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  1. Nov 8, 2011
    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood" is a lovely game that is familiar with its predecessor AC2, only better. Sure, it gets kinda boring within several days (this time the story's more slower), but the new apprentice assassins (a new kind of add-on from the previous game) were the bomb. I liked having sidekicks of my own and let them do the dirty work while I silently kill my opponent. You could say they're the improvements of the thieves and prostitutes of AC2. Other than the campaign, the multiplayer was also a tense-full, action packed one. You don't know what might hit you, so focusing on the game is also a key component for the assassination multiplayer. Overall a engaging game I liked, and I will definitely recommend it. Expand
  2. May 21, 2013
    The best Assassin's Creed game. The story is absolutely amazing and the gameplay is the best yet. There are so many interesting side missions and other things to do that it keeps you playing for hours on end and it just never gets old. One of the best games I've played in a long time.
  3. Aug 1, 2014
    "Brotherhood" feels a step back. Its vividly colourful graphics seem a bit weird and cheesy compared to its two predecessors. The addition of the assassin recruits is very interesting but you can't simply base on it a whole game. There are some good facts, but overall the experience is a little disappointing and uncreative.
  4. Jul 12, 2013
    this by far the best part of the AC series the story keeps getting better and better and will keep you dying until the very end with few twists in it they added the brotherhood and recruit system in this game which was awesome the missions in this game are awesome even the side missions you'll spend hours upon hours of fun and great entertainment
  5. Sep 22, 2014
    Game: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Genre: Action Developer: Ubisoft System: Steam (PC) Total Score: 92/100 Value Score: 9.2/10 • Story: 10/10 • Characters: 10/10 • GamePlay: 10/10 • Graphics: 9/10 • Sound: 10/10 • Music: 9/10 • Length: 6/10 • Replay Value: 8/10 • Player Value: 10/10 Pros +Retains similar gameplay style to AC2 however adds many new elements to combat and item system
    +A lot of new type of missions and scenarios that add more to the sidequest portion of the game
    +Making money and increasing the economy now affects the entire city of Rome and is done differently from the previous game
    +More storyline and gameplay involvement with Desmond
    +Battles are much more bigger and more dynamic
    +Recruit Assassins to assist you in battles or even to partake in their own exclusive missions
    +Multiplayer Mode that comes with co-op and Free For All PvP Style
    +Gain the ability to redo missions and memories unlike the last game
    +Improved soundtrack

    -The game is much shorter than AC2
    -The game mainly takes place in one region/City
  6. ERB
    Jul 30, 2013
    A game that you will never forget.
  7. Jan 16, 2013
    AC: Brotherhood is a good game that suffers a bit from feeling more like an expansion of AC II and not enough like a full game. It continues the story, setting, and characters of the previous game, while introducing a few new mechanics. Unlike the first 2 games, in this one you spend most of your time in a single city, Rome, which is considerably larger than previous cities to compensate for this. While this isn't a huge problem, it does end up feeling like 'more of the same,' and after awhile running around the same location gets a bit boring. Brotherhood introduces a few new weapons and skills, but nothing special. The shop investment mechanic has been expanded to allow you to buy and invest in various shop types around Rome. This is an interesting diversion, but adds little to the game. The real virtue of this game is simple in continuing the story and further developing the characters. It is certainly worth playing, and is plenty fun, but lacks significant originality: it just feels like AC II part 2. Expand
  8. Mar 19, 2013
    ACB is a bewildering mixture of good, mediocre and BAD design choices. The good is the city and the way the game hero moves around it. Climbing and jumping is fun and the views from the rooftops are amazing. This game shows the fruits of awesome historical research. Sadly every other feature of the game get worse from there and the final product is tragically mediocre considering the amount of time and effort that went into it. The combat is mediocre, and confusing. The controls are BAD. The medieval elements of story are great but TOTALLY RUINED by an idiotic and unneccessary added level of madness in the form of a time travel story, which seemingly functions to destroy a made-for-adults plot and reduce the whole thing to a product for seven year olds. A special observation needs to be reserved for the horrible playstation 2 UI which tries hard to be 'cool and 'modern' but turns out to be unwieldy ugly and UNCOOL in the extreme. ACB is finally a mediocre game. It can be picked up for around $5 on Steam sale and isn't worth much more than that. Expand
  9. Mar 18, 2014
    Not QUITE as good as ACII, but still a really fun game to play. Animations, voices, etc all seemed just a little bit lazier or rushed for this installment of Ezio's story. But regardless, it was still good quality.
  10. Jan 2, 2014
    Now take nothing away from it, the gameplay is marvelous. Fighting has never gotten easier than in this game. The story is decent and in this one I did want to kill Cezare Borgia (mainly for the same reason why Star Wars fan boys want to kill Jar Jar Binks). However like all Assassin's Creed games the ending really sinks what could have been a great game.
  11. Apr 26, 2013
    Like Assassin's creed 2, brotherhood is an upgrade from the last one. Now you have a assassins group, and the entire Roma to explore. Is good, but only this.
  12. Jun 5, 2011
    A console port done right. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood looks, runs, and plays just as well on PC as it does on Xbox with a few very minor exceptions. As for the gameplay it has all you can expect from an AC game. Rome, where the majority of the game takes place, is huge and filled with an ever growing number of things to do. Missions abound in this game and you'll get hours and hours of play out of it. If you like AC2 you'll definitely like this game. Expand
  13. Dec 23, 2012
    As the best game in the Assassin's Creed series, this stands as one of the more memorable games of this console generation. The franchise in general falls short in terms of controls - they are often less than fluid and you will find yourself cursing when Ezio does the opposite of what you wanted him to do. However, everything else is spot on, and exceeded my expectations. The city in which you are thrown, 1500 A.D. Rome, is remarkably large and faithful to history, containing recreations of many famous buildings. There is ton to do in the game, including new features such as calling upon assassins which level up and can be sent on missions for money and experience. You can buy buildings as well to extend your control and guarantee yourself a higher income. With great graphical style, the setting is perfect. The story is also fairly good despite the fact that it pulls a Lost on you at the end, leaving you in confusion and anticipation of a sequel to further explain things. The gameplay is as fun as ever, jumping around rooftops and finding ways to climb and explore the environment, in prince of persia style. Expand
  14. Mar 10, 2014
    Another gorgeous game. Assassin's Creed keeps getting better. I love to play in ancient Italy, fight a big number of Borgia soldiers and burn down their towers. It's a great video game.
  15. Nov 3, 2012
    This is what happens when the publisher (or developers, I'm not sure) gets greedy. Brotherhood is an oversized standalone add-on, but not in any way a direct sequel. It offers NOTHING new in terms of the plot development (except for Desmond's storyline, which fits in like half an hour) and retains the protagonist from the sequel, Ezio. I must say that I personally don't find Ezio such a spectacular character as many seem to do - he is a generic good guy who lost his family and wants his revenge, and here he evolves into a generic old wise master giving advice. The gameplay features some additions, like taking back city districts (dull and repetitive), recruiting assassins (simplifies killing enemies even further, but looks nice, I admit) and a slight change in the combat system - now it's stupefied to a never-before-seen level: to kill the first enemy you must button mash or counter-kill him as usual, but to kill the next one you just need... to press one button. That's it, the "press x to win" stereotype going live. In terms of graphics, it's definitely an improvement, as the game's got the smooth looks matching or besting AC1's. My score would've been lower if not for the addition of the multiplayer mode. It's fresh, fun and will surely keep you entertained for a few weeks at least. Overall, this is a totally unnecessary addition to the franchise, a worrying move towards the COD's "a game a year" system, the Assassin's Greed. Expand
  16. Feb 28, 2013
    It's a really good game, with the best features from the other Assassin's Creeds und more, but I have not the motivation, to collect all items.
  17. Aug 13, 2012
    Had a great experience with Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. It added new moves, better counter attacks and a cool assassin's recruitment. Still, Brotherhood is not better than It's predecessor, for It's disappointing ending and from some glitches. Despite from those problems, Brotherhood is a must have game for everyone. 88 out of 100.
  18. Mar 11, 2013
    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is an improvement in many ways on the second game there is a lot more free-running, the levels are better suited for Ezio's skills, there are a lot more interesting environments to play in... And yet. And yet there's something missing. This game suffers from a few issues. While they don't break the experience, they do lessen it. 1) The characters suck. You feel very little to no connection to the characters in the game. You just don't really care about them. Yes, they were in ACII, but there's just... nothing really there that grips you.

    2) The main story campaign is quite short. Like, shockingly so. The sidequests are good and add to the length of the game...

    3) But the collectables still suck. There are ten feathers, 101 borgia flags, a gross number of treasure chests.. and quite frankly its all pointless. Well, the treasure chests aren't completely useless, though many of them are, but the rest of them are there for the sake of being there, and just don't add anything to the game. Running around collecting them is dull, and while platforming is fun, the problem is that most of them are not actually difficult to get to in the first place they're just difficult to find without the treasure maps. And some of them are all about running for a minute in a direction, then running in a minute in the OTHER direction, which just sucks.

    4) The whole "city management" and "assassin management" thing is pointless. Not only do you end up with gargantuan piles of money, but running around restoring the stores is a time waster, as is sending your assassin recruits on missions. They're very empty experiences.

