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  1. Dec 27, 2013
    The beginning of the game is very slow, but after a few hours it becomes very enjoyable. Another beef that I have with the game is that some side missions are a waste of time (e.g., listening to somebody's conversation) because you are not rewarded and/or the mission is just not fun. Despite all this, AC3 is a great game I have particularly enjoyed the never-seen-before naval missions!
  2. May 29, 2014
    Even now, so long after release a horrible, unplayable broken mess. Glitches around every corner, spazzing out people everywhere, pop-in and pop-out of people, even when they're standing next to you (on an impressive PC). Bad optimization, they still haven't killed off Desmond either so he's still in the game with his dumb **** face trying to make sense of what's going on - a total and complete loss of power and an artificial way to keep the overarching story still going. The Desmond story is like a miscarriage, it was sort of alive when it popped out, but brutally deformed and right now the parents act like it's still alive but really it's just dead, uninteresting, and a bloody mess. Haytham as a character is phenomenal, but is replaced within the first 3 minutes of the game with an uninteresting, arrogant (not in a funny way like Ezio) nitwit who doesn't have the slighest clue of what's going on. Horrible game, only finished it because I loved the previous ones and want to play the 4th one.

    But honestly, even if you're a big fan, skip this one. Please, for your own good.
  3. May 29, 2014
    Game was fun, the story was good with the exception of the Desmond parts. Many people criticise the game for the story following up on the previous games with Desmond, I cannot comment on that however this game has great gameplay without comparison.
  4. Mar 2, 2013
    Try as I might, I really can not enjoy this game. I don't know if it is the setting (not American, so don't care for the setting); the combat; Connors brilliant sack-of-bricks charisma and personality; or what. I just can not, for the life of me, enjoy the game. I've tried multiple times to play it, and enjoy it... but it is the dullest of the AC games so far. I wish I had bought it on xbox, so at least I could have traded it in and replaced it with something enjoyable. Expand
  5. Dec 7, 2012
    As a warning: I really like every title of the series. Seem to have a penchant for climing around and stabbing people in the back. ;)
    AC3 is by far the best title up to now, as its story is simply great and dialogues are very clever. If one cares to listen, these really outshine nearly all other game dialogues I have ever heard. If you like a bit of philosophy, that is. Graphics are
    great, gameplay in the forests is good, animations are fantastic and controls are way better than before. Oh, and don't forget the voice acting.

    Only downsides: Some things a bit too tedious and it very often is much too easy, feeling like an interactive movie. And the crafting menue is needlessly complicated.

    Bottom line: One of the best games I ever played.
  6. Dec 20, 2012
    Even though I haven't had good luck with the Assassin's Creed series, I succumbed to the hype and bought this game. First of all, its an interesting historical novel with a science fiction twist, and a touch of the DaVinci code (references to the Knights Templar). If you're a history buff, you'll appreciate the short background notes with their combination of historical accuracy and dramatic license. I read a few of the notes as I played the game and there was some funny sarcastic remarks sprinkled throughout. Secondly, the graphics were outstanding, even though the intentional fading in/out got a little old. Also, my XPS-8100 with Intel 5 processor and GT-220 card seemed to handle the complex graphics quite well. However, this game becomes annoyingly frustrating at times. In my limited view, the gameplay is too complex. For example, you need three keyboard entries to fire a musket or shoot an arrow. Additionally, moving your character around is difficult at times when you are trying to run away and the character shifts into melee anytime it gets close to the opposition. Still, this game was fun, and I felt a sense of accomplishment when I finally finished it after 30+ hours of playing time. Expand
  7. Mar 28, 2013
    Assassin’s Creed III is the latest edition in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. It is the fifth main game in the series, set in the year 1750 takes place mainly within North America.

    In this article I will be mainly covering the multiplayer aspect of the game and how well it compares with the previous games. In many ways, Assassin’s Creed III takes what elements work in the previous games
    and supplements them with a variety of interesting modes and objectives. After each battle you earn experience towards your next level up, with higher levels the players are awarded bonuses such as new abilities or other unlockables. When the abilities are unlocked, you can then unlock them for crafting which allows abilities to be enhanced in a variety of different ways.

    The highlight of ACIII multiplayer takes the form of Wolfpack, which is a co-operative challenge, designed for 1-4 players. In this mode your objective is to take out targets stealthily in order to gain the highest number of points. Killing targets by charging at them or using the gun will earn you a low amount of points, in comparison with poison and stealthy kills. You earn a focus bonus if you wait next to a target for a few seconds before a kill, and promotes a ‘slow approach’ in order to maximise the point gain.

    In Wolfpack there are 25 progressively harder sequences, each one requiring more points to complete while the player is working against the clock. Some of these sequences are bonus sequences where the player must perform ‘sync kills’ with their teammates, these require each teammate to attack the enemy within a small window of opportunity. When done successfully they reward the player with high points and a cutscene.

    There’s also several modes which return from the previous games, such as my personal favourite which is Manhunt mode. In this mode you have four attackers and four defenders, after the first round, the attackers and defenders swap places. This keeps the game fresh and allows players to hone their skills in both offense and defense.

    There are also other modes such as Artifact Assault which is a capture-the-flag type mode, Domination which is all about capturing locations from the enemy and Deathmatch, which is a free-for-all race to get the most kills.

    Since each player can be stunned or killed in one hit, it’s important to emphasise the amount of hiding and cat-and-mouse antics that ensue within each game. Overall, this is a fantastic game and well worth it if you enjoy the multiplayer aspect of the series to date.
  8. Oct 20, 2013
    I picked up AC3 on a Steam sale ($12.00 USD). It's difficult to justify paying full price for an AC game just because they're released every year and, frankly, the last few iterations aren't as deep as AC2. That said, this is a good game and am enjoying it (especially for 12 dollars). There are some issues with it, but mostly they're out of AC3's hands. The Desmond Miles plot need to be ended, it was very poorly implemented to begin with and I'm not sure if Ubisoft thought out what they were trying to do with the character. The heart of the issue is that Desmond Miles is, basically, portrayed as a life drifter who is yanked from obscurity and thrust into significance by fate. He doesn't have to work to develop his skills, the Animus does it for him. So, it's basically the Harry Potter or Twilight plot themes that resonate with young adults, an audience composed mostly of people who haven't yet worked for anything or have any real world responsibilities or concerns. It's hard to sell this theme to the type of player who enjoys adult themes of revenge and justice. It's misplaced here and it should be ended or at least very severely downplayed. When AC3 shifts gears from colonial times to the modern plot line, the change is jarring and I can't help but laugh at the juxtaposition; Conner spends years planning and training, Desmond become an Assassin by sitting in a chair and playing through "memories". It's ridiculous, it makes me chuckle whenever Desmond scales and climbs objects when his body isn't even physically trained for it. The release schedule for AC games is too aggressive, they're all beginning to look and feel the same, despite some laudable efforts to change setting and mood between each title. At most, they should be released every 18 months; 12 months is too much. Beyond that, good game. I look forward to playing this November's AC4 NEXT year. Expand
  9. Oct 6, 2013
    Well to be honest I thoroughly enjoyed the game.Ofcourse the game of this size and scope was sure to be plagued with bugs and with the recent updates the game has become quite stable Lots of people are complaining about connor being boring but he was supposed to be boring following the unfortunate events which occured in his life, I didn't see any reason to have expected a styled casanova. Concept of american revolution is great, fantastic score and character design.Cities do feel alive and naval battles were the best part of the game.Besides numerous bugs and serious character Assassins Creed 3 was hell of a ride... Expand
  10. Oct 19, 2013
    First I should note, I'm giving this a ten to try help balance out all the bullsh** negative opinions on this game. The game is overall probably deserving of an 8. It's a brilliant game, in terms of art design, world size etc, but it does fall over in a few places. Now, it's my first AC game, so I can't compare, but the combat (as cool as it is) does seem a bit jumpy. On top of this, the story line gets a little lost in itself from time to time and can be hard to follow. The last issue I have with it is the massive amount of bugs. No patch Ubisoft? Really? Anyway, the characters, customisation, music, combat (despite the jumpiness), design and side content are all overall brilliant, the most impressive part being the leaping among the trees; felt pretty amazing. 8/10, good game, don't listen to naysayers. Expand
  11. Dec 3, 2012
    Good gameplay, interesting new mechanics, boring storyline and characters, ending will make you go "...wat" and horrible menus for PC. Not as good as AC2.
  12. Mar 7, 2013
    The introduction takes ages only to reveal something "shocking" which is totally not worth it. The city is dull, generic and the npc's say the same thing. The music is gone, you just run around a generic block town with identlical npc's in silence. This is the game: Run from A to B, cutscene, rince and repeat. When a game is trying so hard to establish a story by making the player sitting endlessly watching cutscenes, it's trying too damn hard. This is the first time I've uninstalled an AC game before finishing it, and it is sadly the last time I'll ever buy another. Maybe I'll play the old ones again, they still have value. Expand
  13. Jan 29, 2013
    I enjoyed this game. Sure, sometimes missions were a bit too difficult and frustrating. There is a large number of glitches, though none game-breaking. Give this game a shot, it's worth it.
  14. Jan 28, 2013
    Huge dissapointment. Unskippable credits just rolled. These days its either nuke or ufo. Here is the latter. Some great promises from previous installments have been broken. The mysterious story of ancients turned out to be silly and shallow - some answers are best if not told. So the series is over now, completely exhausted and dried out of essentials that made first Assassins Creed establish its name. Every another game in the series was loosing its ground piece by piece, until this quite pathetic conclusion. What about game critics reviews? Game of the year awards? Did we really played the same game, or they got some bonuses together with reviewers copies?
    Maybe its just me, did you guys who live in USA enjoy this somehow more than me?
    Graphics: great. Sound: great. Story: promising at first, but completely failed in the end. Game mechanics: fights are way too easy though animations are impressive, STEALTH IS WITH NO PROPER TOOLS, eagle vision is completely useless, horses are unnecessary, leap of faith is sour becouse Connor cannot see where the spot is. Side missions: too many, not worth your time, you get nothing apart from silly dresses and minor improvements. Some whole branches of side missions should be eliminated by quality dept. (letters, deliveries, crafting, trading) these are trivial and pointless. Testers let through serious bugs, it seems that they were only able to test until New York, where glitches festival starts. Strong points: naval missions.
    Conclusion: for me its just one of these games that make easy money for the publisher. Consists of too many elements that can not make consistent picture. "Shitload of side missions in your face player". Epic finale of the series is not there. No more please. Play first AC and make real reboot, becouse you lost direction. Not the complete failure but still huge dissapointment.
  15. Jan 15, 2013
    This review is based having not got very far in the game at all, I've given up and uninstalled it - something I hardly ever do after spending significant cash on a AAA game. The most frustratingly annoying section a few hours into the game gives you a mission where you have to free some captives from three locations, two around a fort and one group on a ship. Now, it doesn't matter how many times I tried to do this, always I would get detected at the last minute, for reasons completely unknown to me, you then desyncronise and have to go through the same process again, and again and again. The enemy AI is not consistent at all. One time I was able to kill a guard at the same spot and no one noticed, the next time the AI guards decide to turn round at that exact moment. I've played I don't know how many stealth games, such as Deus Ex: HR and Dishonored, so I know what stealth-action is all about. However, AC3 does not allow for even one small deviation from what I've seen. The first few hours were ok as an introduction, but still a lot of cutscenes and glitchy combat. Sorry, I know my review score might well be better had I played more, but I think I got through 4-5 hours and then decided that was enough. Pff, disappointing! Expand
  16. Dec 3, 2013
    As Assassin's Creed fan I expected more. This is a huge downgrade from previous games. Extremely buggy and unpolished, even after multiple patches. Combat is streamlined and way too easy. One of the good things is that AC 3 looks stunning, both the combat and landscape.
    The new protagonist is dull and unlikable. The story inside the animus is mediocre but the story outside is extremely
    dumb and lacking. The gameplay has been dumbed down and is worse than Revelations, less smooth. I love the American setting, it's realistic and immersive but cities were not designed well, stealth is frustrating and navigating through cities quickly is a chore more often than not.
    It has many mini-games but most aren't interesting at all except maybe naval combat which was pretty damn good.
    Overall it's a huge let down and it gets only 6/10.
  17. Jan 28, 2013
    Another solid game in the Assassin's creed franchise, I am not sure why it has been getting a bunch of negative reviews but I could understand people being frustrated with it. The combat is very fluid and easy to get the hang of. The park-our style of running, jumping and climbing is also very fluid, more so in this game than the previous ones. The graphics are very good, though I do miss the roman architecture of the previous games. The storyline is overall pretty good but can have some dull stretches. My main issue with the game is just how slow it moves, you can play for 6 plus hours and still not have unlocked a good chunk of side missions. There is a ton of stuff to do in the game but it can get overbearing. The ship combat part was not needed imo, the fun in the game comes from its combat mechanics and this just takes away from it. I liked the character you first play as but I had a hard time liking the main character (Connor). I never really got a good feel for him or his motives. You can tell just by playing it that they put a bunch of time into this game but you really need to be in it for the long haul, it is long drawn out. Sometimes AC3 feels more like a chore than the fun I had in AC brotherhood but it is a solid game. Expand
  18. May 24, 2014
    Assassin's Creed 3 is a pretty disappointing game. I find that the game lacks focus and places too much emphasis on pointless side missions, which are often tedious and without any depth or background story to them. I'm also beginning to get tired of seeing games implement collectible quests, as if developers think they're a good substitute for proper side missions (they're not).

