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  • Summary: To celebrate the 30th year of Atari, three of the biggest arcade hits of the '80s have been revived, renewed and recreated with colorful 3-D graphics and clever game twists. Each game remains true to the original but now feature even more levels, detailed graphics and power-ups. Are you ready to go for the high score? Repel a relentless alien attack over Earth's cities in Missile Command. Defend your castle's stone walls in a fiery exchange against 3 opposing fortresses in Warlords. Combat is a futuristic tank battle game of hide-and-seek (and destroy!) offering intense head-to-head competition. [Infogrames] Expand
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  1. 52
    Cramming three games into one box only works if the three games on their own are of any value.
  2. About the best thing you can say for these games is that you get all three for $20--it's a decent value, but you could be spending your money on better games.
  3. 50
    How fondly do you look back on the “Golden” age of gaming? Do you look back on it at all? Do you even know what I’m referring to when I say “Golden” age?
  4. Nostalgic "bookshelf value" aside, this collection isn't really worth the time or money. [August 2002, p.67]