    5) Combat. The combat in this game is just terrible. There's very little variety in enemies, but it doesn't matter because you can kill almost all enemies by calling in your assassin recruits the only time you CAN'T is when you arbitrarily are denied them. Worse still, you are ridiculously powerful your ranged attacks one shot them, your surprise attacks one shot them, your smoke bombs let you murder crowds out of hand... the combat in this game is really trivial and mostly a waste of time, because it isn't actually fun. Assassinating people is the funnest part, and most of that is about stealth, which is fun, and the stealth kills, which can be alright but often become stupid because you can just use a crossbow or throwing knife or poison to off them from a distance.

    6) The ending is bad. After about halfway through act 8, the game becomes pretty much entirely about combat. For three levels, you gain a totally overpowered item which just says "Press X to win" and essentially cannot die (but likewise cannot use anything BUT said item), and then the final level is all combat without the fun of assassination or stealth. As combat is the worst part of the game, understandably this leaves a sour taste in the player's mouth.

    7) The game tries too hard to be enigmatic. I understand that they're trying to seem mysterious, but they mostly succeed in just making everything feel like a let down.

    8) The story in renaissance Italy is just boring. I don't care about the characters and it feels like a disconnected strung-together chain of events.

    9) Sometimes, the platforming feels a little too choreographed, which becomes especially obvious at certain points in the game, where it feels like I'm just being lead by the nose by level design without any real interesting input on my part.

    All in all, the game is decent, but not amazing.
  19. Dec 3, 2013
    Awesome story, great detailed setting, memorable characters, everything about this game was epic. The only thing preventing it from getting a solid 10 is it's linearity, which is there for every AC game but is something I hate in games so it gets a 9/10 instead.
  20. Apr 21, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is not long as the previous one, and you will be most of the time in Rome, as the previous one you will be able to buy and open shops of your own, which will give you money for a better gear, there's even a Facebook application which integrate with this game called "Project Legacy" that will help you to unlock bonus in-game. Expand
  21. CBZ
    Mar 29, 2011
    There are many improvements in AC:B, making the gameplay more fluid and giving a higher variety of missions. Something I noticed is that it goes back to the colorfulness of the first title of the saga, since AC2 had darker and greyer colors and made it a little more depressing for my personal taste.
    The single player campaign is short (i was wondering if i was even half way through when i
    got to the end) and if im not wrong there are 9 memory sequences. The campaign also lacks of a consistent story, although i really enjoyed it. I didnt find any bugs i can remember.
    The multiplayer is fun and very exciting, although it could get a little repetitive if you overplay it. However there are different types of MP games such as Wanted, Escort, Chests and Alliance that will mix it up a little.

    If you are looking just for the single player, i would not pay the full price right now, but if you also want to play some fun online games it might be worth it.
  22. Mar 28, 2014
    Brotherhood is the third direct sequel to the franchise.

    With overall improvements over everything i have mentioned in my Assassin's Creed II review, there is something that i feel that it needs to be pointed out, Brotherhood seems to have more glitches & bugs. This makes me think of whether the QA team in the past 2 titles are the same ones who have tested this game.

    These "glitches
    & bugs" aren't really small ones, but are actually ones prevents your progression in a few missions/sequences. If you play over 60hz and have vsync off, you are going to run into them. Unfortunately for this, and the frustration caused for me, deserves an even lower score than AC or AC2.

    Other than that, i need not mention the pros and cons as they were similarly mentioned in my AC2 review.

    Note: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood also features the free Da Vinci Disappearance (DLC), obtainable via UPlay for 0 credits. It's a well worth and fun DLC with a few extra hours to put into the game. As it is going to take place after the main story, i recommend playing this DLC only after you've completed it.
    Posted: 9 March. Last edited: 10 March.
  23. Oct 1, 2011
    If you can spend your money on this, believe me it will not be a waste. Not only it adds to the fantastic story of AC with it's singleplayer mode, But the multiplayer game is also very original and exciting. I can say multiplayer ACB is something that everyone should play.
    The only flaw in Brotherhood (and other AC games) is that their single-player are always too easy that you will
    rarely die unless you have only 1 hand or go to kitchen for a snack during the game. Also i think multiplayer abilities & perks could be more amazing but the game itself is so amazing already so these are not too much of a problem. Expand
  24. Nov 28, 2011
    Good game. Runs flawlessly. Combat is addictive. The continued plotline is fantastic. Game is let down by an incessant need to upgrade and purchase everything, which distracts from the idea of being an "assassin". Or at least for me this felt odd compare to the previous entries in the series. The highlights for me have always been the modern day sections out of the animus. I'd like it more if ubisoft played around a bit more with the character you adopt in the animus rather than fixating on ezio. Sure he's a great character but I'm getting tired and it's obvious that Revelations will still feature Ezio... when I wish they moved on. Still it's their project and not mine, so it's up to them to deliver what they envisage. Expand
  25. Apr 27, 2011
    I'm pretty sure this game came out a few years ago and I believe it was called Assassin's Creed II. I used to be a fanboy, but they're too repetitive. I don't really get why these games are so successful. Oh you have three ways of being stealthy! Hide in a bail of hay! Blend with a Crowd! Or Sit on a bench! Not fun. Also this one is even more repetitive. It's one of those lame revolution stories which has become code for do the same exact thing x amount of times. Sorry, but this game just sucked. Expand
  26. May 24, 2011
    one of the best games I've played, story is really interesting with characters based in real life and the most unique and awesome multiplayer out there thanks to this game I haven't touched uncharted 2 or any other multiplayer game in weeks.
  27. Apr 8, 2011
    In the era of lousy console ports, AC:B is a light in the darkness. While the story this time around is a little worse, it's still good. The combat's also improved greatly since AC 2, even though this makes the game a little too easy. All your favorite characters are here, some a little more....alive...than others. One thing I like about this game is that Desmond spends a little more time outside the animus, this gives the story a little more diversity; my one major AC 2 complaint was that Desmond's story wasn't as prominent, because I really wanted to hear more about that. The best new feature I loved about AC:B was multiplayer. It's really intense and a great sigh of relief for FPS multiplayer games. Expand
  28. Dec 29, 2011
    Awesome graphics, awesome gameplay, awesome story... everything is just so freaking good. The game is still fresh, not repetitive, fun as hell. It's almost perfect, but it's kind of unfair to give it a 10/10 if it's not very innovative. I mean, the game is almost perfect, fresh, but it's not very different from the second one. I'd give it a 9,5 if I could.
  29. Dec 17, 2012
    Brotherhood is worth playing. Missions have optional criteria to meet for increased difficulty. You are now vulnerable to be attacked during execution animation, and able to use heavy weapon are good points. Assassin recruit idea was exciting at first, but quickly become boring and repetitive to assign meaningless skill points. Game combat is already easy enough with counter-attack spamming, assassin recruit just make combat even dull. So I sent assassin recruit on contract to make money, which I already have excess of money. The economy is also a failure. I don't enjoy jumping puzzles but that's ok for other players. But the game is still plagued by annoying camera and controls. Expand
  30. Oct 13, 2013
    Game Play[10]
    Contactable/Easter Eggs[10]
    replay Value[7]
    Gaming Satisfaction[10]
    Technical Issues[10]
    Over All[9.4]
  31. May 26, 2013
    OKAY game and good thing it is lengthy.
    Yet, I would not give it a 10 because early parts of this game were good, and now the series is more like “Soldier’s Creed”, and a new part releases every year like CoD.
  32. May 17, 2011
    I'm huge fan of AC series too and must say this is another great part. Only bad thing i can think of is game difficulty. With help from your order missions are too easy. Don't think i've died more then 2-3 times for entire game. Other then that perfect game :)
  33. Apr 12, 2011
    Very good game. They are making it more and more and more into an rpg but not loosing sight of the action. In general i think is a standard games should have,. TIme and money was invested and a great final product produced, Buy it.
  34. Nov 3, 2011
    Its amaizing how Ubisoft managed this game. It all started with AC 1. i couldnt stop playing and still it got repetitive. When AC 2 came out I thought it was a piece of brilliant software that was actually worth paying for. Most of gamers thought AC 2 was the limit. HELL Nooooo. ACB confirms that sky is truly the limit. It has amused me again. I just dont know what will they do with Revelations.
    Its hard to make sequels better and more interesting, so far it was a good streak, lets hope the same fate for ACR
  35. Jan 1, 2013
    Although limited in scope compared to the series' previous installment (being set mainly in Rome the entire time), the story still delivers and the gameplay still does not disappoint. Addition of horses and stables in the city is an interesting idea, and well executed. Story is interesting enough to keep you going. New Assassins system is extremely interesting, fun, and enjoyable to play with and use against enemies. I could go on, but Brotherhoods is an enjoyable game. However, parkour system is still as clunky as ever, and there isn't much of anything special about the game compared to the previous installment other than random mini-games. Expand
  36. Feb 19, 2013
    More or less of Assassin's Creed 2 in my opinion, with a few new additions to the gameplay, this new installment isn't a huge step ahead from its predecessor but it is definitely worth playing
  37. Aug 25, 2013
    Best one of the Assassin's Creed series in the aspect of gameplay.Sophisticated,exquisite and artistic game.
    I should say that this game looks quite beautiful and can be played smoothly without unreasonable bruising of the designing.What I mean is that both the ideas or originality of the designers and the difficulty contribute to give a clean,artistic and fluent experience of
    playing,without too much burdensome or inflexible set.
    Music and voice are both excellent as the previous work.But I think some characters in English version speaks with a rigid accent of Italian that British and American people imitate.
    The graphics are not with so much blurring effect as Assassin's Creed II.But the sharpness with more detailed texture also looks very exquisite.
    The main plot of the story feels a bit short but worth playing,while the side missions are even more interesting and exciting.
  38. Mar 27, 2011
    Not without the occasional flaws (like a camera that will actively hinder you on some maps) but the improved combat system and extra stuff to break up the routine make this the best game in the series.
  39. Jan 8, 2013
    Brotherhood has a better combat system, better graphics and more weapon options than its predecessor Assassin's Creed 2, yet, not everything it better. The single player focuces less on the actual story, but more about Rome and how Ezio is restorating it, by destroying towers that will decrease the influence of the Borgia on a certain area, so you can spend money to restorate former shops (the old Blacksmith, Tailor, Art Merchant and the bank, which basicly replaces the role of the Chest), basically multiple Monteriggioni's. Also there are more faction missions, and you can even buy buildings for your factions to house there, you can even buy landmarks(e.g. The Colosseum). All of these options will increase your income. Though I like these aspects, it's just... too much. Sometimes when you end up in entire new places, and you don't want to run all the way back to repair/heal, you'll have to first buy a store and then use it, you will probably not use it that much afterwards. I actually ignored all these factions and tower stuff and ended up in a very, very short single player compared to AC2 (33 hours on AC2, 13 hours on ACBH, 20 hours less). BH also includes a Multiplayer, a MP I haven't played yet, I just was not interesting in it. I bought AC1 for an interesting looking story and single player, for the same reasons I have bought AC2 and now BH as well, yet, it seems that a part of the Single Player now had to move to the MP, which I don't like, I don't think AC needs a MP, I honestly don't think it's possible to create a solid MP based on the AC style that can keep you busy for weeks / months.
    But I still enjoyed BH a lot, I loved to see Rome and certain story missions that take place in the Colosseum and the Vatican, the story is tensive and solid. I really really recommend it.
  40. Apr 10, 2011
    Superb Multiplayer, buggy Singleplayer (especially when using WASD controls), a horrendously cheesy script and poor characters. Doesn't advance the series in much other than storyline, so if you're a fan of the previous games it's worth playing. If not, checking it out for the impressive Multiplayer doesn't warrant the pricetag.
  41. Aug 2, 2014
    I played this game late, after having read all the positive reaction. This confuses me, since I found it to be worse than all of its predecessors. The introduction of assisting assassin recruits is a very positive change, but, in every other aspect, AC:B is slipping away.