    only has mission design been degraded, but so has the interface. Whether you're playing on KB and mouse or controller, navigating the menus is nothing short of tedious. It seems the devs have decided that flashy menus are more important than functionality. Having to navigate more sub-menus upon more sub-menus is not quick and easy. Neither is slowly scrolling through the weapon wheel in the middle of combat. Why they decided to change all this is beyond me.

    Environments are also very disappointing. I understand that devs have to abide by the generally boring architecture of 1770's America, but I've never explored an Assassin's creed city as empty, dull and full of nothing as Boston and New York (which are virtually the same). The frontier is no better. Sure it's large, but that only serves to make travelling from one point to another more boring and tedious than readng Shakespeare. I could go on about the game's flaws, but there'd be too many to list. At least the game has fairly decent visuals and a nice soundtrack, so there's that.
  19. Oct 6, 2013
    Inconsistent. That is the game's biggest fault. I played it on a pretty meaty PC, v1.06, max setting, without AA (used FXAA). Bugs related with a game this big, there were bound to be some, and there were actually very few. VERY few. Most of them just funny. So it was great there.

    Now, the "crowd tech". One of the biggest faults of the game. People DISAPPEARING when you're getting
    closer to them. They just spontaneously appear or disappear on from on your eyes. In the beginning, it's actually quite disturbing. Not to mention the performance penalty of the tech. It's busted. It's not even as good as AC1. The game is aware of quad-cores at least I guess, it's even maxing them out, but it's not USING them properly.

    Next, movement. I don't know what everybody says, but parkouring has been perfected in AC3. Running is a delight. The animations are the best yet. The game mostly flows. From a control point, I find AC3 near perfect. There are times, in trees mostly, when Connor does not want at first to jump sideways and instead tried to wall climb. But that's mostly it.

    The story is the flawed. Actually, let me tell you this. The last 4th of the story DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE. In about chapter 10, Connor will find something that SHOULD completely change his motivations and what he fights for. It does not, and it will drive you insane, if you pick up on it. It will not be said directly, but be heavily alluded to. You WILL KNOW when you'll see/hear it.
    - Also, all of Connor's development, all of it, happens IN-BETWEEN sequences. You'll see "months later. weeks later". All of the supposed traits Connor develops are not shown. So because of this, Connor acts either the same as when he was a teenager or just acts out weird out of the blue. You won't EVER really know what Connor fights for. Actually, there is only one general idea. Of revenge. But even that got thrown out of the picture in sequence 10, or it should've been, because nothing different happens. It is TERRIBLE WRITING.
    - The best parts of the story are I don't know, Haytham's parts. Whenever he's in the scene, he steals it.
    - For the majority of the game though the story won't make sense. Things don't flow together. They don't stick. It's cutscene after cutscene of mostly nonsense. But they're well made, that's for sure.

    Side-missions. What side-missions? The only side-missions fun to do are the Homestead missions, which take a big proportion of the game though, to be honest. They're fun and well intended, but are not to the same quality as the story missions. Why? They could've easily been. The characters are stiff, not as neatly animated and just lacking in a broader array of emotions. The missions themselves are fun at least.
    - everything not related to Homestead missions is just a checklist. There are some fun brawls but that's pretty much it. Literally everything else is MMO style grinding: Kill 10 stuffs of this. Kill other 10 stuffs of this while doing that. Kill 20 stuffs of this while doing the other. Dear god.
    - Naval Warfare is awesome, you know this. Pretty much the best thing in the game, besides the normal on-foot combat.
    - The Captain's Treasure side-quest is also VERY good. It's got a solid feel of the tombs sections from the previous games.

    Other things: Graphics are great. Best animation yet in any AC and in any game, period. Face expressions in cutscenes are mostly great. The snow is a marvel when it doesn't destroy your framerate. The running animation is the best animation ever seen in video-gaming. The combat is really bun. Totally different than previous games (about time). Almost every enemy can and WILL counter a specific move or weapon, but are vulnerable to something else. So try and experiment.
    - also, you know the drill. Different kill moves and animation for every tipe of weapon. Fists, swords, clubs, two-handed weapons, hidden-blade, the knives & tomahawks (they weirdly share the same moves)
    - also, completely AWESOME different for most types of weapons (including muskets) DOUBLE and TRIPLE kill finishers. OH DEAR LORD they are superb.
    - the Economic System is BROKEN. There is no money flow in the game. You can buy colors for your hoody, weapons, munitions and different stuff for you Manor Crafting. The thing is, you mostly get you buy stuff to do check-list side-missions (boring) or to craft upgrades, weapons and guns. The best weapons are craftable (but improved stats DO NOT make any difference). Also it's really really difficult to figure out how the whole manor crafting thing works. There's no tutorial for it. You just have to figure out for yourself or/and to check out online.

    - there are many more things to be said about the game. AC3 should've been Desmond's story and Connor should've been a more interesting character.
    - the ending was too meta for its own good. The AC series didn't deserve it. Especially after the masterful AC1 and AC2.
  20. Dec 29, 2012
    Its a copy paste AC game... There is absolutely nothing knew to this AC game besides the story. The gameplay is exactly the same as the others. If you want a good AC game take up brotherhood, where you have options on how to play along with an amazing story. Even the main character outside of the levels goes, "oh this again?" Whenever he begins a sequence.
  21. Feb 28, 2013
    So Assassin's Creed 3 was praised by so many peeps and I just never saw the big fuse about it. So was it as amazing as everyone said it was going to be? In some ways yes but overall no. Now not saying its bad, its a decent but but im just going to explain why im giving it this score. So first talking about the pros about his game. Action and cutscences feel so cinematic. The game looks great with it been best graphics in any Assassin's Creed game. Combat has improved alot even tho it can be annoying at times. Good story and the Navel Ship Battles... best thing about this game! I mean it was an amazing engine for the ship combat and the engine beats alot of pirate engines and I hope Ubisoft make a game like that. Now the cons. Well first the character you play as Connor is just dull and boring compared to Ezio and even Altair even had a little more more charactor then Connor. Lots of stuff to do, but no real reward to them like other games in the series( well maybe a bit more then the first game) Ending was awful and should have given you an option at the end. The new engine makes the game too easy, I mean I want the old engine when you bought armor to take more hits and buy better weapons. Now you still can buy weapons but you can complete this game without buying a weapon(stupid if you ask me). So its got many pros and cons, but the pros just make it a decent game. So overall a decent game. Assassins's Creed 3 7.3/10 Expand
  22. Jan 17, 2013
    This is one of my least favorite games so far within the franchise for a few reasons. Firstly the environment in comparison to the previous games is extremely bland, in comparison to the characters in the past their is no investment or reason to care about Connor and his story due to lack of personality and character growth. The start-up of the game is extremely slow. past the point of any story pacing and seems like a huge few hour delay before the game actually begins. The big staple of the series mechanics in the past were to use rooftop access to escape pursuers, but in this game you are penalized for it extremely as in within moments you'll have dozens of guards hone in on your position, while that is annoying enough when your at a distance their rifles magically and tremendously increase their firing rate. The campaign is broken in comparison o the other games in the series and can be buggy when climbing trees, ala Connor grabbing a hole in the tree on the third try doing the exact same thing ive been doing. The only upsides is the games combat is more fluid due to change of controls with different button mapping for the controller users. Multiplayer sees some ups and downs in this entry also with the inclusion of a more robust customization system. But once again that suffers from a environmental downgrade. Expand
  23. Jan 26, 2014
    The perfect example of how to NOT make a sequel

    First, AC3 feels least like Assassin’s Creed game. From the overly specific full synchronization mission objectives to the walk-between-cutscenes missions, the player is stripped of the sandbox style of play. The game forces you to play a predetermined style, which rids of the fun. In fact, the entire game plays out like you are more of a
    soldier than an Assassin.

