expand
  2. Sep 18, 2013
    As far as 2D RPG go I consider this one of the best, because it is so big and so beautiful detailed.
    2D can't rival with 3D of course but you
    will be impressed by the beautifully detailed scenery and the creative enemies. Expand
  3. Mar 23, 2012
    Another game from Aldorlea. But this time, it's not a part of a series as Millennium or Laxius, but standalone game. There are basically no sidequests, it's all about the main story. You travel through the world of Asguaard and try to stop a destruction of the whole world. Even without sidequests, there's still a lot to do. The world map is huge and very detailed, with many secret locations - easily the best I've ever seen in any RPG Maker game. Also, because of the absence of sidequests, you are never too strong or too weak and progressing through the game feels very "fluid" and "natural" - there's always enough challenge. Another speciality of Asguaard is the Skills system - it's kinda similar to the old Might & Magic games - there are some skill such as Axe, Swords, Pathfinding and for each rank of the skill you need to find a trainer. Some of the dungeons are huge and really hard to get through, graphic and music are good. I won't reveal the story, but I can say that it's touching and a bit sad. Actually, the whole game has a bit "melancholic" feeling. And just for the record - the playing time is around 40 to 50 hours, so it's definitively a big game. If you enjoy this kind of games, Asguaard is definitively worth playing. Expand
  4. May 30, 2014
    This game is one of the most frustrating RPGs I have ever played.
    Not because of it's difficulty level but because of the horrible map
    Don't get me wrong the maps look gread but there is NO DIRECTION.
    Here is why:
    I went into a forest from below and the first map I get to I have to walk down where no forest should be.
    You can spend hours in a dungeon and not find the end sometimes there is no end to the dungeon and you simply had to know that this was a bonus area a dungeon within a dungeon.
    And it's not like there is a rule to the design of these dungeons either the correct exit / the boss can be in any direction and there will almost never be an indicator for where you should go.

    I suspect that the developer realized this and it might be because of this that they included a walkthough with at least every physical copy of the game in pdf format. If you are willing to have this walkthough open all the time while playing than you might enjoy this game more than I did but for me this game wasn't worth the money I payed for it.