    Fighting, more than ever, is now all about button mashing. The original title had some interesting combo dynamics,
    which I didn't even get to check whether they were still there. There was no place for them. Luckily, you can call for help and end the battles quicker.

    The controls in AC games have always had a bad rep. For some reason, in AC:B their suckiness is more in your face than ever before. Probably because AC:B is so poor in things to help you feel better about it. Few things can bring you faster to rage than Ezio spontaneously changing direction and jumping sideways towards a wall, causing you to fail your time-sensitive goal.

    The writing is the thinnest it has every been. Master-blahblah is building up, kill his characterless helpers, then kill him. Seriously, was there a single character in this game, besides Ezio himself? And don't get me started about how they've jumped the shark with the alien AI whatever-it-is thing.

    And the title's trademark, freerunning, became less free and more of a mechanic to solve puzzles, Tomb Raider style. Running on rooftops makes no practical sense anymore. Speaking of which, I always liked the environment's realistic and lived feel. Well, not anymore. Unless someone can explain why medieval architects would place uniform door switches high on walls and odd beams to help people with superhuman climbing skills get there.

    Tying the whole degression together is the city of Rome, the worst depiction of a city in any AC game. Rome is repetitive, hard to navigate (especially from the rooftops) and visually depressing.

    AC has a lot to capital to burn before becoming a bad game. But it didn't make to good this time either.
  42. Jan 27, 2013
    Its PC Violent perfecto~! And of course, the best of the franchise. Loads to do and more open world. The option for Weapons and Costumes is incredible, the camera is smooth, free running is great, as usual and the story is any confusing like the newer Assassins Creed. Good mission balance and good, challenging story mode. The game is highly rewarding too. There is nothing wrong with the game actually. It just insnt perfect. Expand
  43. May 5, 2011
    Multiplayer without LAN support, and a slightly less horrible version of a horrible and useless DRM system that only customers have to suffer through. Minuscule progress, but not enough, Ubi.
  44. Mar 25, 2011
    In the days of horrible console ports, ACB gives a sad PC gamer a little hope. True, we had to wait several months for it to come out (like part 2 in the series), but it was more than worth the wait. Consider the alternative. If they would've released this at the same time as the consoles, everyone here would be doing nothing but yelling 'port!' and giving it negative reviews. I'm very, VERY glad Ubisoft took their time and delivered us this game in this state. There's barely any bugs, and if there are any, they can be overlooked. They are not gamebreaking. The graphics are stunning as usual, and I have yet to detect a single drop in FPS. Do note I am playing this game on a PC that is by today's standards considered 'pretty old', yet I am playing this game on max (except for AA settings).
    And also, the aggressive DRM has been removed. I consider it a duty for all PC gamers (especially the ones that are complaining about excessive porting) to go out and buy this game. Reward Ubisoft for their hard work to make this PC version not just good, but the best release! Next to that the game in itself is fantastic as well and worth buying even if it was a crappy port.
    One thing though: I would have given this game a 10, but I detracted one point because I smashed my mouse during one of the jumping puzzles. Automatically adjusting cameras at diagonal angles and keyboard jumping do NOT go well together. That's my only point of real criticism; that I have to go out and buy a new mouse. The scroll wheel's busted.
  45. Jul 23, 2012
    Continuing off AC2, Brotherhood adds some entertaining elements to the game while giving Desmond more to do in the present-day. If you liked AC2, this is a no brainer to pick up. Jasper Kyd's continued brilliance in composing soundtracks adds to the atmosphere in Rome. Gameplay is mostly similar to AC2- which I liked. Why change what works? The story is perhaps not quite as compelling as its predecessor's, but the way in which it works the factions and side quests into the main story keeps things interesting. Overall, I recommend it! Expand
  46. Dec 2, 2013
    A good game i enjoyed playing it a lot I think its to bad that almost nobody is playing the multiplayer anymore (they've probably moved on to the more recent ac games) because the lack of players in mp really was the reason I stopped playing it.
  47. Sep 18, 2014
    WHY AM I JUST NOW PLAYING ASSASSINS CREED?!?!?! As my statement said this was my first ever assassins creed title and I don't know why but I procrastinated until now to try one of ubisofts very praised assassins creed titles let me just say try it when I first started playing the intro left me with my jaw on the floor the visuals are beautiful its one of the prettiest games I've ever played and I don't say that lightly the music is astounding it's beautiful the soundtrack is a mix of vocalized and orchestrated pieces that fit the game perfectly the vpoice acting is very well done the main characters are acted out extremely well the side characters such as a person on the street or one of the assassins not so much its fairly poor there's just one thing that really frustrated me about this game and its the controls they are extremely annoying at times other times they work great example weapons such as the gun the crossbow and the throwing knives use automatic lock on its very annoying when in combat your gun locks onto an opponent behind a wall that farthest away from you when an enemy is right in front of you or another example is how time and time again only one opponent will be highlighted yet for some reason it will throw all of your throwing knives its this big issue that it gets an 8 out of 10 Expand
  48. Sep 24, 2011
    User kentMOsabe reported that he experienced 29-30 fps frame rate for this game. IMHO, this game has no frame rate issue whatsoever. With the graphics maxed out, I get 60 fps average on FRAPS with V-Sync on (which is a feature of V-Sync, not a game limitation) and 127 fps average with V-Sync off. My system is I7-2600, GTX 580, 8GB of RAM, 64-bit Windows 7.
    if you are a fan of the AC
    franchise, this installment will not disappoint you. Note that AC:B combat and graphics are noticeably better than AC2. Also note that there are some rendering issues on the PC version (flickering) and it may disturb you at times Expand
  49. Apr 18, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. First of all, I want to clarify that I am playing this on the following hardware (to back up my arguments, just in case there are any doubters out there). Phenom II x4 965 BE 3.4ghz, 8gb ddr3 1600 RAM, HD5770x2 crossfire, Win7 Ultimate 64bit. So basically what happens in this game is that the frame rate drops to 29-30fps and it doesn't matter whether it's maxed out or in the absolute lowest settings possible, or in between, or whatever, it's all the same. So what can possibly be wrong with this? as you see by the specs of my PC above, this should not be happening. In other words this is a poorly optimized console port, and it is going to lag terribly on anything below what I just mentioned above (that would suck to have to buy 8gb RAM just to play this game, yikes!). That is why I warn you now, there are no patches or future updates that will fix this issue, EVER. Good luck trying to play it well, if you want to play it with different hardware and you think my hardware is the issue, than you can probably try intel processors and nvidia cards, but as I have heard, the same exact thing happens with those and it doesn't matter anyway. As for myself, I'll just max it out because it's all the same. As for the game itself, its a fun game (for me), but like I said, it may be different for weaker hardware with all the lag, and poor optimization. And if you don't have at least quad core in the 3.0-3.4ghz range or 8gb ram, or an HD5770 Crossfire (the equivalent of a single hd5870, yikes! those are expensive too) than I suggest you skip this game, because according to my observations, that's the kind of hardware you require to play it at the minimal 30fps...OUCH! Expand
  50. Aug 31, 2013
    Almost perfect. Great graphics (PC), meaty and satisfactory combat (awesome finishers!), very good gameplay mechanics and an interesting story. I really enjoyed this one!
  51. Jan 13, 2012
    I bought this game out of a random trade deal that I thought would be worth it, like a 2$ game for a 40$ game, that sounds good doesn't it, so I put the game in and you know what, I liked it this game was fun. After a few days of campaign I finally beat it and didn't want to do the extra missions cause they were kinda boring, so what now? Well with nothing to do I tried multiplayer, multiplayer is just awful, its not fun at all the first 50 minutes I didn't even know what the hell I was doing and even now I really don't know, so I guess overall this game is a quick, repetative, and boring game after the first playthrough and multiplay just sucks so I wouldn't even recommend getting the next one in the series. Expand
  52. Nov 20, 2011
    What can I say besides brilliant. AC Brotherhood is the same as in walking around assassinating Templar's, and rich dudes but now you have a whole new arsenal of weaponry. Crossbows. Two-Handed weapons, poison gun darts and much more. I gave this a rating of 8 because I am a big fan of the assassin creed games but it is slightly the same e.g. maps and campaign. If you are new to AC games then you will enjoy this game alot. If your a Hardcore fan, you will enjoy this game alot. If you played the others and thought that they were Ok but not amazing then dont buy this game. Hope this helps. Expand
  53. Aug 15, 2012
    A- Ten? Really? Yes. Really. Not perfect, but as good as a game can get. Addictive gameplay, excellent game design, Great story, And once again addictive game play. Even getting from one place to another is fun, and the wide range of weapon types (and animations to support them) can make every fight distinct. While every good game attempts to create a "real life" feeling, Assassin Creed succeeds simply because it does the opposite and claims: Nothing is real- You are just reliving a memory using the animus. This doesn't mean the graphics are any less good, but it does make any aspect of the game feel real. Nothing is real, everything is premitted. Expand
  54. Nov 26, 2011
    Nice graphics, good gampelay, nice story. It's just a good game, i don't see any bad thing's in it. Maybe few similiar mode's in multiplayer, but it's still good game. I recommend!
  55. Apr 10, 2013
    What the hell ubisoft????
    I have the legit version of this game, and its going with 5 fps.(my system specs hit the recomended requierements).In the end I pirated it aaaand it worked like charm.YOU SHOULDNT encourage pirateing you dumb ubisoft a*****es!!!!!now I dont have the extras.About the gameplay lame, monoton, boring blah blah blah, nothing new from AC2, and story is pretty much
    predictable.If the CD would have workes it probably have gotten 6-7 maybe 8 points, but because I wasted my money it gets a 3.In my opinion if you want to play it for the gameplay then pirate it, because that is what ubisoft whants you to do Expand
  56. Jan 25, 2013
    The multiplayer was one of my favorite features on this game. I just logged in a couple nights ago after a thorough disappointment on AC3's multiplayer. To my surprise, there is still a huge following for ACB's multiplayer. This game is at the top of my list.
  57. Dec 9, 2012
    This installment of the Assassin's Creed series is a fun game but trips fatally over a few key issues. If you're willing to overlook some plot issues and can turn a blind eye to the game mis-interpreting what you want to do on a regular basis, this game is right up your alley. However, these trips have landed this game a low score.