    Connor is the least strong of the AC characters and I actually found him quite annoying. The game is rather shallow in that it does not delve at all into the Creed or Brotherhood, but only that it exists and is there to stop the Templars.

    The game lacks any polish. First, the game suffers from poor mechanics. Fluidity and consistency are the biggest problems. While there is the random ledge grabbing and haphazard horse controls, the combat is the biggest misstep. I use to love the combat, but in AC3 it is tiresome. The counters work like half the time. The gunplay ruins any flow. I died so many cheap deaths because of the odd mechanics. Second, there are more glitches in bugs in this game than in any other game I’ve played, which is sad for a blockbuster franchise like AC.

    Next, the extras do not tie into the game whatsoever. I completed the game without doing any extras. I did not find them fun and rather unnecessary unlike previous installments where I did everything. They were not explained well. Also, I did not see weapon upgrades or costume upgrades.

    Other serious complaints are the rather terrible fast-travel between zones, strange menu design, and the insanely long 4 hour tutorial at the beginning of the game.

    The Assassin’s Creed franchise is one of my favorites and AC2 is one of my favorite games of all time. I found so much disappointment and squandered potential with AC3.
  24. Mar 24, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game could be called "how to ruin a good game with cinematics, loadings times, and s***ty controls" !
    The main scenario is full of cinematics, we're starting to get used to it, but AC3 does too much you find the bad guy, short cinematic to show him starting to escape, you chase him for 1 min, short cinematic showing how you catch him and get hurt, you play for 30sec walking straight forward very slowly (you're hurt), short cinematic again.... arghhhh I wanna play not just keep a finger on the move forward button between 2 videos !
    If you add that there is a short (at least with a ssd) loading time between every game sequence and every cinematic.... you'll understand why they've spent some time on making an interactive loading screen, it's because it's the screen you'll remeber the most.
    Add controls where a single button is used for 5 different actions, and a free run mode making it impossible to run withour climbing on everything that comes near you, and you'll rage... a lot.
    It's a shame because the story is quite interesting (except the parts in the present), the maps are full of details and life, graphics are good... it had a good base.
  25. Jan 18, 2013
    Amazing graphics but cutscene after cutscene after cutscene after cutscene just destroyed what should have been a great game. Have played and enjoyed all the series but I am forcing myself to carry on to the end of this one. Less then half way there and I don't think I can take another guess what! ya a cutscene. What a pity.
  26. Jul 9, 2014
    Bugs, bugs and more bugs. And full synch is just free frustration, some constraints force you to play 200 times what doesn't deserve one single playthrough. Worst release of the franchise, by far.
  27. Oct 12, 2014
    This game was a very mixed experience of good and bad, and while it's not too bad in the end, it suffers from several flaws that could have easily been fixed to make it a much better game. I tried to play it for the first time about a year ago, but before even finishing the prologue sequence I got frustrated and gave up. It took me awhile to give it another try, and this time I stuck it out played all the way through. Connor's story has some really good moments, especially at the end of the prologue sequence (easily one of the best moments of the whole series). However, both Connor's and Desmond's stories went through stretches where they didn't make much sense or were just boring. Worst of all, both stories' ending were pretty anticlimactic. Right when you're waiting for a big payoff (after several games and many hours of play), they just putter out. The game introduced some new features that I liked, such as having different abilities for assassin recruits, hunting game, and crafting. Unfortunately, these features failed to reach anywhere close to their full potential: once they level up some (or you recruit several) the assassin's abilities are not too helpful, as they can just kill anything anyways. Hunting is mostly used for crafting and trade, but there isn't much worth crafting after you get the few available upgrades, and money quickly becomes useless once you upgrade your ship, which you can do pretty early on. By far my favorite new aspect was the addition of naval combat missions. While quite different in nature from the traditional AC gameplay--going for all-out combat instead of stealthy kills--it was fairly well implemented and gave a welcome break from running around through endless streets and trails. One thing that this game did horribly, however, was the controls: AC games on PC have a reputation for being lazy console ports, but it seems like instead of getting better, this issue is getting worse. Instead of allowing you to take advantage of having a keyboard with more than a half dozen keys, the game wants to force you to use the same couple keys for everything, with the result that you frequently end up doing something completely different than you intended. Finally, the voice acting is pretty terrible in general, and this is especially noticeable with Connor, the protagonist, who spends the whole game sounding like he's reading his lines and just doesn't care. Overall, it's not a bad game, and it's worth playing if you're an AC fan. I just wish that Ubisoft had put more thought and effort into the game, as it had the potential to be a very good one... Expand
  28. Dec 6, 2012
    Ac3 is probably the most in depth chapter yet in the series. It redefines the whole series it is intuitive and challenging to play..but is quite shorter than expected but however it masters story telling and presents the game in movie style...the opening of the game will say it...
  29. Jun 8, 2014
    I have a bit low-hate relationship with the Assassin's Creed games: I love the environment, the quest variety and the collectibles, but I sometimes have to scream loud if I fail an optional task for the 50th time... Luckily, the AC3 seems to have been improved on this aspect. I had far less tough cases than in previous games. Well worth buying it on a 50% sale.
  30. Dec 28, 2012
    I've played (and completed) AC2, AC2:Brotherhood and AC2:Revelations....honestly, with AC3 I'm having more fun and I'm enjoying the story much more than with any of the previous releases.
    This story (AC3) is the best yet written in the entire series (from my point of view, of course). I mean, what the hell was Machiavelli doing in AC2:Brotherhood? And what about da Vinci? If you want to
    use such historical characters in a fictional renaissance story, at least take it seriously. In my opinion both characters were poorly represented/superficially conceived (like a sorry postcard), I found them embarrassing... In fact, not only historical characters were underdeveloped, I also think they could've improved Ezio's story a big deal if they had put a mind to it (I'm not saying it's rubbish, I'm just saying it could've been better). Don't get me wrong, AC2 trilogy was praiseworthy (for arcade open world standards) in my opinion.
    Concerning AC2 trilogy's story, I found it wanting in various occasions...on the other hand, I think that AC2:Revelations finale was very touching: Ezio meets Altaïr's skeleton, speaks to Desmond "trough the centuries" (great concept) and then retires considering his work fulfilled. I didn't really expect much from AC3, now I find myself delightfully surprised. I liked the story right from the start: you find yourself in the flesh of Haytham Kenway (England 1754), who is attending a revival of the "Beggar's Opera" in the Royal Opera House in London. He enters the auditorium, tries to reach his seat while stepping on other people's feet in the process and starts apologizing to them in turn (I found it hilarious and original, a great way to open the story)...he doesn't care for the opera, of course, there's something else in his mind...
    If AC3 was conceived like a movie of some sort, a lot of people would probably like it. This means that AC3 screenwriters have done a good job both establishing the main plot and designing characters, dialogs and scenes. For example, I'm still laughing at Benjamin Franklin's dissertation about the advantages of taking older women as lovers (this was a REAL letter by Benjamin Franklin written on June 25,1745. The game developers were simply outstanding here.).
    Perhaps the story loses some of its grip while playing Ratonhnhaké:ton (Connor), but truth is that I like to hunt game and explore the native american forests, I like my tomahawk and I like the fact that the main character is a Mohawk who tries to defend his people and their way of life (mohawks in the game speak traditional mohawk, by the way, that's another merit of AC3)
    The music in this game is great (specially because of sailor shanties and native american tribal music).
    They introduced historical board games like the Roman Checkers (I love them).
    Now you can fight naval battles (unrealistic, OF COURSE, like almost all things in the AC saga, in case you haven't noticed). I see various people here complaining about controls, clichés, predictable turns of events, glitches, lack of immersion, lack of freedom, lack of creativity, dumb action scenes, unrealistic fights, etc.

    1-As far as I can see, they mainly changed two key bindings. Now you use "E" instead of "Shift" and "Q" instead of "E"...that's about can customize them anyway so I don't see the problem here. 2-There aren't more clichés or predictable turns in AC3 than they were in previous releases... I mean, I knew Ezio was going to beat everyone long before it happened...

    3-Maybe it's just that I'm lucky, but my AC3 installation doesn't have those horrible glitches some people is talking about.

    4-Personally, I can cope with the game's plot "jumping" between characters (this already happened in previous releases), so it's not a problem for me. Just one question to all people who is complaining about this: How do you expect to develop this plot (which is divided in different stories) without jumping between characters? 5-You can still explore Boston, the forests, the frontier, New York, etc. at your will. The game allows the player to do it... So I still don't know why there is people saying that you can't explore the scenarios freely. There are document fragments to be catched, trinkets to be found, messages to be delivered, naval battles to be fought, forts to be destroyed, trade to be established, game to be hunted, treasures to be claimed, missions to be completed,etc. Perhaps there are less sub-missions than in other releases, but there is still a lot to be done in the game, you can be busy if you want to.

