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  • Summary: Bad Rats is a physics puzzle game where rats finally get their bloody revenge on their new prisoners: The cats.
    Come up with creative solutions for each puzzle using physics, functional objects, and your specially trained Rats. Try different ways of solving each puzzle to finish faster or
    earn higher scores. Revel in your success as the cat meets a violent demise in any number of humorous ways at the hands of Bad Rats. Expand
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  1. Dec 28, 2013
    GOTY all year every year Expand
  2. Jul 14, 2013
    Bad Rats is an excellent, strategic physics puzzle game which presents an intriguing narrative, a slick, and stylish aesthetic, and addictive gameplay. Highly reccommended. Expand
  3. Aug 8, 2012
    These rats love a few things. What are those things? Well, look at their tattoos! Mom, cheese, Lucy Liu's face. I don't know about you, but I would not get a tattoo of Lucy Liu's face on my face, covering it just perfectly so that it looks like I have transformed into some weird unflinching Lucy Liu zombie! A tattoo of a hairy mole somewhere where I might have a hairy mole could be very humorous. Maybe I could even get a tattoo of a big, hairy mole right next to a big, hairy mole on my arm or my something and whip it out and parties and have people try to guess which one is real. That would have to be a pretty realistic tattoo, though, or the game would not be much fun! To sum up, Bad Rats might be a video game, or it might be something totally unrelated, like a clown car driven by thousands of little green army men. Beef Jerky. Expand
  4. Apr 15, 2013
    Way back when I was a wee baby, there was a saying amongst the other babies in the village: "euugghhhffffppth." It was commonly said to reassure each other that when you least expect it, the prey can easily become the predator, and the predator can become cat meat, thus is the pivotal theme of Bad Rats, one of the most influential games I've had the pleasure of experiencing.

    No game has captured the ever-shifting dichotomy of the predator/prey relationship quite like Bad Rats. This game takes the classic 'cat and mouse' trope and flips it on its head by putting you in control of a band of rebellious rats fed up with their place in the food chain.

    The physics are very realistic, almost to a fault, but serve a thematic purpose in their variability, which is that radical movements don't always go as planned, and in a 'david and goliath' situation like the one in Bad Rats, even the forces of the universe are working against you. Plus, the rats look like real rats, at least the ones from my childhood, and the marriage of realistic visuals and complex physics really help to immerse you in the game's universe.

    Bad Rats is an undeniable triumph in interactive narrative, and even overcomes the classic story-game pitfall by also being fun to play. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll discover things about yourself, and with its bargain price you have no excuse not to play this gem.
  5. Nov 1, 2013
    Hands down, the best game I have ever experienced. Though it was made in 2009 it has graphical capabilities akin to next-gen consoles. The narrative storytelling seems real, beautiful, as Microsoft Sam always does. I feel as though I need to help the Rats or my purpose in life will never be fulfilled the Rats need me, and I need the Rats. I will never put this game down, the sheer heavenly, awe-inspiring, near-orgasmic experience this game gives you is like nothing else I have ever seen. Beware: this game will, 100%, eat away hours, days, months and eventually years of your life as the lifelike physics bamboozle you thank you Invent4 Entertainment you are all Gods and will live in my unworthy, mortal heart forever. Simply the greatest game developers that have made the best games the have ever existed. I salute you. Well, now my heart-filled intro is over, I really need to stress how good this game is. The developers tease you greatly with the USP (Unique Selling Points) on the store page and they are: Revel in your success as the cat meets a violent demise in any number of humorous ways at the hands of Bad Rats... Comic cartoon violence and cartoon blood Realistic physics simulation 10 Specialist Rats, anxious for revenge 11 different and bloody deaths for cats 10 other functional objects to help you 44 Maps, from easy to very hard Internet and local records Original, cartoon styled characters Challenge your creativity, intelligence and logic Unlock all the Steam Achievements But that's not all, there is a spiritual side to this game that I don't think even the developers know they implemented a oneness with the Gods. While you can have fun earning every achievement each one unlocking a sense of pleasure more than you can ever experience with any other game no any other moment in you're entire life. Each puzzle is an embodiment of pure culture and art. Art made by Rube Goldberg-Esq physics and complex solutions. This game, oh, this game, I really cannot say enough about it I love this game. I can't say it enough I love this game, and so will you. You will succumb to the awesomeness of this game the, the thorough and overall righteousness of this experience. If you don't own Bad Rats, you have not lived a full and proper life in anyone's eyes. I would rate this 11/10 if I could. While writing this, I am currently crying all over my keyboard due to the beauty of this game, my keyboard is now soaked and some keys don't seem to be working. I sob because not everybody owns this game and that means they have never, ever, been truly happy. I love you, Invent4 entertainment, for developing this game, and I also love and cherish you, Strategy First for, on the great day of the 20th of July 2009, publishing this game and blessing this small, humble world with the holy, out-of-this world, pure greatness that is the one and only: Bad Rats. Now, to Bad Rats: The Rats' Revenge. People think that this is the exact same as the original, but it isn't. It has all the things that the Godly original had, the Nobel-prize worthy 4:3 screen mode so beautiful that there was no need for 16:9 and not to mention the fact you can play in a 1240 PX resolution. The technological world, no, the entire world, all the worlds the universe did not foresee the striking difference 1240 PX game play has against the standard 1280. But, Bad Rats: The Rats' Revenge is something perfect, people said Braid was "The Perfect Game" but then they played Bad Rats said it was Godly and then realized the power of Bad Rats: The Rats' Revenge it has something that neither science nor religion can explain. Something only a unknown, un-comprehendable higher power can give a reason for, a true explanation. The Rats' Revenge seems to be able to unite everybody and has been documented to have been able to end wars, and be the first real, legitimate sign of world peace being achievable. In the great war of 2009. the US government, CIA, and FBI created a game capable of sending waves of peace across the world. Everyone who played it was happier than they had ever been, and realized the was no reason for fighting when you had Bad Rats: The Rats' Revenge. No other game or other form of media had been able to achieve this, to give this amazing degree of hope to a mortal world plagued by war. The game was a message from God, a holy beckoning that has ultimately saved the world from utter destruction. The game has saved all of us, and that is why we need to pay our respects to it. I say that this day, the 1st of November, after the day of the devil Halloween should be Bad Rats day, to show that we are past the evil spirits that once doomed us because of this one, singular, 300MB piece of pure glory. On this day, the world will pray for the Rats and show non-believers what this game really is, by sending copies to everyone we know. This is why it is on sale, it is holy. Expand
  6. Nov 25, 2012
    Perhaps one of the most overlooked gems of our age, Bad Rats will challenge the player on mental and physical planes which he was hitherto unaware of. It will stimulate the senses and rouse the mind from slumber, and the affectations of its apparati upon the soul of the common man cannot be under-adulated. This is a game that should be discussed amongst all the most erudite of circles. Whenever the question is raised "Can video games be art? Can they rouse the soul, inspire us to a higher purpose?" Bad rats answers with a resounding, glorious "Yes!" Expand
  7. May 1, 2013
    Well..i think high user score pretty much for this All pretty simple. This game about sadism. People who like it have psychological problems. It is not surprising that user score so high (not 9, not 8, but 10). I would not recommend giving it to children to play and adults, too. Expand

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