    The city is well designed and getting around is fun.
    Jumping from rooftops to rooftops and climbing around has always been a fun feature of the Assassin's Creed series. This game doesn't drop the ball in this departement. However, occasionally, you will find yourself frustrated that you can't reach something or grab something that you really should. Or in an attempt to jump up to a ledge that you can't grab on to, you'll frequently find yourself plummeting straight for the hard floor below. That being said, it doesn't happen often enough to really make this a huge issue.

    The combat is fun, however I found myself only ever using a couple of your huge arsenal of weapons. Once you get the crossbow, the game looses a lot of its challenge as well. The city development part of the game is neat and a good way to encourage the player to explore the city and liberate it.

    Managing your recruits was a key addition to Brotherhood and while innovative and neat, it did make the game a little easy. It seems like if you want a challenge in this game, you have to shoot yourself in the foot right out of the door to give the enemies that advantage they need. The game was fun. I enjoyed almost ever hour i spent running around the ancient city. However, i didn't enjoy one second running around in the present. While the concept of genetic memory is interesting, the game makes almost no effort to make you care at all about the real actual characters. Then when the huge thing happens at the end (which should have blown everyone's mind), i found myself wondering why I should care. Plus, this 'event' didn't make me feel like anything had been resolved. The ending had a nice build up, the pacing was near flawless then it just ends. Brotherhood left me with no satisfaction what so ever after finishing the game. This is the primary reason i give the game as low a rating as i did. The ending of any game is a crucial component. It is the last impression, the thing that determines whether you want to play it again or whether you want to throw it in the garbage and light it on fire for leading you along such a wonderful journey then abandoning you with no closure. Overall, fun game, bad ending. A great game if you're not the kind of person who gets hung up story stuff (like i clearly am).
  58. Jun 16, 2014
    By far the worst game in the series and if you'd like to know why, then read on. Although it is not terrible, but the obvious just push it out the door, print it, print it now!, comes clearer with Brotherhood more than any of the other games. I might as well start with the problems that the game has. Well the main problem with the game is the auto lock-on camera which is down right frustrating, like during huge missions your running to flee from an area or whatever and it locks you on to someone who tried to attack you, even though they missed and it makes you go out of track. OMG and the next one. One of the enemies, and im not even joking, is at times invinsible. you know the light armor guys. they can litteraly jump backwards any time you attack them, even if they're by a wall the sword just goes through them or they dodge it and if you try to kick them that doesen't work eighter, this becomes especially true when during big timed missions where you have to kill a bunch of guys in a time-limit. OMG and this next one is actually "GAME BREAKING" During a mission where you tail a missionary to the coloseum, "spoilers". you have to kill 2 exact guys that look identical to the other. and then the real problem addears, because you have to kill 2 more random guys again and the real problem here is that they have a pretty high chance of fleeing like a little chicken and because "Spoilers" you now have the apple of eden which kills whatever it wants, but only one guy at a time, randomly, but see why is it a problem that they flee you ask? Well because there is a barrier you can't go through, its like a invisible fench that prevents you from going futher and the problem is that they can actually surpass that "Fence" by a few feet or like 4-5 meters meaning that if you let them surpass that barrier then your basicly **** and see it's actually really hard to not make them surpass the "barrier" you might as well restart the memory, which means that you have to tail the guy and everything all over again. Now the Next problem is more of a annoyance than annything else, but it's still a thing that draws you out of the immersion. the voice acting is often eccoed in really low volume or it's not there at all, and the voices are there sometimes but it's really only in big scenes. the controls are also nothing to brag about, they are definitely designed with a controller in mind and also the way Ezio moves feel kinda sluggish like he has bad agility which for an assassin is extremely weird .i think i got everything that is negative about the game, now on to the good stuff. first of all the game has an exellent soundtrack, at times it's a little too much but usually good, not much to say on that one. and secound the climbing and the overall feel of being an assasin is really good. the world design as there is no quote on quote level design is actually really good, in fact it's amazing. the story is also very interesting, which i guess only apply to people who is generally interested in history as myself. the game has got amazing multiplayer and aftergamecontent meaning that you can be stacked for a few weeks after playing through the story. overall i'd say that this is definitely the worst Assassin's Creed game in the series. a 7/10 should do it justice. i might even be a tad bit too kind to it though. it's worth purchasing though on a market if it's on like 50% off +. Expand
  59. Mar 27, 2011
    Ubisoft has crafted it's best port of an Assassin's Creed game yet. Not only are controls firmer and much easier to understand, but they are also unique and easy to navigate. Unlike the previous ports, there are no random graphical and gameplay bugs and if there were, then I haven't managed to spot them. The Graphics have been superbly optimized, much better than Assassin's Creed 2 on the PC. Despite their good intentions of deterring pirates, Ubisoft did away with their DRM settings and offered a much easier to use offline mode. Nevertheless, despite initial issues with the game launcher and connection, a quick look at the Ubisoft help page for the game quickly cleared away all my issues. And despite being 3 months late, ACB comes jam packed with all the DLC thus far as well as all the bonus characters and maps, courtesy of the Deluxe edition. Most other elements of the game are running quite like its counterparts of the consoles. While my only complaint thus far is with some further multiplayer connection issues, ACB on the PC is a stunning port, one that often isn't seen these days and any issues I may have with the game I trust Ubisoft will do a great job to fix them. Expand
  60. May 6, 2011