    6-For those who haven't noticed yet, AC series is COMPLETELY unrealistic.
    I mean: haystacks don't save your life, the world isn't some kind of "puzzle" where everything is placed to accommodate your magical acrobatics. Killing is not easy, "medicine" can't restore broken bones and bullet/arrow shots, etc,etc...
  31. Jan 27, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game didn't quite grasp the full extent of the Assassin's Creed series. In my opinion AC Revelations & Brotherhood are the best in the series. This game however didn't live up to my expectations. There's no final boss battle! You will just kill the final Templar & then the credits rolls up.There are no character developments either. If you didn't read the Animus database, you wouldn't even know who really is Achilles & how the Colonial Brotherhood was disbanded. The story is great but the narration sucks. Ubisoft became lazy after Ezio's success on his past three titles. The naval combat also doesn't really make a difference. I also would prefer Jesper Kyd's music over Lorne Balfe's. AC3's music didn't really impacted to me unlike the past titles. There are very few synchronization points & very few maps. Expand
  32. Feb 18, 2013
    BAIT AND SWITCH. I was under the impression that I would be playing a badass Indian assassin bent on killing the English. 3 out of the 12 chapters you play as the Indian assassin's English father. It is ridiculous watching an Englishmen jump from roof top to roof top. The combat is clunky and repetitive. There are two prologues and the training is horrendous. But the world itself is really really beautiful and the music is awesome. If you have the horsepower in your rig and a great soundcard you can really loose yourself in the game. Don't buy for over $20 or you will be disappointed. Expand
  33. Dec 9, 2012
    Sure, the third AC is mostly overhyped and overpraised, especially on the big videogame portals, but it's definitely NOT a dud. The animus-part story is miles better, more complex and more layered than the rather dull wanderings of Altair or the cheesy, cartoonish escapades of Ezio. Yes, Desmond is a stupid character but I rather like the outside-animus sci-fi story, although the brief Desmond gameplay stuff itself is just terrible. It's almost if instead of putting some real effort in making the Desmond parts better Ubi bosses said: "Folks don't like Desmond so let's make his part as short and simple as is necessary for the overall story." Another improvements over the previous installments - minigames are finally fun, especially the naval battles, which are fantastic, and the hunting, which is very acceptable. And almost all the side characters are very likeable and well dubbed (especially Haytham). Oh and I also LOVE the way this game handles difficulty - the basic campaign is so easy a 5 year old could cakewalk it while watching cartoons but most optional objectives can be VERY difficult. So you CAN finish the game in under 20 hours (10 if you skip the cinematics) but if you like some extra challenge, you can grow old and crazy trying to do the 100% sync.
    Now to the not so good things about AC3. The graphics is a mixed bag. The cities are great, as usual, and the naval part is simply phenomenal. But although the Frontier has it's shining moments, it's marred by really bad textures, pop-ups and overall inescapable feeling that the game has been made primarily for 8 years old console hardware. It just shows. Even the first Crysis is still miles ahead when it comes to forest environments. Of course Ubi is not to blame here - Microsoft and Sony are.
    And now for the cons. First and foremost - Connor. Everything that's been said about him is true. He is humouress, dull, moody, annoying and interacts with NPCs like a computer trying to pass the Turing test. It's also disappointing you can't go parkouring over the rooftops anymore because the streets are too wide and there are guards on every second roof. But the biggest disappointment is the way the whole game is put together. As I said, the main story itself is fun and interesting, but the gameplay is...well, almost boring. It's usually about walking from point A to point B and watching a cutscene. And, if you're lucky, the game let's you press a button in a critical moment. More often than not if feels like an interactive movie than an actual game. And for the side missions and optional activities the exact opposite is true. Improving your homestead, hunting, crafting, trading - all of it is quite fun but completely pointless and useless. Yes you can skin animals and craft weapons and sell your produce but what for? There's almost no difference between the available weapons, you'll massacre a redcoat regiment with the basic sword just as easily as with the ultimate endgame model. There's also NO gameplay difference between the available outfits, except they look different. So even though you can spend countless hours collecting feathers and improving your homestead and whatnot all you get is a stupid T-shirt, basically. Furthermore you can't actually buy anything useful for the money you make from craftin and trading, maybe except a map of chests containing - more money. "But you can do all these things just for the enjoyment of seeing your homestead grow and prosper or for the fun of the hunt," I hear some of you objecting. But for me, in an action adventure game like this, all these side activities just feel pointless. I enjoy building my town economy in Settlers or SimCity or Colonization as much as the other guy but those games are ABOUT building and trading. AC3 is about crushing the Templars and how does crafting barrels and skinning rabbits help you with that?
    So the verdict - AC3 definitely feels epic and expensive. It exudes the money and expertise and astounding artistic talent that went into making it. But it also feels like the fantastically talented team of writers, artists, architects, historians and programmers was steered by a very poor lead designer. Despite all of that, it's still a towering achievement in the vast sea of stupidity, shallowness, cheesiness and desperate run-of-the-millness that's the current AAA videogame market.
  34. Dec 9, 2012
    Terrible consolitis. A mash up of all the game mechanics from previous AC games, makes the journey a confusing chore - disappointing because the story is very exciting... albeit with a rather flaccid ending.
  35. Jan 27, 2013
    A game that just doesn't stand up to the hype. Assassin's Creed 3 is slow to start up and drags its tail throughout the rest of the game. The music is highly unremarkable, notably so during segments between missions, where you are supposed to look for the bits and bobbles scattered around (feathers and viewpoints, mostly) as no music plays at all. The dead silence dulls the game and gives it a very tedious feel. Connor is incredibly bland as a character. His motives are very unclear, and his lack of characterization might as well place him as a silent protagonist. A definite step down from the wonderful Ezio (in 2 and Brotherhood).
    The only thing that really saves AC3 is its attention to detail, as it has thousands of location-specific animations and beautiful scenery (as long as you aren't in the underground tunnels, where quite a bit of pixelization and color messups reside).
    Would not recommend. If you want the best game in the series, play Assassin's Creed 2.
  36. Mar 19, 2013
    I've played every AC, and this is by far the worst AC of them all. The Desmond story is OK, I actually enjoyed playing a bit more as him. However, the Connor story just sucked. Connor is an idiot who keeps making stupid decisions while he actually thinks he's doing it right. The American Civil War looked like an exciting setting, but it failed, a lot. 1/3rd of your time you will be in a forest called Frontier, a depleted forest. I was missing the awesomeness of Florence, Rome, Istanbul, Venice, Acre, etc etc already as soon as I entered this area. I don't want to spoil the story for you, but it ends with a major cliff hanger. All that comes with glitches and bugs, the useal side missions that are boring and repetative and the fact they got rid of some nice weapons and techniques (in both climbing & fighting) from previous AC's. Expand
  37. Mar 15, 2013
    Boring interminable unskippable cutscenes. One of the weakest stealth engines ever made (look me in the eyes and tell me the stealth aspects compare to Thief, Dishonored, Metal Gear, etc.). Combat is ok, but really it's just a less-fun ripoff of the Arkham City/Asyum melee engine.
    But here's the real problem: NO JUMP BUTTON. How do you make a platform game without a jump button? From
    the hype, I was hoping for a third-person Mirror's Edge, but all you do is hold down "run" and point the analog stick and the game plays itself. It's like a barely interactive cutscene. Imagine if you were playing an FPS where you just held down a "safety off" button and the guns all fired automatically whenever an enemy wandered into the crosshairs. Doesn't sound fun, does it? Neither is this. Expand
  38. Jan 12, 2013
    Simply put, this game is amazing. It's visually stunning, and a lot of fun to play, most of the time. All the glitches are what drags it down to a 3/10 for me. When you spend 4-5 hours doing the same mission over and over again due to a glitch that they won't patch. They don't deserve your money.
  39. Feb 16, 2013
    This is a pretty good game. It has some insane quality smoother and much more improved physics with more detailed combat than previous games. The game has a very cinematic feel to it, but the inconsistency is confusing along with the very slow progression.
  40. Dec 20, 2012
    So far it's good, not great though. the graphics have improved over Revelations and the gameplay is a lot simpler (for the better) BUT in pretty much half the missions you have absolutely no idea what to do and after failing a few times you figure out how to progress, plus the actual design of the different levels you get thrown into during missions is herendous, it's almost impossible to get 100% synchronization in most levels, I still have no idea what the developers were smoking when they designed these areas and it is extremely infuriating. The story is alright for an AC game and some of the characters interesting, but most are pretty one-dimensional and boring as heck. Overall it's leaving me a bit disappointed, it's like Ubisoft added some really interesting mechanics to the game but at the same time COMPLETELY butchered what made previous games great, and forgot how to design levels in the process, AND completely threw away any form of guidance to help you figure out what the hell you're doing half the time. This is supposed to be a great starting point for new players to the series but if an AC veteran that has played every single game in the series gets totally confused and frustrated half the time how the heck is someone new to the series supposed to get through the entire campaign?? All in all AC 3 is basically a mess, a shiny mess, yes. But still a mess Expand
  41. Dec 4, 2012
    Just to be clear, AC2 is the best AC game ever, but take AC2 away and review this game like the game is. Ok, let's start. The game is amazing. Just like I expected it to be. The graphics are good, no glitches, no cutting edges. The combat system is just like it needs to be. To be able to take down 30 guards is amazing. I did that when i took a fort. I also love the fact that it takes place in the American revolution is fantastic. Sorry for my bad English btw. I love that you're playing as Connor as a child to begin with, I had to laugh a couple of times when i first saw it. And when you are a teenager and you are getting introduced to the hunting system i was like wow, amazing system. And that you can find chests with stuff and cash is awesome. But the thing I like the most beside the story is to take over forts and free-running. The story was really good until the ending like people says, but i haven't played through the game yet, so I will leave that out of hand. But play through the game if you like Assassin's Creed. Expand
  42. Dec 5, 2012
    Amazing Experience. Connor is cool Assassins with pretty cool weapons and fighting tactics.Still not a juicy character like 'Ezio' though but lays up well to my expectations.Yes,there are lags in the game,
    -During free-running Connor may dip inside the land (surface)
    -Problems during the High-top Sync.
    Over all and Amazing game to play the tree running is superb and the Wildlife is
    simply Exquisite.

    Must Play ! M.Usman Nazir
  43. Dec 18, 2012
    Let me preface this by saying the only truly good Assassin's Creed game was 2. Brotherhood and Revalations were just cheap shadows of Assassin's Creed 2. Having said that, I love Assassin's Creed 3. I think it is set in a fantastic time period, with great movement and combat mechanics, and awesome voice acting. When I started playing, I thought I was in for another amazing A.C. like I had been missing since the 2nd one. However, after playing about halfway through the game I became more and more frustrated with what I can only how is a series of bugs and errors. The guards detection abilities and line of sight are often inhuman. They spin 180 at the drop of a pin, the can see in a 270 degree arc, and sometimes they simply know where you are and what your doing. On top of that I've been killed by soldiers during a cutscene, how my inventory wiped clean a couple of times, and several other bugs I wont go into. But more disappointing than the all the bugs that persist despite their massive patch, is that the game seems to want you to have to fight everyone. In AC games past, I was able to complete most everything without being noticed, or at the very least killing everyone quitey, and with relative ease I might add. As of 1/3 of the way through this game I and finding it difficult to complete several missions without direct confrontation. And before I hear a score of, "Your just not good at the game" or "Get better" i assure you that I am quite an accomplished gamer and very good that this game. I summary, Ubisoft was so close to remaking the magic that was Assassin's Creed 2 only to fall short by 2 steps. 1 the story wasn't quite as good, and 2 they released the game to just wasn't finished yet. Expand
  44. Dec 7, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Assassin Expand
  45. Dec 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Not sure if actually the worst or the best of the series. Maybe not the worst, AC1 was (because it feels like a test, for example comparing Portal 1 with 2). It was fun and different from the previous games, but I was missing something, maybe because it doesn't play in Italy and the annoying language. The atmosphere was pretty cool though. After I completed the second level on the ocean, heard the music and saw the title, I thought it's gonna be an awesome adventure, but I got dissappointed. Why in the hell would you wanna be Haytham for 4 Sequences (If that's right)? Considering the game won't have any DLC's with story for Connor, the last 8 sequences are not really much for a completely new assassin. They kinda overdid the beginning and made it much longer than it should've be. Some may be good with it, but they should've worked with a more advanced story when it really begins, not to mention the missions are kinda dull, the ending for desmond was literally the "end of the world". I'm not disappointed nor excited about the game. I think I'll leave it with a 6. Expand
  46. Dec 15, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I went in to Assassin's Creed III expecting something similar to the AC2 trilogy with a different control scheme. How wrong I was. I'd started to get a little tired of our Italian friend Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Don't get me wrong - AC2, Brotherhood, Revelations... These were all great games, but they had Call of Duty/EA Sports syndrome - the same game with minor upgrades released yearly. Fortunately for Ubisoft, and gamers, they were damn fine games. But as I said, AC3 isn't a repeat of the last three years. But is that a good thing? Of course it is!

