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  • Summary: Bad Rats is a physics puzzle game where rats finally get their bloody revenge on their new prisoners: The cats.
    Come up with creative solutions for each puzzle using physics, functional objects, and your specially trained Rats. Try different ways of solving each puzzle to finish faster or
    earn higher scores. Revel in your success as the cat meets a violent demise in any number of humorous ways at the hands of Bad Rats. Expand
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  1. Jun 21, 2012
    A stunning game-- no doubt about it. The art style compliments its gory features; the gameplay is well exercised by fun puzzles; its entertainment value is unmatched. I recommend it to everyone of all ages. Expand
  2. Feb 2, 2013
    For a long time I was looking for a game that would fulfill my need for more Incredible Machine, and Bad Rats is that game, and more! Charming puzzle game where you have to find solution by placing a variety of colorful rat characters and the main thing is you'll have a blast while doing it! But this game is by no means a kids' game, as it features rather graphic cat killings. Truly this is a game for the adult gamers who demand excellent games with mature themes. Expand
  3. Dec 28, 2013
    There is no game that betters represents how bad rats can be! This game revolutionized the puzzle industry wt it's difficult and intellectually inclined puzzles that strain the mind of even the most intelligent. I highly recommend this game to anyone who is looking or a difficult yet difficult puzzler that will challenge them. HAVE FUN! Expand
  4. Apr 16, 2011
    These rats are unbelievably bad! This game will expand your mind in ways that you would never otherwise think possible. Bad rats is a complete entertainment package that will NOT disappoint. Expand
  5. Oct 28, 2013
    This really is a very bad game, almost everything about it was bad. Graphics, story, concept, game-play. Everything, but i got it for 50 cents on a steam sale so there really is nothing to complain about. I recommend you do not get this game full price, but if the game is ever on sale again for 50 cents buy it, its worth the try for 50 cents. Expand
  6. Dec 31, 2012
    I can only hope that the previous reviews were jokes. This game is horrible. The story, graphics, concept, are all wretched. The attemptively violent graphics prove once again, that blood does not make a good game. Expand
  7. Nov 20, 2013
    Bad Rats is a clear joke game that everybody seems to own yet has no idea how it found its way into their library… The game itself is built on pure luck! The idea is to use the objects provided to kill the helpless cat… Yeah, that’s pretty much it! The downside is nothing works, it’s ugly and it has absolutely no grasp of general physics! You can place objects in one place run the game to see the result and then should that fail, if you were to leave the objects in the exact same place and run again it would produce a completely different result where you may kill the cat! How does that actually work… Avoid this game at all costs! Expand

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