    all what I can say :D
  61. Aug 29, 2011
    This has been my first game of the Assassin's Creed series that I bought, and have both come to enjoy and hate some of the aspects of it. First of all, I'd just like to say that I bought the game for the multiplayer aspect, didn't get any further than 40 minutes into the singleplayer and havn't continued from there yet. The multiplayer was alot of fun at the beginning, but it quickly became obvious that most people run around on the roofs, making it almost impossible for yourself to take them out unless you venture up there yourself. But any half decent player will see you miles away and understand why you're there and keep a distance. There is a gun that you can use against them aswell, but it doesn't net you alot of points. So if you, just like me, would enjoy hiding in crowds and stalking you're victim, you can forget it. Another thing which really bugged me was the poison ability, a game with Assassin's must of course have poison in it, but the points which you gain for simply walking past someone and sticking them is ridicolus sometimes. Using abilities also sometimes didn't seem to have an effect, as throwing a smokebomb down on the ground when you know someone close to you is about to shiv you, but then just to get a cutscene to see that person jump through it, land on you in the middle of the smoke and then kill you. But, in the end, I had a good enough time with this game's multiplayer mode for the money I spent to buy it. Expand
  62. Feb 23, 2013
    I'm a great fan of the Assassin's Creed series and this installment is definitely my favourite.
    Every time a new AC game comes out, and I look at the trailer, it looks so good and the first though in my head is "I wonder if it's gonna be better than Brotherhood"...
    And I end up enjoying them a lot, and I never get disappointed but they never manage to beat this one in the end.
    amazing story (which makes the series so great imo), brilliant characters, and really smooth and fun (even though rather easy) gameplay. Expand
  63. Jun 29, 2014
    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood would be an OK game if it didn't have so many problems. The story is mediocre, it isn't very engaging and unlike most other sequel games, the game doesn't really do anything to catch you up on what happened in the last game, the game that this one follows directly. You get a few minutes of cutscene at the beginning and that is it, it leaves you with no idea what's happening in the real world or in the dream world.

    Luckily, the writing in the game is so mediocre you can see straight though the plot, There is no depth to it, everything I thought was going to happen has happened, there has been no surprises yet, the story is just bland, uninteresting and unengaging.

    Gameplay is bad, just... bad. Controls are an outright mess, they are entirely unintuitive and seem to switch function and overlap function on a whim, for instance, when you go up to something, the interact button seems to switch between "E" and "Shift" seemingly at random, and sometimes interact is "Press any button"
    The combat is imprecise, boring and at times unresponsive. Yet is still so mind-numbingly easy it is very hard to fail.

    I purchased this game after playing Black flag in order to maybe get some sort of context for the alternate storyline, but it makes as little sense in this one as it does in black flag, it is such a drag every time the game pulls you out of the game and forces you to play through a "real world" mission with Desmund, the characters are boring and the story is badly written and is extremely predictable.
  64. Nov 21, 2011
    Awesome game but I did miss something what was in AC2 but the multiplayer big plus. The story don't just break the story what was told in AC2. ACB is one thing that I like in the story and it was that you didn't anymore go to an another cities and the weapon collection is just even greater. The money investion thing or something called that is working. The Assassin reqruits are also a good thing. Monument's are good thing that feels you in the city right now when you are playing. The horse riding in the city is just good and helps you get away to safty or just getting fast to place A to B. also the getting out of the animus and the synch thing is also a big plus. Expand
  65. Apr 3, 2011
    I played all games of AC series and i said this game can't be better but it still was better and better . In broterhood is all good of AC 1 and AC 2 and something else . Cristic's say's "story suck's " but i like him . He was full of twists and atmosphere was exciting. Ezio is tough guy and i like him . I won't say crap's its title "must have"
  66. Apr 7, 2011
    Although ACB runs and looks much better on the PC than it did on console, the PC port brings a number of glitches and bugs with it that are notably absent from the console versions. Smooth and detailed textures, as well as longer draw distances don't seem to make up for the fact that there is a substantial amount of z-fighting on higher-end cards (that is where textures flicker as they compete to occupy the same display plane). At times this is just a mild annoyance but at others it distracts from the scene immensley, and on a number of occasions I found myself having missed key dialog because I was so bothered by it. Furthermore, Ezio and NPCs seem to pass right through each other during animations. I've watched as Assassin Guild members leap easily through their opponents as if they were ghosts, landing far behind them as the vanquished enemy slowly falls to the ground. In short, it looks absolutely terrible and makes you wince when you see it -- and it happens almost every time. This is shoddy programming at best, pure indifference and apathy at worst. In sum, I'd recommend that those who own the console version stick to that. The PC version is too marred with bugs to be worth the money and I doubt Ubisoft will bother to fix any of this with a patch. Expand
  67. Mar 22, 2011
    Amazing Game. Update to the graphics engine improves so much on the look and feel, auditory sounds in the cities make it so much more lifelike than in the past two games, the HUD has been slimmed down and the optimization of the game is just amazing. New interactions, attacks, items, weapons, city economies, additional parkour elements and a brand new storyline delving deeper into Desmond makes this much less an upgrade with the same characters and different storyline, but a fully new game with four times the facets as the previous one.

    The multiplayer has been flawless since release day, being able to choose your own character skin and just the simple way to play multiplayer with the quick tutorial is so much fun and before you know it 2 hours have gone by in extreme fun. This was worth my $50 by a long shot.
  68. May 28, 2011
    Easily one of...if not the best games made by Ubisoft , they really have captured ancient Rome and make you feel like you are apart of the vast community within the ACB world, with improvement to the way you fight the way you move and of course the all new ability to train assassins and be more interactive beyond the story is fantastic, only complaint i would have is that the story is too short, without playing the side missions or collectables, you will easily see this game finished in 3 days for the story, i do not get why people are comparing this to the console version, i have seen both versions and the console version lacks in graphics and noticeably less people walking around the streets, and possibly if there were any glitches they have certainly been patched out on steam, i have the game 89% complete and have never crashed or experienced 1 glitch, another thing i would like to see when ACR comes out is a longer story, a lot more side missions and maybe as they have shown with the "Leonardos disappearance" add on story, that maybe players can download the new missions or contracts to keep the game alive.

    PC >> Graphics :10
    Story : 9
    Gameplay :10
    Audio :10
    Game Life : 8

    Graphics : 7
    Story : 9
    Gameplay : 10
    Audio : 10
    Gamelife 8
  69. Dec 22, 2011
    This game is the best! I just have so many comments to say about this game that I can only say this is a game you should buy. 11 out of 10, I really like it.
  70. Jan 25, 2013
    This has refined the AC series to the near perfect point. Its a shame the next two games dropped the series on it's rear. This game had a large city to explore, lots of shops to renovate, landmarks to own, side quests to do, places to explore and a whole team of Assassin's at your command. The clothing was rich and vibrant and the scenery was stunning. The characters are loveable and the story inspiring. I highly recommend this game to any lover of the series but please please please start with AC1 and work your way up. Missing out on AC1 and AC2 does not allow you to enjoy this game to the full extent. Expand
  71. Dec 15, 2013
    Ubisoft has definetely made it work with this game. It is worth buying game. Good graphics overall and nice moves to learn. The storyline seem to be a bit boring since transformation of Present to Past is frequent.
    Overall 8/10
    Graphics 8/10
    Storyline 6/10
  72. Mar 27, 2011
    A potentially great game. The gameplay itself is repetitive, but the "fun" coming with the repetitiveness overlooks this flaw. Graphic is well done, although I have a major comment to make on this game. Its "cutscene character animation" could use more polishing, as it was a little bit too stiff. A good effort though with all the details such as the eyebrows to describe facial expression. Other graphic elements are well done. I do not dislike the short gameplay time. In fact it's more focused and less biased that way. If the story needs to end, end it.

    Alas, this game is still a must-buy and is really fun to play (especially the replay memory feature).
  73. Nov 21, 2012
    Why do people enjoy this game? I have played AC1 and AC2 and liked them both. I liked AC1 even though many people didn't. I hated this game though. When I use the word "hated", I mean it. The story in this game has "filler" written all over it, except for the ending of course. I didn't, for one second, take any interest in the story development of this one at all.

    The graphics and such
    were fine, although I personally think AC2 had a much better environment than this one did. Rome is basically a giant rundown ruined city with some farmland on the outskirts. I like the ability to dye my character's cloak, but no matter how I dye it he always sticks out. In AC1 his cloak was designed to mimic priest cloaks so he could get around in a crowd. Why is he still wearing bright white cloaks and crazy capes with a pointed hood? Is it really just to look cool? I stick out like a soar thumb when I'm walking around, how am I supposed to be stealthy?