    Assassin's Creed III picks up right were Revelations ended - Desmond, his father, and the two remaining assassin buddies Rebecca and Shaun have found the temple they've been searching for. Now all they need is a key to get in to the inner chamber and save the world from a solar flare. Makes sense? Not really, but it does the trick for letting us mess around in various historical settings. The explanation for the new setting is... Well, there really isn't one. The "ones that came before" just happen to know how to make the animus work and give Desmond a new ancestor to relive the memories of.

    Now this is where I venture into some serious spoiler territory, so skip the next (and rather large) paragraph if you don't want early to mid-game spoilers.

    London, mid 18th century. A crowded theatre, it's patrons awaiting the start of a play. A well-dressed and well-spoken man by the name of Haytham Kenway enters, and starts talking to his associate. Shortly afterwards, it's off to climb around the theatre and assassinate someone. Haytham steals his necklace, which is believed to be the key to the temple Desmond and company have just found. Haytham then travels to America, and you get a good couple of hours to mess around in Boston as him. It's pretty much the standard Assassin's Creed fare - climb buildings to get to view points and un-fog the map, kill the angry guards with your hidden blades, and so on. I think Haytham is probably the most well-written character the series has come out with thus far. After a few missions, some surprising plot twists occur, which I won't spoil as they're actually really cool, and you start out playing as Haytham's half-native American son, Connor, a few years later. This is the "growing up" part, where you get your assassin training and so on. The game opens up bit by bit, and then things start to get really interesting. I must mention the few missions where you play as Desmond in 2012 - they're great fun, if a little linear. I tried ripping down the wanted posters when I first saw them, but to no avail! Still, a nice touch to see them around.

    The new gameplay mechanics - hunting wildlife, gathering resources, crafting new gear, trading - these are all well-implemented and keep things interesting. Killing a bear is great fun. The free-running feels much different this time around, as you're out in the countryside a lot, climbing through trees and cliffs as opposed to buildings and streets. There's a nice juxtaposition between the country and the cities of Boston and New York, keeping the game fresh for hours.

    Combat's had a nice overhaul, but is still a little too easy for the most part. The addition of guns is nice, but they take a long time to reload, so your bow is usually a better - and stealthier - option.
    The real main attraction, however, is the naval missions. You captain a ship, giving orders to your crew to adjust sails, man cannons, and so on. It's well-implemented and doesn't feel like an after-thought - unlike Revelations' tower defence mini-game.

    The Assassin Brotherhood is still there, but for the most part it's optional. Fast travel's improved, and the awful villa/city management has been overhauled. You now meet new people and build a small settlement around your mentor's manor. It's got great story elements and is more mission-based than money-based.

    There's plenty of mini-games to do, ranging from a few board games to bowls and fight clubs. A lot of content, and surprisingly well thought out. Nothing has been half-done here. Everything seems to have been lovingly crafted, and designed to be great fun. And that's exactly what it is.

    The story missions in colonial America are great fun, and aiming for 100% synchronisation is a great challenge. It's been fleshed out a bit this time around, as there are now multiple bonus objectives as opposed to just the one.

    Graphically, the game is beautiful. On a decent PC, you'll be amazed at what the Assassin's Creed team at Ubisoft has done. Sound design is spot-on as usual, though I preferred some of the music from AC2. The story is great, in my opinion, but I found the ending to be rather lacking. I didn't expect much from it though.

    Overall, Assassin's Creed III is an amazing game that's incredibly difficult to pick fault with. Definitely a game of the year contender, and easily the best open-world adventure released in 2012.
  47. Dec 15, 2012
    The game is not without flaws. I have jumped 150 meters in the air and fallen to my death. I have found jumping from on object to another isn't as fluid sometimes as others. A couple of times I've have failed to meet goals of a mission and I didn't know it was a goal. The beginning of the game was quite slow to me. In spit of these minor and far and few between little annoying things the game is solid as a whole. I love the ship captain missions it really looks and feels like a ship plunging into waves and fights are amazing. The ground fights are fluid and flowing; different mobs need be engaged differently with breaks monotony in fights unlike the first of the series. I'm 80% into the campaign and the story is fore filling and rewarding. I've enjoyed the side quests (besides collecting feathers which is tedious and unrewarding) The crafting/trading/bartering system is slow at times but the rewards make it worth it if you invest the time. Overall I'm very happy I spent the $50 on the game and I would do it again given the chance to relive it. Expand
  48. Dec 16, 2012
    Initially I was really enjoying the game... Story and game play start off strong. Fighting is amazing. Graphically the cities of Boston and New York look great but both look very similar which was disappointing. The open country is ok but only makes me yearn for Skyrim. Hunting is a joke PERIOD! Ability to run and jump on branches is so unrealistic and just dumb in my opinion. Not sure why they included Naval missions at all, it seems so out of place for this type of game. Half way through I was getting very tired of the linear missions that forced you with one cut scene after another to do missions a specific way. The Ending was so ridiculously stupid that i say let us never speak of Assassin Creed ever again. Expand
  49. Dec 28, 2012
    Amazing graphics and cinematics... but that's about it. Ubisoft no longer pays any attention to PC gamers, who prefer to play with mouse and keyboard. Game is completely reliant on a controller and if you don't have one or don't like playing with one, you cannot play this game because the controls are impossible. This is a big one to me, as I've always been a big fan of the AC series, even back when it didn't reach that much publicity. Now I am forced to use a controller, something I do not enjoy in the slightest, to play one of my favorite franchises. The combat and gameplay is completely lineair, blocking off any creativity from the player. If you're looking for a good assassin game, I'd recommend Dishonored as I have had way more fun playing that than AC III, despite it's superior graphics. Assassin's Creed III is no asset to the franchise, instead it looks like it's going down the same road as the ever-criticized Call of Duty. Save yourself the frustration and the money, unless you're a die-hard fan of the AC lore, don't buy AC III. Expand
  50. Dec 22, 2012
    This was the best game I've played in a long time, and I've played many games in the past few years. The story was excellent, the graphics and mechanics were great, and I never ran into the problems other people have encountered (i.e. horses not going where you wan them to). I can only complain of the ending and, while it's a fitting way to end Desmond's story, I can't help but feel that it was all for nothing. The ending to Desmond's story is just a speck of dust in the infinite possibilities of the Assassin's Creed universe. Expand
  51. Oct 9, 2013
    Wow I'm enjoying this game far more than reviews would have me belive. Beautiful graphics, the cities seem so lively and wonderful. The story is interesting and I love the fighting.
  52. Dec 23, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. i really do not get why some people hate this game so much...the developers had made this clear that this game will be an end to desmond's story and after all his goal was to stop the 2012 there clearly is no reason to get angry over something that you already knew ...the combat was simply awesome and addicting and that includes the naval combat . the story was good but you only get to play as connor with his suit halfway through the game which isnt that bad if you think that the game itself unfolds halfway through the game...and that means that once you get your hands on the actual character you have so many more things to do that are fun . what the game lacks is perhaps the assassination contracts that have been technically been absent from brotherhood. overall this game is awesome and none can deny that this game is fun as hell Expand
  53. Dec 28, 2012
    Ubisoft's 'Assassin's Creed III' marks the end of a saga of heroism, bloodshed and absolute epicness. However, the game has left a sour taste in my mouth as the change in controls, layout and overall experience has shaken me. I found it difficult to combat my enemies without being punched in the face everytime i countered or blocked which would decrease my health. I also found that the bugs and glitches of previous games had not yet been fixed such as the cape dissappearing into the horse your riding, or being blocked by invisible walls or just the occassional **** up in controls leading you to a 500ft plunge off a church building. The game's story is really interesting with the tale of colonized America and a native taking the role of an assassin to hunt his father and restore equality to America. The historical relevance and gameplay makes the experience feel real and interesting, however it is bogged down by repeditive cutscenes and small amount of gameplay. The maps are too large leading to confusion and more bugs and the shops are not plentiful. There is very little customization and the game fails to make you feel individual as a master assassin by not allowing this. Overall though, the game delivers a playable and mildly enjoyable campaign which im sure i will, no doubt, sit on my couch, play it through once missing all the challenges because I can't be stuffed and then recycle it for store credit at my nearest JB-HI FI. Expand
  54. Dec 28, 2012
    AC3 has its own story and should not necessarily be compared with the previous AC storylines. What was needed was more missions. Yes, there is a bit too much dialogue, and I disliked the interruptions into the Animus/Desmond scenes more than I ever did before. The naval battles are great. Overall, it deserves a score of 9. Playability is great on a PC especially if you've played the previous AC series. I have played it twice and enjoyed it more the second time. Expand
  55. Dec 31, 2012
    The fundamental gameplay is still there for AC3. The addition of sea battles and a ship you can work to upgrade was great. The revolutionary period was an awesome stage for the 3rd AC3 and final in the Desmond storyline. That's about it. Storyline was botched and it is very easy to see where and how corners were cut to push this game out. After playing and honestly enjoying the first 2 offerings from this franchise AC3 failed to match up and had the feeling it was rushed through production. From lots of glitches in fighting, free running and maps to an economy system that was very hard to understand. Then you get to the disappointing and short ending. Its time for us to expect more out of these blockbuster franchise games, it will net a fortune regardless of critic review but the long term prospects of subsequent releases will suffer due to its unpolished nature all in order to save a dollar now. Expand
  56. Jan 1, 2013
    For me, this has been the most anticipated game since Vietcong 2 (which sadly, also bombed) back in 2005. Since the first Assassin's Creed, I have been a huge fan of this series, although (to be fair) slightly let down by Revelations, which in my opinion was way too short, and the first follow-up to let me down somewhat. With the Desmond saga building up to this undeniable climax, where "all will be revealed" and where patience will prove a virtue, making up for time lost from the Revelations story line... Assassin's Creed 3 plain and simply does not deliver.

