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  • Summary: Back to the Future: The Game contains all 5 episodes of this episodic series by Telltale Games.
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  1. Nov 22, 2013
    No es por jugabilidad el mejor, pero como aventura gráfica cumple bastante bien y te deja la sensación de realmente ver una cuarta parte. Las voces son geniales (No seria lo mismo sin Christopher Lloyd), A.J. Locascio realiza muy buena interpretación de Marty y al final se agradece la entrada de Michael J. Fox.

    Si te gustan las películas, el juego te dejara satisfecho.
  2. Feb 26, 2013
    It's not a common issue for games to sincerely laugh because of game's humor, nor it is a common issue to make a very good game on existing intellectual property that is loved for thirty years. Yet Telltale accomplished the mission. Not being a fan of quests, but being a fan of "Back to the Future" it was an honor for me to buy this game. I was very satisfied with the very first minutes of the game where each detail was put with love and care to the original movie trilogy. Yet story repeats itself in many ways, and having watched the movie dozen times you'll hear dialogs, that would never be original in a movie (if part 4 would ever be filmed), but for a game it seems like a miracle. Music, sound effects, voices of actors and finally the time of gangsters will make smile anyone who likes original three movies.
    Yes, some story lines leave questions, one can say that the game is not perfect. BUT! It seams, that Telltale made the final appearances of the actors that we love so much and whom we'll never see in a big blockbuster movie. For me, it seams that it is a goodbye kiss to Marty and Doc. I'm gonna miss you guys!
  3. Oct 24, 2011
    Back To The Future is a nostalgic fun-filled game, which is more of a movie sequel than a game! The game is a point-and-click adventure with a lot of easy & hard puzzles laid out all over the story. Its nothing exceptional for this genre of game, but is fun to play. The dialogues are laugh-out-loud funny and very creative. Christopher Lloyd again gives his familiar voice for the Doc and the voice-over for Marty is fine replacement of Michael J Fox, as well! The USP of the game is its storyline, the alternate timelines created are funny, bizarre, unpredictable and completely unique, just like its counterparts in the 3 movies! If you have never seen Back To The Future, you may have trouble to follow what's going on, but its still pretty fun compared to other point-and-click games. If you have seen the trilogy, its a must-play game for you! Expand
  4. Aug 10, 2013
    Back to the future is up there with some of the better license games along with riddick wolverine batman begins and walking dead (telltale not activision) but that's not saying it has no problems. Pros: excellent voice acting is the first thing you notice, the humor, the funny and likeable characters, a good adaption of a good series, time traveling, every time doc says "great Scott" while Michael j fox does not play Marty Aj does a good impression of him, feels like its back to the future 4. Cons: puzzles are d@&m easy, some of your dialouge choices don't matter like you select an option but somebody cuts you off before you can speak or I lied my name is Harry Callahan but when meeting younger doc I said my name was Michael corleone so everybody is like "oh hey Michael" even the person I said my name was Harry to, some lag my brother said there were bugs in the walking dead but I didn't notice them but here I noticed them Expand
  5. Apr 29, 2012
    If you're looking for an extremely true-blue and faithful adaptation of the original 'Back to the Future' films then my advise would be to look no further than these honorable episodic titles. Each installment is very reputable to the franchise but even if you've never watched the movie trilogy you should find these games to be VERY fun. They are of the point-and-click adventure genre and contain plenty of puzzles to solve and a great storyline to follow! Expand
  6. Oct 20, 2013
    i was so excited to play this game because i love back to the future movie a lot one of my favorites but this game wasn't that good i played it after playing the walking dead and though that back to the future would be awesome as it is from telltale games but i was disappointed Expand
  7. Feb 21, 2014
    The story moves on at a interesting pace and the characters are engaging enough. Gameplay is fairly simple and puzzle orientated. Not a lot to engage the brain, maybe this is game for nostalgia older fans and younger audiences. Expand

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