    The gameplay is where the downfall is. I don't remember any of the issues I had with AC:B being present in AC2. The first problem I have is simply running around. You hold RT+A (yeah I used a controller because keyboard support is dreadful) to run, but that is also the button combo to run up the side of a ledge or leap off a building. So while you're running, if you happen to pass by a column or building, your character will run up the side of that building and kill your momentum. Then you have to jump off of the building back down to the street and resume running. This can be an extremely annoying process if you're being chased. Another issue with running is if you're unlucky enough to run into a group of guards, which you WILL be doing if you go after Borgia captains, your character enters a "combat mode" where he pulls out his weapon and dances around like the guy from Last of the Mahicans. This also stops your momentum, but in a more annoying way. See it takes a lot of button mashing and re-positioning just to get the game to go "Oh he wants to run instead of fight!". So that Borgia captain you were chasing? Yeah, he's gone.

    That leads me to another thing: Why can most Borgia captains run like 10 feet before the game decides they've "escaped"? He's right in front of me yet apparently he "got away"? That's extremely frustrating and cheap. I guess the developers decided that, in order to make some Borgia captains more difficult, they should put them directly next to their escape zone so that if you approach him he needs to only dash a yard or two before the god damn Star Trek Enterprise beams him up. Anyway, I'm going to play Revelations now and hope that this abomination fades from memory. If Revelations is any better then I just might move onto Assassin's Creed 3, but my god Brotherhood was just terrible.
  74. May 9, 2011
    Assassin's creed is one of the few modern series,that only "improved" with the sequel.
    this is also true with brotherhood.even though the core gameplay has only had minor changes, the changes that were made do feel awesome.Like taking the offensive in combat,now actually rewards you with brutal attacks, and combined with the existing counter move,can make for epic fights.
    The titular
    Brotherhood is disappointingly enough a negligible asset, they feel more like an additional weapon,rather then a real team, and their biggest use is to cheat you out of an challenge. In the open city of Rome,there are many Storyline missions and once you get far enough in the main storyline, you get a few choices of side quests to do that mix up the experience a bit,like missions with free running or missions that require stealth and reward you with something very awesome..
    and this is just the Singleplayer ! Brotherhood also features a Online Multiplayer Function! so all-in-all,AC:Brotherhood is a fun experience you'll be busy with for quite a while.
  75. May 19, 2011
    The AC series has yet to let me down! After playing ACB, I await with great frustration for the next game of this franchise. The story keeps building up with great intrigue surrounding the modern day assassins.
  76. Nov 17, 2011
    Anything less than 9 would be sheer injustice with this game. This game is truly worth the money you pay for it. The new Multiplayer mode is awesome.The Graphics are better than AC:2. The Story is awesome,the new weapon additions are praiseworthy. The scenery is beautiful and makes everything look real. i liked the addition of horses in this game and the "Borgia towers". The best part was the recruitment of assassins,sending them on missions and contracts and the help they lent during fights.

    The story is beautifully and adequately explained and the ending of the game is ultimate and gives full satisfaction to an ASSASSINS CREED fan.

    Graphics:9/10 (when compared to AC:2)
  77. Nov 23, 2012
    I played every AC game up till now, I experienced the franchise before saying something ugly. The way I see it Brotherhood is supposed to have 5 strong parts of the game: 1. Fighting system 2. Acrobatics 3. Story 4. Sims-part 5.Stealth. Well in my opinion they are all broken and disconnected in this game. Fighting is stupid. Where in a decent game you have to carefully think what attack type to apply to every enemy and in what order, here it is enough that you stand in block and counter-kill any opponent and kick in balls every 5-th opponent. That is all. Of course you can diversify it if you want. Use bullets, arrows, smoke etc. But there's no need. There is always maximum of 2 enemies attacking you simultaneously. You can easily kill a crown of hundreds soldiers given the time of 10 minutes. Which leads to a sad conclusion that you do not actually need new equipment, I didn't even buy a crossbow for 8th chapter(and I bought it because I wanted to see how it works). You can complete the whole game without new armor, gloves, daggers, swords. And you won't feel any difficulty without them. So you do not need to invest money into stables, tailors, workshops, because you don't need equipment, you do not need invest in anything, because you do not need money. Assassins' help is also a tool of differentiating of a game process if you wish. A huge part of a game can be easily cut out without anyone noticing. In the Witcher 2 when I play on high difficulty, I use sharpening stones, craft new equipment, collect herbs, make potions, bombs, oils to survive. I use boosts, magic anything to survive. I feel acomplishment when I get through the area filled with enemies, boss battle etc. Here I never feel difficult. During the game I never died for Christ Sake! The acrobatics alwasy rotate me during the jump. Often you hang down from the balcony even when you clearly push jumping combination. In a whole lot of missions you need precision to meet 100-sync requirements. But the game does not grant it to you. Most of side missions are dull. Yes, I can differentiate them, but I want to be engaged, I don't want to track and kill a person in every mission. I want to see the story. What kind of a story can be told in few phrases? When it comes down to the main plot it is also a garbage bin. You are never told of the functioning mechanism of eagle vision. You still do not know anything about the main powers taking part in the story, but you are induced to follow their actions and foggy explanations. It all looks like a bad amateurish science fiction. You know what, I'd prefer straight and simple "Dishonored" story to this one. It is the same thing as "LOST" movie series. You try to prolong the story and don't explain anything up until the end simply because you don't know how to explain what you have already implemented in the story. You have nothing to say. I never understood what was the point of creating big games combining gameplay from multiple genres, if any part of it is made worse than in the game you took it from. It is like Renaissance Call of Duty: don't ask, just play! Well I do not agree to that. Expand
  78. Oct 31, 2012
    Impressive game. Great combat, story, graphics and overall gameplay. Almost unplayable with mouse and keyboard, the controls just feel weird if you use them. Better to enjoy it with a console controller. Other than that, it is worth every dollar you pay for it.
  79. Nov 4, 2012
    This game is a total letdown. All series looks dumb with that complex(or dumb?) storyline that really looses itself in all that killing. One advice to developers: If you having simple gameplay then you should have SIMPLE storyline. Seriously - if you can't write complex and easy to follow storyline - don't even try!
  80. Jun 22, 2014
    It's only been a year since Assassin's Creed 2, so you would be forgiven if you thought Assassin's Creed Brotherhood would feel more like a stopgap than a full follow-up. This game continues where Assassin's Creed 2 left off, with the same main protagonist, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, in the 15-16th Century. The game is not as good as the prequel but it comes very close. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood has plenty of things for you to do, the graphics improved, and there are new mechanics that will surprise you. Many of the mechanics are forced but somehow fit in throughout the game. The events in Brotherhood have many meaningful memories since the prequel. If you played Assassin's Creed 2, you would know Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the young ladies man, turned deadly assassin. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood starts exactly where the previous game left off. Ezio's nemesis, Cesare Borgia obtained the powerful Apple of Eden. Lucrezia Borgia is the only new character and she is an important one. She is charismatic and a beautiful women and has a very odd relationship with her brother Cesare. The highlight of Ezio's tales are in the small touches and side missions. A series of flashbacks are sentimental and are a good reminder of Ezio's younger days. Claudia Auditore also takes on a leading position in this game. Overall it's good to see some female characters with presence. The main plot falls flat, since it does not reveal much we did not already know. On the other hand, there is the parallel story of Desmond Miles, a bartender whose ancestor’s memories you are visiting. The player gets to spend plenty of time with Desmond. If you thought Assassin's Creed 2's ending was a shocker just wait until this one. You spend most of your times as Ezio and you might miss having multiple cities to explore, but do not worry that Rome will feel confined. Rome is a huge place, it's gorgeous and there is a ton of stuff for you to do. A standard gameplay should easily take as much time as Assassin's Creed 2 did. The basics remain the same. You run across the city on rooftops, get some swordplay with some guards, you climb towers so you can get bearing on your surroundings and then leap off of them. You blend with citizens to tail your target and all of these things are as fun as ever. Almost everything received some kind of enhancement. On the combat side, you can kick your foes so you can catch them off guard before you sink your sword into them. It's a useful feature as well since enemies don't always wait around to attack you now. It isn't as much more challenging though, since you can now put together one stab kills which sheds plenty of blood. Some of those towers you climb must be set on fire. In order to do that, you need to assassinate an officer in advance. Prowling is easier now since you can find a horse almost anywhere. The economy means even more now too, since you must purchase buildings like tailors and blacksmith shops before you gain access to vendors. You even buy famous landmarks. There are a lot of improvements and changes for the better of the series. The biggest improvement is now you can recruit Assassin's. Remember the citizens being harassed in Assassin's Creed 1? They are back but now when you save them, they will join your cause. From there you send them off to missions on a menu interface. They level up, and eventually they become full-fledged assassins. You can call them in battle and then jump out of nearby haystacks or riding on a horse and do some of your dirty work for you. In the end though, this addition feels more than a bit contrived. The game leads you to believe that recruiting these assassins has some kind of overall purpose, but the whole thing feels pointless. The combat is so easy enough that you might even forget you can call on your brothers, and once you reach the end of the game, you discover that all that time you spent on training and recruiting doesn't really culminate really anything important. Luckily there are plenty of other features that help pick up the slack. Leonardo da Vinci is back, and some quests related to his role are beyond what you may have expected. Tombs have been replaced by lairs owned the Followers of Romulus. They provide some plat forming sequences. Not all missions are awesome. Ones that require stealth can sometimes fall flat. Overall there is a ton of variety and enough gameplay surprises to keep you guessing, so the cons of the game are just blimps on the radar. Finally Assassin's Creed Brotherhood added a multiplayer and it is quite interesting. You're assigned to a target to assassinate while someone else wants to attempt to assassinate you. You are surrounded by A.I.'s going about their own business. You need to blend with the crowd preferably people who look exactly just like you so you can prep up your pursuer. At the same time, you need to follow your radar to get the general vicinity and keep your eyes open to suspicious activity. It's not action-packed but it can get really tense. You might jump onto your target and kill him or her only to have your own pursuer plunge a dagger in your throat or you might get chased along rooftops only to lose your assassination contract because your target escapes. More silent kill’s means more points so just because you got the best kill ratio doesn't mean you are going to win. As you play, you earn handsome skills like being able to temporarily disguise yourself or using eagle vision to find your victim. It's wonderful improvement for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood for players who want something a little different. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is gorgeous to look at. It oozes details everywhere, from the interior of palaces, to the famous coliseum. I did run into several occasions in which you fell through the geometry and were swimming in water many stories below the city. These and a few other features make Assassin's Creed Brotherhood seem a tiny bit sloppier than the first two games but overall it's still a visual stunner. It's not that better than Assassin's Creed 2 was. However it is shocking just how big Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is and somehow all manages to add vital and polishing new mechanics and a lot of great missions. A new multiplayer mode and you have a game that does anything but rest on its morals. Not every new addition it does is a step into the right direction but Assassin's Creed Brotherhood doesn't coast. Instead it's yet another reason to take that leap of faith. Remember, "Nothing is true... Everything is permitted". "La shai wak'ion motlaq bal kollon momken". I would give this game a rating of 96 out of 100. Expand
  81. Nov 13, 2014
    Intro: The Best Assassin's Creed Game I would put it against AC3, Black-Flag and Unity Storyline is great and simple to follow Graphically: At the Highest Settings flawless Gtx 575 and up Gameplay: Easy, and Simple Sync meter was easy to Accomplish without asking your else "What is the goal?" The Bad: Should be called Assassin's Creed 3 Conclusion: Brotherhood brought the true meaning of the creed, every game after distoried the meaning of the creed.
    Enemies lead mysterious lives and who cares about knowing the personal information about the enemy..(This is why Assassin's Creed Franchise continues to fail)
  82. Mar 22, 2011
    I love the whole AC games. assassin's creed brotherhood (ACB) is even better, offers me more open world. I love games which are based on real history. AC or ACB continue to trigger higher attraction. I was addictive to play longer for AC 2 before. without doubt, I will fall into history again, and let me just be Ezio. graphic, environment, story, voice acting.... all these elements work together to make ACB perfect game. I don't want to talk about detail of story (it will be a spoiler). only one thing what I regret is why ACB PC version is out now after long delay. but it is worthy of every penny. from today I will enjoy the ride of adventure of Ezio again. Expand
  83. Dax
    Mar 23, 2011
    The AC series are great. This one is the worst in the series yet. The story isn't as compelling as I hoped it would be. In comparison: It took me 5 days to complete AC2 and 2 days to complete AC Brotherhood.
    The story needs to improve because it just did not get me. Nevertheless great gameplay, but nothing new.
  84. Mar 30, 2011
    I love this game! ive played 43 hours and cant stop playing. I believe that the actual story needs the carry on a bit more, although a brilliant game overall. Its a real improvement on Assassins Creed 2 and the multiplayer is fantastic. I belive this is a must buy game!
  85. Jul 7, 2011
    AC:B is almost a great game. Graphics are great, soundwork and voiceovers are as good as always for the series, the fighting has been improved and you can really use heavy weapons now, etc. I would love it except for one thing that ruins everything: the controls. Granted, this problem has been there in all AC-games, but with all the new moves and abilities in Brotherhood, as well as the stricter requirements on most missions, it is many times more glaring than it was before. Most of the time Ezio does the exact oppsite of what you feel you are telling him to, and with the mouse and keyboard, which I prefer, there is a huge problem with the camera being locked when you are jumping, preventing you from getting the direction right for the next jump, as well as idiotic button configuration. Who decided to make the buttons for grabbing and letting go of walls the same? And who thought it was a good idea to press E to activate tunnels for purchase, but Shift to activate them for use?