    Don't get me wrong, it's a gorgeous game... but to be honest, what with all the advances in technology, I'd be slightly bummed if it didn't look better than it's predecessors. However, this doesn't just look better, it's gorgeous. If I didn't know it before, however, I do know it now... no amount of gorgeous graphics can make up for a shell of a game, for that essentially is what this feels like. With Altaïr and Ezio, we were trained to learn how to fight; with Connor, we are informed (through cut scene cinematics) that we have trained; fighting is no less easy prior to training, and where taking on 30 men at once in any of the previous games could be construed as perhaps having a bit of a death wish, in AC3 this is no problem what so ever (even without weapons, and prior to "training"). Fighting has become so easy that there now is little to no incentive (unless the main mission design demands it) to try a stealthy approach.

    When starting the game, you are informed that the Animus software has been upgraded; less jumping "the wrong way at the wrong time", in short just better control. This is either a blatant lie, or proof that Ubisoft never hired gameplay testers for this project. Never touch the jump button, and you'll be fine; touch it, and... well, it's at your own risk. Getting hurt isn't that big of a deal though, because no matter how hurt you get from falling (or fighting), as long as you aren't dead, your health quickly (and yes, we're talking really fast) regenerates to full. Being able to run off the ground, up in the trees is at times really cool. It is, however, at times equally frustrating to find that that one branch that looks like you should be able to stand on it (because you just a second ago stood on an identical one), doesn't think you should be able to stand on it. This is particularly evident in cities, where sometimes you jump into the tree, sometimes you jump through it.

    It's hard to figure out just what peeves me the most about this game. It could be that it's the first game ever that has forced me to get up off my ass, walk over to the 360 and manually restart it because the game had frozen up on me, or it could be that the first time I load into New York and finally get to that part of the game, I loaded up under a bridge, under some dirt, in water, with only one direction (the wrong one, naturally) being open for movement, resulting in desynchronization. It could be that every single "training" mission, introducing me to new skills and game options, has been utterly useless (read: that which you train, is in no way central to the game, and if you don't actively seek out these things, you will not have to do them again), or maybe just that riding a horse is pretty much impossible unless you stay on the road. It could be that those "run through buildings" doors and windows that were advertised as so cool and special, are far and few between, or it could be that the game only ever feels open and free when I'm not doing a mission (entering a village from the wrong direction will not trigger the needed cut-scene and thus the game will not proceed). Maybe it's that the "marker" on the screen is some Animus-styled almost invisible shimmering that you will not see unless you're really really close, or maybe it's that the Desmond part of the game is so skimped on that it feels like it might as well have been left out.

    All in all I think my disappointment with this game all boils down to it being chalk-full of bugs and glitches, the controls feeling wonky and the gameplay very unbalanced. The storyline is far from as engaging as has been the case with the previous editions, the lead character is bland and forgettable, memorable characters are few and there is little cohesion between the Animus world and the real world. A lot was advertised, and little was delivered. With the past four games holding such high quality, naturally there were high expectations... but sadly, very few were met. If you want a linear cinematic that looks great, but don't care too much about playability (or just don't care about your time and money), then by all means, get the game. If you want playability, value your time and money, and ultimately don't want to be let down by the Assassin's Creed series, watch the Desmond and precursor story on YouTube and avoid the get the game.

    AC3 in short: a huge disappointment.
  57. Jan 5, 2013
    I'm about 15 or 20% through now. It plays like this - Walk 10 yards, cutscene, cutscene, walk 5 yards, cutscene cutscene cutscene etc. Then later you run a couple of hundred yards for more cutscene after cutscene. It's really gettig on my nerves.
  58. Jan 6, 2013
    When you open the Assassin's Creed III main menu for the first time, and you had played the whole series, wou will see an enormous difference, but when you open the single player history mode, you can see that Ubisoft made a real copy of all the others games. You can see innovations, of course, but you can't see a huge innovation. It's cool that Connor can climb trees, but it isn't that cool. Same thing when he takes two weapons at the same time, but the good work that you've made with a single hidden blade on the first Assassin's Creed is good enough. But one thing you'll miss is the character. Connor isn't a charismatic guy like Ezio or disciplined like Altaïr. He's so easy to forget that you won't even remember his name after finish that game. I'll say that Assassin's Creed III is one of the best games made by Ubisoft, but almost all of the fans of the Assassin's Creed series are disappointed after buy that game. Expand
  59. Jan 10, 2013
    Grande flop della casa canadese Ubisoft .Rispetto ai suoi predecessori (Assassin's creed 2 e Assassin's creed brotherhood) non tiene il videogiocatore incollato allo schermo, se non per i primi 5 capitoli.Grafica davvero pregevole , come d'altronde il sonoro ,ma questi sono elementi relativamente importanti dato che il gioco è monotono e privo di innovazione.
  60. Jan 9, 2013
    You know... I'm the fan of the seria but I'm still critic. And as for critic and as for fun inside me Assassin's Creed III left more strange feelings which mixed with kind of ectase and "FUUU RAGE". Multiplayer almost the same as was, but we still have little bugs, which helpfull for professionals, new COOP that doesn't change anything ( believe, it's not a thing you should buy a game for ) and some new skills. Very Small amount of maps and almost all they are very bad and boring. And characters... But Abstergo Archive is very usefull - you can open new horizons from it by using skills for opening a content. Event are good part too.
    But Multiplayer it's not the MAIN part of the game. Singleplayer is very strange. Story doesn't feel like one part. Sometimes it's very boring, misunderstandable and really disgusting, but next minute you can't stop it because you're srawn in it fully and this is one of the strangely thing. New graphic, director's cutscene - yes, they cool, but why Ubisoft ruin all mechanic from previous games? Why level-design is so damned horrible for missions? And this Synchronization tasks with stupid lagging checkpoints? Rage was my sister that time...
    On the other side - naval missions, very emotional and unexpected story with some boring moments, yes they are sometimes, new hero that can't be not so popular as Altair or Ezio cause his character is crashed by scenarists and make more negative emotions in you than positive. And bugs, lags etc... They still here.
    What I'm trying to say. Assassin's Creed III - is a result of commercial style of Ubisoft. Very ambitious but in many aspects it's twisted or broken, but still it has very emotional connection with a player what wasn't previously. It has very cool animations and setting, good design and live world, where you can hunt and make money. Good village missions and very nice personalities as Ahilles and Haytem, Lee and crying Washington. It's good, but could be more better.
  61. Jan 12, 2013
    Impossible, even with limitations. There are an atmosphere and good music. Good combat, really, even simple.
    Why I love the whole assassin's creed series? Cause it stunning.
  62. Jan 16, 2013
    Speaking in great franchises, Assassin's Creed is one of the biggest of them. As the end of an trilogy. It was expected to an fan-double-tastic ending which actually didn't happened. The campaign is very good worked with good characters but not so much worked. If you play the game you'll notice that the protagonist is not so good as Ezio or Altair, but if you think, is really very hard to introduce a new main character to an game like that. Due to the new engine, Assassin's Creed is in one of the best graphics in 2012, the controls kept the same scheme, but a kind of "so boring" you know? In this game climbing is so easy, making no difficult in the game, it's just press a button and go forward. The combat is kind of simple, using only counter-attacks to kill up to 87438975 enemies at time. These and other characteristics that makes us all miss the controls and difficulty of AC2. But still a very good game that worth your money. Expand
  63. Jan 27, 2013
    I cant decide between 7 or 8, but overall a very good game. It has a huge open world and free runnning in this game is WAY better than the its previous. It has more bad than good but its good is good enough. It is very challenging and unique in every way. The missions sometimes feel repetitive and kind of a chore. The cinematics are WAY too much but nicely made. The boat missions are tiring and pretty much a waste of all the fun you will have with the game. The game super exciting at some parts and will leave you with memories. Connor's gameplay is probably the most balanced and best I've played. Hunting is fun and Desmonds missions are a thriller too. The game does seem a little overblown and inconsistint but if you minus the chores in this game, its GREAT! Expand
  64. Jan 18, 2013
    BORING. That ´s how you define this game in 1 word. The game history and "open world" gameplay keep the pace so slow that i almost don´t see how can they have done the assassins creed 2 trilogy.
  65. Jan 22, 2013
    The graphics are beautiful, the game play is also very good, but this game has too much tutorials: you just start playing at all when you are in the half of the game. I didn't like the new character, and also I didn't like the main story.
  66. Jan 2, 2014
    This game has no ambition. They tried to coast on a well-known brand and plaster a series of stale mechanics onto a lifeless setting. There are a few sparks of creative energy, but by and large, it's not worth the slog through the soulless husk that is the Boston and its surrounding wilderness--a region, you would think, almost impossible to make completely devoid of interest. Somehow, they managed.

    The gameplay and graphics are passable, which saves this game from total disaster. Give it a pass unless you are obsessed with the genre, in which case, prepare to spend the rest of your life on a collection quest for the 100 pieces of your broken soul.
  67. Jan 26, 2013
    This is a good AS but it lack on what the other games have, the world is big and enjoyable to walk and free run around, but it the story that ruins it yes it good but not the best so far it one of the game you must play but i recommend playing past AS before this one.
  68. Jan 28, 2013
    O jogo e muito bom e ele tem graficos otimos jogabilidade boa tambem.
    Um ponto negativo que eu achei foi tirar à possibilidade de matar civis, não que eu seja sadico mas isso deixa o jogo menos realista e divertido.
    Jogar assassins Creed 3 e uma viagem no tempo.
  69. Jan 29, 2013
    Good game, but lots of bugs though, continues the story, not as good as the other games, pretty amazing graphics and historic content. The new weapon arsenal is not as rich, and you could easily get through the game with the items you started. Useless crafting mechanics, fun hunting in the woods, its an experience worth the money ,to sum up
  70. Feb 5, 2013
    I dont no why people are hating this game so much this game is really good one y favorite of the year but i hate the desmond parts so much if i facotred them into my review this game would get a zero but because i hate them so much im going to try to forget about them and just focus on the assassins part this game has a ton to do the graphics are outstanding thr naval combat is so awesome and the story is good this game is getting way to muuch hate Expand
  71. Feb 18, 2013
    It's wasn't that a great game, as AC II, which I waited for.Maybe it's interesting to see how some American cities looked like in this game, but for example I didn't feel that awesome atmosphere like in AC II Venice city, or like in AC Brotherhood's Rome city, I missed something in AC III. And ok in very many games action's going in America, and even it's reminded me a bit of Mafia II, so it wasn't that "wow, what amazing game" or something like that.