    I'm not exaggerating if I tell you that 9 out of 10 times I get hit or fail a mission, it's because of some bug or control issue. Let me give you an example:

    I'm playing a mission where I have to kill a group of guards without being noticed. I decide to climb onto a pillar and drop down on them, killing them with the dual hidden blade. For some reason Ezio decides to only hit one of them, because of a tiny fault in my aiming, which is impossible to see, and the other guy immediately sees me. Mission failed, start over.
    This time I try to shoot a lone guard. For some reason the camera suddenly changes to view behind Ezio, the shot fires in the wrong direction even though the guard was highlighted, and the noise alerts him. Mission failed, start over.
    This time I try to walk up behind two guards and stab them. Again Ezio decides to kill only one, despite being exactly in the middle of them, and again I am spotted. Mission failed, start over.
    This time I try to shoot a guard with the crossbow, then duck behind a wall for cover. The other guards only start turning around once I'm safely behind the wall, yet they see me straight through it anyway. Mission failed, start over.

    And this happens over and over and over again in every single mission. This game COULD have been great. Instead it's an exercise in angry hair removal.
  86. Apr 27, 2011
    Assassin's creed Brotherhood is a full blown sequel to one of the best examples of evolution in video games. The AC creed series began at the eve of the new generation of consoles and stunned audiences with its unique platforming and free roaming nature. However, the final game although still fantastic, fell short of the high expectations due to repetitiveness, limited combat techniques and dumb AI. The sequel AC2 made a tremendous "leap of faith" and reached all expectations with a fantastic scope that redefined the AC series among the greats such as Grand theft auto, Halo and Call of duty. Ezio is a rich character with resolve and motives to energize the player to follow his journey. Everything from the first game had seen an overhaul: Cities were bigger and varied with a lot more lively environment; Combat was gritty and fun; Free-running was sped up and amazing for exploration. Overall, the story matched these improvements and the game ended with a fantastic conclusion leaving the player wanting for more.

    As audiences looked forward to a full blown sequel, Ubisoft montreal annouched AC: Brotherhood that picks up right after AC2 in Ezio's shoes. Players were worried about it being AC2.5. But those fears can be put to rest as AC: Brotherhood is a full blown sequel with various improvements over its predecessor with every bit of care and love by the Ubisoft team that propelled the previous game to fame.

    Combat is now faster with a Batman-AA -esqe combo system allowing you to lay waste tens of enemies at once. The economic system has been improved increasing the value of money in game. Missions have a lot more variety and progression through the game is tweaked for the better.

    Overall, the refinements further bring AC towards being a historic and story-driven cinematic GTA.

    I look forward to further instalments in the series and wait eagerly for them to release on the PC.

  87. May 19, 2011
    Not a bad game at all! Feels more like a big arsed expansion, I do hope they do some more of niles' story. The cities are just awesome looking, love going from rooftop to rooftop. Nice and fun like the other AC's

    Good solid effort, 7.5 / 10 ;)
  88. Jun 8, 2011
    While the game is certainly MUCH better than its HORRIBLE predecessor, it still doesn't come out on top.The combat is very choppy abd very annoying when little tweaks plague you.The assassinations require you to not be seen, and some have a time limit.EVERY assassination goes like this, besides the final one(No further details will be given).A good game, but not that great.
  89. Oct 1, 2011
    it is very first game of assassin series.keeps u involvee for hours.though it a graphic demanding game it also runs on medium my 512 mb gt210 handles it well
  90. Aug 30, 2012
    The storytelling is so much better than in part 1 and 2, but I'm missing the main target videos like in AS2. The climbing and the battles are much fun and there is so much to do outside the main story.
    Real good job ubi.
  91. Oct 15, 2012
    On a replay, I love this game. It was always good, but it's unspeakably better since experiencing Revelations and coming back to it. The comparison between the two made ALL the difference. The story is good and works as a solid extension on the second game, though the excuse for making Ezio earn weapons and armour from the beginning feels a bit forced and cheap. The integration of familiar characters is spectacular and had me emotionally engaged throughout both in Ezio's AND Desmond's stories. The big drawbacks for me are the cut and paste, but less successful, equivalents of assassin's tombs (they're fine, but less exciting and make less sense the second time around), and the way in which you're rushed through the end section of the game. Glyph puzzles are present, and though the intros from Subject 16 are sorely missed, they're still as creepy, cryptic and strangely informative as ever. While it doesn't match up to the quality of Assassin's Creed 2 in my mind, it's still a game more than worth buying. Expand
  92. May 14, 2011
    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood decided that the series needs more fetching quests. They introduced shop quests where you hunt for hard to find items in exchange for better equipment. Problem is that once you got the items you need for that kick ass bastard sword you were far up enough in the game to buy much better one from the shop.
    Few welcome breaths of fresh air was the fact that you
    actually were in command of an assassin's guild and you could call your minions to help you by snapping your fingers. You best not help them fighting though, because if that friend of yours happens to jump in front of your bullet, they die. The developers tried to make you have some kind of affection to the recruits by giving them names and different faces. You also had to watch through their recruitment ceremony (unskippable of course). After having watched 3 of these recruitment ceremonies you went to grab a drink while the same cut scene is being shown.
    Single player was okay, but wasn't as good as Assassin's creed 2's long campaign that spanned through many cities. What issues I have with it is mostly nitpicking, but what I really bought the game for was the multip layer, however the matchmaking in PC is just awful.