    Graphic's effects are really nice in this game. History line can't match to AC's II history line, it wasn't intriguing to me at all, like AC II history line.

    If to sum up AC III lost that amazing AC's game soul.
  72. Mar 1, 2013
    Assassin's Creed 3 is an experience as you wouldn't expect it... in a bad way. After the game got promoted by gorgeus and amusing missions, you play about only half of the game as the Connor we got to see. Take away the emotional story of Ezio, the way of living by the creed of Altaïr, and replace it with a boring, flat character that just wears the Assassin's outfit as a murderer's license. The best thing is the only thing they did good: the Naval Warfare missions. Being in command of a ship was fun, but the same can't be said for the new combat, hunting and tree running. The combat basically got rid of the iconic hidden blade and replaced it with a tomahawk and a pistol. Combat got even easier, and yet more frustrating because of the awful complexity that was tried to mix in with the simplicity of button mashing. Hunting was fun, but seeing Connor use the same animation time after time to skin an animal, dull quick time events and the uselessnes of the money made it just "a thing to do". Money could be used to buy craftingmaterials, new weapons and costume dyes, but none of those were needed. It was just an addition to kill time, and with the huge forest, the cities and shops seemed unnecessary. That brings us to the last flaw: out of the cities and into the forest. Fun, right? Well no. For the most time treerunning worked, but the stubborn controls often had their own way of navigating through trees and taking the complete opposite path of what you wanted. And since there were barely any roofs to run on like in the previous games, it was either climbing trees like a frustrated monkey of taking the boring roadtour on the ground. For once, Desmond had the best levels. It was fun to play as Desmond, and the levels in the modern day were stunning! Connor's story was basically bad. Was it because Ubisoft focused a bit too much on Ezio, or because the franchise is becoming the newest cashcow? I don't know. Maybe both. It's worth a playthrough, but the characters and new additions, except for the naval warfare missions and Desmond missions, were boring and they didn't leave the emotional mark like the previous games did. Expand
  73. Feb 22, 2013
    After briefly playing other Assassin's Creed games I was feeling really positive towards this title. However after playing through the prologue I encountered a few things that spoiled the whole experience for me. First is a very subjective matter the main protagonist. I am talking about Connor. After playing as Haytham who was cool, well-spoken I got a rather slow-witted and possessing the most obvious motivation hero who is really rather dull. The graphics are good but nothing stunning. The combat system is easy to master and very satisfying. The connection between the Assassins story and the American Revolutionary War is very interesting and not forced-in. The locations look well but moving through them takes too much time and eventually leads to boredom. Naval combat is the feature which I personally found the most innovative and pleasant. It is a pity that many games concerning pirates lack this system. To sum up Assassins Creed 3 is a mediocre game but not a bad one so if you are fan of the series you probably have already bought it but if not then this one is not a must. Expand
  74. Mar 14, 2013
    This is by far the worst, or rather said, the only bad AC game. Not only is it set in a boring time, with boring citys, storys, people, weapons and armors, but the citys are so small that there is almost no climbing at all. I cannot believe this is an AC game. They need to go back to the roots, keep the new graohics but go back in more interesting time zones.
  75. Mar 2, 2014
    Almost a great game. But there are more than a couple of things in the game which prevent it from being as good as it should. The premise was always going to be sound. AC2 was an amazing game but AC3 does not build on it strongly enough and adds tedium and irritation to the gameplay by trying to do too much superficially. Colonial America doesn't seem as vibrant or immersive or real as AC2's Renaissance Europe. unfortunately, AC3 adds a lot of newer features to the game play which sometimes makes playing it tedious. the wandering around in the undergrounds beneath the cities just to find the fast travel points can be so frustratingly tedious it's more fun watching paint dry (at least then you can inhale the fumes ...) . The AI detection system is also sometimes wonky but more often than not, the detection rate can be frustrating (and sometimes it seems the guards also attack for no real reason even when you are no where near a restricted zone). The story-line and narrative isn't wholly terrible but it's not great either (at least no where near AC2). Unlike AC2 which gives a sense of character progression (without really engaging any RPG-like schemes - eg. ungrading armor/weapons, there isn't really a sense of character progression this time around). the crafting/economy/trading concept was interesting but mostly superficial. ultimately, it's sad that the most engaging gameplay (for me at least) in this installation of the Assassin's Creed franchise were the naval/sea battles. Expand
  76. Mar 8, 2013
    Getting to the forest as Haytham Kenway and not being able to run in the trees made me laugh because of how racist it seemed. Anywho, the game is pretty riddled with glitches at some points and I'm not one for wanting to redo the same level twice in a row for something I have no control over. I wouldn't play it again personally, but Assassin's Creed has always been interesting before this installment. Expand
  77. May 25, 2013
    The graphics is a little bit disappointing because it looks almost exactly like AC Revelations but that doesn't make the game bad. The gameplay is fun and addictive but the missions can sometimes get a little bit booring. They are most of the times the same but they doesn't make you get bored. The story-line itself is very good and makes you want to finish the game. The side missions are great and it is a very fun feature to be able to play huge ship-battles on sea. The new multiplayer gamemodes are extremely fun and balanced and makes you just wanna play more and more. The character editing is not very big but it's enough to make you wanna unlock more and more.
    If you want an action-packed free-roam game with great story and multiplayer, this is the ultimate game for you.
  78. Mar 11, 2013
    Fantastic game, changes many core features. I enjoyed the last few games, the Desmond stuff drags but the Conner stuff is brilliant. The world feels alive and very realistic. The story goes on for ages and there's plenty to do beside the story. Graphics are excellent looks very nice when it snows.
  79. Mar 21, 2013
    First off i'm a big fan of the AC series and was eagerly awaiting the launch of this title. Unforgettably it doesn't make the best first impression and the first 3 hours are made up of boring quests from a boring character trying to give you some background story for the main story line. I would of much preferred a long cinematic! Once your on the main character, it turns into an enjoyable game and what we have come to expect from the AC franchise. Expand
  80. Aug 11, 2013
    A fantastic game, if you can get it to work... I had to overclock my graphics card to prevent the game from crashing every 20 mins and then at one point I had to completely re-install the game because of some uplay nonsense (at least my save was still intact). Moving on though.

    The graphics are amazing! I will say that some actions/activities were poorly explained or not even explained
    at all (how to tackle, training your recruits) and some other activities seemed completely useless (crafting and trading, building the homestead). There's a little too much unnecessary exploring, searching, and extra objectives for my taste, but these are generally optional. It's probably 50/50 whether the optional bits actually add to the experience or detract from it. The main missions are where the game shines though. The story is well done and I enjoyed following Connor's journey from child to adult and seeing his actions intersect with famous historical moments. Of course there's a ton of great fighting involved and it was a lot of fun trying to be stealthy. Loved the George Washington DLC as well, completely worth the money. Expand
  81. Mar 23, 2013
    This game is PERFECT!!!)
    Sense of celebration
    Game of the year!!!
    This game is PERFECT!!!)
    Sense of celebration
    Game of the year!!!
    This game is PERFECT!!!)
    Sense of celebration
    Game of the year!!!
  82. Apr 19, 2013
    a super great game, nice graphics, nice stealthy gameplay (if you want 2), a real nice story,big nice world to explore and an all over great game, the game play is nice hard and interesting the story makes you keep playing and real nice visuals is all the things i felt when i played this game there is lots of gameplay and interesting character's. but i have to give it a nine beacause i think that ezio from ac 2, ac: brotherhood and ac: revalations and his story caught me way more. and i would reccomend those games as well Expand
  83. Jun 13, 2014
    this port is unoptimized for the pc with constant fps drops. storytelling is good but is highly linearized .the world is less open ended than the previous game. the plus side of the game is its naval combat .
  84. Mar 26, 2013
    Assassin's creed 3 is a third person stealth/action game set around New York and Boston during the american Revolutionary war.You play as Connor, a native american assassin. The first thing I have to say about this game is that it looks pretty amazing and is presented really well (in most parts). The graphics look amazing in this game, it's a substantial improvement over the previous titles. The animations are also stellar. However though the occasional lag, glitch and flat texture prevent this from being perfect. The story is okay although it isn't quite as good as Assassin's Creed 2. The introduction dragged on for way too long. They did this to give Connor a believable and interesting background but in the end that just fell apart since the character connor wasn't at all that good. He was nowhere near as good as ezio or altair. The only side of connor I ever saw was the butthurt side of him, which quickly grew stale. Most of the other characters weren't at all interesting and weren't fleshed out enough. The missions were also incredibly linear and didn't provide much choice. The story also wasn't long enough for my liking. Plus after every sequence (around 2 hours) the game interrupted with desmond along with a mission I wasn't interested in. It really broke the atmosphere of the game. The ending for Desmond was also sudden and confusing. Although the story overall was decent. Just no enough to match the standard of the previous games. The combat is incredibly easy after a couple of hours you'll get the hang of it. The only enemy that you can't kill with ease in AC3 in the jager. You could kill entire platoons with ease. However though ranking up combos and killing enemies is funand satisfying. The combat is much more streamlined than the previous games. There is a good feature though. Naval missions. You get to engage in naval warfare across the atlantic Although the battle do tend to get repetitive. The platforming in the game has gotten borderline useless since it is much easier to just run as the crow flies. Stealth has also become useless since just killing them outright is much simpler and quicker. Plus after the game there is practically nothing to do except collect collectibles and to tedious missions. The only interesting thing to do is the naval warfare missions.Plus in this game you are going to spend a LOT of time running. The loading screens are also a bit long. The multiplayer is also pretty good. You engage in team deathmatches against opponents. It rewards you for stealth kills. Overall the multiplayer is pretty good. Overall Assassin's creed is a good packages, although there are better games out there. Expand
  85. May 11, 2013
    Assassins creed 3 is not as good as Assassins creed 2, but you have to admit, the innovations they added in AC3 are really awesome, and you have to realize the risk they took with making this game different.
  86. Aug 9, 2013
    Assassin's Creed III is great. The setting is wonderful and despite the fact that everyone says Connor is boring, he's actually a really interesting character. The game takes a little while to get started, but when it does, almost all the missions are exciting and the optional objectives in each one are a requirement for people like me who need to get 100% on everything. The AI is stupid however, and combat can be played as a quicktime event is you want it to. The boat sequences are obviously there to hype us up for Black Flag, though they are really good by themselves. Multiplayer would probably be good if anyone played this on PC, and all the singleplayer weapons and unlockables keep you going for a really long time. Expand
  87. Apr 25, 2013
    Overall the game is unbelievably great, This games strengths are in the fighting and story line but the pvp is so graphical intense it makes the game look so realistic as if you were there.This game is Unmissable and everyone should have it in there game libary
  88. Jun 14, 2013
    Assassin's Creed 3 is not an excellent game, it's not great, but it is nonetheless good. In comparison to previous entries this one tries much harder in the implementation of new visuals and mechanics. The fighting system is super fun and much more interesting than other AC's; the naval battles are definitely a plus, and the environments, especially The Frontier, are quite detailed. Ubisoft's interests in portraying accurately the setting and historical background is notable and it's something that deserves respect.
    Where the game falls short, however, is the narrative. Having played through previous titles one expects AC3 to bring a very compelling and satisfying wrap-up to a chapter, but sadly AC3 delivers a rather underwhelming conclusion. Not to mention that the protagonist, Connor, is not the most likeable assassin of the series.
    With all this said, AC3 is not the best of the series, but it's up there. Its conclusion is not what you may have expected, but overall, the game is breathtaking as well as it is fun to play. Ubisoft really needs to go back to the narrative of previous titles in order to bring back that immersive storytelling this series are known for.
  89. Jun 15, 2014
    Quite a nice game.Yes,the AC story has nearly every one possibility to be imagined or designed in story background setting.
    I see that many who played through its story and replied with words like Berserker Connor,Barbarian RadoonXXXdoon,and some other,with a global in-game synchronization of 40% or less.
    The berserk ones are you,not the game's character.
    Enough good words for the
    game.I know that the word "Assassin" doesn't stand for its literal meaning in the game,while the naval part is a bit robbing the place of the "basic" part:stealth and open combat in civilized land areas.Just like the tower defense part in Revelations,as a sole one,it's a good one.But in the other hand,it is better than that tower defense:the naval game doesn't disturb players' gaming fluency,and it gives the players opportunity to experience it when they are willing to.
    Climbing becomes too much easier,as we can just hold a forward key on the keyboard or pad and just wait for Connor climbing up the cliff or a large house.
    I've encountered some glitches,including the interaction flaw in the last part of the Infamy part of Washington DLCs and reported to UBI's support team and replied without absolute resolving.Some people suggest that manually editing or changing the files to correct it,which means to replay the Infamy story.I just waited until the new edition released and found that the glitch was still there,this reminds me those annoying glitches in Revelations got reported but still existing today.
    I suspect that there are some designers who are homo in UBI and they used the games of AC series to express and hype their intention to get involved.
    Doesn't sound like positive comment?But it is.It deserves the try.
  90. Nov 11, 2013
    Fantastic game. Great voice acting, story, gameplay mechanics, immersion, graphics. Everything is top notch. People giving this a negative review/score have no idea what they are talking about. Somebody thought it was cool to start a "AC3 hate bandwagon" and a lot of people decided to jump on. Most of the negatives scores actually have completely wrong information and/or nitpicks that don't hamper the game. People also seem to hate the new protagonist called Connor, for some inexplicable reason. They are obviously stuck in the past with love for Ezio (protagonist from the last THREE games, may I add) that they cant fathom a new hero having a different personality and morals, values, passions. They simply don't understand him. Some people have also been complaining about glitches, even though I only encountered a couple small ones (I.e. floating weapon) throughout the whole game (keep in mind no game is perfect and these are miniscule). All in all, the game left me wanting more of Connor even after I completed the game (which took me 20 hours or so including side missions and collectibles) and I cannot wait to see what Assassins Creed 4 has to offer come October 2013. Expand
  91. Jun 11, 2013
    This game... THIS GAME! is verry intregging and it will keep you oucciped throught your game play, this game is full of action, puzzles, and great combat, the graphics have gone better over the years but if your Comperhensive (compromising) things, this wont be the be the game for you, some say that the AC1/AC2 is better than this new version but in my opinon this game beats them all, go and find out yourself and buy they game before you start judging the game. Expand
  92. Jan 23, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Assassins Creed III is a game I haven't been longing to play. The first and second game in the franchise took me by storm and fulfilled my gaming experience. This game however is a complete different story!

    Story wise this game is awesome and still stands by the Assassins Creed genre of History and Religion mixed with a little Fiction. However the game play itself is terrible terrible terrible. I even bought the game almost 2 years after release and still it's buggy as freaking hell, I dare say even worse than Fallout: New Vegas. Glitch after glitch and bug after bug. Some examples are the out of sync lip sync, cuts in the cut scenes where a lot of the dialog is lost, people vanishing in to thin air and appearing from nowhere, rag doll effect on corpses that fly away or twitch and spaz out, random people doing "acrobatics" in the middle of the street (actually worth seeing since it made me laugh out loud) and the annoying minor glitches that ruin some missions completely and just makes you so mad that you want to shove a blade in some random settler, witch is of course not possible.

    The thing that bugs me the most is a minor thing. The person you play as can't walk up stair in a normal manner. It just looks weird as hell. If I'd try it I would fall on my ass.

    Still the good things are that everything is beautiful, the landscape, graphics and the story but that can't help the terrible game play.
  93. Jun 30, 2013
    One of the best Assasins's Creed 3 is one of the best Assaisns's Creed if not one of the best games in general I love it and the DLC is very awesome
  94. Jul 8, 2013
    The conclusion to Desmond's story has arrived and I have to say, I was a bit disappointed. The game introduces a brand new assassin and I had mixed feelings when playing Connor (assassin's name). Connor is awesome when he encounters enemies and obstacles throughout the game, but his a heartless character, which is a problem because all assassins from the series, shows us how they feel on a certain event. Connor and other characters from the story had short development, these characters were really interesting for the story to explore, if a game lacks character development then why should we care about these characters. The game looks really good, especially when your exploring the woods, which makes the graphics a perk, like if your hunting animals or just enjoying the woods, the graphics helps the game to be enjoyable to the gamers. The game has a lot to offer, it has a lot of side missions to complete, but are the side missions worth it or does it just feel lazy? Delivering letters and collecting almanac pages are side missions that makes the game experience dull, but their are other side missions that makes the game worth it, like the naval missions which were so addictive. Desmond does not evolve into something more than what he is, which makes him similar to Connor. The ending was a huge disappointment, it's like the writers of the game were rushing to finish the series.The multiplayer is a nice addition to the game, you assassinate a target and survive the assassin that's tracking you down are the objectives of the multiplayer. Assassin's Creed III has a lot of problems but the game was still enjoyable. I am going to give Assassin's Creed III an 8/10.h Expand
  95. Sep 7, 2013
    This game is good. Its not quite something new. This game's is both not great or awful. Assassin's Creed II's better. The storyline of this game and the graphics are the two amazing things in this game.
  96. Aug 19, 2014
    This game is a good game don't listen to the critics! This game is beautiful even on last generation consoles it still looks great! the story isn't bad or good the combat is glitchy at times. There isn't really much customization here. You can customize your weapons. Theres different outfits you can wear Most of them don't even look that good. And holy **** is ship combat awesome!! it can be so intense at times. The multiplayer can be fun at times but i don't see me playing it for years and years. But if you can buy this game get it you wont regret it! Expand
  97. Dec 10, 2013
    this no doubt one of the best assassins creed so far,amazing story and amazing characters ,its story is even better that assassins creed 2,especially haitham character is awesome, for me 10 out of 10 is fair for this awesome game
  98. Sep 16, 2013
    I definitely enjoy playing this game. It's very familiar and practically unchanged from the previous instalment. I think this series is becoming more like the Call of Duty series with its cookie cutter linear, and repetitive storyline and gameplay. It was sad to leave Renaissance Italy, and personally I find the New World is not near the excitement as Florence or Rome.
  99. Oct 17, 2013
    I love this game!The story is awsome!Both singleplayer and multiplayer has a lot of adventure and i love the characters very much in multiplayer!Very good graphics,and the tyranny of King Washinghton dlc is also amazing!
  100. Oct 13, 2013
    I wasn't too excited, because of the average ratings, but this game blew me away. Story, graphics, sounds, gameplay are all fastastic and for me it's the best game in the series, maybe even the best game I ever played. AC3 has a sublime atmoshpere, because of day/night cycles, weather effects and even changing seasons, along with amazing lighting and textures. I spent hours just running through the woods and cities, enjoying the atmosphere. The story is very engaging and they got the ending right this time, which wasn't always like that with AC games. Instead of a home building you get an entire home map that you build up throughout the game and it really helps with creating a connection to all the NPCs. The naval missions are amazing, too, it almost feels like playing an AC4 preview at times.

    There are negative things: The menus, especially inventory and trade, are very unorganized and difficult to navigate. The game also still has quite a lot of little bugs (map icons disappear after tabbing to Windows, some rare graphic glitches and game hangups) and I can only imagine how bad it must have been a year ago. Some bugs are definitely to be expected in such a complex game, I just think they should put more resources both into polishing the game before the release and fixing it afterwards, because some of the bugs I've seen shouldn't be there one year after the release. Luckily, none of it affected the gameplay at all and it was just a slight distraction.

    After all, AC3 is an absolutely amazing game.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 21 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 21
  2. Negative: 1 out of 21
  1. 80
    Assassin’s Creed III proves to be, despite its promises, a rather indecisive game. It comes with so many strong elements, that it could have been the best Assassin’s Creed ever, but it fails to harmonically balance those elements. [January 2013]
  2. Jan 29, 2013
    Assassin's Creed 3 offers a spectacular way to fill in the blanks in your knowledge of the American Revolution - it never holds back on scope, drama or action.
  3. Jan 23, 2013
    What, no French revolution? For Europeans, birth of the United States is not really very interesting time nor environment. And after Ezio (or Haytham Kenway), Connor is bland, irritating protagonist. Game is also full of chores that add very little to the experience. [Jan 2013]