    Usually you spend more time finding people to play with than to play the game. You cannot grab a server and join in. You have to be inserted in a group and server by the computer. During the progress computer voice keeps telling over and over again you how it's searching for more players. Can I have my server browser now computer, now that you find how this console port automated match making doesn't work?
    Slowly by raising the search area from your street to your home town you might find 8 players to play with. Then wait for a server to open beings... Once you get a server two people have ragequitted from the lobby.

    If you are lucky you get to play the real game for few minutes and your quarry is jumping on a roof somewhere instead of blending into the groups and trying to act natural. It gets better once you get the hidden gun and throwing knives... When the groups are good the game is playable, but do not bother with the less popular game modes, there are never enough people to play with, unless you have half an hour to waste to actually play the game for 10 minutes.
  93. Mar 24, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game was far too short in comparison to AC2. Only 9 sequences in total. I know from reading elsewhere there is alot that goes on between the last two sequences that was left out. :( Gameplay was good, but in order to get 100 synch you had to complete objectives with specific circumstances, which ultimately took a bit away from the game. Music composition was good as always. Kudos to Jesper Kyd. Side missions were very very repetitive (Towers). A bit sad that this maybe the last we play as Ezio as the main character and to leave it on such a note is... dissapointing. Hopefully AC3 we can play as him more. Who the hell does he conceive a child with? I mean he's pretty old according to the timeline at the end of ACB! Expand
  94. Apr 23, 2011
    Great Game!! I haven't played a single player game that kept me playing all night since GoldenEye 64. Definitely a must have. One of my top 5 favorites
  95. May 6, 2011
    A beautiful looking game, but I feel very restricted as to what I can do- if I don't follow the set-course I become "discombobulated" very quickly. Climbing, jumping and so on seem a bit too easy. I would rather a bit more skill instead of key-punching. I wish could accidentally fall and get injured or even die- but this doesn't seem possible. In single player mode at least the game seems to "scripted" Expand
  96. Jun 4, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. 7
    es un gran juego y ofrece muchas cosas para hacer ademas de la historia principal, talves no logra mantener un guion fuerte como el segundo juego de la serie pero es importante para completar la historia de ezio. a partir de ahora la serie de seguro tomara otro rumo, habra que esperar para ver cual es
  97. May 18, 2011
    Having never played Assassin's Creed before AC:B, I really can't tell this one is s better than the previous ones, but I definitely liked it. Firstly, the story was great and it should have lasted longer, but at least there were enough side missions to keep me occupied for a long time. Secondly, I loved the futuristic vibe the game gave me - even though I spent 85% of it roaming about Rome as Ezio, the atmosphere was so 'high-tech' that I could, ahem... feel Desmond and the others all the time. And finally, that plot twist at the very end? Now I can't wait for the next AC! So, great job, Ubisoft. Well, maybe I should mention that I only recently got into playing games, so I'm not too demanding a gamer, but nonetheless, a 10 for AC:B. Expand
  98. May 17, 2011
    This is a very very hard game to review, this being down to the fact that i am a huge fan of the last two Assassin's Creed games. In all honesty I felt a little let down by 'Brotherhood' as I built up this crazy idea that the multiplayer would be something incredible, which it wasn't. Instead it ended up being very repetitive after a couple matches and was rather easy as well, as maps are quite small, giving your enemy nowhere to hide. On the other hand, the single player doesn't fail to impress, once again another fantastic storyline from Ubisoft and following the small taste of the modern age at the end of the last Assassin's Creed, we get to play more as Desmond and use the skills he's learnt by watching his ancestor Ezio. The one downfall to 'Brotherhood' is that the free running over vast scenery had to live up to the last sequels beautiful Venice, but fails to do so. 'Brotherhood's' map soon becomes boring and you will find yourself putting the game down before you complete it, unlike the other two. With all this being said I am rating Assassin's Creed Brotherhood with a 7 because it is a decent enough game to buy and play, but just make sure you don't pay full price for it as you may be disappointed. Expand
  99. May 30, 2011
    When I first started playing this game. I found it absolutely wonderful. The horrible combat system had been modified (I loved the hell out of the unending kill animations) to make it 10 times better. The melee system was worth something now (sorry, but the final fight in AC2 wasn't worth much, hardly an epic final fight), and they threw a whole lot of new weapons into the game that made it quite a decent change from AC2. The Assassin recruits were a very nice addition, though at times it didn't feel much worth it. That being said, there are a few other things about this I didn't like.

    Obviously the amount of time it takes to beat the main storyline isn't all too great when compared to AC2. The side quests did feel a bit repetitive at times, but it could have been easily overlooked. The assassin recruits got a bit annoying at times, and a lot of the time you would hardly use them. Of course, I did like some things about the game aside from what's already been said.

    The customization options were nice, freerunning was slightly tweaked for the better, being able to carry around heavy weapons was fun for a while, the kill animations felt more satisfying, and killing a whole bunch of guards was no longer a chore. Hell, it felt like Ezio could slay an army at times in the game.

    The only major complaint I have about this game is the machines Ezio has access to at times. For example, the bomber sequence was quite honestly annoying, and I found myself playing it multiple times just to beat it. I question the wisdom of whoever put Leonardo's Machine Gun into the game, because it honestly felt too much like a FPS, and the cannons were essentially useless. I could have liked this things, but they are (for the most part) only used in one or two sequences! Great, I had to learn the controls to flying the bomber, but I'll never use it again? Ugh.

    All in all, I do like this game. It's worth the buy, but definitely get it for a console, unless you're willing to put up with a few bugs. For me, this kinda feels like the comparison of Fallout 3 to New Vegas when comparing it to AC2. New Vegas tweaked a few things missing or damaged from the first game, but it left some things behind, and forgot to fix some of the bugs in the meantime. The same goes for this game. It fixed the bad melee system of AC2, modified the combat system to make it less tedious, and let you use heavy weapons or long weapons for more than one fight or two. It's good enough to play, just try to ignore the one or two faults and you'll love this game.
  100. Jun 18, 2011
    exactly the same as the other assassin creed games , no different ways of being stealthy, pickpocketing is unrealistic and pointless storyline is the worst ife ever seen in a game b4 .... seriously pacman has a better storyline
  101. Nov 21, 2012
    Why do people enjoy this game? I have played AC1 and AC2 and liked them both. I liked AC1 even though many people didn't. I hated this game though. When I use the word "hated", I mean it. The story in this game has "filler" written all over it, except for the ending of course. I didn't, for one second, take any interest in the story development of this one at all.

    The graphics and such
    were fine, although I personally think AC2 had a much better environment than this one did. Rome is basically a giant rundown ruined city with some farmland on the outskirts. I like the ability to dye my character's cloak, but no matter how I dye it he always sticks out. In AC1 his cloak was designed to mimic priest cloaks so he could get around in a crowd. Why is he still wearing bright white cloaks and crazy capes with a pointed hood? Is it really just to look cool? I stick out like a soar thumb when I'm walking around, how am I supposed to be stealthy?

    The gameplay is where the downfall is. I don't remember any of the issues I had with AC:B being present in AC2. The first problem I have is simply running around. You hold RT+A (yeah I used a controller because keyboard support is dreadful) to run, but that is also the button combo to run up the side of a ledge or leap off a building. So while you're running, if you happen to pass by a column or building, your character will run up the side of that building and kill your momentum. Then you have to jump off of the building back down to the street and resume running. This can be an extremely annoying process if you're being chased. Another issue with running is if you're unlucky enough to run into a group of guards, which you WILL be doing if you go after Borgia captains, your character enters a "combat mode" where he pulls out his weapon and dances around like the guy from Last of the Mahicans. This also stops your momentum, but in a more annoying way. See it takes a lot of button mashing and re-positioning just to get the game to go "Oh he wants to run instead of fight!". So that Borgia captain you were chasing? Yeah, he's gone.

    That leads me to another thing: Why can most Borgia captains run like 10 feet before the game decides they've "escaped"? He's right in front of me yet apparently he "got away"? That's extremely frustrating and cheap. I guess the developers decided that, in order to make some Borgia captains more difficult, they should put them directly next to their escape zone so that if you approach him he needs to only dash a yard or two before the god damn Star Trek Enterprise beams him up. Anyway, I'm going to play Revelations now and hope that this abomination fades from memory. If Revelations is any better then I just might move onto Assassin's Creed 3, but my god Brotherhood was just terrible.

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  1. 80
    Polished conversion of the console version cannot be labeled as an add-on. This is an excellent full-featured game with interesting multiplayer mode. Period. [Issue#203]
  2. Apr 27, 2011
    Built on the shoulders of Assassin's Creed II, Brotherhood is the most polished and robust execution of the Assassin's Creed formula yet.
  3. Apr 19, 2011
    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood isn't as much a sequel as a completion to the second game, and while this is certainly the best game of the three so far, you probably don't want to jump into the story without having played at least the second game first.